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Reduction of Nonlinear Control Systems

Author : V.I. Elkin
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Advances in science and technology necessitate the use of increasingly-complicated dynamic control processes. Undoubtedly, sophisticated mathematical models are also concurrently elaborated for these processes. In particular, linear dynamic control systems iJ = Ay + Bu, y E M C ]Rn, U E ]RT, (1) where A and B are constants, are often abandoned in favor of nonlinear dynamic control systems (2) which, in addition, contain a large number of equations. The solution of problems for multidimensional nonlinear control systems en counters serious difficulties, which are both mathematical and technical in nature. Therefore it is imperative to develop methods of reduction of nonlinear systems to a simpler form, for example, decomposition into systems of lesser dimension. Approaches to reduction are diverse, in particular, techniques based on approxi mation methods. In this monograph, we elaborate the most natural and obvious (in our opinion) approach, which is essentially inherent in any theory of math ematical entities, for instance, in the theory of linear spaces, theory of groups, etc. Reduction in our interpretation is based on assigning to the initial object an isomorphic object, a quotient object, and a subobject. In the theory of linear spaces, for instance, reduction consists in reducing to an isomorphic linear space, quotient space, and subspace. Strictly speaking, the exposition of any mathemat ical theory essentially begins with the introduction of these reduced objects and determination of their basic properties in relation to the initial object.

Nonlinear Control of Underactuated Mechanical Systems with Application to Robotics and Aerospace Vehicles

Author : Reza Olfati-Saber
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Stability in Nonlinear Control Systems

Author : Aleksandr Mikhailovich Letov
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The author, a Nobel prize-winner, has added to the American translation several chapters not in the original. Originally published in 1961. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

Nonlinear Model Reduction and Nonlinear Control Strategies for Spark Ignition Engine Management Systems

Author : Zeyu Liu
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Nonlinear Dynamics Volume 1

Author : Gaetan Kerschen
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Nonlinear Dynamics, Volume 1: Proceedings of the 35th IMAC, A Conference and Exposition on Structural Dynamics, 2017, the first volume of ten from the Conference brings together contributions to this important area of research and engineering. The collection presents early findings and case studies on fundamental and applied aspects of Nonlinear Dynamics, including papers on: Nonlinear System Identification Nonlinear Modeling & Simulation Nonlinear Reduced-order Modeling Nonlinearity in Practice Nonlinearity in Aerospace Systems Nonlinearity in Multi-Physics Systems Nonlinear Modes and Modal Interactions Experimental Nonlinear Dynamics

Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Methods for Nonlinear Control 2003

Author : A Astolfi
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This is the second of a series of IFAC Workshops initiated in 2000. The first one chaired and organized by Profs. N. Leonard and R. Ortega, was held in Princeton in March 2000. This proceedings volume looks at the role-played by Lagrangian and Hamiltonian methods in disciplines such as classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, fluid dynamics, electrodynamics, celestial mechanics and how such methods can be practically applied in the control community. *Presents and illustrates new approaches to nonlinear control that exploit the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian structure of the system to be controlled *Highlights the important role of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Structures as design methods

Current Trends in Nonlinear Systems and Control

Author : Petar V. Kokotović
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This volume is an outgrowth of the workshop "Applications of Advanced Control Theory to Robotics and Automation," organized in honor of the 70th birthdays of Petar V. Kokotovic and Salvatore Nicosia. Both Petar and Turi have carried out distinguished work in the control community, and have long been recognized as mentors as well as experts and pioneers in the field of automatic control, covering many topics in control theory and several different applications. The variety of their research is reflected in this book, which includes contributions ranging from mathematics to laboratory experiments.Main topics covered include:* Observer design for time-delay systems, nonlinear systems, and identification for different classes of systems* Lyapunov tools for linear differential inclusions, control of constrained systems, and finite-time stability concepts* New studies of robot manipulators, parameter identification, and different control problems for mobile robots* Applications of modern control techniques to port-controlled Hamiltonian systems, different classes of vehicles, and web handling systems* Applications of the max-plus algebra to system-order reduction; optimal machine scheduling problems; and inventory control with cooperation between retailers* Control of linear and nonlinear networked control systems: deterministic and stochastic approachesThe scope of the work is very broad, and although each chapter is self-contained, the book has been organized into thematically related chapters, which in some cases suggest to the reader a convenient reading sequence. The great variety of topics covered and the almost tutorial writing style used by many of the authors will make this book suitable for experts, as well as young researchers who seek a more intuitive understanding of these relevant topics in the field.

