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Quantum Chance

Author : Nicolas Gisin
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Quantum physics, which offers an explanation of the world on the smallest scale, has fundamental implications that pose a serious challenge to ordinary logic. Particularly counterintuitive is the notion of entanglement, which has been explored for the past 30 years and posits an ubiquitous randomness capable of manifesting itself simultaneously in more than one place. This amazing 'non-locality' is more than just an abstract curiosity or paradox: it has entirely down-to-earth applications in cryptography, serving for example to protect financial information; it also has enabled the demonstration of 'quantum teleportation', whose infinite possibilities even science-fiction writers can scarcely imagine. This delightful and concise exposition does not avoid the deep logical difficulties of quantum physics, but gives the reader the insights needed to appreciate them. From 'Bell's Theorem' to experiments in quantum entanglement, the reader will gain a solid understanding of one of the most fascinating areas of contemporary physics.

Quantum Chance and Non locality

Author : William Michael Dickson
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This is a detailed examination of the fundamental questions raised by quantum mechanics. First, is the world indeterministic? Second, are there connections between spatially separated objects? In the first part, the author examines several interpretations, focusing on how each proposes to solve the measurement problem and on how each treats probability. In the second part, the relationship between probability (specifically determinism and indeterminism) and nonlocality are examined, and it is argued that there is a nontrivial relationship between probability and nonlocality. The author then reexamines some of the interpretations in Part One in the light of this argument, and considers how they fare with regard to locality and Lorentz invariance. The book will appeal to anyone with an interest in the interpretation of quantum mechanics, including researchers in the philosophy of physics and theoretical physics, as well as graduate students in those fields.

Lectures on Quantum Mechanics

Author : Philip L. Bowers
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Quantum mechanics is one of the principle pillars of modern physics. It also remains a topic of great interest to mathematicians. Since its discovery it has inspired and been inspired by many topics within modern mathematics, including functional analysis and operator algebras, Lie groups, Lie algebras and their representations, principle bundles, distribution theory, and much more. Written with beginning graduate students in mathematics in mind, this book provides a thorough treatment of (nonrelativistic) quantum mechanics in a style that is leisurely, without the usual theorem-proof grammar of pure mathematics, while remaining mathematically honest. The author takes the time to fully develop the required mathematics and employs a consistent mathematical presentation to clarify the often-confusing notation of physics texts. Along the way the reader encounters several topics requiring more advanced mathematics than found in many discussions of the subject, making for a fascinating course in how mathematics and physics interact.

Quantum Theory a Crash Course

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Quantum Theory: A Crash Course teaches you everything you need to know about this complex subject, breaking it down into 52 digestible topics. The book is divided into four chapters, covering various aspects of the theory: Its foundations and principles Its probabalistic nature and concepts The wide range of scientific interpretations Its practical applications in our lives Each chapter contains an overview, timeline and four biographies, followed by thirteen illustrated topics, each broken down into microscopic chunks. 'The Main Concept' explains the main concept of the subject, while 'Drill-Down' provides further detail or a different angle to enhance understanding. Finally, 'Matter' provides a fascinating or unusual fact. This is the perfect crash course for budding quantum theorists.

Chance in the World

Author : Carl Hoefer
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Whether something happens randomly, by chance; or from a series of events.

Quantum Probability Quantum Logic

Author : Itamar Pitowsky
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This book compares various approaches to the interpretation of quantum mechanics, in particular those which are related to the key words "the Copenhagen interpretation", "the antirealist view", "quantum logic" and "hidden variable theory". Using the concept of "correlation" carefully analyzed in the context of classical probability and in quantum theory, the author provides a framework to compare these approaches. He also develops an extension of probability theory to construct a local hidden variable theory. The book should be of interest for physicists and philosophers of science interested in the foundations of quantum theory.

