When Life Is Just a Number. . Who Counts?


Author: Jack Bold,Jackie Green,Brian Bold

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* UK POPULATION EXPLODES TO OVER 70 MILLION. * A QUARTER ARE PENSIONERS * DEMENTIA CASES EXCEED A MILLION AND CARE SERVICES COLLAPSE * WHO SURVIVES? ...THE GOVERNMENT QUOTA POLICY DECIDES In 2032, life is rationed. After Kate's husband dies in an accident, the goverment slash her Quota. Kate has to choose which of her family is the next to die. All their lives will be shortened and her mother-in-law is named for immediate euthanasia. Kate's vulnerable daughter is at risk and her son wants to fight the system. Kate faces an impossible decision. She needs help. But who can she trust?

Mathematics in Everyday Life


Author: John Haigh

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319279394

Category: Mathematics

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How does mathematics impact everyday events? The purpose of this book is to show a range of examples where mathematics can be seen at work in everyday life. From money (APR, mortgage repayments, personal finance), simple first and second order ODEs, sport and games (tennis, rugby, athletics, darts, tournament design, soccer, snooker), business (stock control, linear programming, check digits, promotion policies, investment), the social sciences (voting methods, Simpson’s Paradox, drug testing, measurements of inequality) to TV game shows and even gambling (lotteries, roulette, poker, horse racing), the mathematics behind commonplace events is explored. Fully worked examples illustrate the ideas discussed and each chapter ends with a collection of exercises. Everyday Mathematics supports other first year modules by giving students extra practice in working with calculus, linear algebra, geometry, trigonometry and probability. Secondary/high school level mathematics is all that is required for students to understand the material. Those students whose degree course includes writing an extended mathematical essay will find many suitable topics here, with pointers to extend and develop the material.

Saving America

Using Democratic Capitalism to Rescue the Nation from Economic Folly


Author: Thomas Bonsell

Publisher: Algora Publishing

ISBN: 087586869X

Category: Business & Economics

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Fundamentalist capitalism offers nothing to many Americans, who have little or no control over their futures and are underrepresented or not represented at all in the political sector. Only Democratic Capitalism offers them much hope. The book is extremely critical of those on the right who have brought on our monumental debt with their outdated and flawed notions. The United States of America has many problems; some real and serious, others phony and distracting. But some Americans blame government for being out of touch with them while they themselves remain out of touch with government. Americans have created the nationOCOs problems themselves through their collective will and/or actions and it is up to them to make the necessary decisions to get out of that mess. Americans had a chance to cut short the massive federal debtOCoonly to ignore the warnings. George H. W. Bush told the American public in 1980 that the economic proposals of Ronald Reagan amounted to OC Voodoo economicsOCO. Walter Mondale said in the 1984 campaign that the growing debt was a danger that should be addressed with taxes. President Reagan, who campaigned OC to stay the course, OCO offered what at best could be termed a fairy tale. Politicians will always give what it appears the people want, and the people spoke loud and clear for more fiscal recklessness which future generations may have to pay for. There is a way to a new-and-improved America that may not be as painful or require as much sacrifice as some mainstream pundits believe, but it will require much more than many politicians claim or most Americans want. Politicians on the right continue to tell Americans all will be okay and an economic paradise will bloom if taxesOCousually their taxesOCoare lowered and government simply spends less, except for the military, and to pay interest to those persons and institutions which spent years loading up on Treasury bills, notes and bonds. That is the most-irresponsible position any person can take. The solution, this book intends to show, is to reject the desire to return to the robber-baron pastOCofundamentalist capitalismOCoand to recommit the nation to a path toward Democratic Capitalism begun under Franklin D. Roosevelt to combat the Great Depression, but which has been under attack since the days of the Vietnam Conflict."

The Social Life of Climate Change Models

Anticipating Nature


Author: Kirsten Hastrup

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 041562858X

Category: Nature

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Drawing on a combination of perspectives from diverse fields, this volume offers an anthropological study of climate change and the ways in which people attempt to predict its local implications, showing how the processes of knowledge making among lay people and experts are not only comparable but also deeply entangled. Through analysis of predictive practices in a diversity of regions affected by climate change – including coastal India, the Cook Islands, Tibet, and the High Arctic, and various domains of scientific expertise and policy making such as ice core drilling, flood risk modelling, and coastal adaptation – the book shows how all attempts at modelling nature’s course are deeply social, and how current research in "climate" contributes to a rethinking of nature as a multiplicity of modalities that impact social life.

Parliamentary Debates (Hansard).

House of Commons official report


Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons

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Seal Islands of Alaska

Letter from the Secretary of Commerce and Labor, Transmitting, in Response to House Resolution No. 73, Information Relating to the Seal Islands of Alaska


Author: United States. Dept. of Commerce and Labor

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Category: Pribilof Islands (Alaska)

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Extensive, detailed report on seal hunting, supplying of seal hunters, number of skins exported, etc. from the Pribilof Islands. Includes counts of seals, reports on condition of the herds.

Congressional Serial Set


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Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

Parliamentary Debates

Senate and House of Representatives


Author: Australia. Parliament

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