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Bradshaw s Railway Handbook Vol 2

Author : George Bradshaw
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'Hard to put down ... truthful and opinionated, often funny but never predictable ... the finest travelling companion.' – Michael Portillo on Bradshaw A superb guide to Britain's villages, towns and connecting railways, dating from 1866. Unavailable for many years and much sought after, this classic guide book is now faithfully reissued for a new generation. Bradshaw's Railway Handbook was originally published in 1866 under the title Bradshaw's Handbook for Tourists in Great Britain and Ireland. It appeared in four volumes as a comprehensive handbook for domestic tourists, offering a detailed view of English life in the Victorian age. Now available to a new generation of readers, it will appeal to railway, steam and transport enthusiasts, local historians, and anyone with an interest in British heritage, the Victorian period, or the nation's industrial past.

Railway Returns for England and Wales Scotland and Ireland

Author : Great Britain. Board of Trade
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The Rise and Fall of the Penclawdd Canal and Railway or Tramroad Company 1811 1865

Author : John Peter Thomas
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Local history lovers and people interested in the industrial history of the UK need to read this book. Written by a local history buff, it is full of little known facts and historically important communications. It is a true gem and a fascinating insight into the local history of the Penclawdd Canal and Railway or Tramroad Company (1811–1865) which was so important in the development of the north Gower coal industry. A true work of a life's passion, this book collates historic documents, facts and figures to create a truly important piece of local literature. It will undoubtedly become a must-read for anyone who lives or has roots in the local area and should be a feature in all houses in the vicinity.

The Railway Magazine

Author :
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The Railway Preservation Revolution

Author : Jonathan Brown
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A ride on a steam train is a popular family outing. More than 100 heritage railways cater for that demand, capturing the spirit of nostalgia while preserving the engines and equipment of past days of rail travel. Their interests even extend to the modern era of 1960's - 70's diesels.Those heritage railways themselves have a long pedigree, back to 1951, when a group of enthusiasts saved the Talyllyn Railway in mid-Wales from closure. They ran this railway as volunteers, out of their love of the little trains and a desire to keep it going. Their example was followed by many more preservation societies who preserved and restored branch lines, country lines and industrial lines for our enjoyment now.Six decades have passed, and we are now beginning to realize what an impressive history the heritage railway movement has. This book traces that history, from the humble beginnings the hopes and ambitions of the pioneers on the different railway projects. There were times of failure and frustration, as some fell by the wayside, but others have made it through times of adversity to become the major heritage businesses of today.