Quantum Probability and Applications to the Quantum Theory of Irreversible Processes

Author : Luigi Accardi
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Quantum Mechanics

Author : Robert J. Russell
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Quantum Mechanics, a collection of fifteen essays, explores the creative interaction among quantum physics, philosophy, and theology. This fine collection presents the results of the fifth international research conference co-sponsored by the Vatican Observatory, Rome, and the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, Berkeley. The overarching goal of these conferences is to support the engagement of constructive theology with the natural sciences and to investigate the philosophical and theological elements in ongoing theoretical research in the natural sciences. In the first section of this collection, contributors examine scientific and historical context. Section two features essays covering a wide range of philosophical interpretations of quantum mechanics. The final set of essays explores the theological implications of quantum theory. Abner Shimony, Raymond Y. Chiao, Michael Berry, Ernan McMullin, William R. Stoeger, S.J., James T. Cushing, Jeremy Butterfield, Michael Redhead, Chris Clarke, John Polkinghorne, Michael Heller, Philip Clayton, Thomas F. Tracy, George F.R. Ellis, and Robert John Russell all contributed essays to this volume.

Reasoned Faith

Author : Frank T. Birtel
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What comes across ringingly in the essays by Robert John Russell, Philip Hefner, and Arthur Peacocke is not the threat that science poses to religion but rather the invitation it offers to expand our horizons vastly.

Quantum Theory

Author : Guillaume Adenier
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This Växjö conference was devoted to the reconsideration of quantum foundations. Due to increasing research in quantum information theory, especially on quantum computing and cryptography, many questions regarding the foundations of quantum mechanics, which have long been considered to be exclusively of philosophical interest, nowadays play an important role in theoretical and experimental quantum physics.

On Signaling Games with Quantum Chance Move

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Abstract: We give formal conditions for a perfect Bayesian-type equilibrium in a quantum signaling game. We show that the conditions imply a classical perfect Bayesian equilibrium if the quantum game coincides with the classical one. Next, we extend the signaling game to include a quantum chance move. We prove that the classical relation between Nash equilibria and perfect Bayesian equilibria is preserved in that case—every perfect Bayesian-type equilibrium implies a Nash equilibrium, but the converse is not true. Lastly, we give a condition for equivalence between Nash equilibria and perfect Bayesian-type equilibria.

Understanding Quantum Mechanics

Author : Lars-Göran Johansson
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The Physics of Chance

Author : Charles Ruhla
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This is an introduction to the ideas of randomness that are central to much of modern physics and have overthrown the 'clock-work universe' conceptions of earlier centuries. The author shows how the laws of probability and statistics were developed by such mathematicians as Fermat, Pascal, and Gauss, and how they received their first major application in physics in the kinetic theory of gases developed by Maxwell and Boltzmann.

Fifty Years in Science and Religion

Author : Ian G. Barbour
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Ian G. Barbour is the internationally acknowledged pioneer in the field of 'science and religion'. Although public opinion is often swayed by strident voices which attempt to place science and religion in conflict or keep them totally isolated, Barbour's voluminous contributions over the past fifty years have carved out a trusted pathway to constructive dialogue and creative mutual interaction between science and religion.Fifty Years in Science and Religion brings together nineteen leading scholars in the field to offer an appreciative yet critical assessment of the impact of Barbour's work on science and religion and to point ahead towards future critical areas, goals and tasks that await new research and visionary exploration. This book includes a unique autobiography by Barbour in which for the first time he shares and reflects on his life and work, and a detailed bibliography of Barbour's works. Together, the authors demonstrate how Barbour's writings and the hundreds of scholars who have now become part of the field have changed the course of intellectual history in the West by making possible and necessary a truly constructive engagement between science and religion in the context of inter-religious dialogue and the global human and environmental challenges of our time.

Beyond the Quantum Paradox

Author : Lazar Mayants
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Physicists and philosophers have quarrelled frequently over the meaning of quantum physics and as yet there is still no agreement - the only aspect of quantum physics which they agree with is that it is connected with probability. Beyond the Quantum Paradox attempts to explain this argument in clear, non-mathematical language. Based on Professor Mayants' work over the past twenty-five years, the book attempts to explain what quantum mechanics is all about.

Basic Concepts of Quantum Mechanics

Author : Lev Vasilʹevich Tarasov
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Theoria Et Historia Scientiarum

Author :
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Quantum Structures and the Nature of Reality

Author : Diederik Aerts
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Physics Essays

Author :
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The Nature of Reality

Author : Richard Morris
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Analyzes the revolutionary experiments in physics over the past ten years and show how they are reshaping basic notions of space, time, and matter