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Recollections of a Scientist

Author : Norman N. Greenwood
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Recollections of a Scientist 1: Boyhood and Youth in Australia (1925-1948) This illustrated book is the first volume of the Memoirs of a distinguished, internationally renowned scientist, Professor Norman N. Greenwood, FRS. It gives a lively and intimate account of his boyhood and youth in Australia during the nineteen thirties and forties and is divided into thirteen chapters. It is a personal account rather than a formal history and describes in refreshing detail his richly diverse experiences. Chapter 1 explains how he came to be born in Melbourne although both of his parents as well as his elder sister and younger brother were all born in Northern England---his father Professor John Neill Greenwood had just been appointed as the first Professor of Metallurgy in an Australian University. The scene is further set by a brief account of the extraordinary events that led up to the founding of the University of Melbourne following the Victorian Gold Rush of the mid nineteenth century and its subsequent development into one of the major Universities of the then British Empire. The young family settled in Mont Albert, one of the developing eastern suburbs of the expanding metropolis, but unfortunately his parents separated soon afterwards and subsequently divorced. The children moved with their mother to the neighbouring suburb of Surrey Hills and one of her sisters came out from England to help with the growing family. Norman goes on to describe the various schools he attended and has some perceptive comments on his teachers, the ethos of the schools and the gradual changes that have occurred in the approach to education in Victoria over the years since the nineteen thirties. Initially vacations were spent at a country cottage being built by his father at Kinglake in the densely wooded hills to the north of Melbourne, and Norman evokes a childhood view of the exotic plants and animals of the bush, the deep secluded tree-fern gullies and tumbling mountain streams. His father was one of the main protagonists for the development of the Kinglake National Park which he had helped to found. Tragically, much of the Park was engulfed by the enormous bush fires (the worst in Australia's history) that wiped out the little township of Kinglake with great loss of life in February 2009. Other holidays were spent on the beaches of Port Phillip Bay or on the cooler slopes of the Dandenong Ranges to the east. Norman and his younger brother Eric (always known in his youth as Peter or Nipper') loved roaming in the Olinda State Forest and Sherwood Forest where the tall mountain ash (eucalyptus) trees towered above the dense undergrowth of tree ferns and other plants. Bush animals abounded as did the raucous cockatoos and multicoloured parrots. The great prize, however, was to sight a lyre bird performing his stately dance and singing his amazing repertoire of all the other birds' songs and even the man-mad sounds of car horns, chain saws and steam engines. For the three years 1939-40-41 Norman attended University High School near the city centre and adjacent to the grounds of the University itself. It was a remarkable school with an excellent academic reputation but also known for fostering of musical talent and for its prowess in sport. Norman joined the School Orchestra (as second flute) and they gave concerts in the Melbourne Town Hall and occasionally on the State broadcasting station 3LO. He also edited the School Magazine, The Record, perhaps an early portent of his later prolific output of scientific research papers, reviews, monographs and textbooks. In the summer vacation of January 1940 (during which Norman had his fifteenth birthday) he went on and extended (1300 mile) concert-party tour of twenty eight country towns in Western Victoria and over the border into South Australia. The trip was organised by the Young Australia League (YAL) and took the form of a White Minstrels Review of thirty boys with songs, i