Author : J. Randall
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This little book explores the Severn Valley and the places the railway passes through from Worcester to Shrewsbury as it was in 1863. The Severn, like other English rivers, may be said to have been a railway pioneer in having one built along its banks: first, in having done much to correct the inequalities of the surface; secondly, in having indicated the direction in which the traffic flowed; so that early in the history of railway enterprise eminent engineers, like the late Robert Stephenson, saw the desirability of following its course, and thus meeting the wants of towns that had grown into importance upon its banks. In 1846 the route was finally surveyed by Robert Nicholson, with a view to a through traffic in connection with other railways. The scheme met with opposition from advocates of rival lines. Ultimately, however, the Bill passed the committees of the two Houses, and the promoters were successful, whilst the expenses of counsel and witnesses were enormous. The original estimate for the line was £600,000: £110,000 for land, and £490,000 for works. £8,500 was down for a girder bridge at Arley,£8,000 for one near Quatford, £9,000 for one above Bridgnorth, and £10,000 for one at Shrewsbury. The two bridges near Bridgnorth and the one near Shrewsbury were abandoned, and a considerable saving was effected by shortening the line at Hartlebury, by a junction, with the Oxford, Wolverhampton, and Worcester higher up than was originally intended. The estimated cost of the works, in consequence of these reductions, and of the determination of the company to make it a single line, was thus reduced to nearly one-half the original sum. Although the Severn Valley Railway joins the Main Trunk line at Hartlebury, Worcester is regarded as its proper terminus; and at that point we commence our description, 10% of the publisher’s profit from the sale of this book will be donated to UNICEF. ======= KEYWORDS/TAGS: Handbook, severn valley railway, Abberley, Abbey, Alveley, ancient, Apley, arches, architecture, Arley, Astley, Baxter, Bayliffs, Beauchamp, Bell-flower, Benthall, Berkeley, Berrington, Bewdley, botany, bridge, Bridge, Bridgnorth, Bristol, British Railway, Brycge, building, built, Burlish, canal, Caradoc, carboniferous, carp, Castle, castle rocks, Cathedral, Caughley, century, chapter-house, Charles, church, churchyard, city, Coalbrookdale, Coalport, Conqueror, Constantine, construct, cottages, Cound, countryside, Court, Coventry, Cressage, Danes, daughter, dilapidated, distance, Droitwich, Duke, Eardington, Earl, eastern, Edward, Elizabethan, embankment, England, erect, Esquire, Ethelfleda, Ethelwald, existence, famous, first, Fitz-Alan, Ford, Foregate, Forest, founded, George Stevenson, Gloucester, Hall, Hampton, handsome, Hartlebury, Haughmond, Henry, Hereford, Hermitage, Highley, Hills, His Eminence, Ironbridge, John, King, kingdom, knight, Leland, lines, London, Lord, machinery, Madeley, manufacture, Market, Milburgh, miles, monastery, monks, moonlight, nature, Norman, Oxford, Padmore, parish, Parliamentary, Pembroke, picturesque, Plinlimmon, Prince, Quatford, Queen, railway, relics, remains, rich, Richard, Roman, royal, ruins, Salwarp, Sandstone, Saxon, sedilia, Severn river, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, solid, station, Stour, Stourport, structure, summit, sylvan, tankard, timbers, tower, town, Townhall, trout, upper towne, Uriconium, valley, villages, Wales, Wenlock, William, winds, Wolfe, woods, Worcester, Wrekin, Wribbenhall, Wroxeter

County Borough Elections in England and Wales 1919 1938 A Comparative Analysis

Author : Sam Davies
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These volumes provide an essential comprehensive work of reference for the annual municipal elections that took place each November in the 83 County Boroughs of England and Wales between 1919 and 1938. They also provide an extensive and detailed analysis of municipal politics in the same period, both in terms of the individual boroughs and of aggregate patterns of political behaviour. Being annual, these local election results give the clearest and most authoritative record of how political opinion changed between general elections, especially useful for research into the longer gaps such as 1924-29 and 1935-45, or crisis periods such as 1929-31. They also illuminate the impact of fringe parties such as the Communist Party and the British Union of Fascists, and also such questions as the role of women in politics, the significance of religious and ethnic differentiation and the connection between occupational and class divisions and party allegiance. Analysis at the ward level is particularly useful for socio-spatial studies. A major work of reference, County Borough Elections in England and Wales, 1919-1938 is indispensable for university libraries and local and national record offices. Each volume has approximately 700 pages.

Inward investment in Wales

Author : Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Welsh Affairs Committee
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Additional written evidence is contained in Volume 3, available on the Committee website at

Bradshaw s Guide Brunel s Railways Swindon to South Wales

Author : John Christopher
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Brunel's railway going from Swindon via Gloucester and across South Wales. Bradshaw describes the journey, and the towns and cities encountered.

The History of the Prince of Wales s Leinster Regiment Volume 2

Author : Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick Ernest Whitton
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Volume 2 of 2. 'The Great War and the disbandment of the regiment' is a substantial record of service in many theatres of the war, in which the regiment's battalions saw service from the war’s outbreak in 1914 - taking part in the first battle of the Aisne and the 'Race to the Sea' - through 1915 when it was in the Ypres Salient and also participated in the ill-fated Gallipoli expedition and in Macedonia. In 1916 io took part in the Battle of the Somme - but was also employed in suppressing the Irish repubican Easter Rising in Dublin. 1917 saw the regiment in action in Egypt and the Palestine campaign, as well as Canada’s famous capture of Vimy Ridge on the western front. The end of the year brought the gruelling battles of Passchendaele and Cambrai. In 1918 the regiment withstood the German Spring offensives, before taking part in the victorious allied advance which led to the armistice. Prior to its disbanding in 1922, the regiment was stationed in the occupied Rhineland, in India and was on peac-keeping duties in Silesia, disputed btweeen Germany and Poland. This is a meaty history, which will interest anyone curious about Canada’s colonial regiments, and their role in the Great War. Volume II has eight illustrations and fourteen maps. Both volumes come with an index.

