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Red or Dead

Author : David Peace
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In 1959, Liverpool Football Club were in the Second Division. Liverpool Football Club had never won the FA Cup. Fifteen seasons later, Liverpool Football Club had won three League titles, two FA Cups and the UEFA Cup. Liverpool Football Club had become the most consistently successful team in England. And the most passionately supported club. Their manager was revered as a god.Destined for immortality. Their manager was Bill Shankly. His job was his life. His life was football. His football a form of socialism. Bill Shankly inspired people. Bill Shankly transformed people. The players and the supporters.His legacy would reveberate through the ages. In 1974, Liverpool Football Club and Bill Shankly stood on the verge of even greater success. In England and in Europe. But in 1974, Bill Shankly shocked Liverpool and football. Bill Shankly resigned. Bill Shankly retired. Red or Dead is the story of the rise of Liverpool Football Club and Bill Shankly. And the story of the retirement of Bill Shankly. Of one man and his work. And of the man after that work. A man in two halves. Home and away. Red or dead.

Pinot Red or Dead

Author : J.C. Eaton
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There’s a lot of noir surrounding this rare pinot. As the vineyards in Seneca Lake, New York, prepare for the seasonal “Deck the Halls Around the Lake” festivities, someone is determined to keep pinot noir off the wine list. Hijacked trucks and sabotaged ingredients have made it a hard-to-acquire vintage for the six local wineries—including Norrie Ellington’s Two Witches Winery. The case of the stolen and spoiled wines gets stranger when Arnold Mowen, owner of the company distributing the wine, is found dead, the apparent victim of a hunting accident. As Norrie tries to find the connections between the pinot’s problems and Arnold’s death, she uncovers a conspiracy among many locals whose hatred for the wine distributor was bottled up for far too long . . .

Sport Media and Regional Identity

Author : Simon Roberts
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The increasing potency of identity politics across Europe often sees sport acting as a vehicle for the promotion and celebration of regional and sub-national identities. However, while the relationship between sport, the media and national identity has featured in numerous academic and political debates in recent years, the links between sports media and regional identity have received little attention. This seems a curious oversight, because the links between sport and region frequently become a celebration of the local and the distinctive, emblematic of community and continuity. This volume will explore that sense of the counter-hegemonic, where sport is celebrated by a media often keen to promote notions of difference, which might verge on rebellion in some contexts, conceived as resisting global homogeneity or national hegemony. At other times, they may merely reflect a commercial nose for the local audience’s tastes, but there is always the sense of preserving something important, a celebration of the diversity that makes us human. This book considers the centrality and cultural significance of particular sports, or clubs, to regional and sub-national identities across Europe and beyond, adopting a comparative approach to the mediatized nature of such portrayals.

Fifty Shoes that Changed the World

Author : Design Museum Enterprise Limited
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Everything around us is designed and the word 'design' has become part of our everyday experience. But how much do we know about it? Fifty Shoes That Changed the World imparts that knowledge listing the top 50 shoe designs that have made a substantial impact in the world of design today. From the 1863 Frye boot to Zaha Hadid's 2008 Melissa shoe, each entry offers a short appraisal to explore what has made their iconic status and the designers that give them a special place in design history.

Arms Control In Transition

Author : Warren Heckrotte
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In addition to its efforts to provide the best in nuclear weapons technology, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has devoted much attention to the question of how to provide effective control of nuclear weapons. One consequence of this concern was a conference held at the Laboratory to examine policies and negotiating goals in five major areas of arms control: strategic arms limitations talks (SALT), long-range theater nuclear forces (LRTNF) restraints in Europe, nuclear weapons test limitations, arms control in space, and non-proliferation policies. The participants focused on desirable long-term goals and criteria for successful policies, realistic estimates of how closely such goals and policies can be achieved, and concrete steps that could be taken toward these goals in the immediate future. None of the conference speakers saw an easy time ahead: the complexities and difficulties of arms control measures, both technical and political, were emphasized more than once. There was general agreement that SALT and LRTNF negotiations should be pursued; there was also a sharp and clear division on the desirability of a comprehensive nuclear weapons test ban, although it was agreed that a ban at this time is not propitious. Despite differences of emphasis, particularly over the future role of nuclear energy, there was substantial agreement in the approach to the elements of future policy. In the closing round table discussion, a prescription emerged for the formulation of arms control policy within the government.

