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Racism at Work

Author : Binna Kandola
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This book looks in detail at the way bias has become more oblique, subtle and as a result more difficult to detect. The book examines how race affects decisions at work from recruitment to perceptions of leaders. Integrated throughout the book are the complex ways in which gender and race intersect.

Homeworking Women

Author : Annie Phizacklea Carol Wolkowitz
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An up-to-date overview of all types of home-based work is provided in this volume, which makes an important contribution to sociological and policy debates on homeworking. The authors argue that homeworking replicates wider divisions in the labour force and that its potential for improving women's employment opportunities is therefore limited. Using original research, they outline the advantages and disadvantages, the pay and conditions, and the family situations for contemporary women homeworkers. Gender, class, racism and ethnicity are shown to be key factors in constructing the homeworking labour force. The authors acknowledge the shared position that homeworkers occupy as women, as well as the differences experienced by clerical, manufacturing and professional homeworkers, and question whether new technology in itself can be the way forward to a better paid, less onerous form of homeworking.

African American Research Perspectives

Author :
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Author :
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Race Discrimination and Management of Ethnic Diversity and Migration at Work

Author : Joana Vassilopoulou
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Race Discrimination and Management of Ethnic Diversity and Migration at Work analyses nine countries’ perspectives on Diversity Management and their increasing awareness of diversity, equality, racism and discrimination within companies and organisations throughout Europe.

Whiteness at Work

Author : Michael A. Moreno
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This volume presents personal essays that explore the effects of whiteness in the workplace, both illuminating the perniciousness of whiteness and recording the downright appalling manifestations of it. Some contributions here describe overt discrimination and hateful acts experienced by the writers themselves, while others describe how whiteness has affected colleagues, clients, students and friends. Using a combination of storytelling and scholarship, the collection makes a compelling case for effecting changes in individuals who, and systems that, perpetuate disparities of opportunity, compensation, advancement and well-being.

Injustice at Work

Author : Francois Dubet
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Though it is difficult to describe what a just world should be, everyone is able to denounce injustice when he/she is a victim or a witness of it. Based on a long-term study of workers, this new book tests and expands upon prevailing theories of justice by Rawls, Nozick, Taylor, Walzer, and other important philosophers. Injustice at Work describes the way workers perceive social injustice. It reveals why they so often feel unequal, scorned, dominated, and alienated at work. The book develops three principles of justice-equality, merit, and autonomy-showing how individuals combine them in singular moral and social experiences that constitute people's relation to society. Dubet also shows, in a liberal and globalized society, why it has become more and more difficult to denounce the social causes of injustice and fight them.

Bulletin from the Foundation

Author :
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Racism and Paid Work

Author : Tania Das Gupta
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This book explicitly addresses racism in the paid workplace, showing how racism, and by corollary sexism, are systemic to society. Based on extensive research on workers in both the Health Care sector and in the Garment Manufacturing sector, the author succeeds in capturing the daily lived realities in the workplace.

Gender Segregation at Work

Author : Sylvia Walby
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SUMMARY:Explores explanations of gender segregation at work, the changing forms and levels of segregation, and deliberate attempts to reduce it. Provides the general theoretical and historical background, a number of specific case studies, and a discussion of such issues as part-time work, the role of trade unions, sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and racism in relation to gender segregation.

Shifting Concepts

Author : Teresa Marques
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This volume brings together leading philosophers and psychologists to present novel accounts of concepts, communication, and conceptual change and variability, with the aim to advance the interdisciplinary debate on the role of concepts in categorizing, reasoning, and social interaction.

