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Purpose Fuels Passion Notebook

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Purpose Fuels Passion Motivational Gift for Athletes a Perfect Novelty Gift for Someone Special in Your Life Journal to Write in Small Trave

Author : Killakami Publishing
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Motivational Gift for Athletes /strong> A perfect gift for the Boxer Lover... someone SPECIAL in your life. Features: A lined journal notebook/diary, blank pages Size 6"x9," 100 pages Paperback matte finish Order today!

Purpose Fuels Passion

Author : Penswag Journals
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Purpose Fuels Passion MINIMALIST AND STYLISH JOURNAL Whether for your desk at home, your work or in your bag on the go this professionally designed 6x9 notebook provides the perfect platform for you to record your thoughts. This Journals pre-lined pages are ready and waiting to be filled. DETAILS: 120 Blank Lined White Pages Simple Stylish Typographic Cover Art DIMENSIONS: 6x9 inches PERFECT FOR: Everyday Dairy Personal Journal Wedding Planning Work Lists Creative Doodles College Planning

Purpose Fuels Passion

Author : Backwoods Books
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Looking for a gift? Great activity journal? Daily diary? This perfect book offers blank, lined white journal paper for men, women, and children. Great for jotting down thoughts, taking notes, reminders, sketches and to-do lists. Great creative gift notebook for home, school or work office! Your new journal includes: Matte Finish Cover Blank White Lined Paper 110 pages 6x9 inch format Perfect for: Birthday Gift Christmas Present Holiday Event Journal Travel/Car Activity Notebook Awesome Gift Just Because

Purpose Fuels Passion 160 White Pages Lined Notebook Journal with Matte Finish Cover

Author : Fancy Notebooks
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Be creative with this Softcover Notebook. Blank Pages with lines - yours to fill. Best for thoughts, notes, to-do lists, anything you'd like to journal, write or draw. A great writing journal, story journal, and Notebook for kids and a fun lined journal for adults, too. A great Notebook journal for writing.Softcover binding - flexible and easy to carry. Blank lined the interior with white pages. A perfect gift for kids, teens, tweens, and adults. Makes a great Notebook, journal, notepad or diary. Lined pages are perfect for the record, log and keep track of habits, plans, moods and more deal for writing with pens, pencils, and coloured pencils. Inspiration Quotes After every 40 Pages.

Purpose Fuels Passion

Author : Notes By Hand
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These beautiful inspirational notebooks contain a inspirational or motivating quote on every page perfect for journaling or writing get inspired by words of wisdom on every page beautiful marble quote cover makes a great gift for any occasion get this for yourself or someone you appreciate

Purpose Fuels Passion Writing Notebook

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This beautiful, "Purpose Fuels Passion Writing Notebook" writing journal and diary is perfect and great for recording, writing, taking notes and memos during conferences, business meetings, meditations, school, church sermons, speaker events, sermons on podcasts and online, during bible study and teachings. The 102 ruled line notebook pages make the book friendly for everyone and they make for a great and unique gift you can give to family, friends, children and neighbors of any age and during any occasion. The notebook is small and light enough for you to carry conveniently and comfortably in a purse or bag to conference meetings, school, church, business meetings, travels, holidays or anywhere. This gorgeous writing notebook features great artwork on an alluring background and comes with title text - "Purpose Fuels Passion Writing Notebook" to motivate, inspire and give you hope and faith. The interior pages are creatively designed with black and white paper. The notebook is a 5 inches X 8 inches paperback printed by Amazon publishing in industry standard size and the best quality.

Purpose Fuels Passion

Author : Granny Grunt
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This stylish and elegant notebook and writing journal has 120 Wide Ruled Pages measuring 8.5" x 11" in size. It has a sturdy cover for a beautiful look and feel. It makes a great back to school, Christmas Gift or holiday, graduation, beginning of the school year gift for women and girls for a motivational and inspirational boost. This journal is great for taking notes, jotting lists, doodling, brainstorming, prayer, gratitude, meditation and mindfulness journaling. This Journal, with high-quality paper, is the perfect fit for doodles, journaling and creativity. A gorgeous, hand-designed, marble, gold, pink and pastel design cover that fits perfectly into your bag. Enjoy these 120 lined pages to let all your creative juices flow. Our notebooks and journals are the perfect gift for any occasion.