The Building Industry in the Upper Swansea Valley and Its Economic and Social Ramifications C 1750 1975

Author : Robert Owen Roberts
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R. O. Roberts was a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics in the University College of Swansea from 1946-1979. J. Elizabeth Hall teaches business studies and statistics at the West Suffolk College, Bury St. Edmunds.

The History of the Study of Landforms Volume 1 Geomorphology Before Davis Routledge Revivals

Author : Richard J. Chorley
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This re-issue, first published in 1964, is the first of a seminal series analysing the development of the study of landforms, from both the geographical and geological point of view, with especial emphasis upon fluvial geomorphology. Volume 1 treats the subject up to the first important statement of the cycle of erosion by W. M. Davis in 1889, and attempts to identify the most significant currents of geomorphic thought, integrating them into the broader contemporary intellectual frameworks with which they were associated. As well as dealing with such key figures as Werner, De Saussure, Hutton, Playfair, Buckland, lyell, Agassiz, Ramsay, Dana, Peschel, Powell, Gilbert and Davis, attention is also given to many less important contributions by American, British and continental workers. A spirited biographical treatment, attractively set off by contemporary portraits, diagrams and sketches, will make this book of great interest to the historian of science, and indeed to the general reader, as well as to the student and scholar in geomorphology, hydrology and any other earth science.


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Journal of the Society of Arts

Author :
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Author : Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce
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Journal of the Royal Society of Arts

Author : Royal Society of Arts (Great Britain)
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Special Event Postmarks of the United Kingdom Volume 2

Author : George R. Pearson
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A catalogue of postmarks used on mail posted at congresses, exhibitions, shows etc, and for anniversaries from 1963-1983.

The Chester and Holyhead Railway

Author : Philip M Lloyd
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The Chester and Holyhead Railway is one of Britain’s most important main line routes, connecting London with mainland north Wales, and the Isle of Anglesey. The line was completed in 1850 under the direction of Robert Stephenson whose work included the famous tubular bridges that cross the river at Conwy and the Menai Straits near Bangor, the latter one destroyed by fire in 1970. The line was built primarily to support British rule in Ireland but was later instrumental in developing north Wales as a major tourist destination. Today the railway remains an important part of the Welsh and UK networks, providing trains that link north Wales with Cardiff and major English cities, as well as connecting with ferry services to Ireland.

Great Western 0 6 2 Tank Classes

Author : David Maidment
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After tackling the GW pannier tanks in his ‘Locomotive Portfolios’ for Pen & Sword, author David Maidment seeks out descriptions and photographs of the GW 0-6-2 tank engines, the majority of which were built by the Rhymney, Taff Vale, Barry and other Welsh railways from the last decade or so of the nineteenth century onwards. The engines of eight different companies, absorbed by the GWR in 1922, are described and illustrated, and the way in which many were modernised and rebuilt at Swindon or Caerphilly Works in the 1920s. Charles Collett was, however, faced with a motive power crisis in the mining valleys at the Grouping, as many of the companies had economised on essential maintenance as the GW’s take-over drew near, and he had to hurriedly design a standard 0-6-2T to complement and bolster their work as the powerful GW 2-8-0Ts were too heavy and wide for many of the Cardiff valleys. These engines, the 56XX & 66XX classes, became part of the South Wales scene between 1925 and 1964, mainly running the coal traffic between pits and docks, although they dominated Cardiff Valley passenger services until the influx of BR 3MT 2-6-2Ts and GW 41XX 2-6-2Ts in 1954/5. The book has nearly 40,000 words of text and around 300 black & white photographs.

London and the Thames Valley

Author : Denis Smith
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This book deals with the civil engineering heritage of the capital and Thames Valley. The development of London has attracted the design and construction skills of a range of eminent civil engineers and contractors. The work of Sir Marc and I K Brunel, the Rennie family, Robert Stephenson, William Cubitt, Sir Joseph Bazelgette, and many others is included.The books in this series have all been designed specifically as guide books for exploring these landmarks, and provide the reader with a ticket into Britain's engineering history.