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Seven Secrets to Raising a Happy and Healthy Child

Author : Joyce Golden Seyburn
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Seven Secrets to Raising a Happy and Healthy Child is a timeless collection of wisdom that’s nurturing to both the child and the caregiver. It’s a heartfelt eye-opener based on the 5,000-year-old preventive health-care system from ancient India—Ayurveda—the science of life. Joyce Golden Seyburn guides you through simple practices to be performed from conception through childhood that include centering yourself while calming your baby, baby massage, and determining your baby’s mind/body type (dosha in Sanskrit) after birth. This book has no age boundaries and can be easily applied to any child.

Gluten free Kids

Author : Danna Korn
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As public awareness has grown about the Gluten-Free (GF) diet being a requirement for anyone with celiac disease, so has evidence that suggests the diet can help improve other conditions. While a GF diet is medically imperative to combat celiac disease, it also seems to reduce the symptoms of autism, and helps diabetics lower their glycemic index. Written by an authority on gluten-free living and the mother of a son with celiac disease, this revised and updated edition of KIDS WITH CELIAC DISEASE is now titled GLUTEN-FREE KIDS because it also speaks to families whose child may need to be gluten-free for reasons other than celiac disease. All the practical strategies and reassuring tips are here that thousands of families relied on in the first edition to teach their child to adjust to the GF diet, deal with eating outside the home, shop for ingredients, learn to take control of their diet, and manage behavior. In addition to explaining the GF diet and how to maintain a GF kitchen to a child with celiac disease, GLUTEN-FREE KIDS also includes: • Adaptations for introducing the diet to a child with a developmental delay or poor impulse control. • A new chapter on the benefits of good nutrition, avoiding processed foods, and making healthy GF choices. • Advice on different types of medical testing for celiac disease and other conditions • Tips on dealing with kids whose diet is complicated by sensory or cognitive issues.The author's conversational, can-do attitude gives anyone the confidence and know-how to manage the challenges of the GF diet, especially those who need to maintain the diet for a lifetime. Parents, doctors, dieticians and other medical professionals who prescribe GF diets will find this a useful and practical resource.Praise for Kids with Celiac Disease (the first edition) “Outstanding—this book is smart, warm, telling and a well thought-out collection of wit and wisdom. Danna lovingly and amusingly provides the positive survival skills parents need.” ? Elaine Monarch, Founder/ Executive Director, Celiac Disease Foundation

Raising Happy Healthy Children

Author : Sally-Ann Creed
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Raising a child today can be a daunting task – the responsibility is enormous; the challenge is one few first-time mums are ready for; and knowing the right thing to do is often learned by trial and error rather than having someone take us through the steps to being a good parent. In Raising Happy, Healthy Children Sally-Ann Creed and Andalene Salvesen bring together two of the most important aspects of raising a healthy child – discipline and a healthy diet. By implementing suggestions which have been proven in practice for many years, you may find your task easier in a multitude of ways. This book is designed to be a quick-reference, practical guide for common discipline and diet dilemmas. It takes you through the stages from pregnancy to 6 years covering topics like: How to deal with tantrums effectively • How diet affects behaviour • Eating and sleeping problems Understanding different temperaments • Healthy lunch box ideas• Childhood is a time for being carefree, healthy and happy. Read Raising Happy, Healthy Children and learn how to raise children who are emotionally and physically healthy.

The Everything Parent s Guide To Children With Juvenile Diabetes

Author : Moira McCarthy
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A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

KiDS FiRST Diabetes Second

Author : Leighann Calentine
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2013 ERIC HOFFER BOOK AWARD WINNER Raising a child is a difficult job. Raising a child with a chronic illness such as diabetes can be a difficult job with a side order of special challenges. Leighann Calentine's D-Mom Blog is an invaluable resource for parents and caregivers of children with diabetes. Leighann shares her family's experiences with her daughter's type 1 diabetes in a forum that is intimate, informative, and inspirational. In a style both practical and affirming, Kids First, Diabetes Second presents Leighann's advice to help parents and caregivers enable children with diabetes to thrive. Learn how to automate tasks, navigate challenges, celebrate achievements, establish a support group, relieve stress, and avoid being consumed by management of the condition, while focusing on what's most important: raising a happy, healthy child.

