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Promiscuous Feminist Methodologies in Education

Author : Sara M Childers
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The book marks the circulation of the term "promiscuous feminist methodology" and registers its salience for educational researchers who risk blundering feminist theories and methodologies in chaotic and unbridled ways. The sexism embedded in language is what makes the notion of promiscuous "feminists gone wild" tantalizing, though what the book puts forth is how the messy practice of inquiry transgresses any imposed boundaries or assumptions about what counts as research and feminism. What can researchers do when we realize that theories are not quite enough to respond to our material experiences with people, places, practices, and policies becoming data? As a collection, the book provides how various theories researchers put to work "get dirty" as they are contaminated and re-appropriated by other ways of thinking and doing through (con)texts of messy practices. In this way, gender cannot simply be gender and promiscuous feminist methodologies are always in-the-making and already ahead of what we think they are. This book was originally published as a special issue of the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education.

Promiscuous Feminist Methodologies in Education

Author : Taylor & Francis Group
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The book marks the circulation of the term "promiscuous feminist methodology" and registers its salience for educational researchers who risk blundering feminist theories and methodologies in chaotic and unbridled ways. The sexism embedded in language is what makes the notion of promiscuous "feminists gone wild" tantalizing, though what the book puts forth is how the messy practice of inquiry transgresses any imposed boundaries or assumptions about what counts as research and feminism. What can researchers do when we realize that theories are not quite enough to respond to our material experiences with people, places, practices, and policies becoming data? As a collection, the book provides how various theories researchers put to work "get dirty" as they are contaminated and re-appropriated by other ways of thinking and doing through (con)texts of messy practices. In this way, gender cannot simply be gender and promiscuous feminist methodologies are always in-the-making and already ahead of what we think they are. This book was originally published as a special issue of the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education.

Research Methods for Social Justice and Equity in Education

Author : Kamden K. Strunk
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This textbook presents an integrative approach to thinking about research methods for social justice. In today's education landscape, there is a growing interest in scholar-activism and ways of doing research that advances educational equity. This text provides a foundational overview of important theoretical and philosophical issues specific to this kind of work in Section I. In Section II, readers engage with various ways of thinking about, collecting, and analyzing data, including qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches. Finally, in Section III, through case studies and research narratives, readers will learn about real scholars and their work. This book takes a wide-ranging approach to ways that various modalities and practices of research can contribute to an equity mission.

Decolonial Feminist Research

Author : Jeong-eun Rhee
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In Decolonial Feminist Research: Haunting, Rememory and Mothers, Jeong-eun Rhee embarks on a deeply personal inquiry that is demanded by her dead mother’s haunting rememory and pursues what has become her work/life question: What methodologies are available to notice and study a reality that exceeds and defies modern scientific ontology and intelligibility? Rhee is a Korean migrant American educational qualitative researcher, who learns anew how to notice, feel, research, and write her mother’s rememory across time, geography, languages, and ways of knowing and being. She draws on Toni Morrison's concept of "rememory" and Theresa Hak Kyung Cha's "fragmented-multi self." Using various genres such as poems, dialogues, fictions, and theories, Rhee documents a multi-layered process of conceptualizing, researching, and writing her (m/others’) transnational rememory as a collective knowledge project of intergenerational decolonial feminists of color. In doing so, the book addresses the following questions: How can researchers write in the name and practice of research what can never be known or narrated with logic and reason? What methodologies can be used to work through and with both personal and collective losses, wounds, and connections that have become y/our questions? Rhee shows how to feel connectivity and fragmentation as/of self not as binary but as constitutive through rememory and invites readers to explore possibilities of decolonial feminist research as an affective bridge to imagine, rememory, and engender healing knowledge. Embodied onto-epistemologies of women of color haunt and thus demand researchers to contest and cross the boundary of questions, topics, methodologies, and academic disciplinary knowledge that are counted as relevant, appropriate, and legitimate within a dominant western science regime. This book is for qualitative researchers and feminism scholars who are pursuing these kinds of boundary-crossing "personal" inquiries.

