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Raising Gifted Kids

Author : Barbara Schave Klein
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Raising an extremely bright child - quick, curious, sensitive, and introspective - is a daunting challenge. Parents need insight into their own motivations (as well as those of their children), and the courage and ability to make tough decisions about their child's development. "Raising Gifted Kids" will help parents understand and cope with the obstacles they face in raising a gifted child, and help them make the best choices for their son's or daughter's growth and happiness.

Parenting Gifted Kids

Author : James R. Delisle
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Parenting Gifted Kids: Tips for Raising Happy and Successful Children provides a humorous, engaging, and encouraging look at raising gifted children today. James R. Delisle, Ph.D., offers practical, down-to-earth advice that will cause parents to reexamine the ways they perceive and relate to their children. Dr. Delisle puts forward 10 tips to parents of gifted children?ideas that reflect attitude and approach and allow for introspection and change, rather than quick, do-it-tonight solutions. Some topics of interest include understanding a child's giftedness, working with the school system, dealing with perfectionism in gifted kids, and being adult role models for children. Along the way, stories from gifted children and their parents provide insight into the lives of these individuals. What sets this book apart from other books for parents of gifted kids is its expansion beyond mere platitudes. Dr. Delisle's tips go beyond the basics, focusing on attitude, reflection, and subtle changes, rather than specific, cookie-cutter recipes for action. The 10 tips suggested and expanded upon in this book include: understanding what giftedness is . . . and what it is not; understanding the differences between gifted kids and their agemates; understanding the personality traits of gifted kids, including overexcitabilities; taking charge of your child's education; understanding the issue of perfectionism in gifted kids; examining social nuances and myths related to giftedness; examining the similarities parents share with their gifted children; setting reasonable goals; helping gifted children make a difference in the lives of others; and remembering that gifted children are kids first and gifted second.

Raising a Gifted Child

Author : Carol Fertig
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Offers parents strategies and tips for ensuring their gifted children are happy and successful in and out of school, and suggest ways to identify optimal learning opportunities in academics, the arts, technology, and other fields.

The Joys and Challenges of Raising a Gifted Child

Author : Susan K. Golant
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Addresses the special social, emotional, and educational needs of gifted children from infancy through the teen years, discussing how to obtain the best schooling, how to avoid "pushing" a gifted child, and how to handle problems with peers or siblings

Success Strategies for Parenting Gifted Kids

Author : Kathleen Nilles
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When parents need guidance on raising gifted kids, they can turn to Success Strategies for Parenting Gifted Kids: Expert Advice From the National Association for Gifted Children. This collection of practical, dynamic articles from NAGC's Parenting for High Potential magazine: Offers parents the support and resources they need to help their children find success in school and beyond. Presents easy-to-understand research-based concepts and practical how-to strategies. Is written by leading experts in the field of gifted education. Provides advice for navigating complex issues that gifted students may face. Gives parents an easy-to-understand overview of each topic based on research and best practices. Chapters address such topics as underachievement, twice-exceptionality, acceleration, underrepresented populations, student advocacy, and more. Additionally, the book includes discussion and reflection questions that are perfect for parent support groups, conversations with families and children, and individual parent reflections.

Parenting Gifted Children

Author : Donald J. Treffinger
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Offers advice to parents on raising gifted children and on finding the support and resources their children need to succeed in school.

A Parent s Guide to Gifted Children

Author : James T. Webb
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Raising a gifted child is both a joy and a challenge, yet parents of gifted children have few resources for reliable parenting information. The four authors, who have decades of professional experience with gifted children and their families, provide practical guidance in areas such as: Characteristics of gifted children, Peer relations, Sibling issues, Motivation and underachievement, Discipline Issues, Intensity, perfectionism, and stress, Idealism, unhappiness, and depression, Educational planning, Parenting concerns, Finding professional help. Book jacket.