The Color Bind

Author : Erica Gabrielle Foldy
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Since the 1960s, the dominant model for fostering diversity and inclusion in the United States has been the “color blind” approach, which emphasizes similarity and assimilation and insists that people should be understood as individuals, not as members of racial or cultural groups. This approach is especially prevalent in the workplace, where discussions about race and ethnicity are considered taboo. Yet, as widespread as “color blindness” has become, many studies show that the practice has damaging repercussions, including reinforcing the existing racial hierarchy by ignoring the significance of racism and discrimination. In The Color Bind, workplace experts Erica Foldy and Tamara Buckley investigate race relations in office settings, looking at how both color blindness and what they call “color cognizance” have profound effects on the ways coworkers think and interact with each other. Based on an intensive two-and-a-half-year study of employees at a child welfare agency, The Color Bind shows how color cognizance—the practice of recognizing the profound impact of race and ethnicity on life experiences while affirming the importance of racial diversity—can help workers move beyond silence on the issue of race toward more inclusive workplace practices. Drawing from existing psychological and sociological research that demonstrates the success of color-cognizant approaches in dyads, workgroups and organizations, Foldy and Buckley analyzed the behavior of work teams within a child protection agency. The behaviors of three teams in particular reveal the factors that enable color cognizance to flourish. While two of the teams largely avoided explicitly discussing race, one group, “Team North,” openly talked about race and ethnicity in team meetings. By acknowledging these differences when discussing how to work with their clients and with each other, the members of Team North were able to dig into challenges related to race and culture instead of avoiding them. The key to achieving color cognizance within the group was twofold: It required both the presence of at least a few members who were already color cognizant, as well as an environment in which all team members felt relatively safe and behaved in ways that strengthened learning, including productively resolving conflict and reflecting on their practice. The Color Bind provides a useful lens for policy makers, researchers and practitioners pursuing in a wide variety of goals, from addressing racial disparities in health and education to creating diverse and inclusive organizations to providing culturally competent services to clients and customers. By foregrounding open conversations about race and ethnicity, Foldy and Buckley show that institutions can transcend the color bind in order to better acknowledge and reflect the diverse populations they serve.

Racism at the Turn of the Century Documentary Perspectives 1870 1910

Author : Don DeNevi
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One America in the 21st Century

Author : President's Initiative on Race (U.S.)
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Gower Handbook of Discrimination at Work

Author : Dr Hazel Conley
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Workplace discrimination is an experience that, despite four decades of equality legislation, continues to blight the lives of thousands every year. Discrimination persists on the protected grounds of sex, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief and gender reassignment, as well as where no legal protection exists such as in relation to class background or migration status. The Handbook discusses recent changes in equality legislation as well as considering the limitations of legal frameworks in addressing inequality. However, complying with the law is only the first step towards addressing discrimination in the workplace, and the book goes beyond the law and provides evidence of good practice in promoting organisational culture change, as well as considering future directions for policy on equality action. The Gower Handbook of Discrimination at Work looks at both social justice and business case perspectives, and its message is not a negative one. The contributors have considerable depth of understanding of workplace discrimination, both as academics and equality practitioners, their work has contributed to policy formation and all are committed to improving the lives of people at work. They offer insights into existing international developments and make suggestions for the ways in which positive change can be realised. Practitioners, such as human resources professionals and other managers involved in addressing equality at work, trade unionists, equality trainers, and academics concerned with researching or teaching in the areas of employment and equality will all find this book of interest. Furthermore, it will be of value to students in the fields of business and management, employment law, equality and diversity and human resource management.


Author : Mary E. Williams
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Presents a collection of articles about racism from a variety of diverse viewpoints.

Annual Report

Author : Wales Trades Union Council
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Approaches to Teaching Grass s The Tin Drum

Author : Monika Shafi
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The career of Günter Grass began dramatically in 1959, with the publication of his first novel. The Tin Drum brought instant fame to the thirty-two-year-old author and led to his receiving the 1999 Nobel Prize in Literature. Translated into dozens of languages, the novel has sold over four million copies worldwide. Its status as a major text of postwar German literature, however, has not diminished its provocative nature. In both style and content, it continues to challenge scholars, teachers, and students. This volume, like others in the MLA series Approaches to Teaching World Literature, is divided into two parts. Part 1, "Materials," provides the instructor with bibliographic information on the text, critical studies, and audiovisual and Internet resources. Part 2, "Approaches," contains eighteen essays on teaching The Tin Drum, including three that discuss Völker Schlöndorff's 1979 film adaptation of the novel. Some of the topics covered are the historical context (Nazism, World War II, the Holocaust), Oskar Matzerath as an unreliable narrator, the imagery (e.g., eels, the Virgin Mary), the use of German fairy tales, and how Grass's satirical treatment of Germany speaks to postwar generations.

Tackling the Roots of Racism

Author : Reena Bhavnani
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Thirty years after the Race Relations Act, racism remains endemic in British society. How successful have policy measures been in addressing the causes of racism? What lessons can we learn from countries outside Britain? This important and timely book reviews the evidence and asks 'what really works?'.

Annual Report

Author : European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia
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