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Raising Your Future

Author : Frederick Von Burg
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Raising Your Future is a tour of the mind of the child as well as a tried and tested method for teaching responsibility. There are many influences that determine how a child turns out, including many over which we have no control, such as genetics, peer influence and other environmental factors. This book deals with the parental factor, and how we can maximize the optimum parental influences to direct a satisfactory outcome, all things considered.

Raising Your Kids Without Losing Your Cool

Author : Shantelle Bisson
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Raising children can take a wrecking ball to your ambitions, your finances, your relationships, even your health. Harried mother of three Shantelle Bisson guides readers through it all — breastfeeding, staying romantically connected, screen time, discipline, even helicopter parenting — and helps them to keep their cool throughout!

A Practical Guide for Raising a Self Directed and Caring Child

Author : Louis J. Lichtman Ph. D.
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Countering the Tiger Mother parenting style, this research-based, practical guide provides an excellent framework for raising competent and compassionate children. In an era of helicopter parents moms and dads who constantly hover over their children to monitor and manage their lives and our culture's focus on personal gain and corporate greed, there is great need for a parenting guide that outlines how to raise children who are well adjusted. A Practical Guide for Raising a Self-Directed and Caring Child fills that void. In response to Amy Chua's recent bestseller, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, psychologist Louis J. Lichtman, PhD, presents a compelling case for the notion that children will be more successful if they are self-directed rather than parent-controlled. Through anecdotes and research studies, Lichtman illustrates how to build a child's self-esteem and delves into how parenting styles and disciplinary practices influence a child's behavior and character. Lichtman also gives special attention to the topics of achievement, parenting during the adolescent years, and how family structure impacts children. In addition, Lichtman discusses how to avoid common parenting mistakes, issues to consider before deciding to become a parent, and how to give children the best possible start in life. Designed to help parents develop a set of guiding parenting principles, this guide is applicable to all situations and to children of all ages. A Practical Guide for Raising a Self-Directed and Caring Child offers a solid, comprehensive resource for today's parents.

Controlling Your Future

Author : Richard Norgaard
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A Star Shines For Love This book was written in memory of my sister Diane who died in a tragedy at the request of my Father. This book was writtein to provide hope and inspiration to many people of our culture : this is an age where a lot of people ask the same question hidden deep within the Heart: How can I pray when I am hurting? Who will Heal My Broken Heart? Who is the Saint of the Broken Hearted? For whom does the star still shine? Some of us can verbalize our questions, others walk with much pain afraid to even ask the question, in fear of ridicule from themselves or others. Others, turn to other unhealthy avenues to relieve their pain . This book provides an avenue to Hope ...It is a long road and some of us are just beginning to get on the highway, and others are leading the way. Will you become a leader or will you follow. Who will you follow? Angels of Love

Unmasking Your Future

Author : Judy Lekic
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Are you able to manifest your desires almost instantly? If not, then Unmasking Your Future is a must read. The Law of Attraction says you will bring to you what you focus on; however, if your unconscious is holding negative thoughts or beliefs you will never be able to actualize your dreams. Judy Lekic details the techniques required to clear out those unconscious negative patterns of not deserving, not being good enough, and all the other fear based negative programming from your past that keep you from actualizing your goals. You will gain an understanding of how your negative thoughts keep you stuck in a negative loop. You will learn the importance of connecting to the spiritual realm and gain techniques to do so, and will discover how to the difference between your energy and others. The valuable tools in this book are a must for anyone wanting to find peace, love, and joy.

