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Rahner Beyond Rahner

Author : Paul G. Crowley
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One hundred years after the birth of Karl Rahner, the contributors to this book ask whether and how Rahner's theology can address new religious and cultural realities in the twenty-first century, particularly those realities found on what has come to be called "the Pacific Rim." Stretching from California and Latin America, and across the Pacific Ocean to Asia, this geographic region manifests an incredible cultural and religious diversity, but also many points of intersection and interpenetration, resulting in new forms of religion and spirituality. The theological categories generated by Rahner, such as the anonymous Christian and even the notion of a world church, meet steep challenges when read in contexts very different from that of Germany and the theological currents of the "Atlantic." At the same time, the encounter between Rahner and the Pacific Rim results in fresh readings of Rahner not previously imagined, not only in places like China and Mexico, but even Los Angeles. Anchored by a seminal essay by Francis X. Clooney, S.J. (Harvard), contributors, include Thomas Sheehan (Stanford), Catherine Bell (Santa Clara), and George Griener, S.J. (Berkeley). Each essay examines the possibilities and limitations of Rahner's theology in this newly configured Pacific world.

Freedom Made Manifest

Author : Peter Joseph Fritz
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Karl Rahner

Author : Pádraic Conway
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Ìn carrying out a consummate retrieval of the best of Karl Rahner's theology, the editors and authors associated with this volume have performed a signal service, not just for the academic theological community but for all who resist the nostalgic lure of restoration and believe, like Rahner himself, that the way forward for Christianity is an open and ecumenical one.' --Professor Emeritus Sean Freyne, Trinity College Dublin.

Encounters with Karl Rahner

Author : Andreas R. Batlogg
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The Theological Method of Karl Rahner

Author : Anne E. Carr
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Karl Rahner s Theological Aesthetics

Author : Peter Joseph Fritz
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This innovative book discloses Karl Rahner's foremost achievement: discovering and delineating an ethos of Catholicism, a multi-faceted and comprehensive approach to life in Christ. Karl Rahner's Theological Aesthetics does so by placing the German Jesuit and his teacher, philosopher Martin Heidegger, into a richly detailed dialogue on aesthetics. The book treats classic Rahner topics such as anthropology and Christology. But it breaks new ground by exploring themes such as angels, Mary, and the apocalypse, juxtaposed with analogous philosophical topics in Heidegger.

Human Destiny and Resurrection in Pannenberg and Rahner

Author : James T. Bridges
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Human Destiny and Resurrection in Pannenberg and Rahner examines the basic philosophical backgrounds of these major theologians to set in relief their fundamental similarities and differences on the relationship between human destiny and the understanding of reality and truth. By interrogating two distinct and critical forms of the Christian doctrine of life beyond death in its relationship to modern academic thought and concerns, Dr. Bridges leads reflection to the broader issue of the relationship of Christian theology to modern secular thought.

Understanding Religious Pluralism

Author : Peter C. Phan
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Our contemporary world is fast becoming religiously diverse in a variety of ways. Thanks to globalization and migration, to mention only two current worldwide trends, people of diverse and sometimes mutually hostile faiths are now sharing neighborhoods and encountering one another's religious traditions on a daily basis. For scholars in religious studies and theology the issue to be examined is whether religious diversity is merely the result of historical development and social interaction, or whether it is inherent in the object of belief--part of the very structure of faith and our attempts to understand and express it. The essays in this volume range from explorations of the impact of religious diversity on religious studies to examples of interfaith encounter and dialogue, and current debates on Christian theology of religion. These essays examine not only the theoretical issues posed by religious pluralism to the study of religion and Christian theology but also concrete cases in which religious pluralism has been a bone of contention. Together, they open up new vistas for further conversation on the nature and development of religious pluralism.