Recollections of a Scientist Volume 2

Author : Norman N. Greenwood
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Recollections of a Scientist, Volume 2 Expanding Horizons England and Europe (1948-1951) This illustrated book is the second volume of Memoirs of a distinguished, internationally renowned scientist, Professor Norman N. Greenwood, FRS. It takes up the story of his life from the first moment he arrived in England as a research student from Australia in September 1948. Term had not yet started in Cambridge so he spent a hectic first month visiting and getting to know the members of his parents' families who lived in London and Brighton. He also spent some time in the delightful countryside around Guildford and the Surrey Downs with a fellow passenger, following a shipboard romance during the long trip from Melbourne. He then visited the recently inaugurated Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell in Berkshire (where his former research supervisor was now a senior scientist in the chemistry division) and had the exciting experience of seeing Europe's first, recently commissioned nuclear reactor in operation. In Cambridge he took up residence in a set of rooms in Sidney Sussex College and began research discussions with Professor Harry Emeléus, FRS the most distinguished inorganic chemist in the UK at that time. The unique charms of the Cambridge Colleges and the arcane procedures of the University itself are affectionately described, and at various places throughout the book there are graphic representations of life in Cambridge in the late nineteen-forties. An early example is his description of the University's decision to allow, for the first time in its seven centuries of existence, women to be awarded substantive degrees (rather than merely titular ones). The first such degree to be conferred on a woman, in an appropriately grand ceremony, was on the enormously popular Queen Elizabeth, consort of King George VI (later known as The Queen Mother). At a more mundane level, post-war austerity necessitated the rationing of food and many other items at levels that were even more severe than those in operation during the war (WW2). The list given of a week's rations is a salutary reminder of those days. Norman is a past master at describing in accessible terms the research work that he was doing in the laboratory and its wider significance. He also gives perceptive descriptions of the international group of research chemists working in the laboratory at that time and of many members of staff. As earlier in Melbourne, he made the most of opportunities to attend lectures by famous visitors and distinguished members of the University in other departments of the University. There are memorable descriptions of a course of lectures given over two terms by Bertrand Russell on Philosophy, and numerous other lectures by Science Nobel Laureates. Vacations provided a wonderful opportunity to visit other places in England and Europe. Just before Christmas 1948 he went with the Oxford and Cambridge Ski Clubs to Sestriere in the Italian Alps, a splendid location for skiers of all abilities. Directly following this, and with virtually no money left, he spent a memorable Christmas and New Year on his own exploring the wonders and glories of Paris. And what wonders he describes. He had a room in the Latin (student) Quarter at 350 francs per night (i.e. 35p or £0.35) for bed and breakfast at the then exchange rate of £1 ~ 1000 francs. The next vacation, at Easter, was to southern Scandinavia to visit his sister, Margaret who had married a Swede in 1946 and was living on a small island in the Baltic Sea just off the coast near Karlskrona. [Volume 1 of these Recollections was dedicated to her on the occasion of her ninetieth birthday in 2012.] The journey was also memorable for a different reason for it was on the Flying Scot, en route to Newcastle upon Tyne to catch the ferry to Bergen in Norway, that he first met Kirsten Rydland whom he later married in 1951. [This Volume 2 is dedicated to her.] Norman was cl

Recollections of a Scientist

Author : Harvey Lincoln Curtis
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Queen of Science

Author : Mary Somerville
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The complete memoirs of the 19th century scientist, public intellectual, and first female member of the Royal Astronomical Society. Born in Jedburgh in 1780, Mary Fairfax was the daughter of a captain in Lord Nelson’s navy. In common with most girls of her time and station, she received an education that prized gentility over ability. Nevertheless, she taught herself algebra in secret, and made her reputation in celestial mechanics with her 1831 translation of Laplace’s Mécanique céleste as The Mechanism of the Heavens. A brilliant polymath with interests in art, literature and nature, Somerville’s memoirs give a fascinating picture of her life and times from childhood in Burntisland to international recognition and retirement in Naples. She recounts memories of comets and eclipses, high society in London and Paris, Charles Babbage and his calculating engine, encounters with Sir Walter Scott and Fenimore Cooper, the Risorgimento in Italy and the eruption of Vesuvius. Selected by her daughter and first published in 1973, these are the memoirs of a remarkable woman who became one of the nineteenth century’s most accomplished mathematicians and scientists. Oxford’s Somerville College was named after her, and the present volume, re-edited by Dorothy McMillan, draws on manuscripts owned by the college, offering the first unexpurgated edition of these revelatory writings.