Model Order Reduction Theory Research Aspects and Applications

Author : Wilhelmus H. Schilders
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The idea for this book originated during the workshop “Model order reduction, coupled problems and optimization” held at the Lorentz Center in Leiden from S- tember 19–23, 2005. During one of the discussion sessions, it became clear that a book describing the state of the art in model order reduction, starting from the very basics and containing an overview of all relevant techniques, would be of great use for students, young researchers starting in the ?eld, and experienced researchers. The observation that most of the theory on model order reduction is scattered over many good papers, making it dif?cult to ?nd a good starting point, was supported by most of the participants. Moreover, most of the speakers at the workshop were willing to contribute to the book that is now in front of you. The goal of this book, as de?ned during the discussion sessions at the workshop, is three-fold: ?rst, it should describe the basics of model order reduction. Second, both general and more specialized model order reduction techniques for linear and nonlinear systems should be covered, including the use of several related numerical techniques. Third, the use of model order reduction techniques in practical appli- tions and current research aspects should be discussed. We have organized the book according to these goals. In Part I, the rationale behind model order reduction is explained, and an overview of the most common methods is described.

Nonlinear Control Systems 2004

Author : Frank Allgower
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Nonlinear Control Systems Design 1992

Author : M. Fliess
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This volume represents most aspects of the rich and growing field of nonlinear control. These proceedings contain 78 papers, including six plenary lectures, striking a balance between theory and applications. Subjects covered include feedback stabilization, nonlinear and adaptive control of electromechanical systems, nonholonomic systems. Generalized state space systems, algebraic computing in nonlinear systems theory, decoupling, linearization and model-matching and robust control are also covered.

Nonlinear Control Systems

Author : Alberto Isidori
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The purpose of this book is to present a self-contained description of the fun damentals of the theory of nonlinear control systems, with special emphasis on the differential geometric approach. The book is intended as a graduate text as weil as a reference to scientists and engineers involved in the analysis and design of feedback systems. The first version of this book was written in 1983, while I was teach ing at the Department of Systems Science and Mathematics at Washington University in St. Louis. This new edition integrates my subsequent teaching experience gained at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign in 1987, at the Carl-Cranz Gesellschaft in Oberpfaffenhofen in 1987, at the University of California in Berkeley in 1988. In addition to a major rearrangement of the last two Chapters of the first version, this new edition incorporates two additional Chapters at a more elementary level and an exposition of some relevant research findings which have occurred since 1985.

Nonlinear Control Systems Design 1989

Author : A. Isidori
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In the last two decades, the development of specific methodologies for the control of systems described by nonlinear mathematical models has attracted an ever increasing interest. New breakthroughs have occurred which have aided the design of nonlinear control systems. However there are still limitations which must be understood, some of which were addressed at the IFAC Symposium in Capri. The emphasis was on the methodological developments, although a number of the papers were concerned with the presentation of applications of nonlinear design philosophies to actual control problems in chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering.

Local Stabilizability of Nonlinear Control Systems

Author : Andrea Bacciotti
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This is one of the first books presenting stabilizability of nonlinear systems in a well-organized and detailed way, the problem, its motivation, features and results. Control systems defined by ordinary differential equations are dealt with. Many worked examples have been included. The main focus is on the mathematical aspects of the problem, but some important applications are also described. This book will be suitable as a textbook for advanced university courses, and also as a tool for control theorists and researchers. An extensive list of references is included.

Analysis and Design of Nonlinear Control Systems

Author : Alessandro Astolfi
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This book is a tribute to Prof. Alberto Isidori on the occasion of his 65th birthday. Prof. Isidori’s proli?c, pioneering and high-impact research activity has spanned over 35 years. Throughout his career, Prof. Isidori has developed ground-breaking results, has initiated researchdirections and has contributed towardsthe foundationofnonlinear controltheory.In addition,his dedication to explain intricate issues and di?cult concepts in a simple and rigorous way and to motivate young researchers has been instrumental to the intellectual growth of the nonlinear control community worldwide. The volume collects 27 contributions written by a total of 52 researchers. The principal author of each contribution has been selected among the - searchers who have worked with Prof. Isidori, have in?uenced his research activity, or have had the privilege and honour of being his PhD students. The contributions address a signi?cant number of control topics, including th- retical issues, advanced applications, emerging control directions and tutorial works. The diversity of the areas covered, the number of contributors and their international standing provide evidence of the impact of Prof. Isidori in the control and systems theory communities. The book has been divided into six parts: System Analysis, Optimization Methods, Feedback Design, Regulation, Geometric Methods and Asymptotic Analysis, re?ecting important control areas which have been strongly in- enced and, in some cases, pioneered by Prof. Isidori.

