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Regulation of Isopentenoid Metabolism

Author : W. David Nes
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Presents the current state of isopentenoid metabolism in plants, animals, and insects. Illustrates cross-disciplinary research efforts by the medical and agricultural communities to solve common problems regarding the regulation of the isopentenoid pathway. Addresses the rational design of potent inhibitors specific to different regulatory steps. Examines the chemical, biochemical, and molecular biological mechanisms that regulate the pathway. Covers newly emerging areas, including prenylated proteins and cancer, carotenoids and biotechnology, sterol homeostasis, and molecular biology.

Lipid Metabolism in Plants

Author : Thomas S. Moore
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This text presents a comprehensive description of the fundamental principles of plant lipid metabolism and then uses this base to examine current research in the field. The importance of molecular biology and the incorporation of new analytical methods are discussed, and the contributions of current research to agricultural and industrial uses are covered in depth. Chapters are illustrated with tables and figures to support key concepts, and projections for future researc in the field are also explored.

The Regulation of Membrane Lipid Metabolism Second Edition

Author : Guy A. Thompson, Jr.
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This book provides a concise description of the metabolic pathways by which lipids of animal and plant membranes are formed. The book emphasizes modulation of these pathways by hormones, diet, environmental stress, and other factors. This new edition is extensively revised, containing new material on topics such as lipid-mediated signal transduction and lipid-induced protein translocation. The new edition also features an entirely new chapter on lipids covalently bound to proteins. The book is excellent for all researchers and students interested in membrane lipid metabolism.

Regulation of Plant Isoprenoid Metabolism

Author : Doil Choi
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Isoprenoid Synthesis in Plants and Microorganisms

Author : Thomas J. Bach
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Isoprenoids are important in primary and secondary metabolism. They have implications in a myriad of physiological processes notably in plants, microorganisms and parasites, and biological activities at the cellular, organism, and ecosystem levels. The importance of isoprenoids in various areas of the scientific world has spurred intense research worldwide. Also their role in "nutraceuticals" has stimulated scientific curiosity. Literature on isoprenoids is widely scattered in journals with quite differing readerships and geographic distribution. A comprehensive book on isoprenoids does not exist. Isoprenoid Synthesis in Plants and Microorganisms: New Concepts and Experimental Approaches fills this gap by presenting the latest and the most applicable information on isoprenoids. The most recent TERPNET conference serves as the backdrop and provides much of the inspiration for the topics covered in the book. Additional topics of interest are covered as well, making Isoprenoid Synthesis in Plants and Microorganisms: New Concepts and Experimental Approaches the most comprehensive review of isoprenoid synthesis to date.

Isopentenoids and Other Natural Products

Author : W. David Nes
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Describes the evolution of pathway sequencing of natural products. Critically examines the selection pressures that influenced change in the structure of natural products. Addresses the structure and stereochemistry of a range of natural products, including isopentenoids, sterols, triterpenes, lignins, and fatty acids. Examines the geochemistry and biochemistry of isopentenoids. Also examines function in relation to biosynthesis of natural products.

Regulation of Phytochemicals by Molecular Techniques

Author : J.A. Saunders
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The papers assembled in this volume were originally presented at the joint meeting of the Phytochemical Society of North America and the Mid-Atlantic Plant Molecular Biology Society, in August 2000. The symposium from which these chapters were prepared was entitled "Regulation of Phytochemicals by Molecular Techniques" and was organised by James Saunders and Ben Matthews. This joint meeting was timely because of recent landmark advances in molecular biology and genomics as well as the renewed interest in phytochemistry as a rich source of nutraceuticals, drugs, and alternatives to synthetic agriculture pesticides. Progress in genome sequencing in plants such as Arabidopsis and rice has been remarkable, as have expressed sequence tag (EST) projects in other plants, including maize and soybean. Recently, private and public sector participants of the Human Genome Project announced that a rough draft of the human genome has been constructed. These advances directly influence phytochemical investigations by providing both insight and tools for exploring and manipulating genomes. The chapters cover a wide range of applications from molecular biology to phytochemistry, and from basic studies on promoters and gene expression to pathway regulation and engineering with transformed plants. A number of noteworthy aspects emerge from this volume: applications of molecular biology to phytochemical practical problems are succeeding; newly emerging molecular tools promise to open new doors to discovery; and remarkable progress has already occurred in phytochemical pathway engineering.

Cellulose Chemistry and Technology

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Anticancer Research

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The Cumulative Book Index

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A world list of books in the English language.

Research Grants Index

Author : National Institutes of Health (U.S.). Division of Research Grants
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Induced Plant Defenses Against Pathogens and Herbivores

Author : Anurag A. Agrawal
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This book investigates the induced responses of plants to herbivores and to diseases. Plant pathologists and entomologists will find that their disciplines have a lot in common when it comes to the interest in the transduction signals of plants that mediate induced responses. Induced Plant Defenses Against Pathogens and Herbivores will allow these two disciplines to converse and learn from their similarities and differences.

Regulation of Cholesterol and Isoprenoid Biosynthesis

Author : David Lyle Bradfute
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Regulation of HMG COA Reductase Degradation and DNA Replication by Isoprenoid Pathway Products

Author : Thomas Edward Meigs
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Directory of Published Proceedings

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Phenolic Compounds and Metabolic Regulation

Author : Bernard J. Finkle
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Patterns of phenolic mediation in plants and animals. Phenolic mediators of animal metabolism. The regulation of phenolic biosynthesis and the metabolic roles of phenolic compounds in plants. Research on coenzyme Q. Phenolic compounds as tumor-promoting agents.


Author : Heinz Rennenberg
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Biochemistry of Steroids and Other Isopentenoids

Author : William R. Nes
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Biosynthesis of Isoprenoid Compounds

Author : John W. Porter
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