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Quilting Patches of Life

Author : Lori Wagner
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The author relates anecdotes from contributors' lives--choosing a quilt pattern inspired by each story as a chapter title--accompanied by a brief devotional commentary. "The book explores the connection of all the seasons and events of our lives...The cheery days, the dark days, the boring beige days, God allows them all into our lives for a purpose"--from p. [4] of cover.

Open Your Heart with Quilting

Author : Kelly M. Smith
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Helps readers understand why they enjoy quilting, and shows novice quilters that quilting is an attainable hobby. Assists readers in understanding that quilting allows them to connect with family and community, carry on traditions of the past, help them heal from illness or grief, help them celebrate milestones in their life, explore their creativity, deepend their spiritual connection to the universe and leave a legacy for generations to come. An holistic approach to the subject.

Quilt Culture

Author : Cheryl B. Torsney
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"As a blanket, a commemorative covering, and a work of art, the quilt is a nearly universal cultural artifact. In recent years it has been recognized as one of our most compelling symbols of cultural diversity and the power of women. In this collection, Cheryl B. Torsney and Judy Elsley bring together eleven provocative essays on the quilt as metaphor--in literature, history, politics, and philosophy. This interdisciplinary approach makes Quilt Culture an extraordinarily rich exploration of a cultural artifact whose meaning is far more complex than that of a simple bed covering."--Publishers website.

The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt in America in Three Parts History and Quilt Patches Quilts Antique and Modern Quilting and Quilting Designs

Author : Various
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This vintage book contains a complete handbook on quilting in three parts: “History and Quilt Patches”, “Quilts—Antique and Modern”, and “Quilting and Quilting Designs”. A detailed and fascinating exploration of the history and development of quilting, this is a volume that will appeal to those with an interest in the textile industry, and one that would make for a fantastic addition to any collection. Contents include: “Origin and History of Quilt-making with Photographic Reproduction of Patches”, “The Romance of Patchwork”, “Quilt Names”, “The Quilting Bee”, “The Quilt's Place in Art”, “The Quilt in the Twentieth Century”, “Historical Quilts from Recent Exhibitions”, “Gleanings from Old Scrapbooks”, “How to Make a Quilt”, “Reproductions of Quilt Patches”, etc. Many vintage books such as this are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. We are republishing this volume now in an affordable, high-quality edition complete with a specially commissioned new introduction on quilting.

Gendered Practices in Working Life

Author : Tuula Heiskanen
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Gendered distinctions and differences in working life are produced by often hidden practices. What are they like? How do they work? The book creates, through its multidisciplinary approach and rich empirical data, a wide perspective on gendered practices in working life, from the level of labour market structures to the personal experiences of women and men. Some taken-for-granted assumptions of gender in social sciences and feminist research are challenged by a view through the 'Nordic window'.

Ecofeminist Philosophy

Author : Karen Warren
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A philosophical exploration of the nature, scope, and significance of ecofeminist theory and practice. This book presents the key issues, concepts, and arguments which motivate and sustain ecofeminism from a western philosophical perspective.

RX for Quilters

Author : Susan Delaney-Mech
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Research confirms that simple sewing tasks lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Quilting and other stitching activities offer relaxation, calming rhythms, and healthy benefits. "Rx for Quilters" is just what the doctor ordered! Gentle, encouraging health advice from a quilter who is also an M.D. How to care for your body so your stitching life can be comfortable and pain-free. Avoid common injuries to your hands, wrists, neck, shoulders, and back. Improve fitness and manage weight with real-world tips for healthy eating and simple daily exercise. Maximize quilting time in a life busy with obligations to family, friends, employers, and yourself. Learn how hormonal shifts, pregnancy, aging, and personal injury or illness affect your stitching. Customize your work area at home, workshops, and retreats.

Quilting Lessons

Author : Janet Catherine Berlo
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In the middle of a successful academic career, art historian Janet Catherine Berlo found herself literally at a loss for words. A severe case of writer?s block forced her to abandon a book manuscript midstream; she found herself quilting instead. Scorning the logic, planning, and order of scholarship and writing, she immersed herself in freewheeling patterns and vivid colors. For eighteen months she spent all day, every day, quilting. This book penetrates to the very heart of women?s lives, focusing on their relationships to family and friends, to work, to daily tasks. It is a search for meaning at midlife, a search for an integration of career and creativity.

Quilts among the Plain People

Author : Rachel T. Pellman
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Discover why so many Amish and Mennonites, committed to a simple life, make beautiful quilts. This book looks at quilting in plain communities and the possible origins of quilt patterns popular among the Amish and Mennonites. Why do so many Amish and Mennonites who are devoutly committed to a simple, austere life make beautiful quilts? Why this splash of beauty? What are the favorite designs? How has quilting become a part of the very fabric of Amish and Mennonite life? What are basic how-tos of quiltmaking? "Quilting has survived among these frugal, simple people because a quilt is not only apiece of art. It is also functional."

Around the Quilt Frame

Author : Kari Cornell
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Inspired by the sense of community forged by the millions of women who have gathered with friends to quilt throughout history, Around the Quilt Frame draws upon this common bond, connecting today’s quilters in a more symbolic way. This unique compilation of essays and stories about quilts and quilting blends light-hearted tales with more philosophical pieces. From a variety of well-known quilting writers, including Helen Kelley, Ami Simms, Lisa Boyer, Patricia Cox, Jean Ray Laury, and Sandra Dallas, these pieces expertly stitch together a mix of contemporary and vintage pieces to create a patchwork of treasured and timeless tales.