The World s Worst Diabetes Mom

Author : Stacey Simms
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Stacey Simms' parenting philosophy is "not perfect, but safe and happy." Does that make her the world's worst diabetes mom? Some people on social media thought so. But her stories and the lessons they impart show that diabetes laughs in the face of perfection. Raising a happy and healthy child with type 1 diabetes, as well as any siblings, requires flexibility, planning, and a great sense of humor above all else. It's a journey full of challenges, but you are not alone!

How to Raise Healthy and Happy Children

Author : William B. Wadlington
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This book is not about diseases, growth and development, or immunizations. This book is about childhood behavior, rules to follow, discipline and punishment. The author feels that children learn mainly by mistakes. Let your child pay the consequences, not you. Show continuing love but don’t bail him out of trouble. Love the child but not his misbehavior at the time. Parents nearly always set the example (good or bad) that their children follow (going to church, being responsible, but also smoking and drinking). The fruit does not fall far from the tree.

101 Tips for Raising Healthy Kids with Diabetes

Author : Patricia Geil
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Parents of toddlers and teens with type 1 and 2 diabetes get tips from diabetes educators to help their children eat right and live healthy. Straightforward Q&A format answers questions from nutrition to medication. One of the few up-to-date books of its kind to include health and parenting information on toddlers with diabetes With obesity and diabetes on the rise in children, parents are eager for information that can make raising a child with diabetes easier

Raising Teens with Diabetes

Author : Moira McCarthy
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2013 Mom's Choice Awards® Winner Hormones. Growth spurts. Mood swings. All combined with blood sugars.. The teen years with diabetes on board are a challenging time for parents and anyone who cares about a child with diabetes. Raising Teens with Diabetes: A Survival Guide for Parents, by well-known diabetes mom, author, and advocate Moira McCarthy, is a no-nonsense, honest approach at not just surviving but thriving in those years, from a mom who has been there.. Raising Teens with Diabetes is a must-have resource for anyone navigating the waters of parenting a child with diabetes.

Children s Health For Dummies

Author : Katy Holland
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Your children's good health is central to their happiness – and yours! For a parent, coping with a sick child is worrying and the amount of information you need to know can be overwhelming. But help is at hand with this practical, jargon free guide - packed full of information – providing advice on every aspect of your child’s health. Outlining all the basics from vaccinations to visiting your doctor, it also provides expert advice on keeping your child healthy and how to spot what is wrong if they do become poorly. Helpful to both first time parents and those with more than one little angel, explanations of key symptoms and typical illnesses, along with first aid advice, provide you with the ideal complete reference to your child’s health, from new-born to pre-teen.

The Parent s Guide to Natural Health Care for Children

Author : Karen Sullivan
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This comprehensive sourcebook of natural health alternatives can be used by parents with children from infancy through the teenage years.

The Amazing Fitness Adventure for Your Kids

Author : Phil Parham
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Childhood obesity and diabetes are on the rise. Many kids would rather play video games than run around a playground or in their backyard. Yet they can’t engage fully in life when their physical well-being is less than what God intended. Using principles and practices they’ve used successfully in their own family, Phil and Amy Parham equip parents with the tools they need to help their children become healthier and happier. This book is an inspirational and easy-to-follow guide that teaches parents basic principles to raise fit kids the importance of setting a good example simple ways to prepare nutritious meals and snacks creative ways to be physically active as a family how to make a healthy lifestyle fun and rewarding The Amazing Fitness Adventure for Your Kids informs parents not only how to raise fit kids, but it also provides a roadmap to the rewards that come from sharing a healthy lifestyle together—stronger and healthier kids and more closely knit families.

