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Rape Culture on Campus

Author : Meredith Minister
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This book explores the failures of existing responses to sexual violence on university campuses and advocates for more long-term interventions. Written for educators, administrators, activists, and students, this book exposes the various aspects of rape culture in academic life.

Campus Rape Culture

Author : Jennifer L. Huck
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This book looks at rape myths and rape culture within the university environment, examining the development of social identities in the creation and support of such culture. Building on a four-year research project, this book demonstrates how an understanding of rape culture and of the falsity of rape myths amongst students and staff at university is often at odds with an understanding of the degree to which sexual assaults take place, and of why they take place. This book explores how traditionally held beliefs of sex roles between men and women, poor conceptions of consent processes, lack of available data, and an inability to see the full continuum of sexual assault limits the knowledge of sexual assaults inside the university community. Taken together the studies demonstrate how socialized social identities of masculinity and femininity hold power in how consent, sexual assaults, and sexual behaviors manifest through cultural values of rape myths and hook-ups. Universities are challenged to examine their sexual assault programming in connection to Title IX and beyond to create educational opportunities about rape culture and rape myths suitable for their students, faculty, and staff. Written in a clear and direct style, this is essential reading for all those engaged in research about rape culture, sexual assault, and violence against women.

RAPE CULTURE 101 Programming Change

Author : Geraldine Cannon Becker
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Many people have been victims of rape, but we are all victims of what has been called a "rape culture." This topic deserves more attention towards education and prevention, and not just on the college campus. Rape culture is an idea that links rape and sexual violence to the culture of a society, and in which commonly-held beliefs, attitudes, and practices normalize, excuse, tolerate, and even condone rape. This edited collection examines rape culture in the context of the current programming-attitudes, education, and awareness. Contributors explore changing the programming in terms of educational processes, practices, and experiences associated with rape culture across diverse cultural, historical, and geographic locations. The complexity of rape culture is discussed from a variety of contexts and perspectives, as this volume contains interdisciplinary academic submissions from educators and students, as well as experiential accounts from members of various community settings who are doing work aimed at making a positive difference towards programming change.

Collaborating for Change

Author : Susan Marine
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"In the midst of unprecedented attention to gender based violence (GBV) globally, prompted in part by the #MeToo movement, this book provides a new analysis of how higher education cultures can be transformed. It offers reflections from faculty, staff and students about how change has happened and could happen on their campuses in ways that go beyond implementation of programmes and policies. Building on what is already known from decades of scholarship and practice in the US, and more recent attention elsewhere, this book provides an inter-disciplinary, international overview of attempts to transform higher education cultures in order to eradicate GBV.. Change happens because people act, usually with others. At the heart of transformative efforts lie collaborations between faculty, staff, students, activists and community organisations. The contributors to the book reflect on what makes for constructive, effective collaborations and how to avoid the common mistakes in working with others to end GBV. They consider what has worked to challenge the reluctance-or outright hostility-they have encountered in their work against GBV and how their collaborations have succeeded in transforming the ways we think about GV and what we do about it.Chapters focus on experiences in Canada, the US, England, Scotland, France and India to examine different approaches to tackling GBV in higher education. They reveal the cultural variations in which GBV occurs as well as the similarities across cultures-that GBV Is committed overwhelmingly by men against women and reflects a determination to assert masculine power. Together, they demonstrate that, to make higher education a safe environment for all, nothing short of a transformation is required"--

Rape Myth Acceptance and Rape Attitudes in Campus Hook up Culture

Author : Karolina Staros
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This study examines the norms of hooking-up and compares these norms to rape culture in order to measure rape myth acceptance or supportive attitudes towards rape as they manifest in hook-up culture on campus. By consulting what is already published in scholarship a rape culture and rape myths, this study builds on the very limited literature on hook-up culture. This study uses mixed methods to inquire about norms of hook-up culture and measures the rape myth acceptance and rape attitudes by gender of respondents in a Midwest campus environment. By addressing the issues that students face with gender inequality and tying the opinions and responces of the participants into the daily context of campus life, this study offers insight into the complex issue of hooking up and sexual assault and offers some possible solutions and new directions for future research, policy, and educational tools.

Fraternity Gang Rape

Author : Peggy Reeves Sanday
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A brief, clear, and faithful exposition of Marx's major premises, with particular attention to historical context.