Raising Feminist Boys

Author : Bobbi Wegner
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It's never too early to start talking to boys about gender, consent, and empathy. In a world still steeped in gender inequality and sexual violence, it’s become more and more clear that we can’t just teach girls to protect themselves. We must also teach boys not to do harm. As parents, we all want to raise kind and loving kids who will grow up to be conscientious adults. But when you look closely at our society—especially at the statistics surrounding rape, domestic violence, and sexual assault—it’s clear that something needs to change. It’s time to teach our sons compassion and empathy. It’s time to show them that it’s okay to cry, to laugh, to be angry, to be silly. It’s time to teach them to respect girls, and not just the ones they think are pretty. It’s time to teach them that it’s not okay to pick on the queer kids, the little kids, and the fat kids. It’s time to teach boys that it’s not okay to treat kids of color like second-class citizens. It’s time to teach our boys how to be conscious citizens. But where do you begin? Written by a clinical psychologist with expertise in modern families, Raising Feminist Boys is a parent’s guide to having age appropriate conversations with boys about sexual responsibility, consent, gender, empathy, and identity. You’ll find an accessible framework that includes developmental considerations, language, and clear tools for how to talk with your son about feminism without shame, fear, or judgment. We need to have honest and informative conversations with our sons about sex and consent. We must show them how to recognize and question gender norms and bias, both within the culture and, most importantly, within ourselves. Raising Feminist Boys will give you the tools you need to get started.

Raising a Child Who Prays

Author : David Ireland
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Raise children who pray to give them a firm foundation and enable them to make the right choices.

Raising and Loving Him

Author : Tonya Molton
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A single mother at the age of nineteen, author Tonya Molton shares how she overcame being just another statistic labeled by society. With the love of God and his grace and mercy, she prevailed. A Christian mother, real estate broker, life coach, writer, and inspirational speaker, Molton chronicles her story in Raising and Loving Him. Based on the wisdom of the Book of Proverbs, she offers wide-ranging advice for raising a healthy, positive, and productive male—from finances, to spirituality, relationships, real estate, credit, retirement, love, and more. Through her personal experiences rearing a young man alone, Molton describes the importance of properly equipping young boys with the right tools to allow them to move through life proudly and enable them to connect to love. Molton understands that motherhood means different things to different people, but she believes it means complete self-wholeness and the sharing of one’s completeness. Raising and Loving Him discusses that how, until you are whole inside, you can’t provide what’s needed outside to make a young man whole.

Raising Our Vibrations for the New Age

Author : Sherri Cortland, ND
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A group of entities on the other side of the veil came together for the specific purpose of dictating this material to Sherri through automatic writing. This was originally introduced in her first book, “Windows of Opportunity.” As they stated, “The purpose of this book is simple. It is to help people make it through the Shift with as little stress and drama as is humanly possible during a sensation of this type, and it is sensational as it is something that beings are gathering from all corners of the universe to see. It is something that entities would give there ‘soul teeth’ to be part of because it is so juicy and so new and so historic. Being on your side and having to worry about weather changes and storms and disasters isn’t fun, and we all know that, but on this side we know that every one of you who is there signed up for it and you were chosen to be there. It is not something that you are part of because of bad luck.”

Raising My Soul Inside Your Endearing Heart

Author : Paulo Jose Mourao
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Love poems

Raising Pure Kids

Author : Richard Durfield
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Seventy percent of American teens have had sex by age eighteen. Richard and Reneé Dur&supl;eld--the parents of four grown children--encourage parents to help their teens resist sexual temptation using the practical "key talk" concept and a covenant with God to remain chaste. Includes how to have a "key talk," questions a child may ask, guidelines and goals for dating, praying for a child's future spouse, and more. Originally titled Raising Them Chaste, this edition includes new information gained from the Durfield's ministry to families.

Raising the Bar at 50 and Older Fitness Lessons to Energize Your Life

Author : Lemuel B. Thomas Jr.
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A General Appeal for the purpose of raising a fund for the benefit of aged domestic servants etc

Author : William ASHWELL
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Your Future as a Teacher

Author : Rachel Given-Wilson
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Teachers play the vital role of educating and guiding the citizens of the future. Teaching can be a highly rewarding career for those who love working with children and who want to have a real influence on individuals and the wider society. This engrossing volume explores the vast array of options for specialization within the teaching profession, delves into the pros and cons of working in different types of learning institutions, and examines how approaches to teaching have developed over the years. In-depth information about training programs will impart readers with the practical knowledge they need to jumpstart their careers.

