Recreating an Age of Reptiles


Author: Mark Witton


ISBN: 1329481712

Category: Art

Page: 110

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The 'Age of Reptiles', formally known as the Mesozoic Era, gave rise to some of the most spectacular animals in Earth's history: dinosaurs, flying pterosaurs and marine reptiles, as well as many spectacular but less familiar species, such as the crane-necked Tanystropheus, hindlimb-glider Sharovipteryx, and our own diverse mammalian ancestors. Recreating an Age of Reptiles explores the Mesozoic Era through paintings of familiar extinct species as well as lesser seen subjects: burrowing dinosaurs, giant vampire squids and enormous, predatory flying reptiles. Details of the artistic process, scientific grounding and collaborations between researchers explain how each image was created, and discussions of the methods and goals of 'palaeoartistry' - the recreation of extinct animals and landscapes in art - explores the flexible boundaries between science and art when restoring ancient worlds.

Recreating an Age of Reptiles


Author: Mark P Witton

Publisher: The Crowood Press

ISBN: 1785003356

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 112

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Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals have always fascinated people but they pose vast problems for the artist. How do you go about recreating the anatomy and behaviour of a creature we've never seen? How can we restore landscapes long lost to time? And where does the boundary between palaeontology - the science of understanding fossils- and artistic licence lie? In this outstanding book, Mark Witton shares his detailed paintings and great experience of drawing and painting extinct species. The approaches used in rendering these impressive creatures are discussed and demonstrate the problems, as well as the unexpected freedoms, that palaeontological artists are faced with. The book showcases over ninety scientifically credible paintings of some of the most spectacular animals in the Earth's history, as well as may less familiar species. Mark explains how each image was created with details of the artistic process, scientific grounding and collaborations between researchers and discusses the methods and goals of palaeoartistry - the recreation of extinct animals and landscapes in art. This book will be of great interest to palaeontological artists, researchers, museum curators, dinosaur enthusiasts and fossil hunters. Superbly illustrated with 90 paintings.

The Idol in the Age of Art

"Objects, Devotions and the Early Modern World "


Author: Rebecca Zorach

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351543547

Category: History

Page: 384

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After 1500, as Catholic Europe fragmented into warring sects, evidence of a pagan past came newly into view, and travelers to distant places encountered deeply unfamiliar visual cultures, it became ever more pressing to distinguish between the sacred image and its opposite, the 'idol'. Historians and philosophers have long attended to Reformation charges of idolatry - the premise for image-breaking - but only very recently have scholars begun to consider the ways that the idol occasioned the making no less than the destruction. The present book focuses on how idols and ideas about them matter for the history of early modern objects produced around the globe, especially those created in the context of an exchange or confrontation between an 'us' and a 'them'. Ranging widely within the early modern period, the volume contributes to the project of globalizing the study of European art, bringing the continent's commercial, colonial, antiquarian, and religious histories into dialogue. Its studies of crosses, statues on columns, wax ex-votos, ivories, prints, maps, manuscripts, fountains, banners, and New World gold all frame Western 'art' simultaneously as an idea and as a collection of real things, arguing that it was through the idol that object-makers and writers came to terms with what it was that art should be, and do.

Creative Uses of Children's Literature


Author: Mary Ann Paulin

Publisher: Hamden, Conn. : Library Professional Publications


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 730

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Suggests a variety of techniques for getting children involved in reading and recommends more than five thousand books for children

The reign of the reptiles


Author: Michael J. Benton

Publisher: Crescent

ISBN: 9780517025574

Category: Science

Page: 143

View: 2745

Covers the entire range of prehistoric reptiles, including the evolution of flying, ruling, and marine reptiles, as well as their characteristics, habits, and habitats

Recreating Reality: Change the Way You Look At the World and the World Changes


Author: R. Ryan Questel

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1483423557

Category: Self-Help

Page: N.A

View: 1990

A journey revealing the world we believe to know, that we depend on and have come to accept as we perceive it. By dissecting the paradigms of the social order, separating myth from fact and exploring other options that go against the status quo we can begin creating new choices for ones own liberation physically, mentally and even financially that has been hidden from mankind. Exposing the secrets so we may break the cycle of systematic conditioning committed against society, an agenda which is inevitably moving toward a specific world order if the population remains unaware. To hopefully achieve a life of absolute freedom and endless possibilities. One free from the parameters of commercialism, consumerism, unjust laws, media propaganda, money, corporate influence and government by revealing these hidden systems of control.