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Public Policy and Private Education in Japan

Author : Estelle James
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Private Higher Education and Public Policy in Africa

Author : Isaac Nnamdi Obasi
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Private higher education and public policy are recurring themes in international higher education discourse. In Africa, the field of private higher education is still in its infancy in relation to development in other regions of the world. This in turn, calls for an understanding of its evolution and dynamics both for the benefit of African research community and international stakeholders. Many country-case studies in Africa are still required. This book is a response to this need by focusing on two African countries namely Nigeria (in West Africa) and Botswana (in Southern Africa). The book contributes to the growing stock of knowledge on private higher education in Africa, and thereby, provides a useful basis for validating global generalizations on private higher education. Among the issues discussed are the nature, growth and types of private higher education institutions; state of private higher education in the five sub-regions of Africa; the emergence of private higher education in Nigeria and Botswana; the debate over the desirability of private higher education institutions amidst widespread poverty; ownership profile of private higher education institutions in Nigeria and Botswana; their enrollment capacity and potentials; sustainability questions; effectiveness of quality assurance agencies; and lastly the issue of public policy and the future of private higher education in Africa.

The Nonprofit Sector in International Perspective

Author : Estelle James
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Arising as a market-induced improvement on existing governmental services and competing with the government for customers and resources, nonprofit organizations are a relatively unexplored area of public policy. This collection of essays, written by scholars from a variety of disciplines, adds new dimensions to the theory of nonprofit organizations, and describes the public policies regarding nonprofit organizations that do or should exist in both developing and developed countries. The contributors consider why governments subsidize such organizations, the problems such subsidies create, and the role played, from an international perspective, by religion and other ideological institutions in the founding and managing of nonprofit services.

Routledge International Handbook of Schools and Schooling in Asia

Author : Kerry J. Kennedy
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This comprehensive handbook is the ultimate reference work, providing authoritative and international overviews of all aspects of schools and schooling in Asia. Split into 19 sections it covers curriculum, learning and assessment, private supplementary tutoring, special education, gender issues, ethnic minority education and LGBTQI students in Asian schools. The volume displays the current state of the scholarship for schools and schooling in Asia including emerging, controversial and cutting-edge contributions using a thematic approach. The content offers a broad sweep of the region with a focus on theoretical, cultural and political issues as well as identifying educational issues and priorities, such as curriculum, assessment, teacher education, school leadership, etc., all of which impact students and learning in multiple ways. The Routledge International Handbook of Schools and Schooling in Asia brings together experts in each area to contribute their knowledge, providing a multidimensional and rich view of the issues confronting the region’s school and education systems.

Higher Education Public Good and Markets

Author : Jandhyala B. G. Tilak
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This book critically examines some of the major trends in the development of higher education. It demonstrates how in the context of liberalisation, globalisation and marketisation, the crisis in higher education has assumed different dimensions in all advanced and emerging societies. The author shows how the state tends to slowly withdraw from the responsibility of higher education, including in the arena of policy-making, or simply adopts a policy of laissez-faire (of non-involvement) which helps in the rapid unbridled growth of private sector in higher education. The notion of higher education as a public good is under serious contestation in current times. The book argues for the need to resurrect the compelling nature of higher education along with its several implications for public policy and planning, while providing a broad portrayal of global developments, comparative perspectives and key lessons. The volume will be of interest to scholars and researchers of education, political science, public policy and administration, governance, development studies, economics, and those working in the higher education sectors, think-tanks, policymakers as well as NGOs.

Japanese Schooling

Author : James J. Shields
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The Third Sector

Author : Helmut K. Anheier
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Education Society and Development

Author : Jandhyala B. G. Tilak
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Contributed articles.

Private Schools in Ten Countries

Author : Geoffrey Walford
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First published in 1989, Private Schools in Ten Countries provides a much needed comparative study, examining private schooling in England and Wales, Scotland, the USA, Canada, Australia, France, West Germany, the Netherlands and Japan. The authors, all experts in their field, describe the nature and extent of private schooling in an historical, economic, and social context. They discuss government policy and assess the available evidence on the relationship between attendance at a public school and the maintenance of inequalities in that society. Unique in its discussion of private schooling in a range of countries this book will enable educationists, politicians and policy makers to look beyond the confines of their own country and to give constructive consideration to the variety of ways in which education can be provided and funded

Teachers Unions and the Politics of Education in Japan

Author : Robert W. Aspinall
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A study of Japan's powerful teachers' unions, including an in-depth look at the schism of the largest union in 1989.