Understanding Your Gifted Child From the Inside Out

Author : James Delisle
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Understanding Your Gifted Child From the Inside Out provides an engaging and encouraging look at raising gifted children today. A follow-up to the best-selling "Parenting Gifted Kids: Tips for Raising Happy and Successful Children," this new edition focuses on the social and emotional aspects of giftedness, highlighting new information on the issues of perfectionism, self-advocacy, underachievement, mindfulness, and the impact of technology on gifted kids' relationships. The book also features a section on life beyond college, for those readers whose children are no longer children. Understanding Your Gifted Child From the Inside Out features real-life stories about the lives of gifted children and how they and their parents recognize and enjoy the many intellectual talents and social and emotional insights they possess.

The Challenges of Gifted Children Empowering Parents to Maximize Their Child s Potential

Author : Barbara Klein
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Educating and raising gifted children presents highly specific challenges. This book explains how parents can learn to optimize their child's potential and work with schools, spouses, friends, and specialists to create a nurturing and stable life. • Details how to find a school that satisfies a child's particular needs • Presents the ideas, thoughts, and feelings of parents in words that other parents with gifted children can identify with and understand • Provides information on the over-excitabilities and intensities of gifted children presented in a practical, straightforward way that helps the reader apply these concepts in actual strategies in their everyday lives • Identifies specific problems of parents with gifted children and outlines effective solutions to these challenges

The Social and Emotional Lives of Gifted Kids

Author : Tracy L. Cross
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Raising happy, successful children is a goal of every parent of gifted children. In this book, the nation's leading authority on the psychology of gifted children offers advice and encouragement for both parents and teachers. In a thoughtful, conversational style, the author offers an in-depth look at the complex social and emotional issues faced by gifted children. Completely revised and updated since the popular first edition, The Social and Emotional Lives of Gifted Kidstackles important and timely issues dealing with the social and emotional needs of today's gifted children. Dr. Cross uses personal insight with current research to address the experiences of gifted students, how they cope with mixed messages in a constantly changing society, how they manage their way through school and home, and how parents and teachers can help them cope. The book contains practical suggestions and ideas for guiding and supporting the development of gifted children. This concise, sensitive look at gifted children and their social and emotional world offers unique insights for both teachers and parents who support these special children.

Parents Guide to Raising a Gifted Child

Author : James Alvino
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LEARN TO MEET THE NEEDS OF YOUR GIFTED CHILD Though academic abilities have always been important in determining whether your child is gifted, talent in the visual or performing arts, leadership qualities, and intellectual curiosity are just as vital. But unless we as parents help nurture those talents, our gifted children can become bored, socially aggressive, or, ironically, underachievers in the classroom. Here is a practical, informative, and authoritative primer for raising and educating our gifted children from pre-school to adolescence. Beginning with sensible strategies to determine whether--and in which areas--your child is gifted, this book takes parents through selecting an appropriate day-care center, a school, and a home reference library. It helps us figure out where our role stops and the school's role begins, as well as detailing ways to keep our children's creativity alive and how to cope with sibling rivalry and our own doubts and fears. Also included are a recommended reading list, a special section on the roles of the computer and television in your gifted child's life, and much more.

A Different Kind of Boy

Author : Daniel Mont
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This is the story of an autistic boy who is also loving, brilliant and resilient. In this book, his father writes about the joys, fears, frustration, exhilaration, and exhaustion involved in raising his son. He writes about the impact on his family, the travails of navigating the educational system, and the lessons he has learned about life.

Your Psychic Child

Author : Sara Wiseman
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In a book that includes personal anecdotes, the author explains how to nurture the psychic abilities of one's child, outlining the psychic awakening process and the talents that emerge at each age, including clairvoyance, energy healing, mediumship and more. Original.

The Everything Parent s Guide to Raising a Gifted Child

Author : Robbins Med Herbert
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Raising a gifted child is both a joy and a challenge. Gifted and exceptional children can seem self-sufficient, but it takes more than intelligence to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Your child need your support and advocacy in school, in social situations, and even at home. This guide shows you how to encourage and foster your gifted child from birth to adolescence, including information on How to determine if your child is gifted Options for school programs and activities Dealing with perfectionism and stress Setting realistic and healthy goals for your child Ensuring proper socialization and friendship Coping with jealousy and bullying from other children Packed with useful and professional advice, this is a reassuring guide to help your gifted child grow, thrive, and develop his talents.

