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Public Service Media and Policy in Europe

Author : K. Donders
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An in-depth account of EU policies in the area of public service broadcasting, focusing mainly on the application of the European State aid rules. The book discusses when, how and with what impact the European Commission deals with public service broadcasting.

Mass Media and Media Policy in Western Europe

Author : Peter J. Humphreys
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This comparative, textbook analysis explores how television and press systems across Europe have been shaped by technology, economics and politics. The author explores the implications of the commercialisation of national broadcasting systems, and the media policies of the European Union in the age of transfrontier media operations.

Media in Europe Today

Author : Josef Trappel
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Media in Europe Today provides a comprehensive overview of European media in its current state of transformation. Through a focus on specific European media sectors, it assesses the impact of new technologies across industries and addresses a wide range of practices, strategies, and challenges facing European media today. The Euromedia Research Group has more than twenty years of experience in the observation of trends affecting media today, and this book marks the strong continuation of that long tradition.

Public Broadcasting and European Law

Author : Irini Katsirea
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Although EU Member States share a tradition of regulating public broadcasting for the public interest, such regulation has been in decline in recent years. It has been challenged by the emergence of commercial television sworn to the market logic, as well as by satellite services and the Internet. EU law and policy has, under pressure from powerful global forces, abetted that decline. The question thus arises: Do cultural values still matter in European national broadcasting? This important book examines the challenges posed to public service obligations by European Union media law and policy. An in-depth analysis of the extent to which six countries (France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom) regulate broadcasting for the public interest reveals a range of vulnerability to national political pressures or, alternatively, to the ideology of market sovereignty. The author examines the country of origin principle and the European quota rule of the Television without Frontiers Directive, revealing the influence of European law on the definition and enforcement of programme requirements, and shows how the case law of the European Court of Justice encourages deregulation at the national level without offering adequate safeguards at the supranational level in exchange. She asks the question whether the alleged 'European audiovisual model' actually persists--that is, whether broadcasting is still committed to protecting such values as cultural diversity, the safety of minors, the susceptibility of consumers to advertising, media pluralism, and the fight against racial and religious hatred. The book concludes with an evaluation of the impact of the EU state aid regime on the licence fee based financing of public broadcasting. Despite the increasing importance of the subject, its study in a comparative context has been heretofore underdeveloped. This book fully provides that context and more, and will be of great value and interest to all parties concerned with the key role of communications in the development of European integration.

Understanding Media Policies

Author : Evangelia Psychogiopoulou
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Leading scholars investigate media policies in Europe, inquiring into the regulatory practices, policy tools and institutional features of media policy-making in 14 countries. The book offers a fresh assessment of the ways European media policies are formulated and identifies the factors that exert an influence throughout the process.

Public Service Broadcasting and Media Systems in Troubled European Democracies

Author : Eva Połońska
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This book provides the most recent overview of media systems in Europe. It explores new political, economic and technological environments and the challenges they pose to democracies and informed citizens. It also examines the new illiberal environment that has quickly embraced certain European states and its impact on media systems, considering the sources and possible consequences of these challenges for media industries and media professionals. Part I examines the evolving role of public service media in a comparative study of Western, Southern and Central Europe, whilst Part II ventures into Europe’s periphery, where media continues to be utilised by the state in its quest for power. The book also provides an insight into the role of the European Union in preserving the independence and neutrality of public service media. It will be useful to students and researchers of political communication and international and comparative media, as well as democracy and populism.

Public Service Media in Europe

Author : Karen Donders
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Contributing to a rethink of Public Service Media, this book combines theoretical insights and legal frameworks with practice, examining theory and policy development in a bottom-up manner. It explores the practices of Public Service Media across Europe, assessing the rules that govern Public Service Media at both the EU and the National Member State level, identifying common trends, initiated by both the European Commission and individual countries, illustrating the context-dependent development of Public Service Media and challenging the theories of Public Service Broadcasting which have developed an ideal-type public broadcaster based on the well-funded BBC in an atypical media market. Seeking to further explore the actual practices of Public Service Media and make recommendations for the development of more sustainable policies, this book offers case studies of rules and practices from across a variety of EU Member States to consider the extent to which public broadcasters are making the transition to public media organisations, and how public broadcasters and governments are shaping Public Service Media together. This book is a must-read for all scholars who take an interest in Public Service Media, media policy and media systems literature at large. It will also be of interest to practitioners working in government, Public Service Media and commercial media.