The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Creating Your Future

Author : Mark Thurston, PhD
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This remarkable handbook presents Cayce's twenty-four spiritual keys, which unlock the doors of self-understanding. They operate like formulas that teach us about the mysteries of living and are evident to anyone who is willing and able to look closely at life. As you will see, these principles can be applied to every situation, and you can begin to use them instantly in your everyday life: Everything Happens for a Reason: You Have a Purpose in Life; Love Means Honoring the Other Person's Free Will; Every Crisis Is an Opportunity for a Breatkthrough, and many more. Filled with inspiring counsel, this is a truly accessible guide to the universal principles that govern the grand game of life. It can enable you to become a more creative, productive, and joyful person--a true co-creator with your higher power.

Change Your Focus Change Your Future Positive and Negative Mindsets

Author : Stephanie Fernald
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Raising a Strong Daughter in a Toxic Culture

Author : Meg Meeker
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Parents have never had a tougher job than now. Our culture bombards our daughters with unhealthy role models, misleads them about the consequences of early sexual activity, and even adds to the confusion of adolescences by encouraging them to question their “gender.” Meg Meeker has been a pediatrician for more than thirty years, is a mother and a grandmother, and has seen it all. She knows what makes for strong, happy, healthy young women—and what puts our daughters at risk. Combining that experience with her famous common sense, she explains the eleven steps that will help your daughter—whether she’s a toddler or a troubled teen—to achieve her full human potential. In this book, you will learn: The four biggest questions every daughter has—and that you must answer Why it's the quality, not the quantity, of your daughter's friends that matters The essential, complementary roles that mothers and fathers play The dangers of social media—and how to help your daughter navigate them What every daughter needs to know about God Why depression is often a "sexually transmitted disease" How to launch your daughter into successful womanhood If you have a daughter, and worry about her future, you need Dr. Meg's advice.

Raising a White Binny

Author : Stanley Scott
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Raising a White Binny, a novel by Stanley Scott The novel is set in London in the sixties, a period of changing moral and sexual attitudes and before the advent of anti-discrimination laws and policies. It tells the story of five young West Indian friends living and working in the Earls Court area :- George, a single-minded and serious young man who fulfils his ambition to marry his childhood sweet-heart and get to university to study for a Degree, and who is fascinated by the various lifestyles of his friends, Vishnu, from British Guiana, a non-practicing Hindu, who supports a proper system of arranged marriages and who, in his search for moral values, attempts to find them with the Jehovahs Witnesses, Malcolm, from a well-to-do Jamaican family, who passes his Bar finals, but stays on to get experience and Richard and Michael, who spend their spare time picking up white women, i.e. raising white binnies, with varying results. The term binny was popularly used by young men in British Guiana to describe an attractive young woman.

Spend Til the End

Author : Laurence J. Kotlikoff
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Rich or poor, young or old, high school or college grad, this book, written by economist Laurence J. Kotlikoff and syndicated financial columnist Scott Burns, can change your life for the better! If you follow the advice in this book, it will raise your living standard (possibly by a lot), improve your lifestyle, and help you spend 'til the end. And it will completely transform your financial thinking, turning every bit of conventional financial wisdom on its head. If this sounds like a revolution in financial planning, you got it. So do The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Time, Consumer Reports, and other top publications that have been featuring the authors' economics-based "consumption smoothing" approach to financial planning. Spend 'Til the End substitutes economic wisdom for the "rules of dumb" that currently pass for financial advice. In the process it indicts the investment and financial-planning industry for giving most people saving and insurance targets that are much too high and then convincing them to invest in risky mutual funds and expensive insurance policies. The result is that most people are scrimping and saving during the years when they could be spending and enjoying their money -- and with no sure payoff. Easy to read, this book is packed with practical and often shocking advice on whether to work, how to pick a career, which job to take, where to live, what sort of house to buy, how much to save, when to retire, which kind of retirement account to use, whether to have kids, whether to divorce, when to take Social Security, how fast to spend down your assets in retirement, and how to invest.

Investing In Your Future

Author : National Association of Investors Corporation
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Produced in conjunction with the National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC), Investing in Your Future teaches students a step-by-step method of approaching smart saving and investing. Topics include everything from certificates of deposit to mutual funds and stocks. Students learn how to analyze the value of stocks and appreciate the importance of investing for the future. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.