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Snow White and Rose Red

Author : BPI
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Snow White and Rose Red

The Flaming Rose

Author : Lynnie Rose
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This is a great romance @ passion poetry book....something in here for every grow up. no matter if youre 21 or prepared to smile and enjoy love again...

Christian Advocate

Author :
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Rose Blood

Author : Jarrad Dickson
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DescriptionRose Blood: A Psychosis Induced Fantasy is sourced from the "literary" structures of psychosis, and develops them with the use of the imagination. It is the only one or one of the few of its kind, that of being wrought from mental illness, and not about mental illness. It is about an alternate reality created by the author, whose source is Pandora, and she is a schizophrenic and Jarrad turns into God as he taps into this source and gains powers such as fire hair, space time continuum plane shifts, albino skin, etc that allow him to exist in outer space. The idea is that Mankind needs organic technology of their own bodies as well as outer body technology to be outer space creatures. It posits a white space universe, with black stars. It is a fantasy novel, though short, and the main characters are Pandora, Jarrad Dickson and a mysterious woman named Rose Blood. It has original settings and striking visual elements, and is a strange, dark fantasy and one of its kind in the very popular literary genre of Fantasy. About the AuthorJarrad Dickson was born in 1986 in Auckland New Zealand and grew up in Hahei, and was educated at Dilworth School. He then went to the University of Auckland to study a BA. Though happy as a child, in his teenage years he had an unbelievable torment of depression. After befriending a girl who killed herself he descended into alcoholism and this made him very delusional, and after awhile his brain went haywire and had a tormenting and very frightening psychotic breakdown which lasted two months. He saw his entire life pass before his eyes, but he saw himself be raped, abducted, eaten and saw his principle as an alien from Pluto who was wearing a body suit. After that, he thought he was suing Dilworth, who have millions of dollars of assets, and drew castles he would have at their properties. He frequently overdosed to shorten the time till he got the money. This delusion caused a psychotic relapse as well as using cannabis, and he relapsed the year after he had a psychotic breakdown. On that day, he jumped over James Dilworth's grave in Symonds Street cemetery thinking he would teleport into another dimension where Lily Cole was an albino goddess and was marrying him. He also knows four languages.

In the City of Shy Hunters

Author : Tom Spanbauer
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Tom Spanbauer is one of the most enchanting writers in America today, and In the City of Shy Hunters, his first novel in ten years, is a "rich and colorful" portrait of New York in the 1980s, told with "raw power" (David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle). Shy, afflicted with a stutter, and struggling with his sexuality, Will Parker comes to New York to escape the provincial western towns where he grew up. In New York, he finds himself surrounded for the first time by people who understand and celebrate his quirks and flaws. He also begins an unforgettable love affair with a volatile, six-foot-five African-American drag queen and performance artist named Rose. But even as he is falling in love with Rose and growing into himself, Will must watch as AIDS escalates from a rumor into a devastating tragedy. When a vicious riot erupts in a local park, Will seizes the chance to repay the city for all it has taught him, in a climax that will leave readers shaken, fulfilled, and changed. "In the City of Shy Hunters is so finely crafted ... you'll think you've been reading a modernist classic." — Peter Kurth, "Spanbauer's genius resides even in the asides ... teas[ing] out the genuine complexity of human love." — Thomas McGonigle, The Washington Post Book World "Ambitious and compelling ... a mixture of the ghastly, the hilarious, and the curiously touching." — John Hartl, The Seattle Times "In the City of Shy Hunters has the earmarks of a literary landmark ... Its importance and originality are unmistakable." — Laura Demanski, The Baltimore Sun

Beaux and Belles

Author : Arthur Colfax Grissom
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Spain and Its Literature

Author : Ann L. Mackenzie
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Besides an Introduction, Bibliography and "Centenary Reappraisal", eighteen original articles by respected Hispanists from Britain, Spain and the United States have been collected in this homage volume. A high proportion of articles reflect Peers’ major interests in mysticism and the Romantic Movement. Part I, From the Middle Ages to the Siglo de Oro, includes essays that deal with Francisco de Osuna’s "higher memory", the "Dark Night" of San Juan de la Cruz, Judaeo-Islamic traditions in Luis de León and Miguel de Molinos’ Spiritual Guide. Part II, From the Dawn of Romanticism to the Twentieth Century, contains articles concerned with writers, works or themes as: Sánchez’s Colección and Percy’s Reliques, Rivas and tragedy, El moro expósito, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Victor Hugo and "La Nonne sanglante". An article, dealing comparatively with Goytisolo and Zorrilla, which provides "A Missing Link in the Dis-affiliation of a Post-Romantic Expatriate in Revolt?" aptly concludes the volume.

Chamber s Twentieth Century Dictionary of the English Language

Author : Thomas Davidson
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Realist Poetics in American Culture 1866 1900

Author : Elizabeth Renker
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The terms 'poetry' and 'realism' have a complex and often oppositional relationship in American literary histories of the postbellum period. The core narrative holds that 'realism', the major literary 'movement' of the era, developed apace in prose fiction, while poetry, stuck in a hopelessly idealist late-Romantic mode, languished and stagnated. Poetry is almost entirely absent from scholarship on American literary realism except as the emblem of realism's opposite: a desiccated genteel 'twilight of the poets.' Realist Poetics in American Culture, 1866-1900 refutes the familiar narrative of postbellum poetics as a scene of failure, and it recovers the active and variegated practices of a diverse array of realist poets across print culture. The triumph of the twilight tale in the twentieth century obscured, minimized, and flattened the many poetic discourses of the age, including but not limited to a significant body of realist poems currently missing from US literary histories. Excavating an extensive archive of realist poems, the volume offers a significant revision to the genre-exclusive story of realism and, by extension, to the very foundations of postbellum American literary history dating back to the earliest stages of the discipline.

Confessions of a Grieving Mother

Author : Sherry Anne Coombe
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I did not cry. The moment came when Heather died; I did not shed a tear. I felt numb, like I was having an out of body experience, and I was watching myself go through the motions. There were things to do; people to call, it was not the time to begin to fall apart. I had just joined an elite club of grieving mothers. This was the club no one talked about or wanted to become a member of. From that moment on my life was getting a makeover that I didn’t ask for let alone consent to allowing it to happen. It was beyond my control; I was not given a choice. This was and is my life now. I am a grieving mother for the rest of my life.