Broadcasting and New Media Policies in Western Europe

Author : Peter Humphreys
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Murdoch, Maxwell, Hersant, Berlusconi, Bertelsmann, Springer and Turner ... in the 1980s new actors emerged to exploit the opportunities in European broadcasting, provided by the new technologies of satellite and cable. Dramatic political, economic and cultural consequences were promised and are already being addressed by public policy. This book analyses and interprets the development of regulatory policies in Western Europe in response to these new phenomena.

Public Service Media in Europe A Comparative Approach

Author : Karen Arriaza Ibarra
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Public service media (PSM) have been the mainstay of Western European broadcasting for a number of decades. Yet despite a general political consensus in favour of PSM, recent technological, economic and political changes have led to a questioning of their value. This new collection of essays explores the history of PSM in selected European countries, from their early establishment as the main media in many countries to charting their transformation and evolution in recent years. The contributions consider the political, economic and market-integration issues that impact PSM, while also highlighting the importance of the ideology that originally accompanied PSM in its initial years, to see how relevant they are in the contemporary world. The book consists of two complementary parts: Part I: Theoretical Aspects and Global Influences on Public Service Media in Europe Part II: A Comparative Analysis of Public Service Media across Europe With contributions from leading experts, the first part offers a thorough examination of the current concepts and conditions that influence PSM in Europe. The second offers a comparative study of PSM in several European countries including France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and Sweden. Offering the most comprehensive study of the field to date, Public Service Media in Europe will be useful for students and researchers in public media, political communication, international and comparative media.

The European Union Democratic Deficit and the Public Sphere

Author : David Ward
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An assessment of EU communications policy judged against democratic and normative criteria within the framework of the question of the need for a European-wide public sphere. It argues that the EU should proceed through the mass media, with a policy based on a public service philosophy.

Media and Cultural Policy in the European Union

Author :
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The areas of media and cultural policy offer a unique prism through which to understand wider processes of European integration. Questions of European identity, citizenship and community or polity-building clearly resolve themselves as questions of the (non-)emergence of a European ‘communicative space’. At the same time, as a more specific area of policy study, the role which has or may be played by the European institutions themselves in the fostering of such a ‘communicative space’ raises questions as to both the effectiveness and the legitimacy of their interventions. This volume in the European Studies series brings fresh, interdisciplinary insight into this relatively understudied area, making the case for a renewed look at the trajectory of cultural and media policies in the EU. Distinctively, the collection offers a historical and socio-political analysis of major media policies in the European Union, allowing for the contextualisation of recent developments; turns its attention to areas largely neglected by scholarly publishing, such as the press, the culture of the newsroom, and the role of media in an enlarged Europe; and addresses media and cultural policies as an interrelated part of EU construction, through questions of identity and political representation. Media and Cultural Policy in the European Union will be of interest to scholars and students of Cultural and Media Studies, European Studies, and European Integration, as well as appealing to broader Social Science audiences concerned with the politics and policy of cultural diversity.

Power Performance and Politics

Author : Werner A. Meier
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For 25 years, members of the Euromedia Research Group have analyzed the connection between mass media, the public, and politics. On the basis of established and new theoretical approaches, this collection of papers â?? by members of the Group â?? examines the changes in the European media. It also looks at the European trends of central media-political concepts, such as media diversity, journalistic responsibility, and media governance.

Media Freedom and Pluralism

Author : Beata Klimkiewicz
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Addresses a critical analysis of major media policies in the European Union and Council of Europe at the period of profound changes affecting both media environments and use, as well as the logic of media policy-making and reconfiguration of traditional regulatory models. The analytical problem-related approach seems to better reflect a media policy process as an interrelated part of European integration, formation of European citizenship, and exercise of communication rights within the European communicative space. The question of normative expectations is to be compared in this case with media policy rationales, mechanisms of implementation (transposing rules from EU to national levels), and outcomes. Competent and experienced scholars of the subject describe and analyze the different patterns followed in the various countries, when attempting to adapt to the new conditions – technological, political and sociological (the media using habits of citizens). "Beata Klimkiewicz’s collection is nothing less than the timeliest book on the topic of European media policy and this for reasons that are intrinsic to the essence of most of the fourteen chapters. These chapters exemplify the continuing battle in regard to little regulation (some control) versus regulation (more control) versus overregulation (total control) and the realities that such choices engender; the continuing arguments over market media, public service media, and community media and how they should be regulated and shaped; and ultimately the quest for a new utopian European public sphere and equally utopian national media scenes in each EU member country. In well documented and argued chapters, western and eastern European scholars tackle issues such as the augmentation of the European public sphere; citizen access to and choices of information and news; regulations of content; developments in the blogosphere; the promotion of European “cultural diversity”; media and minors; media pluralism and diversity via public service broadcasting and its new functions and conceptualization; communication rights; and the governance shaping a European audiovisual landscape. As the EU enfolded many of the former communist countries into the bosom of the beautiful Europa, the ideational, conceptual, practical, and enforceability problems of media policies grew exponentially, as Klimkiewicz’s collection clearly demonstrates. The lessons from the overregulated, all-controlling policies of the now defunct...

