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Re inventing Ovid s Metamorphoses

Author : Karl A.E. Enenkel
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This volume explores early modern recreations of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, focusing on the creative ingenium of artists and writers who freely handled the original text so as to adapt it to different artistic media and genres.

Re Inventing Ovid s Metamorphoses

Author : Karl A E Enenkel
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This volume explores early modern recreations of Ovid's Metamorphoses, focusing on the creative ingenium of artists and writers who freely handled the original text so as to adapt it to different artistic media and genres.

Epic Succession and Dissension

Author : Sophia Papaioannou
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This is the first direct literary adaptation of Vergil's Aeneid. The present study demonstrates how, in less than one thousand lines, Ovid revisits the epic world of Aeneas and subjects it to a reading that is a paradigm of critical analysis, a statement of originality, and a powerful claim to the epic heritage and Vergilian succession.

Ovid Metamorphosed

Author : Philip Terry
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The shape-changing poetry of Ovid's "Metamorphoses has fascinated writers and artists from Shakespeare to Ted Hughes, from Rembrandt to Picasso. Philip Terry asked a number of contemporary writers to take Ovid as their starting point and let their imaginations run. The results are varied, startling, scary, sexy, endlessly illuminating and suggestive, often changing the shape of the modern short story itself. Contributors include Margaret Atwood, A.S. Byatt, M.J. Fitzgerald, Paul Griffiths, Gabriel Josipovici, Roger Moss, Sunit Namjoshi, Joyce Carol Oates, Michele Roberts, Ken Smith, Philip Terry, Marina Warner and Paul West.

Romanticism and the Re Invention of Modern Religion

Author : Alexander J. B. Hampton
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"The fundamental concern of Romanticism, which brought about its inception, determined its development, and set its end, was the need to create a new language for religion"--

Simile and Identity in Ovid s Metamorphoses

Author : Marie Louise von Glinski
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The first monograph on Ovid's epic simile, offering fresh perspectives on central episodes of this important work.

The Lives of Ovid in Seventeenth Century French Culture

Author : Helena Taylor
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Seventeenth-century France saw one of the most significant 'culture wars' Europe has ever known. Culminating in the Quarrel of the Ancients and Moderns, this was a confrontational, transitional time for the reception of the classics. Helena Taylor explores responses to the life of the ancient Roman poet, Ovid, within this charged atmosphere. To date, criticism has focused on the reception of Ovid's enormously influential work in this period, but little attention has been paid to Ovid's lives and their uses. Through close analysis of a diverse corpus, which includes prefatory Lives, novels, plays, biographical dictionaries, poetry, and memoirs, this study investigates how the figure of Ovid was used to debate literary taste and modernity and to reflect on translation practice. It shows how the narrative of Ovid's life was deployed to explore the politics and poetics of exile writing; and to question the relationship between fiction and history. In so doing, this book identifies two paradoxes: although an ancient poet, Ovid became key to the formulation of aspects of self-consciously 'modern' cultural movements; and while Ovid's work might have adorned the royal palaces of Versailles, the poetry he wrote after being exiled by the Emperor Augustus made him a figure through which to question the relationship between authority and narrative. The Lives of Ovid in Seventeenth-Century French Culture not only nuances understanding of both Ovid and life-writing in this period, but also offers a fresh perspective on classical reception: its paradoxes, uses, and quarrels.

Ovid s Metamorphoses and the Traditions of Augustan Poetry

Author : Peter E. Knox
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Having established his reputation as an elegist, Ovid turned to the composition of hexameter narrative. Although the Metamorphoses has often been treated as an appendix to the history of Augustan poetry, the principal lines of stylistic and thematic development continue in Ovid's work. Drawing upon the structure and content of Vergil's Sixth Eclogue, the Metamorphoses is an intricate and allusive poem that combines elements from the entire range of Roman verse composed in the Alexandrian manner. Professor Knox focuses in particular upon the contributions of elegy and epyllion, examining the manner in which Ovid exploits the diction of these genres in order to distinguish his poem from traditional epic verse. The study concludes with an investigation of the aetiological stories of the final book and the sustained evocation of Callimachus' Aetia at its close.

Ovid s Metamorphoses

Author : Ovid
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Ovid's Metamorphosesis a weaving-together of classical myths, extending in time from the creation of the world to the death of Julius Caesar. This volume provides the Latin text of the first five books of the poem and the most detailed commentary available in English of these books.