JFK and the Unspeakable

Author : James W. Douglass
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SSuggests that John F. Kennedy was assassinated because military leaders feared his dedication to peace would result in the United States falling to Russia

Scientific Approaches to Literature in Learning Environments

Author : Michael Burke
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Scientific Approaches to Literature in Learning Environments is not just about what takes place in literary classrooms. Settings do have a strong influence on student learning both directly and indirectly. These spaces may include the home, the workplace, science centers, libraries, that is, contexts that entail diverse social, physical, psychological, and pedagogical variables that facilitate learning, for example, by grouping desks in specific ways, utilizing audio, visual, and digital technologies. Scientific Approaches to Literature in Learning Environments puts together a series of empirical research studies on the different locations of teaching and learning. These studies represent literary learning environment throughout the world, including Brazil, the USA, China, Canada, Japan and several European countries such as the Netherlands, Ukraine, the UK and Malta. The studies reported describe quantitative and/or qualitative research and cover pre-primary, primary, high school, college, university, and lifelong learning environments. They refresh the enigmatic ambience that often surrounds the teaching and learning that goes on in literary studies and offer transparent, useful and replicable research and practice. Students and teachers alike are encouraged to take them and own them.

Basics Fashion Design 04 Developing a Collection

Author : Elinor Renfrew
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Teaching the process of developing a fashion collection from initial design through development of product to the product's exhibition and sale, this guide is an essential resource for hopeful designers.

Incredible Tretchikoff

Author : Boris Gorelik
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'Engaging … gripping … more than a biography' — Independent (SA) 'Fascinating story of an outsider … excellent' — The Witness (SA) 'Full of facts' — Sunday Times (SA) 'Gorelik has produced a book that gathers together a wealth of information, raising interesting points on many quite contentious issues' — De Arte 'Enthralling … highly recommended' — Historical Novel Society 'This book is highly recommended' — Dimitri Tretchikoff Vladimir Tretchikoff's Chinese Girl is one of the most famous images of all time. Known as the 'Green Lady', it has been reproduced countless times, appearing everywhere from mugs and T-shirts to pop videos and blockbuster films. Tretchikoff lived a life as colourful as his instantly recognizable paintings. Born to a deeply religious Siberian family, he fought poverty, tragedy, captivity and near death to become one of the most celebrated artists of his time. Loathed by the critics yet loved by the public, he defied misfortune and a dismissive art establishment to enjoy phenomenal success in Britain, South Africa, Canada and the United States. Coinciding with the centenary of his birth, Incredible Tretchikoff tells the enthralling story of this flamboyant artist from his humble beginnings to the spectacular highs and lows of his later career. We hear thrilling accounts of his early years as a Russian orphan in Manchuria and his efforts to make his way as a young man in a strange land. In Singapore in the 1930s, he was accepted into the social elite and his art became talk of the town. Meanwhile, he secretly worked for the British Ministry of Information producing anti-Axis propaganda. But his high living was brought to an abrupt end by the war. He was nearly killed when the Japanese sank the boat on which he was trying to escape; taken prisoner, he was forced to use his artistic skills for the enemy. Accused by his captors of being a spy, he somehow survived, and was eventually reunited with his wife and daughter in Cape Town after the war. Within years, through sheer determination and despite the hostility of the local art community, Tretchikoff had become South Africa's best-selling artist and his fame had spread across the globe. With the pace and suspense of a novel, Incredible Tretchikoff matches the drama of its subject's extraordinary life. It reveals the adventures that lie behind his most famous pictures, while presenting recently uncovered information and previously unseen photographs. This fascinating and gripping book is a fitting record of one of the most popular and controversial painters of the twentieth century.

How They Started in Tough Times

Author : David Lester
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Do you dream of starting a business, but are too nervous to take the leap during economic uncertainty? It seems even more risky and difficult than normal. But How They Started in Tough Times may surprise you by revealing that many big businesses did just that - names such as Tesco, Argos, Foxtons, Burger King, Penguin, Oakley and Microsoft. But how did they start-up? How They Started in Tough Times profiles 25 business founders who started successful businesses during a tough economic climate- and thrived. They tell why they took that first step, the unique challenges they faced and how they grew and became established. The exceptional business stories in How They Started in Tough Times will provide inspiration how to: Come up with the initial idea for a business Spot new opportunities Secure funds from a bank or investor Take advantage of lack of competition Use persistence and hard work to succeed in spite of the odds Packed with inspirational stories and sound business advice, the stories within How They Started in Tough Times will give even the most cautious entrepreneur the confidence to start their business in tough times.