The Challenge of Childhood Diabetes

Author : Laura Plunkett
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When seven-year old Danny was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, his mother Laura Plunkett desperately searched for ways to help her family cope with his life-threatening disease. Feeling anxious and overwhelmed, she struggled to manage wildly fluctuating blood sugar numbers, transform her reluctant family's diet, educate friends and teachers, and balance her family's needs with her own. Over time Danny attains excellent blood sugar control and the family reaches a new and comfortable sense of normal. To help others weather such shockingly new circumstances, Plunkett and her extended family share their three-year journey from crisis to confidence with humor and warmth. An intimate look at issues of diet, exercise, communication, sibling rivalry, medical care, and holistic medicine, The Challenge of Childhood Diabetes is the friend, coach, and consultant that the family of every newly diagnosed child will turn to on a daily basis. It includes a Survival Guide for obtaining support, maintaining self-care, developing family strategies for coping with the disease, and achieving emotional perspective. The Challenge of Childhood Diabetes is insightful and compassionate, filling the void between doctor's visits with the comforting voice of a loving and experienced caretaker. It's an invaluable resource for extended family, friends, teachers, neighbors, and medical professionals. Visit for more information.

Sugar Happy

Author : Patrick Totty
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For people living with diabetes, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, alone and discouraged with a chronic disease that does not have a day off. In her down to earth and anecdotal style, Nadia Al-Samarrie offers strategies and science-based research on how to manage diabetes and let go of the fears of becoming blind or losing a limb to a disease that the CDC ranks #7 as the leading cause of death in the United States. Sugar Happy is for people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes and their family members. It is a guide that can be referenced by chapter only offering relief on how to handle specific situations that come up; like how to bring down your blood sugar and why exercise can raise your blood sugar. The book is peppered with helpful tips and information that comes from Nadia's professional and personal experience as a radio host, author, columnist, and magazine publisher.

Raising Happy Healthy Weight wise Kids

Author : Judy Toews
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Raising Happy, Healthy, Weight-wise Kids will help you guide kids toward a healthy body weight and a positive body image - from infancy through the turbulent teens. By tackling the good, the bad, and the just plain ugly influences on children's relationships with food, the best-selling authors of Never Say Diet! present a common-sense approach to healthy living that's packed with sound information and down-to-earth advice. Written with a sense humor that will get you through even the most challenging times, Raising Happy, Healthy, Weight-wise Kids is a must-read for all parents, educators, and healthcare professionals. Judy Toews, RDN, MSc, is a public health nutritionist with a special interest in feeding kids. She writes a regular newspaper column on nutrition. Nicole Parton was a journalist for twenty-five years, working in newspapers, radio, and television. She is the author of seven best-selling books.

Medical and Health Care Books and Serials in Print

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Managing Your Child s Diabetes

Author : Robert Wood Johnson
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Looks at a twelve-year-old, Casey Johnson, who has diabetes, records her memories of learning she had the disease, and offers her parents' advice on coping with demands of caring for a child with this condition

American Book Publishing Record

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Latina Style

Author :
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Weight Watchers Eat Move Play

Author : Weight Watchers
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The commonsense parent's guide to developing smart, healthy eating habits in their children Whether it's 24/7 snacking, daily fast-food runs, or nonstop video-game marathons, nowadays it's tougher than ever to get kids to eat right and move more. Yet it is possible to encourage nutritious eating habits and a healthy active lifestyle in your kids—if you have the right tools. Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play! gives you trusted information on how to develop and maintain the right habits for keeping the whole family happy and healthy. Designed to help you become a healthier role model for your children, Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play! demystifies the four vitally important elements for a healthy lifestyle, including developing a positive body image; a taste for wholesome, nutritious foods; smart eating habits; and a love of physical activity. In addition, Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play! • Presents five simple rules that all families can live by for keeping the household fit • Supplies quizzes and self-assessments for parents to understand their parenting styles better • Explains what a healthy weight is for a child, while providing advice on how to talk to children—and their pediatricians—about healthy weight and nutrition • Delivers hundreds of doable tips, ideas, and checklists to help parents implement the best practices for eating healthier and moving more • Includes more than 75 kid-friendly recipes that encourage children—from toddlers to school-age to help out in the kitchen Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play! shows that when followed consistently, just a few simple household rules and practices are all it takes to get and keep your family living a healthy, active lifestyle.