A Rahner Handbook

Author : Robert Kress
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Silence Love and Death

Author : Shannon Nichole Craigo-Snell
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One of the central elements of Karl Rahner's theology is the affirmation that God offers salvation to every human being and, in so doing, empowers each of us to say "yes" to this holy vocation. This divine-human dialogue of offer and response is the heart of Rahner's understanding of Christian faith. In this book, Shannon Craigo-Snell explores what it means to say "yes" to God in Rahner's theology. Drawing on a variety of his writings, Craigo-Snell focuses on three moments in human freedom that Rahner repeatedly points to in describing how we say "yes" to God: silence, love, and death. In Rahner's theology, the theme of silence is often used to mark a posture of openness to the mysterious other, both human and divine, which is a primary characteristic of what it is to be human. This openness to the other is concretely realized in love, such that human identity is both gift received and task accomplished. Further, this self-possessing openness to the other is fully actualized in an eternal inter-communion. Rahner's discussions of eschatology do not center on an affirmation of the immortality of the individual soul, but rather paint a portrait of communally sanctified humanity that draws us forward into ourselves, our community, and God. Attending to these three ways of saying "yes" to God generates an understanding of Rahner's theology as neither modern nor postmodern, but rather a challenging alternative vision that can be a vital resource for contemporary feminist theologies.

The SPCK Introduction to Karl Rahner

Author : Karen Kilby
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Karen Kilby presents an accessible introduction to one of the key theologians of the 20th century - Karl Rahner.

Reinterpreting Rahner

Author : Patrick Burke
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A key to understanding Rahner's wide-ranging theology is what the author calls a "dialectical analogy" -- a unifying concept that helps Rahner hold in distinction the traditional antinomies of Christian thought: God and the world, spirit and matter, grace and nature. In this book the author examines the dialectic of each of the major themes of Rahner's theology, showing that it is an indispensable key to this thought. But he also exposes a very real tension within the system that threatens the complex balance of Rahner's theological vision.

Systematic Theology

Author : Francis Schüssler Fiorenza
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The Foundations of Karl Rahner

Author : Mark F. Fischer
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Karl Rahner is one of Catholicism's most influential, yet difficult to understand theologians. This comprehensive volume gives a page by page explanation of Rahner's great summary of Catholic faith, the Foundations of Christian Faith. Mark F. Fischer stays close to the original text, giving readers important information on what Rahner says and why the theological questions matter in his thought.

Building Bridges Doing Justice

Author : Orlando O. Espín
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These essays by leading Latino/a theologians, both Protestant and Catholic, mark a new stage in the development of Latino/a theological identity, while also making an important contribution to the wider cause of ecumenical dialogue.

Abstracts of Karl Rahner s Theological Investigations 1 23

Author : Daniel T. Pekarske
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Barth and Rahner in Dialogue

Author : Ron Highfield
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This illuminating study of the doctrine of sin compares the thought of two of the most influential thinkers of our time, the Reformed theologian, Karl Barth (1886-1968), and the Roman Catholic theologian, Karl Rahner (1904-1984). The author succeeds in balancing scientific rigor with ecumenical sensitivity in his effort to discover areas of real convergence between Barth and Rahner. Uncovering hitherto hidden congruity, Dr. Highfield proposes a way for Roman Catholics and Protestants to recognize their fundamental agreement on the doctrine of sin.

The Reality of Love

Author : Ingvild Rosok
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Love is one, and love is "all we need." This book argues against the traditional theological view that God's love differs from human love. If God is love and love is one, we will find God embodied in all kinds of genuine love experiences. By analyzing Karl Rahner's theology of love, the author explores how God penetrates and embraces the whole of reality, suggesting implications for Christian spirituality and spiritual direction.

The Heart of Rahner

Author : Karl Rahner
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Beyond Foundationalism

Author : Stanley James Grenz
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What role does scripture play in the task of the church? What value do past theological constructs offer today? How does culture affect theological reflection? In this book, the authors move past the Enlightenment foundational approach to offer a methodology for doing theology in a postmodern age. Writing for readers of all denominations, they propose a new theological method that uses three sources: the Spirit speaking authoritatively through the biblical text; tradition providing a historical interpretative framework; and culture as the context for constructive theological reflection. This method, they argue, fosters a Christian theology that acknowledges the whole of God (Father, Son and Spirit), takes full account of the experience of the faith community, and is future-oriented.