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Raising the Stakes

Author : Peter Coaldrake
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This fully revised new edition probes the state of Australian higher education and its future. Peter Coaldrake and Lawrence Stedman's seminal and comprehensive analysis of the challenges faced by the higher education sector has been updated with revisions and a new chapter that addresses current policy and proposed reforms. They argue that neither the market nor central government will be able to shape higher education in an optimal way. Facing greater competition and reduced prospects for public funding, universities themselves must provide the impetus and take responsibility for change as they adapt to complex and uncertain futures.

Deuces Wild Raising the Stakes

Author : L.S. King
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Who are these beings that protect certain planets? Non-corporeal aliens or something more? Are they...gods? The Confederation is bent on expansion— The rest of the galaxy calls it conquest. And the planetary gods are fighting back. Slap and Tristan are not only caught in the middle of this war, but old enemies still dog Tristan's trail, plotting his demise along with crooked cops, space pirates, and local thugs. As if that’s not enough trouble, a gorgeous, gun-toting old friend arrives, and she causes distraction at the worst possible time. Can Slap and Tristan navigate all the danger and succeed in their mission to stop the Confeds? You'll love this edge-of-your-seat space opera adventure! Get it now!

Raising the Stakes

Author : Julia Clarke
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***Raising the Stakes is a 35,000 word novella that was previously included in the Falling For Them anthology.***Emma Harris lets her best friend drag her to a popular Vegas club, expecting nothing more than to let loose after finals. But, when she catches the attention of three magnetic strangers, and they each begin to pursue her, she wonders if there is more going on than meets the eye.Unable to deny her curiosity, she lets Shane, Nicholas, and Cole chase her, questioning their motives even as she begins falling under their spell. When she uncovers the truth, will it ruin everything?

Raised Stakes

Author : Gary Bradshaw
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Officer Collins life has been troubled somewhat, to say the least. When Miller, An unknown wanted criminal, invites four strangers to a winner takes all poker game, They are unaware of his real intentions until the night unfolds with deadly consequences. As the night passes, each of them receives hints of their past. Which they would rather have kept secret and stay locked away in a memory forever. With tempers rising to boiling point and the stakes getting higher there can be only one winning hand that will win and survive the night. Five individuals pulled together unknowingly to discover their lives entwined. The backdrop to this story is a winner takes all poker game. The guests seated around the table are unaware of their fate. Over the evening, all five will relive past events that they would rather forget. The memory recalls induced upon them by the unknown criminal drug lord who sent them the invitations and whose sole purpose is to seek revenge. Come the morning, there will be only one winner.

US China Trade Disputes Rising Tide Rising Stakes

Author :
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OECD Studies on Water Drying Wells Rising Stakes Towards Sustainable Agricultural Groundwater Use

Author : OECD
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Groundwater has provided great benefits to agriculture irrigation in semi-arid OECD countries, but its intensive use beyond recharge in certain regions has depleted resources and generated significant negative environmental externalities.

Behavioral Game Theory

Author : Colin Camerer
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Game theory began in the 1940s by asking how emotionless geniuses should play games, but ignored how average people with limited foresight actually play games. This text develops mathematical theories of reciprocity, limited strategizing and learning.

Design and Technology Revised Edition

Author : Colin Caborn
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Provides fully integrated teaching support, highlighting links between design and technology. Fully covers essential topics of electrnics and microelectronics, mechanisms, structures and energy. Supports practical work with a strong emphasis on product modelling. Contains recent examination questions.

Precedent in the United States Supreme Court

Author : Christopher J. Peters
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This volume presents a variety of both normative and descriptive perspectives on the use of precedent by the United States Supreme Court. It brings together a diverse group of American legal scholars, some of whom have been influenced by the Segal/Spaeth "attitudinal" model and some of whom have not. The group of contributors includes legal theorists and empiricists, constitutional lawyers and legal generalists, leading authorities and up-and-coming scholars. The book addresses questions such as how the Court establishes durable precedent, how the Court decides to overrule precedent, the effects of precedent on case selection, the scope of constitutional precedent, the influence of concurrences and dissents, and the normative foundations of constitutional precedent. Most of these questions have been addressed by the Court itself only obliquely, if at all. The volume will be valuable to readers both in the United States and abroad, particularly in light of ongoing debates over the role of precedent in civil-law nations and emerging legal systems.

Raising the Stakes

Author : Brian J. Caldwell
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Raising the Stakes provides an understanding of the breadth of resources that are needed in order to provide a quality education to all students so that every individual, organisation and institution can become a stakeholder in the enterprise. This comprehensive book draws on best practice in several countries to show how resources can be allocated to help achieve high expectations for all schools. The book demonstrates how schools can move from satisfaction with improvement to accepting the challenge to transform, identifying and exploring the need to align four kinds of resources: intellectual capital, that is, the knowledge and skill of talented professionals social capital, being support in the form of cash, expertise and advocacy drawn from a range of individuals, organisations, agencies and institutions in the broader community financial capital, which must be carefully targeted to ensure that these resources are aligned and focused on priorities for learning; and finally spiritual capital, which can be viewed in a religious sense or in terms of the culture and values that bring coherence and unity to these endeavours. The authors also outline a Student-Focused Planning Model with particular attention to the deployment of resources to support each student and embracing the notion of personalising learning. Practitioners and researchers reading this book will be inspired to work more closely in networking knowledge about how ‘high quality’ and ‘high equity’ can be achieved. Raising the Stakes is essential reading for those with the responsibility of ensuring that resources are acquired and allocated to achieve the best possible outcomes for students.