Raising Creative Kids

Author : Susan Daniels
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How can you nurture creativity in your child? Raising Creative Kids shows parents and teachers how to guide and foster creativity and sustain the creative spirit we are born with. In addition to explaining various theories of creativity, the authors describe: Personality traits associated with creativity, Processes involved in creativity, Ways to parent for creativity, Activities that promote creative thinking, Programs to cultivate creativity, Teaching organization skills, How to preserve your own creativity Book jacket.

Working Mother

Author :
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The magazine that helps career moms balance their personal and professional lives.

Keys to Parenting the Gifted Child

Author : Sylvia B. Rimm
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Barron's informative, easy-to-read series of Parenting Keys books contain advice and information on a wide range of child-related subjects, written by experts in psychology, physical health, education, and social and personal development. Parenting Keys are designed to help parents raise healthy, happy, productive, and well-adjusted children in the demanding contemporary environment. Keys to Parenting the Gifted Child, 2nd Ed.; Parents get guidelines on how to determine if their children are unusually gifted, and how to prepare them for school. Here are recommendations to ensure that gifted children are sufficiently challenged in the classroom. The author also gives advice on dealing with emotional stresses that intellectually gifted children often feel. She emphasises the importance of maintaining a child's emotional adjustment in school, and among siblings, friends, and all family members. This new edition includes a chapter on gifted children and technology, and expands on the topic of gender issues that can affect gifted children's achievement.

The Gifted Kids Workbook

Author : Heather Boorman
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Help your gifted child embrace their uniqueness. In this workbook, a therapist offers fun activities and strategies to help children ages 7 to 12 boost self-confidence, reduce stress and overwhelm, and balance emotions. As a parent, you understand the blessings and the challenges of raising a gifted child more than anyone. Although gifted kids are often seen as intellectually and academically privileged, those same gifts can also create challenges. For example, kids are often quite aware of their differences, and this awareness can negatively impact their sense of self and confidence in the world. This engaging workbook directly addresses the psychological needs of gifted children using a powerful combination of mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and self-compassion strategies. With this workbook, your child will gain a better understanding of their unique gifts and learn essential strategies to help regulate their emotions, manage anxiety, improve mood, and navigate social relationships. Young readers will learn that they are not alone in their experiences, and that much of what others might consider to be different or strange about them is actually quite typical within the context of giftedness. For children, feeling different from others can be difficult. With this workbook, your child will learn that they have an important place in the world, and that their gifts are something to celebrate.

Parents Guide to Raising Kids who Love to Learn

Author : Children's Television Workshop
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Discusses the learning process in children, looks at development in language, math, science, art, and social skills, and tells how to help children succeed in school

Raising Twice Exceptional Children

Author : Emily Kircher-Morris
File Size : 35.64 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Just because a child is gifted doesn't mean they don't have other types of neurodivergence, like ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and more. Conversely, even children with one of these diagnoses can be cognitively gifted. Raising Twice-Exceptional Childrenprovides parents with a roadmap to understand the complex makeup of their "gifted-plus," or twice-exceptional, child or teen. It also: Guides parents to understand a child's diagnosis. Helps parents meet a child's social-emotional needs, build self-regulation skills and goal setting, and teach self-advocacy. Helps parents collaborate and communicate with teachers and school staff. Gives advice on finding strength-based strategies that support development at home. Normalizes parents' experiences and destigmatizes perceptions of neurodivergent kids. For too long, these kids have fallen through the cracks, but the neurodiversity movement is shining light on their unique needs. As the fields of education and psychology discover more about twice-exceptionality, parents need information about how to best support their neurodivergent kids by leveraging their strengths while supporting their struggles.