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Protecting the Best Men

Author : Norman L. Rosenberg
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This book argues that there exists no natural, evolutionary history of free speech. It also challenges interpretations that rest upon discovering an 'original understanding' about the First Amendment. This interpretive history of the law of libel highlights the complexity and historically rooted nature of legal concepts and legal consciousness in the U. S.

Lethal Imagination

Author : Michael A. Bellesiles
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Examining the role of violence in America's past, this collection of essays explores its history and development from slave patrols in the colonial South to gun ownership in the 20th century. The contributors focus not only on individual acts such as domestic violence, murder, duelling, frontier vigilantism and rape, but also on group and state-led acts such as lynchings, slave uprisings, the establishment of rifle clubs, legal sanctions of heterosexual aggression, and invasive medical experiments on women's bodies.

Protecting His Defiant Innocent

Author : Michelle Smart
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Tempted by her billionaire protector… Traveling to a dangerous Caribbean island to continue her late brother’s charitable work, Francesca Pellegrini finds herself under the protection of security tycoon Felipe Lorenzi. Independent Francesca is infuriated by his commands, but Felipe’s every look invites her to give up her innocence to him… With his body and heart as hard as stone after his military career, Felipe has no time for Francesca’s seductive games. Until this captivating young woman entices him beyond all measure, and this lone wolf decides to throw away his strict rules and take her as his own!

Protecting My Child

Author : Miriam Silver
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Protecting My Child tells the story of Miriam, a young woman who falls in love and later discovers that the man she loves is a stranger with a terrible, destructive secret that threatens not only her life, but the life of their son. For years to come, Miriam will experience an abusive relationship, a bitter divorce, and the turmoil of a court system that fails to do what’s best for herself or her son. Beaten, desperate, and terrified, Miriam takes drastic action… action so drastic that it earns her a place on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. Through epic battles with a corrupt judiciary and personal strife, Miriam will discover a strength she didn’t know she had, and find connection with a God she never before believed in. Through her remarkable story we see the lengths of a mother’s love and the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.

The Chautauquan

Author : Theodore L. Flood
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Protection or Free Trade

Author : Henry George
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Henry George on free trade! The dismal science is being reclaimed, its swamp lands drained, its jungles cleared, sunshine and free air let in; and the cheap publishers are establishing a prosperous settlement on the bogs where the owl but lately was wont to hoot its wisdom to unlistening ears. The singular success of Mr. George is that he has made Political Economy interesting. A vast deal of heresy might well be pardoned to the author who has set the average man thinking over the urgent problems which were recently supposed to constitute the dreariest of the sciences. No writer on Political Economy has approached him in the power of clothing its dry bones with life. Those who deny him the title of a social architect cannot refuse him the claim of being an economic artist. This book has much of the charm which characterized his first great work. 'Protection or Free Trade' takes a grip of the reader such as 'Progress and Poverty' laid upon hosts of men in all walks of life. Those of us who knew that Mr. George has been for a year or more engaged on a book upon this well-handled theme have awaited its appearance with curious wonder, to see whether this threshed-out subject could take on new life at his touch. The miracle is wrought. He has written a book which, whether it convince the reader or not, cannot fail to interest him, and allure him on through its pages with a zest that never flags from title-page to finis. He is really a master of words. This, however, is because he is a master of ideas. He has his subject well in hand when he begins to write. He thinks clearly, and thus speaks clearly. He knows what he means, sees his thought vividly in the sunshine, and thus puts it upon paper so that he who runs may read. He goes straight for the point which he has in view, and strides along in a good, honest Saxon gait which leaves it easy for the plainest man of the people to keep in his footsteps.

Understanding State Constitutions

Author : G. Alan Tarr
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For many Americans, the word "constitution" means just one thing: the national Constitution. According to a recent survey, almost half do not know that individual states also have constitutions. Scholars have also paid little attention to state constitutions, favoring the apparently more dynamic and significant federal scene. G. Alan Tarr seeks to change that in this landmark book. A leading authority on state legal issues, he combines history, law, and political science to present a thorough and long-needed account of the distinct and important role of state constitutions in American life. Tarr shows that state constitutional politics are dominated by three crucial issues with little salience at the national level: the distribution of power among groups and regions within states, the scope of state and local governmental authority, and the relation of the state to economic activity. He explains how state constitutions differ from the national Constitution in treating not only matters of high principle but also such mundane subjects as ski trails and motor vehicle revenues. He also explores why state constitutions, unlike their federal counterpart, have been so frequently amended and replaced. Tarr concludes that the United States not only has a system of dual constitutionalism but also has dual constitutional cultures. Powerfully argued and meticulously researched, the book fills an important gap in political and legal studies and finally gives state constitutions the scholarly attention they richly deserve.

The Role of Private Antitrust Enforcement in Protecting Small Business 1958

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Select Committee on Small Business. Subcommittee on Retailing, Distribution, and Fair Trade Practices
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Includes consideration of legislation to permit private individuals and businesses to obtain damage awards in Federal antitrust actions.

The Role of Private Antitrust Enforcement in Protecting Small Business 1958

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Small Business
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Protecting Molly McCulloch

Author : Dee Holmes
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Loving Dangerously Loving Molly was easy… It wasn't easy protecting Molly McCulloch… Even for ex-cop Hunt Gresham. Emphasis on the ex. But Hunt is dropped back into his old world with a thud when he discovers Molly's brother is a notorious hit man. Can he keep Molly safe from her brother's "colleagues" once they decide she has information about a murder? Molly is no help at all as she sets out to clear her brother's name despite Hunt's warnings. But how can he leave her to her own devices when he realizes how much she really means to him? Loving Dangerously