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Maxentius Volume 1 The Nika Revolt

Author : Sardou Romain
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The year 532. Justinian rules over the Eastern Roman Empire, his wife and most maleficent ally, Theodora, at his side. From his capital of Constantinople, he dreams of restoring the empire to the splendor of Ancient Rome in the time of the Caesars. But during the month of January, following an accident during a chariot race in the Hippodrome, Constantinople is set ablaze. Now everything hangs in the balance: the throne, the imperial couple, the empire... Maxentius, an animal trainer and the empress's assistant, has just a few hours to save centuries of history. A few hours during the Nika revolt, supposedly the bloodiest massacre in antiquity...

Re Volt Komics 01

Author : Pio Canlas
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Re-Volt Komics is a monthly anthology created by mangaka and comic artists from around the world who all celebrate the spirit of revolution. By coming together from many different cultures and different nationalities the creators of this anthology hope to show western comic book companies and eastern manga companies our 'Komics.' N00b of Clandestein - In a time not so far away from today, the internet is a shadow of its former self, corporations and nations are indistinguishable, and the last place for human solitude lies within the unregulated pocket of virtual space that resides within the human mind, The Etha. A game that is passed off as a medical treatment is in truth a world onto itself, untouched by the outside world and indistinguishable from reality and dream. Enter Puck and Goose, two boys who fight in two worlds. Way of Wushu - Chanda's master, the man who saved her from a life as a street urchin, is imprisoned by the Celestial Empire for crimes committed in his youth. She sets out to free him by winning the Celestial Tournament; the winner of which can meet the Emperor and make one request of him. But to do so she needs to be recognized and sponsored, which means forging a name for herself. Graphene: Innocent as Sin - In a country run by money of individuals and conglomerates rather than the elected puppets its people put into place, a group of children try to thrive. They reminisce at how the system created to nurture, protect, and love them simply forgot them. Rising against the rules in place was the only way for them to survive in the midst of cruelty and a broken world full of death. Red Shift - Year 2093, Earth is a glorified garbage dump where people unlucky enough to still be born there live and die maintaining the status quo. Tuck Airedale refuses to be just another cog in the down-trodden machine and takes a gamble. Can a 21st century fighter jet converted for space flight really be his ticket off-world? It can be if he pulls off placing high enough in the star racing Terran Qualifiers to make it to the Gold Prix. Being a rookie is is already a risk, but can he really win a space race in an airplane?

Eastern European Youth Cultures in a Global Context

Author : Matthias Schwartz
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The demise of state Socialisms caused radical social, cultural and economic changes in Eastern Europe. Since then, young people have been confronted with fundamental disruptions and transformations to their daily environment, while an unsettling, globalized world substantially reshapes local belongings and conventional values. In times of multiple instabilities and uncertainties, this volume argues, young people prefer to try to adjust to given circumstances than to adopt the behaviour of potential rebellious, adolescent role models, dissident counter-cultures or artistic breakings of taboo. Eastern European Youth Cultures in a Global Context takes this situation as a starting point for an examination of generational change, cultural belongings, political activism and everyday practices of young people in different Eastern European countries from an interdisciplinary perspective. It argues that the conditions of global change not only call for a differentiated evaluation of youth cultures, but also for a revision of our understanding of 'youth' itself – in Eastern Europe and beyond.

DC Graphic Novels for Young Adults Box Set 1 Resist Revolt Rebel

Author : Various
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Three of DC's graphic novels for young adults are collected in one brand-new box set! - Mera: Tidebreaker - Under the Moon: A Catwoman Tale - Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass Mera: Tidebreaker explores duty, love, heroism, and freedom through the eyes of undersea royalty. Under the Moon: A Catwoman Tale explores the storey of a teenage Catwoman, as she struggles to find her own identity while living on the streens of Gotham. Eisner award-winning graphic novel, Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass is a tale about choicess, consequences, and how a 15-year old Harleen Quinzel defines her world for herself. This new format comes in a slipcase, and is the perfect gift for any teen reader!

White Claw 2 The Revolt of the Monkey People

Author : Le Tendre Serge
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White Claw the warrior, Taho the dragon slayer, and their brothers in arms head to the land of the Monkey People to liberate their prince and lead a revolution against the evil warmonger Suo-the-Red. Not all of the traveling companions will come back alive from this journey fraught with danger and betrayal... but one will rise from the dead and another will finally get the revenge he's sought for so long.

The Hand of Fate 8

Author : Ace Magazines
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Classic Horror-Suspense Comics THE HAND OF FATE #8 1951 Can you deny the hand of Fate? In the 1950's it was impossible, because every month there it was, with colorful and creepy stories about the inevitable. It was the decade of atomic bombs, Cold War, alien abductions, and horror comics! The Revolt of the Heads A Hand of Fate Mystery #1 (one page) Canyon of the Living Dead A Hand of Fate Mystery #2 (one page) Death Howls By Moonrise Unburied Dead (text) Monster of the Bayous The comic reprints from Escamilla Comics are reproduced from actual classic comics, and sometimes reflect the imperfection of books that are decades old.

Rogues Revolution

Author : Francis Manapul
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The Rogues are in revolt against their leader Captain Cold and the Flash has been thrown through time and space by the Speed Force leaving Central City without its protector.

Operation Copperhead

Author : Harambat Jean
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Adventure, drama, spies, secrets, and even a dash of romance. This extraordinary story tells the tale of two movie stars being pulled into the intrigue of counterintelligence and disinformation campaigns during World War II. Churchill is looking for someone to impersonate Britain's top general, and it's up to David Niven and Peter Ustinov to train the lucky lad. They're in a race against the clock and a battle against all the usual vices—wine and women included—to turn a second-rate actor into General Montgomery in this uproarious and award-winning graphic novel, where the truth might be stranger than fiction.

Report of Financial Condition and Operations as of

Author : Commodity Credit Corporation
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Author : Carol Marinelli
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During a revolt by the Scottish army against the king, Lara and her siblings are captured along with their father, the leader of their clan. By order of the king, Lara is forced to marry Sebastien, the king’s loyal subordinate. If she refuses, she and her family will be killed. On the verge of despair, she makes up her mind to fulfill her duty as the daughter of a clan leader. On their wedding night, Lara is terrified, but Sebastien treats her gently. She is surprised at first but ultimately follows his lead. But there is a secret behind his gentle demeanor…