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Raising Teens with Diabetes

Author : Moira McCarthy
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2013 Mom's Choice Awards® Winner Hormones. Growth spurts. Mood swings. All combined with blood sugars.. The teen years with diabetes on board are a challenging time for parents and anyone who cares about a child with diabetes. Raising Teens with Diabetes: A Survival Guide for Parents, by well-known diabetes mom, author, and advocate Moira McCarthy, is a no-nonsense, honest approach at not just surviving but thriving in those years, from a mom who has been there.. Raising Teens with Diabetes is a must-have resource for anyone navigating the waters of parenting a child with diabetes.

American Diabetes Association Guide to Raising a Child with Diabetes

Author : Jean Roemer
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The third edition of American Diabetes Association Guide to Raising a Child with Diabetes features the latest advances in diabetes care and parenting advice from the diabetes experts. Full of problem-solving examples and easy-to-use tables, the book shows parents how to adjust insulin to allow for the foods children like to eat, care for a child with type 2 diabetes, handle sick days, and plan meals that are nutritious and balanced. The book also addresses how to play sports and games safely, help children maintain a busy schedule and still feel healthy and strong, negotiate the twists and turns of being "different," and accept the physical and emotional challenges that life has to offer.

The Handy Diabetes Answer Book

Author : Patricia Barnes-Svarney
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Whether young, old, type 1, type 2, gestational, newly-diagnosed, long-time sufferer, caretaker or loved one, millions of people are afflicted and affected by diabetes. The CDC estimates 9.3% of the population in the U.S. and Canada have diabetes, with millions more with prediabetes. From scientific explanations of the affects of diabetes on the human body to monitoring, maintaining, exercising and eating right, The Handy Diabetes Answer Book provides detailed information on the research and science on the disease as well as coping with the burden. This useful resource shows how and why the disease affects the body, and provides glimpses of historical and contemporary figures with diabetes. It explains who is most at risk, and points to the differences throughout life stages. It looks at the science behind its affects on the sense, brain and the various systems of the human body. It demonstrates how to cope with—and live well—through food, exercise and life style choices. The Handy Diabetes Answer Book is the go-to guide for diabetics, prediabetics, their loved-ones and care-takers. It answers questions in plain English on all aspects of the condition. It also introduces the scientists behind breakthrough advances in care. Easy to use and informative reference, brings the complexity of the illness into focus and provides practical assistance for managing the malady through the well-researched answers to nearly 950 common questions, such as ... & bull; What were some early common treatments for patients with diabetes? & bull; What company was responsible for making the first commercial insulin? & bull; What percent of people have prediabetes in the United States? & bull; What are some ethnic, racial, or cultural groups that have more people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes? & bull; Has type 2 diabetes increased in teens and young adults? & bull; What are some other eating challenges that can affect an older person with diabetes? & bull; What are the early warning signs of type 1 diabetes? & bull; What is insulin shock? & bull; How can having pregestational diabetes affect a woman’s unborn child? & bull; Did writer Ernest Hemingway suffer from hemochromatosis? & bull; Can secondhand smoke affect a person with diabetes? & bull; Why does diabetes cause blindness? & bull; Why is it important for a person with diabetes to be aware of tooth pain? & bull; Why is there a controversy over how much salt should be eaten daily? & bull; How do “energy drinks” affect a person’s blood glucose levels? & bull; What are some tips for person with diabetes when they go shopping for food? & bull; What food additives should a person with diabetes be aware of consuming? & bull; What should a person with diabetes look for on a restaurant menu? & bull; Why is health care so costly for treating diabetes? & bull; Will type 1 diabetes ever go away? & bull; What recent study tried to find a way to reverse type 2 diabetes? & bull; What doll company is helping children cope with type 1 diabetes? & bull; What are some websites that offer a free diabetes risk assessment?

Guide to Raising a Child with Diabetes

Author : Linda Siminerio
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In this newly revised second edition, parents will learn how to help their child adjust insulin, have a busy schedule and still feel healthy, negotiate the twists and turns of being "different," accept the many challenges life has to offer, and much more.

Dealing with Diabetes Burnout

Author : Ginger Vieira
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Dealing with Diabetes Burnout: How to Recharge and Get Back on Track When You Feel Frustrated and Overwhelmed Living with Diabetes will begin by digging deeply into why we felt burnt out, why this disease takes such an immense toll on us, and why it's about so much more than “eating a healthy diet” and “taking your medication.” The chapters will each directly address burnout in relation to: food, exercise, insulin dosing, blood sugar checking, fear of low blood sugar, being a caregiver/spouse of a person with diabetes, communicating more effectively with your doctor, how to take a healthy “vacation” from diabetes, and how to create realistic expectations and goals for yourself.

