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Public School Safety

Author : Joseph P. Hester
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Violence among youth in public schools is one of America’s most pressing concerns. Once thought to be something only inner-city schools faced, it has spread to suburban and rural schools. There are no easy solutions to the problem, but this book explores what administrators and other school officials can do to structure school safety programs to curb student violence. An introduction provides information and statistics about the causes of school violence. Chapter One considers government legislation and resulting initiatives to reduce youth violence and improve classroom discipline. Chapter Two covers strategies for building a school safety program, and offers recommended and tested approaches for creating safety initiatives. Chapter Three provides additional information about school-wide strategies and presents model programs that can be implemented at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Chapter Four examines character-building educational programs and discusses training for teachers and parents. Chapter Five is a directory of organizations, alliances, centers, professional development groups, publications, and websites dealing with school safety.

Anti Communism and Popular Culture in Mid Century America

Author : Cyndy Hendershot
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Not long after the Allied victories in Europe and Japan, America's attention turned from world war to cold war. The perceived threat of communism had a definite and significant impact on all levels of American popular culture, from government propaganda films like Red Nightmare in Time magazine to Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. This work examines representations of anti-communist sentiment in American popular culture from the early fifties through the mid-sixties. The discussion covers television programs, films, novels, journalism, maps, memoirs, and other works that presented anti-communist ideology to millions of Americans and influenced their thinking about these controversial issues. It also points out the different strands of anti-communist rhetoric, such as liberal and countersubversive ones, that dominated popular culture in different media, and tells a much more complicated story about producers' and consumers' ideas about communism through close study of the cultural artifacts of the Cold War.

The Handbook for School Safety and Security

Author : Lawrence Fennelly
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School security is one of the most pressing public concerns today. Yet in most schools, there is little security expertise or detailed knowledge about how to implement and manage a security program. The Handbook for School Safety and Security rectifies this problem by providing the salient information school administrators and security professionals need to address the most important security issues schools face. Made up of contributions from leading experts in school security, The Handbook for School Safety and Security provides a wealth of practical information for securing any K-12 school. It discusses key approaches and best practices for school crime prevention, including such topics as crisis management and mass notification. It also covers the physical measure needed for protecting a school, including detailed discussions of access control, lighting, alarms, and locks. While there is no single fix for the myriad of security challenges facing today’s school security professionals, the best practices found in The Handbook for School Safety and Security will help increase the safety and security of any school. Brings together the collective experience of industry-leading subject matter specialists into one resource. Covers all the key areas needed for developing and implementing a school security program. Includes a list of 100 things to know when developing a school security program.

Educated Public Relations

Author : Stuart Greenbaum
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States Roles in Keeping Schools Safe

Author : Mary Poulin Carlton
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In almost every state, a state agency or organization is charged with playing a little known but important role in keeping schools safe. In some states, there are organizations whose entire responsibility is related to school safety. These are typically referred to as state school safety centers (SSSC). In other states, staff within state agencies (including departments of education, public safety, state police, and others) are responsible for state school safety efforts. Their work reflects the highest safety priorities faced by schools across the nation and parallels some of the weightiest issues facing the criminal justice system today, including the relationship between law enforcement and the community, concerns about firearms violence, procedural justice, and appropriate responses to misbehavior that may be related to trauma or behavioral health. These organizations have the potential to transform how we approach our responsibilities to keep schools and students safe. In February 2016, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) assembled representatives from 20 states for a meeting on state school safety issues in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The purpose of the meeting was to better understand the role of state school safety representatives and learn about their priorities and the challenges they face in doing this work. NIJ is using this information to help shape the activities of the Comprehensive School Safety Initiative (CSSI)--a research-focused initiative with the goal of producing practical knowledge on a wide range of school safety topics in K-12 public and charter schools. Readers of this report should use it to gain insight into the work and perspectives of meeting attendees. NIJ identified participant perspectives using guided panel discussions, open question-and-answer sessions, topic-based breakout groups, and general discussions on school safety priorities and concerns. In addition, the meeting included presentations on CSSI, federal school safety-related data collections, and technical assistance available through the U.S. Department of Education (ED). The agenda, included in the appendix, provides additional details about the meeting.