Gender Issues in Technical and Vocational Education Programs

Author : Bala, Shashi
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As the economic growth and social development of a nation is reliant on its workforce, it is essential to increase the workforce’s employability through technical and vocational education. Through these programs, the nation’s workers will be able to acquire skills and flexibility in order to navigate across sectors of the economy and industry. However, due to gender disparities and socioeconomic statuses within society, women from a lower economic background are unable to gain access to these programs, hindering their career development and economic independence. Gender Issues in Technical and Vocational Education Programs is an essential critical resource that probes the issue of gender equity in specialized educational programs, such as vocational or technical education programs. It also presents global initiatives that are being undertaken to enhance the access to technical and vocational education programs to all citizens. Divided into two sections, this publication provides comprehensive coverage on understanding human resource skilling through vocational and training programs and promoting gender equity through skill development, making it an ideal resource for academicians, researchers, social scientists, educators, policymakers, government officials, and professionals.

Post Critical Methodologies The Science Possible After the Critiques

Author : Patti Lather
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In the World Library of Educationalists series, international experts themselves compile career-long collections of what they judge to be their finest pieces – extracts from books, key articles, salient research findings, major theoretical and practical contributions – so the world can read them in a single manageable volume. Readers will be able to follow the themes and strands and see how their work contributes to the development of the field. (Post)Critical Methodologies forms a chronology through the texts and concepts that span Patti Lather’s career. Examining (post)critical, feminist and poststructural theories, Lather’s work is organized into thematic sections that span her 35 years of study in this field. These sections include original contributions formed from Lather’s feminism and critical theory background. They contain her most cited works on feminist research and pedagogy, and form a collection of both early and recent writings on the post and post-post, with a focus on critical policy studies and the future of post-qualitative work. With a focus on the implications for qualitative inquiry given the call for scientifically based research in education, this compelling overview moves through Lather’s progressive thoughts on bridging the gap between quantitative and qualitative research in education and provides a unique commentary on some of the most important issues in higher education over the last 30 years. This compilation of Lather's contribution to educational thinking will prove compelling reading to all those engaged in student learning in higher education worldwide.

Feminist Community Engagement

Author : S. Iverson
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Contributors to this volume demonstrate how a feminist approach is strategically necessary for the community engagement movement in higher education to achieve its goals and illustrate the transformative potential of merging feminist theory with social action.

Critical Qualitative Inquiry

Author : Gaile S Cannella
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Critical approaches to qualitative research have made a significant impact on research practice over the past decade. This comprehensive volume of contemporary, original articles places this trend in its historical context, describes the current landscape of critical work, and considers the future of this turn. The book-includes contributions from some of the leading qualitative researchers on three continents;-consists of big-picture articles that describe the dimensions of this research tradition;-situates critical qualitative inquiry in the overall development and landscape of qualitative research.

Producing Pleasure in the Contemporary University

Author : Stewart Riddle
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Academics working in contemporary universities are experiencing unprecedented and unsustainable pressure in an environment of hyper-performativity, metrics and accountability. From this perspective, the university produces multiple tensions and moments of crises, where it seems that there is limited space left for the intrinsic enjoyment arising from scholarly practices. This book offers a global perspective on how pleasure is central to the endeavours of academics working in the contemporary university, with contributors evaluating the opportunities for the strategic refusal of the quantifying, stultifying and stupefying delimiters of what is possible for academic production. The aim of this book is to open up spaces for conversation, reflection and thought, in order to think, to be and to do differently – pleasurably. Contributors rupture the bounds of what is permissible and possible within their daily lives, habits and practices. As such, this book addresses increasingly significant questions. What are some of the multiple and different ways that we can reclaim pleasure and enhance the durations and intensities of our passions, desires and becomings within the contemporary university? How might these aspirations be realised? What are the spaces for the pleasurable production of research that might be opened up? How might we reconfigure the neoliberal university to be a place of more affect, where desire, laughter and joy join with the work that we seek to undertake and the communities whom we serve?

Becoming Earth

Author : Anne Reinertsen
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Becoming earth is about how we can write and tell stories in a way that allows us to collaborate and be stewards and partners of the (natural) world – our earth – rather than dominators of it. That is what this assemblage is about: about trying to take seriously the minor politics of sensing, experimenting with questions of attending and attuning to difference, contestation, nomadism, relationality, and permeability in sensing cultivating muchness, newness, communities of acceptance and decision making. Going beyond the binaries, dualisms, instrumentalist criteria, etc., and supplying third space conceptions of agency not tied to human action alone, but rather examining human and more-than human relational assemblages of affecting and being affected. The tasks for educators becoming not merely people who pass on traditions, institutions, systems and/or structures, but prepare for future contingent events ultimately creates vital pedagogies of many prospects in our classrooms and exceeds forms of contracts between generations. These are embodied ecologies and/or enacting ecologies in practice showing the practical and political strength of new materialisms and presenting its potential and usefulness to simultaneously work and analyse local and global political strategies and sustainability. Making virtuality productive as a form of life: our wonderings are thus always stronger than our assertions. The sometimes fierce stories in this book might light some paths.

