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Reginald Bones Xmas

Author : Lucian Bane
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Reginald Bones and X will collide like never before in this second Bones Brother installment.

Reginald Bones 2

Author : Lucian Bane
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***WARNING*** PROCEED WITH CAUTION. EXTREMELY HOT MIND BENDER AHEAD Bones should have known allowing Reginald to "date" a woman would end badly. And if he'd known just how badly, he would've forbidden him. But it's too late. Winter Rose is in their life, their mind, and their basement with a death wish. And after discovering her dirty secrets, Bones is ready to oblige her.

Signifying God

Author : Sarah Beckwith
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In Signifying God, Sarah Beckwith explores the most lavish, long-lasting, and complex form of collective theatrical enterprise in English history: the York Corpus Christi plays. First staged as early as 1376, the plays were performed annually until the late 1500s and involved as much as a tenth of the city in multiple performances at a dozen or more locations. Introducing a radical new understanding of these plays as "sacramental theater," Beckwith shows how organizing the plays served as a political mechanism for regulating labor, and how theater and sacrament combined in them to do important theological work. She argues, for instance, that the theology of Corpus Christi in the resurrection plays can only be understood as a theatrical exploration of eucharistic absence and presence. Beckwith frames her study with discussions of twentieth-century manifestations of sacramental theater in Barry Unsworth's novel Morality Play and Denys Arcand's film Jesus of Montreal, and the connections between contemporary revivals of the York Corpus Christi plays and England's heritage culture.

Reginald Perrin Omnibus

Author : David Nobbs
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______________________________________ A classic collection of the hilarious Reginald Perrin books: The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin, The Return of Reginald Perrin and The Better World of Reginald Perrin, immortalised in two BBC TV series, now being repeated on BBC Four. Reginald Iolanthe Perrin is surely one of the best loved comedy heroes of our time, in both literature and television. This omnibus brings together the first three Reginald Perrin novels containing a lifetime's outrageous and hilarious adventures. When we first meet Reggie, he is sick to death with selling exotic ice creams at Sunshine Desserts. Driven to desperation by the rat race and the unpunctuality of Britain's trains, Reggie's small eccentricities escalate to the extreme, until finally he leaves the unacceptable face of capitalism behind by driving off in a stolen motorised jelly. In his pursuit of the unconventional, he devotes himself to faking his own death, opening a shop devoted to selling completely useless goods, and setting up a commune strictly for the middle-class and middle-aged. Join Reggie, who didn't get where he is today without some help from some memorable supporting characters, in one man's quest to avoid an everyday existence.

The Return Of Reginald Perrin

Author : David Nobbs
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This hilarious sequel to The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin follows his absurd trials and tribulations as he finds himself swept to fame and fortune.


Author :
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What Became of the Bones of St Thomas

Author : Arthur James Mason
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First published in 1920, this volume was written by the theologian, scholar, and canon of Canterbury Cathedral, Arthur James Mason. It was intended to bring together the known documentary evidence relating to the history of the relics of Thomas Becket. Divided into four sections, the book presents the narrative accounts of the death of Thomas Becket, the history of his tomb and the shrine dedicated to him, and the subsequent destruction of the shrine under the reign of Henry VIII. The last section, and the most significant for this study, is devoted to the discovery in 1888 of bones in the crypt of the cathedral thought to belong to Thomas Becket. The book offers a thorough overview of the evidence and circumstances of the discovery and encourages readers to draw their own conclusions.

The National Union Catalog Pre 1956 Imprints

Author : Library of Congress
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Best Books for Public Libraries

Author : Steven Arozena
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"The subtitle tells us all we need to know about the contents, and the publisher's reputation tells us the rest ... beautifully compiled ... with thorough subject, title and author indexes." Reference Reviews "It's surprising how quickly a new reference can come to seem essential when it brings together previously uncompiled information. Such is the case with this guide..." Reference & Research Book News "I find this book an excellent collection development tool that renders its rivals obsolete ... I have used it several times to get patrons on the right track for their reading wants and needs." Wilson Library Bulletin Based on positive reviews from respected sources (Library Journal, Booklist, Choice, The New Yorker, The New York Times Books Review, Atlantic, Time, Newsweek and others), this cornerstone resource gives you all the information you need to evaluate, choose and order any of more than 10,000 ESSENTIAL books for your collection. Best Books for Public Libraries divides titles into two parts: fiction (by genre) and nonfiction (by Dewey Decimal classes). Entries identify award winners, best-sellers, and large-type editions, in addition to providing the title, author, publication date, publisher, price, edition, ISBN, a brief annotation, and citations for published reviews.

A city violet By M E Winchester

Author : Margaret E. Whatham
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