101 Tips for Raising Healthy Kids with Diabetes

Author : Patricia Geil
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Parents of toddlers and teens with type 1 and 2 diabetes get tips from diabetes educators to help their children eat right and live healthy. Straightforward Q&A format answers questions from nutrition to medication. One of the few up-to-date books of its kind to include health and parenting information on toddlers with diabetes With obesity and diabetes on the rise in children, parents are eager for information that can make raising a child with diabetes easier

Nurses Guide to Teaching Diabetes Self Management Second Edition

Author : Rita Girouard Mertig, MS, RNC, CNS, DE
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This is an optimistic and empowering approach to the daunting task of teaching diabetes patients to care for themselves. Written by a highly respected diabetes educator who has suffered with diabetes for 25 years, the guide provides the clinical and personal expertise that will help nurses and other health professionals to successfully teach diabetes self-management and compliance to adults, children, adolescents, and parents. The book contains a vast reservoir of information ranging from a thorough overview of diabetes and the physical and emotional toll of living with the disease to number of teaching and motivating strategies that health care professionals can use to create individualized approaches to teaching self-management skills. The guide provides up-to-date information on drug therapies, nutrition management, exercise, chronic complications, glycemic control, diabetes in children, adolescents, and adults, diabetes in adults with special needs or mental illness, and diabetes noncompliance. Addressing the most important and current topics necessary for successful self-regulation and maintenance of diabetes, this innovative desk reference provides a quick guide and instructional tool for nurses and other health professionals who interact with diabetics. This new edition provides: Clinical guidance and expertise to successfully teach diabetes self-management to adults, adolescents, and children The clinical expertise of a leading diabetes educator and the hard-earned personal wisdom of an author who has suffered with diabetes for 25 years A new chapter on chronic complications that describes a multitude of helpful new treatments A greatly expanded section on nutrition and exercise Thoroughly updated chapters A "must read" chapter on noncompliance, including why this occurs and how to prevent it

Ten Keys to Raising a Child with Diabetes

Author : Tim Wysocki
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This second edition explores the wide range of physical, emotional, and psychological issues that affect diabetic children and helps parents deal with them. New to this edition are topics such as children living with type 2 diabetes and the special needs of children using an insulin pump.

Raising a Responsible Child

Author : Elizabeth M. Ellis
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An experienced family counselor shows parents how to avoid overindulging their children and how to motivate their often difficult, "underdeveloped" kids to succeed in school, respect authority figures, and deal with stress independently.

Raising a Moody Child

Author : Mary A. Fristad
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Every day can be an ordeal for families struggling with the difficult, moody, "impossible" behavior that may point to childhood depression or bipolar disorder. Effective help for kids does exist, but it often requires a customized combination of medication, therapy, coping skills, and support. From esteemed clinician and researcher Dr. Mary Fristad and fellow treatment expert Dr. Jill Goldberg Arnold, this indispensable book explains how treatment works and what additional steps parents can take at home to help children with mood disorders--and the family as a whole--improve the quality of their lives. Explained are why symptoms look so different (and can be so much harder to manage) in children and teens than in adults, how to find the right doctor or therapist, and how to help kids develop their own "coping toolkits." Bursting with practical tools, FAQs, and examples, the book covers everything from dealing with medical crises to resolving school problems, sibling conflicts, and marital stress.

Talking Book Topics

Author :
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Diabetes Care for Babies Toddlers and Preschoolers

Author : Jean Betschart
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This comforting book includes information on how to deal with the emotions of loss, grief, anger, and fear that accompany a diagnosis of diabetes in a small child and the differences between small children and older children when it comes to diabetes, such as glycogen reserves, body size considerations, and variable appetites.

The Ten Keys to Helping Your Child Grow Up with Diabetes

Author : Tim Wysocki
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Helps parents and caregivers understand the psychological impact of childhood diabetes, and offers solutions for some of the common social and emotional hurdles that children and their families may encounter.

Fit Kids

Author : Mary L. Gavin
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Presents a program to help children develop good eating and health habits, and understand the benefits of physical activity.

Sweet Kids

Author : Betty Page Brackenridge
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In Sweet Kids, you get all of the practical, reassuring advice you need to care for children with diabetes. This new edition includes information on the latest medications and recommendations from the recently completed Diabetes Prevention Program.

Diabetes free Kids

Author : Sheri Colberg
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A parent's guide to preventing and treating type-2 diabetes in young people outlines an accessible diet and exercise plan that can be implemented in spite of fussy eating habits and sedentary lifestyles. Original. 12,000 first printing.

Raising Today s Teens

Author : Michael Ungar
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The Complete Directory for Pediatric Disorders 2002

Author : Sedwick
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Complete Directory for Pediatric Disorders

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Chicago Tribune Index

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