Purpose Fuels Passion 2020 Planner

Author : Holly Briggs
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2020 Dated Weekly and Monthly Planner to Help Successful Female Entrepreneurs or Bosses Keep Everything Organized - Monthly Calendars, Weekly Priorities, To-Do Lists, and Space to Write Notes or Journal About Your Journey This beautiful, boss lady and women entrepreneur 2020 Weekly and Monthly Planner is exactly what you or your loved one needs to keep your business organized in 2020. This planner has each month of 2020 in a dated calendar format, as well as a page you can use to organize each week. Keep track of all your important appointments and events on the monthly calendars and use the space provided to write down your monthly goals or other priorities for the month. Each weekly page has space to record any important tasks for each day as well as space to keep a prioritized list of things you need to complete that week. The stylish and clean design of this 2020 weekly and monthly planner will help you stay focused the objectives of your business this year. This 2020 Weekly and Monthly Planner is perfect for anyone who wants both an at-a-glance, month-to-month look at what's coming up, as well as a way to organize their business from week to week. Buy it for yourself or someone you love today! Features: Beautifully Designed Cover Large 8.5" x 11" Size to Allow for Space to Write Down Important Information Bright White Interior Stock 108 Pages Perfect Gift for the Boss Lady in Your Life! Includes: Each Month of the 2020 Dated Calendar Pages, January 2020 -December 2020 Dated Weekly Organizer with Space to Write Down Important Daily Events Weekly Priorities and To-Do List Extra Space to Journal or Write Notes We have lots of great journals, trackers, and planners, so be sure to check out our other listings by clicking on the "Author Name" link just below the title of this planner.

Walking in Authority

Author : William L. Sheals
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In biblical times, Jesus spoke about believers performing "greater works" after he died for their sins. Now, the manifestation of Jesus' words requires that Christians walk in the authority that God has granted to each and every one of us. In this motivational guide, Dr. William L. Sheals shows believers how to use their gifts, treasures, time, and talents to accomplish those greater works and realize Jesus' prophecy. Walking in Authority teaches and inspires believers to confidently act upon the word of God. Dr. Sheals shares practice, biblical, and modern-day examples of others who have boldly assumed the power of enforcement, to challenge us to spread God's message and reclaim the territory the enemy has stolen. With simple but powerful lessons and tools for practical application in our lives and relationships, these stories and characters will strengthen our walk and bring us closer to the Father. Whether we take big ones or little, the important thing to remember is that every great voyage begins with a single step. Start walking in authority today, and set off on the journey of a lifetime.

Hacking Leadership

Author : Mike Myatt
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Hacking Leadership is Mike Myatt's latest leadership book written for leaders at every level. Leadership isn't broken, but how it's currently being practiced certainly is. Everyone has blind spots. The purpose of Hacking Leadership is to equip leaders at every level with an actionable framework to identify blind spots and close leadership gaps. The bulk of the book is based on actionable, topical leadership and management hacks to bridge eleven gaps every business needs to cross in order to create a culture of leadership: leadership, purpose, future, mediocrity, culture, talent, knowledge, innovation, expectation, complexity, and failure. Each chapter: Gives readers specific techniques to identify, understand, and most importantly, implement individual, team and organizational leadership hacks. Addresses blind spots and leverage points most leaders and managers haven’t thought about, which left unaddressed, will adversely impact growth, development, and performance. All leaders have blind-spots (gaps), which often go undetected for years or decades, and sadly, even when identified the methods for dealing with them are outdated and ineffective – they need to be hacked. Showcases case studies from the author’s consulting practice, serving as a confidant with more than 150 public company CEOs. Some of those corporate clients include: AT&T, Bank of America, Deloitte, EMC, Humana, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, PepsiCo, and other leading global brands. Hacking Leadership offers a fresh perspective that makes it easy for leaders to create a roadmap to identify, refine, develop, and achieve their leadership potential--and to create a more effective business that is financially solvent and professionally desirable.

Suddenly in Charge

Author : Roberta Chinsky Matuson
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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As companies reorganize and reengineer, thousands of people are finding themselves tossed into management every day. "You may go to bed as a member of the team and wake up to find yourself suddenly in charge," says Matuson. The key to success is managing effectively both up and down the line of organization. And Suddenly in Charge provides this unique approach with two books in one: read it in one direction and you'll find all the tips and tools you need to manage down, establishing credibility with your team and leading in a way that both builds rapport and garners respect. Flip the book over and you'll find success strategies for managing up, interacting successfully with your bosses and developing strong relationships. In the Managing Up side of the this book, you will learn how to manage your relationships and responsibilities as an employee, including how to understand the boss's style of management; deal with dictatorial, indecisive or otherwise difficult bosses; promote yourself; ask for raises; and know when it's time to leave a position. With key learning points, real-life examples and proved strategies for effective communication, Managing Up helps you navigate the world of office politics while staying true to yourself. In the Managing Down side of this book, you will learn how to manage your relationships and responsibilities as a boss, including how to stay sane during conflicts, evaluate performance, and make the hiring and firing process easier and more mutually beneficial. With key learning points, real-life examples and proven strategies for effective communication, Managing Down helps you clearly define your new role and cultivate an environment of engaged, motivated employees.