Reconceptualizing Qualitative Research

Author : Mirka Koro-Ljungberg
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Reconceptualizing Qualitative Research: Methodologies without Methodology calls for qualitative research that is complex, situational, theoretically situated, and yet productive. Author Mirka Koro-Ljungberg challenges ideas about data, research design, and researcher responsibility that are often taken for granted, provoking readers to rethink beliefs, paradigms, processes, and methodological frameworks. Written in a clear, conversational style, the book compels readers to think about qualitative research differently—often in creative ways—and to continuously question existing narratives and dogmas.

Theatricalising Narrative Research on Women Casual Academics

Author : Gail Crimmins
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This book presents the research journey involved in sensitively unearthing and re-presenting the lived experience of women casual academics. The author weaves the as yet unvoiced stories of women casual academics with a reflective account of a narrative inquiry process. In doing so, she both critiques and offers an alternative to masculine and traditional academic discourse, and demonstrates the power of imagistic and theatrical communication. The book situates the felt human and post-human experience/s of narrative research alongside the philosophical and theoretical research practices encountered in an arts-informed narrative research project. Thus, the author establishes valuable frameworks for planning, undertaking and evaluating arts-informed narrative research; a growing and vibrant area of education research. This innovative work will be of interest to feminist researchers, teachers and supervisors, as well as students and scholars of women casual academics.

Social Games and Identity in the Higher Education Workplace

Author : Michelle Addison
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We all play games at work – but have you ever wondered how your identity becomes bound up with game playing? This book is about employees in the Higher Education workplace and it provides an interpretation of why people act the way they do at work as an expression of game playing. It offers an insight into how people try to adapt and fit in at work by looking at how value is attached to certain identities through the lens of class and gender. The figure of the 'chav', the 'emotional woman', 'The Grafter', and 'Mrs. Bucket', are explored in detail as representations of what kinds of people are permitted, or not, to fit in at work. These identities are topical, and may even be familiar to readers, but the author’s analysis of them challenges why they exist, what function these identities serve at work, and who is able to deploy and inscribe them as part of the games people play at work.

Neoliberalization Universities and the Public Intellectual

Author : Heather Fraser
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This book employs an an intersectional feminist approach to highlight how research and teaching agendas are being skewed by commercialized, corporatized and commodified values and assumptions implicit in the neoliberalization of the academy. The authors combine 50 years of academic experience and focus on species, gender and class as they document the hazardous consequences of seeing people as instruments and knowledge as a form of capital. Personal-political examples are provided to illustrate some of the challenges but also opportunities facing activist scholars trying to resist neoliberalism. Heartfelt, frank, and unashamedly emotional, the book is a rallying cry for academics to defend their role as public intellectuals, to work together with communities, including those most negatively affected by neoliberalism and the corportatization of knowledge.

Crafting Collaborative Research Methodologies

Author : Christina Hee Pedersen
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Crafting Collaborative Research Methodologies demonstrates a number of collaborative, visual and narrative methods that explore the promises and the ethical, relational complexities inherent in collaborative research. It engages with both the potentials and complexities of doing collaborative analysis and offers a medley of methods for analysis. These methods revolve around co-produced texts from Peru, Denmark and Bolivia, and involve images, memory work and practical approaches to intersectionality thinking. Through detailed explorations of the complex interweaving of issues of meaning-making, difference and the co-production of knowledges, dynamics of social exclusion and segregation become visible in the nexus between evocation and interpretation. Christina Hee Pedersen takes up the poststructuralist challenge of including researcher subjectivity as part of the analysis and, through a lively writing style, the reader is invited to engage in this analysis of the performativity of selves. This book can inspire analytical thinking for researchers and advanced students interested in expanding the rich dialogues among feminists doing poststructuralist and interdisciplinary inquiry, and for all students of qualitative and collaborative methodologies.