Transforming a Rape Culture

Author : Emilie Buchwald
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Essays argue that our culture actually encourages sexual harassment and rape, discusses specific examples, and suggests actions that could be taken

Rape Culture Hysteria

Author : Wendy McElroy
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Rape Culture Hysteria: Fixing the Damage Done to Men and Women offers a comprehensive overview and debunking of the "rape culture" myth that has devastated campuses and is spilling into Main Street America. An ideological madness is grotesquely distorting North America's view of sexuality. The book applies sanity to the claims that men are natural rapists and our culture encourages sexual violence. Written by a libertarian feminist and rape survivor, Rape Culture Hysteria opens with a highly personal appeal to depoliticize rape and treat it instead as a crime. Victims need to heal. Politicizing their pain and rage is a callous political maneuver that harms victims, women and men. Chapter One: The Fiction of the Rape Culture defines the "rape culture" and explains why it does not exist in North America. It glances back at how the fiction became embedded into society, especially in academia. Then it looks forward to an emerging rape culture trend that will deeply impact daily life: microaggressions. Chapter Two: Intellectual Framework and Myth History of Rape Culture. The myth did not arise in an intellectual vacuum. In a straight-forward manner, Chapter Two explains the theories upon which the rape culture is based, including social construction, gender, patriarchy, post-Marxism, and social justice. It rejects three of the rape culture's founding beliefs: rape is facilitated by society; men have created a mass psychology of rape; and, rape is a part of normal life. Chapter Three: Dynamics of the Hysteria and Psychology of Rape Culture True Believers. The dynamics of rape culture politics are exposed through the behavior of its social justice warriors. A recent travesty is used to showcase those dynamics. On November 19, 2014, Rolling Stone accused members of a University of Virginia fraternity of gang-raping a female student. The accusation was quickly revealed as untrue. The unraveling at U-Va. is a perfect vehicle to illustrate how rape culture dogma is maintained even when it is revealed to be untrue. The chapter discusses effective tactics with which to handle social justice warriors. Chapter Four: Data, False and True. The rape culture myth is based on untrue and unfounded "facts," which have been repeatedly refuted. Yet they lumber on as zombie stats, kept alive by those to whom the lies are useful and so are repeated like a mantra that drowns out contradicting evidence. This chapter examines of some of the more prevalent zombie stats such as "one in every 4 or 5 women will be raped in their lifetimes." Where did the faux "facts" originate? What evidence, if any, supports them? Which stats better reflect reality? Chapter Five: Comparative Studies and Surveys. This chapter compares and contrasts four of the most important, frequently cited studies and surveys on rape: National Crime Victimization Survey; National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey; Campus Sexual Assault Study; and, Uniform Crime Reporting Program. They are analyzed independently but also compared to each other, including major strengths and weaknesses. Lesser studies are also analyzed in passing. Chapter Six: Harms of the Rape Culture. The gender war must end. Chapter Six offers in-depth analysis of the extreme damage it inflicts on innocent people, with emphasis on the damage done to victims of rape. Victims are a focus because rape culture adherents claim to be their greatest champions; the opposite is true. Chapter Seven: Solutions to Rape Culture Hysteria. Moving Toward Sanity. We can fix this. This is the ultimate message of the book. Undoing the damage is not only possible but also within reach. The solutions offered range from radical suggestions, such as abolishing the Department of Education, to more modest ones, such as recognizing rape as a criminal matter to be handled by police. Defend yourself and your children against rape culture zealots. Demand sanity.

Mapping the Social Landscape Readings in Sociology

Author : Susan J Ferguson
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Drawing from a wide selection of classic and contemporary works, the 60 selections in this best-selling reader represent a plurality of voices and views within sociology. In addition to classic works by authors such as Karl Marx, Max Weber, C. Wright Mills, David Rosenhan, Kingsley Davis and Wilbert Moore, this anthology presents a wide range of contemporary scholarship, some of which provides new treatments of traditional concepts. By integrating issues of diversity throughout the book, Ferguson helps students see the inter-relationships of race, social class, and gender, and the ways in which they have shaped the experiences of all people in society.

The Social Construction of Difference and Inequality

Author : Tracy E. Ore
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This anthology examines the social construction of race, class, gender, and sexuality and the institutional bases for these relations. While other texts discuss various forms of stratification and the impact of these on members of marginalized groups, Ore provides a thorough discussion of how such systems of stratification are formed and perpetuated and how forms of stratification are interconnected. The anthology supplies sufficient pedagogical tools to aid the student in understanding how the material relates to her/his own life and how her/his own attitudes, actions, and perspectives may serve to perpetuate a stratified system.