Re Inventing the Past

Author : Gary Ferguson
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Redesigning Achilles

Author : Sophia Papaioannou
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The book is a detailed study on the structure and the topics of Ovid’s compedium of the Trojan Saga in Metamorphoses 12.1-13.622, the section also referred to as the “Little Iliad”. It explores the motives and the objectives behind the selected narrative moments from the Epic Cycle that found their way into the Ovidian version of the Trojan War. By thoroughly mastering and inspiringly refashioning a vast amount of literary material, Ovid generates a systematic reconstruction of the archetypal hero, Achilles. Thus, he projects himself as a worthy successor of Homer in the epic tradition, a master epicist, and a par to his great Latin predecessor, Vergil.

Founding the Year Ovid s Fasti and the Poetics of the Roman Calendar

Author : Molly Pasco-Pranger
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This book gives serious consideration to the relationship between Ovid’s Fasti and the Roman calendar. The poem treats the calendar, recently revised by Caesar and Augustus, as its most important cultural model and as a quasi-literary 'intertext.'

Re inventing Gardens

Author : Kyung-Jin Zoh
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Author : Carole E. Newlands
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Newlands provides an extensive overview and analysis of Ovid s works."

Ovid s Metamorphoses

Author : Publius Ovidius Naso
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Ovid and the Renaissance Body

Author : Goran V. Stanivukovic
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This collection of original essays uses contemporary theory to examine Renaissance writers' reworking of Ovid's texts in order to analyze the strategies in the construction of the early modern discourses of gender, sexuality, and writing.

Ovid Metamorphoses 3 511 733

Author : Ingo Gildenhard
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This extract from Ovid's 'Theban History' recounts the confrontation of Pentheus, king of Thebes, with his divine cousin, Bacchus, the god of wine. Notwithstanding the warnings of the seer Tiresias and the cautionary tale of a character Acoetes (perhaps Bacchus in disguise), who tells of how the god once transformed a group of blasphemous sailors into dolphins, Pentheus refuses to acknowledge the divinity of Bacchus or allow his worship at Thebes. Enraged, yet curious to witness the orgiastic rites of the nascent cult, Pentheus conceals himself in a grove on Mt. Cithaeron near the locus of the ceremonies. But in the course of the rites he is spotted by the female participants who rush upon him in a delusional frenzy, his mother and sisters in the vanguard, and tear him limb from limb. The episode abounds in themes of abiding interest, not least the clash between the authoritarian personality of Pentheus, who embodies 'law and order', masculine prowess, and the martial ethos of his city, and Bacchus, a somewhat effeminate god of orgiastic excess, who revels in the delusional and the deceptive, the transgression of boundaries, and the blurring of gender distinctions. This course book offers a wide-ranging introduction, the original Latin text, study aids with vocabulary, and an extensive commentary. Designed to stretch and stimulate readers, Gildenhard and Zissos's incisive commentary will be of particular interest to students of Latin at AS and undergraduate level. It extends beyond detailed linguistic analysis to encourage critical engagement with Ovid's poetry and discussion of the most recent scholarly thought.

Ovid s Metamorphoses

Author : Ovid
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"The most beautiful book in the English language." -- Ezra Pound

The World of Ovid s Metamorphoses

Author : Joseph B. Solodow
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Synthesizing a wealth of detailed observations, Joseph Solodow studies the structure of Ovid's poem Metamorphoses, the role of the narrator, Ovid's treatment of myth, and the relationship between Ovid's and Virgil's presentations of Aeneas. He argues that for Ovid metamorphosis is an act of clarification, a form of artistic creation, and that the metamorphosed creatures in his poem are comparable to works of art. These figures ultimately aid us in perceiving and understanding the world.

Facts and Inventions

Author : James Boswell
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James Boswell (1740–1795), best known as the biographer of Samuel Johnson, was also a lawyer, journalist, diarist, and an insightful chronicler of a pivotal epoch in Western history. This fascinating collection, edited by Paul Tankard, presents a generous and varied selection of Boswell’s journalistic writings, most of which have not been published since the eighteenth century. It offers a new angle on the history of journalism, an idiosyncratic view of literature, politics, and public life in late eighteenth-century Britain, and an original perspective on a complex and engaging literary personality.