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Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths without special title

Author : Karl A. Gschneidner (Jr.)
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Rare Earths

Author : Paul Caro
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Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths

Author :
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This continuing authoritative series deals with the chemistry, materials science, physics and technology of the rare earth elements in an integrated manner. Each chapter is a comprehensive, up-to-date, critical review of a particular segment of the field. The work offers the researcher and graduate student a complete and thorough coverage of this fascinating field. Authoritative Comprehensive Up-to-date Critical

Rare Earths Industry

Author : Ismar Borges De Lima
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Rare Earths elements are composed of 15 chemical elements in the periodic table. Scandium and yttrium have similar properties, with mineral assemblages, and are therefore referred alike in the literature. Although abundant in the planet surface, the Rare Earths are not found in concentrated forms, thus making them economically valued as they are so challenging to obtain. Rare Earths Industry: Technological, Economic and Environmental Implications provides an interdisciplinary orientation to the topic of Rare Earths with a focus on technical, scientific, academic, economic, and environmental issues. Part I of book deals with the Rare Earths Reserves and Mining, Part II focuses on Rare Earths Processes and High-Tech Product Development, and Part III deals with Rare Earths Recycling Opportunities and Challenges. The chapters provide updated information and priceless analysis of the theme, and they seek to present the latest techniques, approaches, processes and technologies that can reduce the costs of compliance with environmental concerns in a way it is possible to anticipate and mitigate emerging problems. Discusses the influence of policy on Rare Earth Elements to help raise interest in developing strategies for management resource development and exploitation Global contributions will address solutions in countries that are high RE producers, including China, Brazil, Australia, and South China End of chapter critical summaries outline the technological, economic and environmental implications of rare earths reserves, exploration and market Provides a concise, but meaningful, geopolitical analysis of the current worldwide scenario and importance of rare earths exploration for governments, corporate groups, and local stakeholders

Hydrometallurgy of Rare Earths

Author : Dezhi Qi
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Hydrometallurgy of Rare Earths: Extraction and Separation provides the basic knowledge for rare earth extraction and separation, including flow sheet selection criteria and related technology. The book includes the latest research findings on all rare earth separation processes, methods of controlling operation costs, and strategies that help lower wastewater and waste solid discharge. It discusses many real process parameters and actual situations in rare earth separation plants, also examining the basic principles, technologies, process parameters and advances and achievements in the area of rare earth extraction and separation. In addition, the book covers extraction separation theory as developed by Professor Guanxian Xu and Professor Chunhua Yan and the creative use of a computational simulation program to replace the bench scale and pilot plant tests and directly design rare earth extraction separation processes. Outlines the theory of solvent extraction and separation of rare earths (REs) Provides the necessary tools for a REs separation plant design Includes a unique simulation program for the calculation of all process parameters Includes Chinese nomenclature that is useful for identifying the various processes, also comparing it to the global literature

Progress in the Science and Technology of the Rare Earths

Author : Leroy Eyring
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Progress in the Science and Technology of the Rare Earths, Volume 1 is a 16-chapter text that brings together significant advances in understanding the scientific and technological aspects of rare earths. The first chapters deal with the geochemical properties, mass extraction, separation, fractionation, and solution chemistry of rare earths (RE). The next chapter related the U.S.S.R. efforts in delineating the chemistry of RE and in the discovery of other groups of substances for separation of RE mixtures. These topics are followed by discussions on phase equilibrium properties of RE and other oxides in mixed systems; the crystal chemistry of RE derivatives; physical and structural properties of alloys and intermetallic compounds; and the thermodynamic and magnetic properties of RE chalcogenides. The final chapter discusses the technical, industrial, and commercial applications of RE, with emphasis on their metallurgical potential. This book is of value to inorganic and organic chemists and researchers in the allied fields.

Mineralogy And Geology of Rare Earths in China

Author : Zhang Peishan
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The aim of this book is to present recent achievements of in rare earth elements geology and mineralogy studies in China. The authors systematically describe all rare earth minerals and rare earth ore deposits discovered in China and their geological features. These rare earth minerals include huanghoite and baotite from China, as well as rare earth minerals from other parts of the world and new species and varieties discovered in China. For each mineral a systematic description of classification is given, such as chemical composition, crystallography and crystal structure, physical properties, X-ray powder data.

Complexes of the Rare Earths

Author : Shyama P. Sinha
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Complexes of the Rare Earths focuses on the properties, characteristics, and reactions of rare earth complexes. The book first offers information on the complexes of rare earths and coordination through nitrogen of the donors. Discussions focus on the factors influencing the formation of complexes, phenanthroline, phthalocyanine, pyridine, quinolone, and urotropine. The text then elaborates on coordination through oxygen of the donors, including acids, alcohols, adducts, aldehydes, and ketones. The publication takes a look at coordination through both oxygen and nitrogen of the donors; coordination through atoms other than nitrogen and oxygen; and spectral characteristics of rare earths and their complexes. Topics include crystal field splitting, intensification or hypersensitivity of absorption bands, electron transfer spectra and optical electronegativity, and nephelauxetic effect. The text further ponders on luminescence of rare earths in chelates and in different environments, laser and applicability of rare earths as laser materials, and rare earths and the actinides. The book is a dependable source material for readers interested in the complexes of rare earths.

Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths

Author : Jean-Claude G. Bünzli
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The rare earths represent a group of chemical elements, the lanthanides, together with scandium and yttrium, which exhibit similar chemical properties. They are strategically important to developed and developing nations as they have a wide variety of applications in catalysis, the defense industry, aerospace, the materials and life sciences and in sustainable energy technologies. The Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of the Rare Earths is a continuing authoritative series that deals with the science and technology of the rare earth elements in an integrated manner. Each chapter is a comprehensive, up-to-date, critical review of a particular segment of the field. The work offers the researcher and graduate student a complete and thorough coverage of this fascinating field. Individual chapters are comprehensive, broad, critical reviews Contributions are written by highly experienced, invited experts Gives an up-to-date overview of developments in the field

Bibliography of the Geology and Mineralogy of the Rare Earths and Scandium to 1971

Author : John Wagstaff Adams
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