National Conversations

Author : Karina Horsti
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Public service broadcasting is in the process of evolving into "public service media” as a response to the challenges of digitalization, intensive competition, and financial vulnerability. While many commentators regard public service as being in transition, a central dimension of its mission--to integrate and unify the nation while respecting and representing plurality--is being reemphasized and relegitimated in a political climate where the politics of migration and cultural diversity loom large in public debate. Through a series of thematic chapters and in-depth national case studies, National Conversations examines the reshaping of public service media and the concomitant development of new guiding discourses, policies, and program practices for addressing difference and lived multiculturalism in Europe.

The Media in Europe

Author : Mary Kelly
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Completely rewritten, the Third Edition of this successful guide to European media systems has also been expanded to include Central and Eastern Europe as well as Western Europe. Covering 23 countries, the volume highlights and explains key issues of debate and current tendencies in media policy.

Private Television in Western Europe

Author : K. Donders
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Private Television in Western Europe: Content, Markets, Policies describes, analyses and evaluates the phenomenon of private television in Europe, clustered around the themes of European and national experiences, content and markets, and policies.

Public Service Media and the Law

Author : Karen Donders
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"Contributing to a re-think of public service media, this book combines theoretical insights and legal frameworks with practice, examining theory and policy development in a bottom-up manner. This book is a must read for all scholars who take an interest in public service media, media policy and media systems literature at large. It will also be of interest to practitioners working in government, public service media, and commercial media"--

A Polyvalent Media Policy in the Enlarged European Union

Author : Beata Klimkiewicz
File Size : 88.78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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An impressive work of media and communication scholarship, this meticulouslyresearched book provides comprehensive and authoritative treatment to the developmentof European Union media policy, in all its complexity and competingrationales; it offers a study of EU enlargement and conditionality; and it examinesin detail the EU's impact on the new member states in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), insightfully exploring themes such as content regulation and the promotion of European works, media ownership and media pluralism, the independence ofregulatory agencies, and public service media. Building on a state of the art reviewof existing scholarship on media and communications policy, and offering its ownperspective on comparative approaches to the subject, it makes an original and informed contribution both to theory building and to empirical research. It shouldbe a standard point of reference for the academic, stakeholder and policy communitiesin this field. Peter Humphreys, Professor of Politics, The University of Manchester, UK

The European Union and the Regulation of Media Markets

Author : Alison Harcourt
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National broadcasting and press regulation is undergoing a process of convergence in Europe. This book explains how this process has been shaped by the actions of the European Union (EU) institutions.Alison Harcourt observes that whilst communications is one of the EU's most successful policy areas, European decision-making is eroding the national capacity to regulate for the public interest and has created a situation of regulatory arbitrage in Europe. European-level efforts to protect public interest goals have been constrained by the European Treaties. The author argues that increased European coordination in public interest regulation could be more conducive to growth and competitiveness than the dismantling of existing national laws. This, however, would require changes to the political composition of the European Union.

European Media

Author : Stylianos Papathanassopoulos
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European Media provides a clear, concise account of the structures, dynamics and realities of the changing face of media in Europe. It offers a timely and illuminating appraisal of the issues surrounding the development of new media in Europe and explores debates about the role of the media in the formation of a European public sphere and a European identity. The book argues that Europe offers an ideal context for examining interactions between global, regional and national media processes and its individual chapters consider: the changing structure of the European media; the development of new media; the Europeanization of the media in the region; the challenges for the content; and audiences. Special emphasis is given to the transformation of political communication in Europe and the alleged emergence of a European public sphere and identity. European Media: Structures, Politics and Identity is an invaluable text for courses on media and international studies as well as courses dealing with European and national policy studies. It is also helpful to students, researchers and professionals in the media sector since it combines hard facts with theoretical insight.