Crime Violence Discipline and Safety in U S Public Schools

Author : Samantha Neiman
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This report presents findings on crime and violence in U.S. public schools, using data from the 2007-08 School Survey on Crime and Safety (SSOCS:2008). SSOCS provides information about school crime-related topics from the perspective of schools by asking school principals about the frequency of incidents, such as physical attacks, robberies, and thefts, in their schools. Tables in the report contain totals and percentages generated from bivariate cross-tabulation procedures. Many of the variables examined are related to one another, and complex interactions and relationships have not been explored. Reported findings include: (1) During the 2007-08 school year, the rate of violent incidents per 1,000 students was higher in middle schools than in primary schools or high schools; (2) Nine percent of schools reported at least one incident of threat with a weapon; (3) Rate of the distribution, possession, or use of illegal drugs was higher in schools with 1,000 or more students than in schools with lower enrollments; (4) About 13 percent of city schools reported at least one gang crime; (5) About 18 percent of city schools reported that student acts of disrespect for teachers (other than verbal abuse) happen daily or at least once a week; (6) For students involved in the use or possession of a weapon other than a firearm or explosive device at school, the most frequently used disciplinary action was an out-of-school suspension; (7) A lower percentage of schools with 1,000 or more students reported that more than 75 percent of students had a parent or guardian who attended regularly scheduled parent-teacher conferences than did schools with lower enrollments; (8) A higher percentage of schools with minority enrollments of 50 percent or more involved students in resolving student conduct problems as a component of violence prevention programs than did schools with lower minority enrollments; (9) Compared to schools in towns or rural areas, larger percentages of city and suburban schools reported having a written plan for procedures to be followed if the Department of Homeland Security issues a warning for a severe risk of terrorist attack; (10) A higher percentage of middle schools reported drilling students on a written plan describing the procedures to be performed during a shooting than high schools or primary schools; and (11) Among factors that were reported to limit schools' efforts to reduce or prevent crime, lack of or inadequate alternative placements or programs for disruptive students, inadequate funds, and federal/state/district policies on disciplining special education students are most frequently reported. Four appendixes are included: (1) Standard Error Tables; (2) Methodology and Technical Notes; (3) Description of Variables; and (4) 2007-08 School Survey on Crime and Safety Questionnaire. (Contains 18 footnotes and 23 tables.) [For "Crime, Violence, Discipline, and Safety in U.S. Public Schools. Findings from the School Survey on Crime and Safety: 2005-06. NCES 2007-361," see ED498378.].

Role of Law Enforcement in Public School Safety in the United States 2002

Author :
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School Safety

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions
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Safety Education in the Public Schools

Author : Pennsylvania. Department of Education
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School Safety

Author : DIANE Publishing Company
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Provides information about some of the programs used by schools to curb violence. Examines four promising prevention programs, obtaining teacher and student views in these efforts, and reviewed evaluation data on these programs. Identifies key characteristics typically associated with promising school-based violence-prevention programs. Identifies federally sponsored evaluations of violence prevention programs currently in operation.

Careers in School Safety

Author : Keith J. Olexa
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School security can be a pretty tough job, it is not just about patrolling halls and checking in students for the day. Students and faculty today face a lot of potential dangers, including cyberbullying, drug use, and violence. A school resource or security officer is tasked with keeping people safe, taking action when necessary, but also simply mentoring students and helping shape school policy. This comprehensive volume takes career seekers through the ups and downs of training to take on the important job of keeping schools safe. It offers some tips on interviews and resumes and includes real-life experience from those in the field.


Author : Herbert James Stack
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The Comprehensive Handbook of School Safety

Author : E. Scott Dunlap
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In most schools you will probably see one, if not all of the following: Metal detectors to prevent handguns and other weapons from being brought onto school property Students in standardized uniforms to prevent the appearance of gang affiliations Police officers patrolling the property to deter violent activity as well as respond to incidents Such evolutions have forever changed how we view the safety of our students. However, the phrase "school safety" goes beyond these issues of security put in place to protect students, faculty, and staff. Environmental factors also play a role. The Comprehensive Handbook of School Safety expands the dialogue on school safety to comprehensively address the spectrum of safety risks such as bullying, fire safety, playground and transportation safety, and more. Based on research and practical experience, it helps school administrators develop appropriate programs that protect all individuals from harm. Author E. Scott Dunlap brings his experience in OSHA and DOT compliance, behavior-based safety, and organizational safety culture to bear on the issue of school safety. He presents school safety from a holistic perspective and details vulnerability assessment tools and incident investigation forms to help schools develop a comprehensive safety program. By focusing on this range of issues, the book’s dynamic perspective puts the keys to achieving an effective safety program within easy reach.

Annual Report on School Safety

Author :
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Minnesota School Safety Patrol Manual

Author : Minnesota. Department of Public Safety
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School Safety and Security Lessons in Danger

Author : OECD
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Lessons in Danger, the result of a joint OECD-US Department of Education collaboration, provides valuable insight into how school safety and security, particularly in emergency situations, are addressed in over 14 countries.

MCPS School Safety and Security at a Glance 2008 2009

Author : Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), Office of Shared Accountability
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"MCPS School Safety and Security at a Glance" provides, in a single document, information about the reporting of incidents related to school safety and security, school climate, local school safety program descriptions, and serious incidents in all Montgomery County (Maryland) Public Schools. The information is presented for each school. While much of this information is available in various documents produced throughout the year, "MCPS School Safety and Security at a Glance" provides this information in a single comprehensive report in a user-friendly format for stakeholders. "MCPS School Safety and Security at a Glance" is a valuable tool to help monitor accurate reporting of incidents related to school safety and security. It provides a concise, easily understood, and easily accessible snapshot for administrators, teachers, students, and parents for discussion on the best learning environment possible in every school. A glossary of terms and an index are included. [This publication is the result of the efforts of several offices within Montgomery County Public Schools: Office of the Chief Operating Officer, Office of the Deputy Superintendent of Schools, Office of School Performance, Office of the Chief Technology Officer, and Office of Shared Accountability.].

Security Technology in U S Public Schools

Author : Julie Kiernan Coon
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An Elementary and Junior High School Safety Education Guide for Teachers and Administrators

Author : Illinois. Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction
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Making Schools Safe for Students

Author : Peter D. Blauvelt
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This easy-to-access comprehensive manual and interactive CD-ROM gives you all the information and organization you need in a fill-in-the-blanks format to create a safety plan that will never be out of date. CD-ROM is PC and Mac compatible.