Quantitative Feedback Design of Linear and Nonlinear Control Systems

Author : Oded Yaniv
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Quantitative Feedback Design of Linear and Nonlinear Control Systems is a self-contained book dealing with the theory and practice of Quantitative Feedback Theory (QFT). The author presents feedback synthesis techniques for single-input single-output, multi-input multi-output linear time-invariant and nonlinear plants based on the QFT method. Included are design details and graphs which do not appear in the literature, which will enable engineers and researchers to understand QFT in greater depth. Engineers will be able to apply QFT and the design techniques to many applications, such as flight and chemical plant control, robotics, space, vehicle and military industries, and numerous other uses. All of the examples were implemented using Matlab® Version 5.3; the script file can be found at the author's Web site. QFT results in efficient designs because it synthesizes a controller for the exact amount of plant uncertainty, disturbances and required specifications. Quantitative Feedback Design of Linear and Nonlinear Control Systems is a pioneering work that illuminates QFT, making the theory - and practice - come alive.

Model Based Control of Particulate Processes

Author : Panagiotis D. Christofides
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The interest in control of particulate processes has been triggered by the need to achieve tight distributed control of size distributions that greatly influence particulate product properties and quality. Drawing from recent advances in dynamics of infinite-dimensional systems and nonlinear control theory, control of particulate processes using population balances has evolved into a very active research area within the field of process control. This book - the first of its kind - presents general methods for the synthesis of nonlinear, robust and constrained feedback controllers for broad classes of particulate process models and illustrates their applications to industrially-important crystallization, aerosol and thermal spray processes. The controllers use a finite number of measurement sensors and control actuators to achieve stabilization of the closed-loop system, output tracking, attenuation of the effect of model uncertainty and handling of actuator saturation. Beginning with an introduction to control of particulate processes, the book discusses nonlinear order reduction and nonlinear, robust and constrained control of particulate spatially-homogeneous processes, and nonlinear control of spatially-homogeneous particulate processes. The synthesis of the controllers is performed by using geometric and Lyapunov-based control techniques. The book includes comparisons of the methods followed for controller synthesis with other approaches and discussions of practical implementation issues that can help researchers and engineers understand the development and application of the methods in greater depth. The methods are applied to continuous and batch crystallization processes, a titania aerosol reactor and a thermal spray process to regulate product size distribution. The resulting benefits in closed-loop performance, robustness and actuator saturation handling compared to other techniques for control of particulate processes are demonstrated through computer simulations. The book assumes a basic knowledge about population balances and nonlinear control. Researchers and graduate students in process control, particle technology and control systems theory, applied mathematicians and process control engineers will find this book a useful resource.

Model Reduction for Control System Design

Author : Goro Obinata
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Comprehensive treatment of approximation methods for filters and controllers. It is fully up to date, and it is authored by two leading researchers who have personally contributed to the development of some of the methods. Balanced truncation, Hankel norm reduction, multiplicative reduction, weighted methods and coprime factorization methods are all discussed. The book is amply illustrated with examples, and will equip practising control engineers and graduates for intelligent use of commercial software modules for model and controller reduction.

Inversion Method in the Discrete time Nonlinear Control Systems Synthesis Problems

Author : Ülle Kotta
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The purpose of this book is twofold: To survey control system design methods based on the system inversion technique and to collect into one place the many recent results in the field. It has been known for some time that inverse systems may be used to solve numerous control problems. Despite the importance and conceptual simplicity of this topic there appears to be no monograph written on it. The purpose of this work is therefore to present and apply a systematic design method which bases itself on the fundamental system property of invertibility. Many different theoretical and practical aspects are considered in this volume working from elementary topics in the first section to current research in the second.

Multiple input Multiple output Nonlinear Control of Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems

Author :
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Investigation of Nonlinear Control Systems Continuously acting control systems

Author : Nicolai Minorsky
File Size : 24.46 MB
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