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Redsine Eight

Author : Trent Jamieson
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Redsine is a quarterly publication of dark fanstasy and horror short stories. Issue 8 includes fiction by Rhys Hughes, Gene O'Neill, Mark McLaughlin, and many others. Also includes an interview with Tim Powers.

Organizational Change and Redesign

Author : George P. Huber
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They also show how a variety of factors - including demographics, team structure, and communication processes influence the effectiveness of key managers

Improving Teaching Learning Equity and Success in Gateway Courses

Author : Andrew K. Koch
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As long as there have been U. S. colleges and universities, there have been entry courses that pose difficulties for students ï¿1⁄2 courses that have served more as ï¿1⁄2weeding-outï¿1⁄2 rather than ï¿1⁄2gearing-upï¿1⁄2 experiences for undergraduates. This volume makes the case that the weed-out dynamic is no longer acceptable ï¿1⁄2 if it ever was. Contemporary postsecondary education is characterized by vastly expanded access for historically underserved populations of students, and this new level of access is coupled with increased scrutiny of retention and graduation outcomes. Chapters in this volume define and explore issues in gateway courses and provide various examples of how to improve teaching, learning and outcomes in these foundational components of the undergraduate experience. This is the 180th volume of the Jossey-Bass quarterly report series New Directions for Higher Education. Addressed to presidents, vice presidents, deans, and other higher education decision makers on all kinds of campuses, it provides timely information and authoritative advice about major issues and administrative problems confronting every institution.

Information Systems and the Environment

Author : National Academy of Engineering
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Information technology is a powerful tool for meeting environmental objectives and promoting sustainable development. This collection of papers by leaders in industry, government, and academia explores how information technology can improve environmental performance by individual firms, collaborations among firms, and collaborations among firms, government agencies, and academia. Information systems can also be used by nonprofit organizations and the government to inform the public about broad environmental issues and environmental conditions in their neighborhoods. Several papers address the challenges to information management posed by the explosive increase in information and knowledge about environmental issues and potential solutions, including determining what information is environmentally relevant and how it can be used in decision making. In addition, case studies are described and show how industry is using information systems to ensure sustainable development and meet environmental standards. The book also includes examples from the public sector showing how governments use information knowledge systems to disseminate “best practices” beyond big firms to small businesses, and from the world of the Internet showing how knowledge is shared among environmental advocates and the general public.

Redesign of the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse

Author : Joseph C. Gfroerer
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Redesign of Hull Stiffened Plates by Geometrically Nonlinear Large Admissible Perturbations

Author : Chae Whan Rim
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Health System Redesign

Author : Joachim P. Sturmberg
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This forward-looking volume challenges professionals and interested lay readers to reconsider our ways of looking at health and wellness, illness and disease, and the goals of health/healthcare systems. Reframing health systems as complex adaptive systems, the book identifies health care as a central aspect of social care and security for all people, particularly the most vulnerable. From there, the author outlines necessary organizational, design, medical, and community steps toward building health systems that view and practice health care as a human right and can produce optimum care in the long term. And extensive illustrations display effective collaborative problem solving within these systems, in both intriguing theoretical models and the real world. Highlights of the coverage: · Systems and complexity thinking in health and health care · Redesign based on “first principles” · Redesign from an organizational perspective · Working together effectively and efficiently to achieve a common purpose · Analyzing “the workings” of health systems as complex adaptive systems · Person-centered, equitable, and sustainable health systems: achieving the goal Health System Redesign brings a voice and a vision to the most pressing problems in healthcare service delivery, and offers new goals and purpose to health policymakers, health financiers, organizational leaders, clinicians, and concerned members of the local community

Job Redesign for Older Workers

Author : G. Marbach
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Straight out Departures at Newark

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. Subcommittee on Aviation
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Passive Solar Redesign for Tract Homes

Author : California Energy Commission
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Teaching K 8 Reading

Author : Christine H. Leland
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Accessible and engaging, this methods textbook provides a roadmap for improving reading instruction. Leland, Lewison, and Harste explain why certain ineffective or debunked literacy techniques prevail in the classroom, identify the problematic assumptions that underly these popular myths, and offer better alternatives for literacy teaching. Grounded in a mantra that promotes critical thinking and agency—Enjoy! Dig Deeply! Take Action!—this book presents a clear framework, methods, and easy applications for designing and implementing effective literacy instruction. Numerous teaching strategies, classroom examples, teacher vignettes, and recommendations for using children’s and adolescent literature found in this book make it an ideal text for preservice teachers in elementary and middle school reading, and English language arts methods courses as well as a practical resource for professional in-service workshops and teachers. Key features include: Instructional engagements for supporting students as they read picture books, chapter books, and news articles, and interact with social media and participate in the arts and everyday life; Voices from the field that challenge mythical thinking and offer realworld examples of what effective reading and language arts instruction looks like in practice; Owl statements that alert readers to key ideas for use when planning reading and language arts instruction.

New York New Jersey Philadelphia Metropolitan Area Airspace Redesign

Author :
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Job Redesign for Older Workers Pilot Survey in Eight Member Countries

Author :
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C and Game Programming

Author : Salvatore A. Buono
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The second edition of C# and Game Programming offers the same practical, hands-on approach as the first edition to learning the C# language through classic arcade game applications. Complete source code for games like Battle Bit, Asteroid Miner, and Battle Tennis, included on the CD-ROM, demonstrates programming strategies and complements the comprehensive treatment of C# in the text. From the basics of adding graphics and sound to games, to advanced concepts such as the .Net framework and object-oriented programming, this book provides the foundations for a beginner to become a full-fledged programmer. New in this edition: - Supports DirectX 9.0 - Revised programs and examples - Improved frame rate for game examples

Successful Reengineering

Author : Daniel P. Petrozzo
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"This book provides a much-needed focus on implementation -- clearly the most difficult aspect of reengineering." --Thomas H. Davenport, Partner and Director of Research The Ernest & Young Center for Business Innovation "Successful Reengineering is an eminently practical handbook. Read it before embarking on a major reengineering effort to help avoid the pitfalls of the terrain." --Robin L. Renn, Senior Vice President Quality and Reengineering American Express "Petrozzo and Stepper show how to translate the lofty concepts into actionable programs. They show how empowerment, teaming, and continuous improvement must all merge together when implementing reengineering. The book is must reading for any organization or individual who wants a hands-on, how-to understanding of the subject."--Earl Naumann, Author of Creating Customer Value

Board of Contract Appeals Decisions

Author : United States. Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals
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The full texts of Armed Services and othr Boards of Contract Appeals decisions on contracts appeals.

Building Redesign and Energy Challenges

Author :
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Advances In Manufacturing Technology VIII

Author : K Case
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This volume comprises the Proceedings of the Tenth National Conference on Manufacturing Research held at the University of Technology, Loughborough, UK, in September 1994, the latest in a series of meetings first convened in 1985, and the first to be published by Taylor & Francis Ltd.; Keith Case and Steven Newman, the Conference Chairs, the book c

Static Stress Redesign by Large Admissible Perturbation retroelements in Birds

Author : Bhineka Muharram Kristanto
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1965 NASA Authorization

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Science and Astronautics
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Committee Serial No. 1. Focuses on manned spaceflight programs. Hearing includes NASA "Annual Procurement Report," FY63 (p. 1081-1139), and North American Aviation, Inc. briefing report "Saturn S-II Program," Mar. 10, 1964 (p. 1251-1322),