Life in Society

Author : James M. Henslin
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This brief and economical reader, edited by Jim Henslin, is specifically designed to be used as a companion to "Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach," Eighth Edition. There is one reading per text chapter, including a selection to accompany the online chapter, "The Sociology of Human Sexuality." Readings New To This Edition The Hmong Meet the Melting Pot / Anne Fadiman Diary of a Homeless Man / John R. Coleman Fraternities and Rape Culture / A. Ayres Boswell and Joan Z. Spade The Uses of Poverty: The Poor Pay All / Herbert J. Gans How the Jews Became White Folks / Karen Brodkin College Athletes and Role Conflict / Peter Adler and Patricia A. Adler Border Blues: The Dilemma of Illegal Immigration / Farai Chideya

The Spirit of Sociology

Author : Ronald R. Matson
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This eclectic reader introduces students to sociology's diversity as a science and profession. The book includes three readings for each of the 15 major topic areas: qualitative, quantitative or theoretical, and how sociology is applied and practiced in the real world. Anyone wanting a collection of readings that introduce sociology as a science and as a career.

Sexual Violence on Campus

Author : Allen J. Ottens, PhD
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This is a somber reminder that sexual aggression, violence, and rape are chronic and serious problems on college campuses today. The volume proposes proactive strides toward stopping such violence. It addresses the role of alcohol and rape, includes the latest information on club drugs and drug-facilitated rape, and explores the special issues surrounding gay, lesbian and transgender violence. Chapters also address changing "the culture" found in, and often fostered by, fraternities and sororities as well as some athletic teams. It puts forward constructive strategies for preventing sexual assault, managing anger, group counseling for survivors, and more. This book will aid counselors and administrators in understanding and stopping sexual assault on college campuses across the country.

Preventing Sexual Violence on Campus

Author : Sara Carrigan Wooten
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Amid the ongoing national conversation regarding campus sexual assault, this book thoughtfully explores existing programmatic interventions while wrestling with fundamental questions regarding the cultural shifts in our nation’s higher education institutions. Stressing the critical importance of student inclusion in policy decisions and procedures, scholars and experts provide complex and nuanced analyses of institutional practices, while exploring themes of race, sexuality, and sexual freedom. This volume addresses many of the unanswered questions in the present dialogue on campus sexual violence, including: What’s working and not working? How can outcomes be assessed or measured? What resources are needed to ensure success? This volume provides a truly fresh contribution for higher education and student affairs practitioners seeking to alter, design, or implement effective sexual assault prevention resources at their universities and colleges.

The Hunting Ground

Author : Kirby Dick
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The debate over sexual violence on campus is reaching fever pitch, from headlines about out–of-control fraternities, to the ”mattress protests” by female students at Columbia University and other colleges. The Hunting Ground, the new documentary by award-winning filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, has taken this debate to a new level, becoming a galvanizing catalyst for discussion at the hundreds of campuses where the documentary is being screened each month. The film has sparked calls for legislation by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo of New York and other prominent public figures and sparked a backlash from university administrators, fraternities, and conservative groups. Now, in a new companion volume to the film, all those concerned about the “rape culture” on campus will be offered an inside perspective on the controversy, as well as reactions to the film from a range of leading writers and guidance on how to learn more and get active. As in the film, it’s the gripping personal stories told by female students—and the obstinate refusal of college administrators and law enforcement authorities to recognize the severity of the problem—that will rivet readers.

Violence Interrupted

Author : Diane Crocker
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We live in a moment of renewed and highly visible action on the issue of sexual violence. Rape culture is a real and salient force that dominates campus climates and student experiences. Canada has drafted a national framework, provincial legislation, and institutional policy to address incidences of sexual violence, and students have demanded that their universities respond. Yet rape culture persists on campuses throughout North America. Violence Interrupted presents different ways of thinking about sexual violence. It draws together multiple disciplinary perspectives to synthesize new conceptual directions on the nature of the problem and the changes that are required to address it. Analyzing survey data, educational programs, participatory photography projects, interviews, autoethnography, legal case studies, and existing policy, contributors open up the conversation to illustrate sexual violence on campus as a structural, cultural, and complex social phenomenon. The diversity of methodologies sets this study apart: a problem as complex and far-reaching as rape culture must be approached from a multitude of angles. Decades have passed since student advocates first called for "no means no" campaigns, but universities are still struggling to evolve. Violence Interrupted answers the call by bridging the gap between advocacy, research, and institutional change.

Sexual Assault on the College Campus

Author : Martin D. Schwartz
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For many students, coeducational college campus life is marred by traumatic experiences of sexual assault. While there are many social determinants of rape and attempted rape, this work examines the pivotal role of male peer support in legitimizing the sexual assault of women. The authors use extensive prior studies together with their own investigations, including a national representative study and local campus victimization surveys carried out in the United States and Canada.

Women s International Network News

Author : Women's International Network
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Women s Studies Index

Author :
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Experiencing Race Class and Gender in the United States

Author : Virginia Cyrus
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