Rerooted in Jerusalem

Author : Asenath Petrie
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Asenath Petrie, a scientist and poet, saw her creative life following two disparate approaches. Five books of poems were published in Jerusalem thereafter, the last of them in 1994. The diary of Dr. Petrie's "second life" in Jerusalem, Rerooted in Jerusalem, is collected here for the first time.

An Englishman in Paris Notes and Recollections

Author : Albert Dresden Vandam
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The Recollections of Eugene P Wigner

Author : Eugene Paul Wigner
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A Sense of Purpose Recollections

Author : Suzy Eban
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In this memoir, Suzy Eban describes growing up in a Zionist family in Ismailia and Cairo in the 1920s and 1930s, visits to her grandparents in Palestine, the 1929 Arab riots near her grandparents’ Motza farmhouse outside Jerusalem, Aubrey (later Abba) Eban’s courtship, their marriage in 1945, Abba’s diplomatic role in pre-State Israel, his elevation at a young age as Israel’s first ambassador to the UN and to the US. Suzy recounts her role as a diplomat’s wife, a mother and a community activist (she was head of the Israel Cancer Association for almost 40 years), offers candid assessments of prominent political women in Israeli politics, Vera Weizmann, Golda Meir, Rachel Ben-Zvi and Paula Ben-Gurion, and gives insights about the rough-and-tumble Israeli politics of the 1980s. “This beautifully written, intelligent, and comprehensive memoir will reward readers interested in a behind-the-scenes understanding of Israeli history and politics.” — Deborah Schoeneman, Jewish Book Council “The first 100 or so pages of [Suzy Eban’s] narrative are absolutely scrumptious. Possessed of a sharp eye and a deft hand (parts of this section were published decades ago in an earlier form in The New Yorker), Eban excels at conjuring up the sights, sounds, scents and other sensuous evocations of her childhood in the 1920s and ‘30s in Ismailia” — Ina Friedman, Ha’aretz “Suzy Eban has provided a timely reminder of the vacuum left by [Abba] Eban's absence.” — Colin Schindler, The Jerusalem Post “Suzy [Eban] reveals through her ‘recollections’ a talent for evocative prose... The book’s many delights include intriguing snippets on Chaim Weizmann, David Ben Gurion, and their wives, Vera and Paula, and an emotional description of Suzy’s return to the country of her birth following President Anwar Sadat’s peace mission to Israel in 1977.” — Simon Round, Jewish Chronicle

Selected Topics in the History of Biochemistry Personal Recollections IV

Author : G. Semenza
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The editors invited selected authors who had participated in or observed developments in biochemistry and molecular biology, particularly in the second half of this century, to record their personal recollections of the times and circumstances in which they worked. Having been given free reign, both content and style of the contruibutions reflect the flavour of the personality of the author. The book reflects the explosive development of biochemistry and molecular biology and related sciences that had led to the almost unique situation of these fields coming of age at a time when their founding fathers, or their scientific children, were alive and well. The contributions in this volume encompass a wide variety of experiences in many different countries and in very different fields of biochemistry.

Recollections of a Lifetime

Author : Roeliff Brinkerhoff
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Recollections of Eminent Men

Author : Edwin Percy Whipple
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Personal Recollections of Werner Von Siemens

Author : Werner von Siemens
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Reveries Reviews Recollections

Author : John Hunt
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Recollections of Detlev W Bronk

Author :
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Recollections of College Life at Marshall College Mercersburg Pa from 1839 1845