The Politics of Weight

Author : Amelia Morris
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This book speaks to the politics of weight through an interrogation of dieting, power and the body. In feminist theory, there is no greater site of contestation than that of the body, and Morris explores how these debates often become centred upon a dichotomy between oppression and liberation. Whilst there is a vast diversity of scholarship that challenges this binary including post-colonial, post-structuralist and Marxist feminist work, the dichotomy nevertheless endures. The Politics of Weight argues that the ‘feminine’ body is not simply a site of oppression or liberation by drawing upon the intersections that exist between Foucault’s Discipline and Punish and post-structuralist feminist work on the body. This provides a unique lens for exploring weight. Through in-depth analysis of interviews with women who seemingly sit on either side of the ‘oppression’ and ‘liberation’ debate, members of dieting clubs and fat activists, the book highlights the complexities that surround women’s relationship to weight and the body. Likewise it draws upon the wealth of black feminist scholarship to explore the discourses surrounding Oprah Winfrey’s dieting ‘journey,’ seeking to demonstrate how discipline and race interact and how this plays out in dieting and weight. The Politics of Weight will be of interest to students and scholars across a range of disciplines, including gender studies, sociology, geography and political science.

Celebrity Memoir

Author : Hannah Yelin
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In this timely analysis of the economics of access that surround contemporary female celebrity, Hannah Yelin reveals a culture that requires women to be constantly ‘baring all’ in physical exposure and psychic confessions. As famous women tell their story, in their ‘own words’, constellations of ghostwriters, intermediaries and market forces undermine assertions of authorship and access to the ‘real’ woman behind the public image. Yelin’s account of the presence of the ghostwriter offers a fascinating microcosm of the wider celebrity machine, with insights pertinent to all celebrity mediation. Yelin surveys life-writing genres including fiction, photo-diary, comic-strip, and art anthology, as well as more ‘traditional’ autobiographical forms; covering a wide range of media platforms and celebrity contexts including reality TV, YouTube, pop stardom, and porn/glamour modelling. Despite this diversity, Yelin reveals seemingly inescapable conventions, as well as spaces for resistance. Celebrity Memoir: from Ghostwriting to Gender Politics offers new insights on the curtailment of women’s voices, with ramifications for literary studies of memoir, feminist media studies, celebrity studies, and work on the politics of production in the creative industries.

The Spectre of Promiscuity

Author : Christian Klesse
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Wide-ranging research suggests that partners in gay male and bisexual relationships do not necessarily expect monogamy, or see it as an important issue. Although the frequency of gay male and bisexual non-monogamous partnerships tends to be widely acknowledged in social science literature, these relationships have rarely been explored in more detail. By providing rich empirical data, thoughtful analysis and theoretical debate, this book makes a significant contribution to the sociological literature on sexual and intimate relationships. More specifically it explores the diversity of gay male and bisexual relationship practices in the context of heteronormative citizenship and intra-social movement conflict, and highlights the complexity of power relations that circumscribe queer people's relationships and sexual lives. Written in an accessible and engaging manner, The Spectre of Promiscuity provides important insights for further studies on sexual culture, discourse, citizenship, politics and ethics.

Urban Educational Identity

Author : Sara M. Childers
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WINNER 2017 O.L. Davis, Jr. AATC Outstanding Book in Education Award WINNER 2017 American Educational Studies Association Critics Choice Award Through rich ethnographic detail, Urban Educational Identity captures the complexities of urban education by documenting the everyday practices of teaching and learning at a high-achieving, high-poverty school. Drawing on over two years of intensive fieldwork and analysis, author Sara M. Childers shows how students, teachers, and parents work both within and against traditional deficit discourses to demonstrate the challenges and paradoxes of urban schooling. It offers an up-close description of how macro-government policies are interpreted, applied, and even subverted for better or worse by students as active agents in their own education. The book moves on to develop and analyze the concept of "urban cachet," tracing how conceptions of race and class were deeply entwined with the very practices for success that propelled students towards graduation and college entrance. A poignant, insightful, and practical analysis, Urban Educational Identity is a timely exploration of how race and class continue to matter in schools.

Critical Approaches to Education Policy Analysis

Author : Michelle D. Young
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This volume informs the growing number of educational policy scholars on the use of critical theoretical frameworks in their analyses. It offers insights on which theories are appropriate within the area of critical educational policy research and how theory and method interact and are applied in critical policy analyses. Highlighting how different critical theoretical frameworks are used in educational policy research to reshape and redefine the way scholars approach the field, the volume offers work by emerging and senior scholars in the field of educational policy who apply critical frameworks to their research. The chapters examine a wide range of current educational policy topics through different critical theoretical lenses, including critical race theory, critical discourse analysis, postmodernism, feminist poststructuralism, critical theories related to LGBTQ issues, and advocacy approaches.