Building Church A Church Full of Leaders

Author : Dr. Jeanne Porter King
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Imagine what ministry in your church would look like if every member was serving in some way. Now imagine how effective your ministry would be if everyone served with a leader’s mind-set. In Building a Church Full of Leaders, Dr. Jeanne Porter King sets out to help pastors and ministry leaders move from using traditional methods of moving people from the pews to service, to developing strategic and transformative systems for organizing ministry, recruitment, training, and ongoing development that aim to help church members see themselves not just as volunteers but as servants and co-laborers of ministry. Filled with both practical and spiritual tools for developing an effective leadership model, Building a Church Full of Leaders will help you transform the way you shape and deliver ministry at your church—as well as the ones who deliver it.

The Secret to Ultimate Wealth

Author : N Gunananthan
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Format : PDF, ePub
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This book educates you on all the essential financial planning tools that you need to know so that you are able to provide a comfortable life for you and your family. But more than that, it focuses on other equally important areas of your life; such as quality time with your family, your inner aspirations and goals, and your personal health and well-being.

Unlocking Happiness at Work

Author : Jennifer Moss
File Size : 88.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Unlocking Happiness at Work takes you on a journey into why and how leaders should become compassionate capitalists and ensure that their teams thrive. This book debunks the myth that happiness at work is a waste of time and demonstrates how it can deliver a more productive and engaged workforce, which can have real impact on the bottom line. Based on two decades of scientific research, real-time data, interviews and case studies, this book proves that happiness fuels higher performance, provides a greater sense of purpose and spreads passion throughout organizations. With insightful practical guidance throughout, Unlocking Happiness at Work is a lively and persuasive exploration of how to be happier and make others happier through the power of habits, emotional intelligence and an innovative approach to work/life flow. Case studies from lululemon, Zappos, Misfit Inc, The Body Shop and more are supported by tangible data and key performance indicators that show the significant benefits that come from adopting a happiness strategy. This is an essential resource for leaders who want to increase sustainability, attract new talent, improve their brand and boost profitability - in a way that is life-enhancing for them and their people.

Passion for Your Kingdom Purpose

Author : Walter Mac
File Size : 58.81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Scriptures indicate that the "Kingdom of God" is defined as God's thoughts becoming our natural desires. Dr. Sir Walter Lee Mack, Jr. inspires readers to pursue the strongest desires of their heart, for they are the very calling and purpose of God for their life.

NutriSystem Nourish

Author : NutriSystem
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"Don't waste time contemplating whether or not this program could work for you. Trust me - it will work! Take this from someone who has struggled for the last 10 years and finally lost the weight. If I knew I could lose weight so easily and quickly I would have tried NutriSystem sooner!" -Zora Andrich, reality TV star lost 20 lbs. in two months (results not typical) The highly anticipated companion book to NutriSystem?? Nourish?TM, the breakthrough weight-loss program Do you want to lose weight and not feel hungry? Would you like to find a way to drop unwanted pounds that actually fits into your lifestyle? Welcome to NutriSystem Nourish, the integrated program that lets you put the past behind you and gives you the tools you need to start losing weight right now! The NutriSystem Nourish program is designed to work-offering real solutions for busy lifestyles and making your metabolism function at its highest level to yield breakthrough weight-loss results. Based on the latest dieting and nutritional research, NutriSystem Nourish is the Good Carb Answer?TM. * Can help you lose weight because it's the Good Carb Answer?TM that's rich in good carbs, yet still low in fat * Features 28 days of simple and practical meal plans, 4 weeks of exercise plans, and 75 delicious recipes * Incorporates easy movement and exercise tips, fast relaxation tools, positive thinking, and inspiration, as well as optional prepared meals * Packed with weight-loss tips and techniques, sidebars, and mental exercises designed to increase your weight-loss success!

Identifying the Power of Purpose

Author : Robert Lee
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Author : David Herzog
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Offers practical and natural solutions to health needs by emphasizing the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

The Process of Purpose

Author : T. K. Sherman
File Size : 74.49 MB
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Purpose. What is it? Where does it come from? There are ageless stories of successes and failures derived from the human instinct to live life with a purpose. For some, it seems as if they were born living out their purpose, while others regularly wrestle with discovering who they are and what they are alive to do. Living life in a manner that fuels passion and serves others along the way is a process of learning and doing. And with clarity, discovering and embracing that process makes life so much easier. If you have ever felt as if you could do so much more than you are doing now, you have the right book in your hands. In this short, yet powerful read, Purpose Coach, TK Sherman offers sound and timeless knowledge to help readers tap into their purpose and begin to walk in it. After reading this book, not only will you have a better understanding of who you are and why you are here, but you will have a fresh perspective on your life and how to make the most of it.