Author : Theodore Appel
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Author : Emil Bessels
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"Polaris is a thoroughly edited, annotated translation of Die Amerikanische Nordpol-Expedition by Emil Bessels (Leipzig: Verlag von Wilhelm Engelmann, 1879). Bessels recounts the expedition of the ship Polaris, led by Captain Charles Francis Hall, on its failed attempt to reach the North Pole. Bessels, Polaris's chief scientist, provides a thorough account of the voyage, including detailed descriptions of St. John's, Newfoundland, Greenland settlements, Inuit people and culture, and plentiful scientific data on the flora, fauna, geography, oceans they encountered. Recent discoveries concerning a more sinister aspect of the voyage also make this a vital critical edition. While wintering at Thank God Harbour in Northwest Greenland, Hall died suddenly; Bessels proclaimed the cause of death was stroke. In 1968 English professor Chauncy Loomis and pathologist Franklin Paddock exhumed Hall's body from the permafrost, discovering that Hall had in fact been poisoned with arsenic. Bessels had the knowledge and opportunity to poison Hall, but for decades no motive could be found. However, new evidence has emerged of a romantic triangle between Hall, Bessels, and a young American sculptor Vinnie Ream, providing, at last, a motive for murder. Barr's introduction and epilogue outline the unique aspects of Bessels book, placing it in the historical context of arctic exploration. Barr has added 723 endnotes, drawing on 73 bibliographic sources, to explain and to contextualize Bessels writing. Barr's appendices cover Bessel's scientific appendix, Hall's instructions, the Board of Inquiry that followed the expedition's return, and biographies of the seven major players in this tale of exploration and murder."--

Recollections of President Lincoln and His Administration

Author : Lucius Eugene Chittenden
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A Material Scientist s Memoir

Author : Harry S. Katz
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In this short, compelling memoir that will appeal to both general readers and fellow scientists, Harry S. Katz offers recollections and lessons learned from more than eight decades of life. In evocative snapshots, he describes early struggles to overcome a severe speech problem; lifelong attempts to develop technical expertise and creativity in his specialty area of materials science; his Army service during World War II; and six decades of marriage with his Holocaust-survivor wife, Toby, who at one point served three four-year terms on their local town council. From the perspective of someone who started two small businesses in different plastics-related fields, Katz discusses a few of the most memorable projects that he worked on, and provides suggestions for making the future use of plastics safer and healthier for human health and the environment. Katz, who is a checkers and chess expert, also discusses why he believes these kinds of challenging and creative activities are crucial for keeping a persons mind sharp.

My Life Recollections of a Nobel Laureate

Author : Max Born
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In this collection of informal reminiscences, first published in 1975, Max Born has written an extraordinarily vivid account of his life and work, originally intended for his family. Ranging from his time at the University of Göttingen, where Born had his first real motivation for a professional career in science, to the period in Berlin as professor extraordinary, when he and his wife became close friends of Einstein, these anecdotes and memories chart the "heroic age of physics" from the perspective of one of its leading characters. In 1954 Born was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for his fundamental contributions to the great discovery of that cadre of superlative scientific minds – quantum theory. But his scientific research provides only one strand of this story. Born’s varied interests outside science led to many interesting experiences – some of historical importance insofar as they offer a glimpse into German society before and between the wars.


Author : Carl Romney
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This memoir outlines the life of a scientist spanning much of the twentieth century. It began at a time before radios were found in most American homes, and before the advent of “talking pictures.” His interest in science was born at an early age, sparked by his mother, as she introduced him to the stars in a dark Utah sky. Early experiences and training were much the same as for any other boy at the time. But with the beginning of war in Europe, and the U.S. response by instituting universal conscription (the draft), he realized the importance of education in fulfilling his military obligation, and enlisted in a Navy training program. Navy service took him to Chicago and Southern California, and eventually to little-known Peleliu Island in the Western Pacific, a foretaste of a life of frequent travel to follow. World War II was followed all too soon by the retreat of the Soviet Union behind an “Iron Curtain” of secrecy, a massive buildup of conventional forces and armed occupation of neighboring countries. It became essential to know when they succeeded in building the atomic bomb. This book is a first-hand account in non-technical terms of some of the ways in which this was accomplished. This was followed by attempts to ban the bomb, or at least to ban nuclear testing. The author was fortunate to be near the center of U.S. efforts in many of these attempts, and the book describes important activities and events that ultimately led to achieving the lesser of these goals.