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Reflections on Syntax

Author : Joseph Galasso
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The lectures in this book are immensely Chomskyan in spirit, recursive-syntactic in nature, and tethered to a framework which takes as the null hypothesis the notion that language is an innate, pre-determined biological system--a system which by definition is multi-complex, human-specific, and analogous to a philosophy highly commensurate of Descartes' great proverbial adage which announces the calling for a 'ghost-in-the-machine'. The book begins with a gradual assessment of the kinds of complex constructs students of syntax need to work-up. Leading to the classic 'Four-Sentences'--each of which bears as a kind of post-mark its own decade of Chomskyan analysis--we trace the origins of generative grammar from the fields of child language acquisition (of the 1960s), to psycholinguistics (of the 1970s), to where we stand today within the Minimalist Program. Various spin-off proposals have been spawned by envisioned analyses which treat syntactic movement as the quintessential human processing--a processing which would give rise to human language. Such spin-offs include 'Proto-language' and a new treatment of the so-called morpho-syntactic 'Dual Mechanism Model'.

Shadows of Syntax

Author : Jared Warren
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What is the source of logical and mathematical truth? This volume revitalizes conventionalism as an answer to this question. Conventionalism takes logical and mathematical truth to have their source in linguistic conventions. This was an extremely popular view in the early 20th century, but it was never worked out in detail and is now almost universally rejected in mainstream philosophical circles. In Shadows of Syntax, Jared Warren offers the first book-length treatment and defense of a combined conventionalist theory of logic and mathematics. He argues that our conventions, in the form of syntactic rules of language use, are perfectly suited to explain the truth, necessity, and a priority of logical and mathematical claims. In Part I, Warren explains exactly what conventionalism amounts to and what linguistic conventions are. Part II develops an unrestricted inferentialist theory of the meanings of logical constants that leads to logical conventionalism. This conventionalist theory is elaborated in discussions of logical pluralism, the epistemology of logic, and of the influential objections that led to the historical demise of conventionalism. Part III aims to extend conventionalism from logic to mathematics. Unlike logic, mathematics involves both ontological commitments and a rich notion of truth that cannot be generated by any algorithmic process. To address these issues Warren develops conventionalist-friendly but independently plausible theories of both metaontology and mathematical truth. Finally, Part IV steps back to address big picture worries and meta-worries about conventionalism. This book develops and defends a unified theory of logic and mathematics according to which logical and mathematical truths are reflections of our linguistic rules, mere shadows of syntax.

Generalized Transformations and Beyond

Author : Hans-Martin Gärtner
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Die Reihe publiziert Originalarbeiten zur Beschreibung und theoretischen Analyse der Struktur natürlicher Sprachen. Schwerpunkt sind die Prinzipien und Regeln der grammatischen und lexikalischen Kenntnis sowohl unter einzelsprachlichen wie unter sprachvergleichenden Gesichtspunkten. Abgedeckt werden alle systematischen Bereiche der Sprachwissenschaft, insbesondere Phonologie, Morphologie, Syntax, Semantik und Pragmatik, unter Einbeziehung von Aspekten des Spracherwerbs, des Sprachwandels, der Sprachverwendung und der phonetischen und neuronalen Realisierung.

Reflection s on Chomsky s Strong Minimalist Thesis

Author : 鈴木憲夫
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Java 9 Revealed

Author : Kishori Sharan
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Explore the new Java 9 modules, SDK, JDK, JVM, JShell and more in this comprehensive book that covers what’s new in Java 9 and how to use these new features. Java 9 Revealed is for experienced Java programmers looking to migrate to Java 9. Author Kishori Sharan begins by covering how to develop Java applications using the new module system introduced in Java 9 and how to use the JShell tool in Java 9 for prototyping, compiling and testing. The book provides extensive coverage of new Java 9 features, such as the new layout of the modular JDK/JRE runtime image, new convenience factory methods for creating collections, the new spin-wait hints introduced to improve performance of spin loops in your code, and the new Desktop API for implementing platform-specific desktop features. Along the way you will also learn how to use the Reactive Streams API in Java 9 and, most importantly, this book will show you the breaking changes in Java 9. What You'll Learn How JShell facilitates rapid development, code evaluation, and testing Discover what is new in the Process API Inspect a thread’s stack with the Stack-Walking API Use the jlink tool to create a custom runtime image Work with HTML5 Javadoc and use the new search feature in Javadoc Learn how to use new methods and collectors in the Streams API Learn how to create a custom logger to log messages from platform classes and how to use JVM logs Learn about new methods in the Optional class and how to use them Learn how to compare arrays and slices of arrays Learn how to use the enhanced try-with-resources blocks Make your object deserialization more secure by using object deserialization filters Who This Book Is For Experienced Java programmers and developers.

Studies in Hebrew and Aramaic Syntax

Author : Karel Jongeling
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A collection of essays on syntactical questions in the field of Hebrew and Aramaic, dealing with the nominal sentence, the particle 'et, clause types, word order and concord within sentences, the status and use of particles and verbal forms. In addition to Biblical Hebrew, other language forms discussed in some of the essays are Mishnaic and Modern Hebrew, Imperial Aramaic, Middle Aramaic and Classical Syriac.

Ways of Structure Building

Author : Myriam Uribe-Etxebarria
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This volume addresses some of the most important approaches to the following key questions in contemporary generative syntactic theory: What are the operations available for (syntactic) structure-building in natural languages? What are the triggers behind them? and Which constraints are involved in the operations? Internationally recognised scholars and young researchers propose new answers on the basis of detailed discussions of a wide range of phenomena (Gapping, Right-Node-Raising, Comparative Deletion, Across-The-Board movement, Tough-constructions, Nominalizations, Scope interactions, Wh-movement, A-movement, Case and Agreement relations, among others). Their discussions draw on evidence from a rich variety of languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Croatian, English, German, Icelandic, Japanese, Spanish, Vata, and Vietnamese. The proposals presented illustrate the shift in the locus of the explanation of linguistic phenomena that characterizes contemporary linguistic theory: a shift, in many cases, from a model which relies on properties of systems external to narrow syntax (such as the Lexicon or the Phonetic Form component) to one which relies on properties of the structure-building mechanisms themselves. The volume will interest researchers and students of theoretical linguistics from advanced undergraduate and above.

Tradition and Innovation in Biblical Interpretation

Author : Wido Th. van Peursen
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This volume in honour of Eep Talstra focusses on the function of tradition in the formation and reception of the Bible, and the role of the innovations brought about by ICT in reconsidering existing interpretations of texts, grammatical concepts, and lexicographic practices.

Provability Computability and Reflection

Author : Lev D. Beklemishev
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Provability, Computability and Reflection

NASA Formal Methods

Author : Mihaela Bobaru
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Symposium on NASA Formal Methods, NFM 2011, held in Pasadena, CA, USA, in April 2011. The 26 revised full papers presented together with 12 tool papers, 3 invited talks, and 2 invited tutorials were carefully reviewed and selected from 141 submissions. The topics covered by NFM 2011 included but were not limited to: theorem proving, logic model checking, automated testing and simulation, model-based engineering, real-time and stochastic systems, SAT and SMT solvers, symbolic execution, abstraction and abstraction refinement, compositional verification techniques; static and dynamic analysis techniques, fault protection, cyber security, specification formalisms, requirements analysis, and applications of formal techniques.