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Radon Radium and Uranium in Drinking Water

Author : C. Richard Cothern
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With new regulations for radionuclides in drinking water, this volume will be valuable for understanding where radionuclides come from, how their prescence is determined, where humans come in contact with them, health effects consequences (both for individuals and communities), removal from water, disposal problems and cost implications.

Review of the Office of Drinking Water s Assessment of Radionuclides in Drinking Water and Four Draft Criteria Documents Man made Radiocuclide i e Radionuclide Occurrence Uranium Radium Radon

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Naturally occurring Radon 222 Total Uranium Radium 226 and Radium 228 in Drinking Water Wells in Western and Central North Carolina 2009 2010

Author : Ted R. Campbell
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Expanded Investigation of Naturally occurring Radon 222 Total Uranium and Radium 226 in Private Drinking Water Wells and Radon in Indoor Air in Selected Counties in Western North Carolina 2008

Author : Ted R. Campbell
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Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis of Regulatory Standards for the Isotopes of Radium Uranium and Radon in U S Drinking Water Supplies

Author : Douglas J. Crawford-Brown
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Natural Radioactivity of Ground and Drinking Water in Finland

Author : Matti Asikainen
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Selected Water Resources Abstracts

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Review of Draft Criteria Documents for Radionuclides in Drinking Water

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Use of Activated Carbon to Remove Radon from Drinking Water

Author : James E. Watson
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Radon in Ground Water

Author : National Water Well Assoc.
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This new book focuses on sampling and analysis, radon and radium in water supply wells, predictive models, geologic and hydrogeologic controls that influence radon occurrence, monitoring radon and other radioactivity from geologic sources and mining impacts on occurrence of radioactivity in ground water. Also discussed are occurrence, testing, treatment, and reduction of radon from groundwater. Because the most severe health hazard from indoor radioactivity results from inhalation of short-lived radioactive decay products of radon, the EPA scheduled a major conference early in 1987 on Radon, Radium, and Other Radioactivity in Ground Water-Hydrogeologic Impact and Application to Indoor Airborne Contamination. The result is this book.