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Project Management for Facility Constructions

Author : Alberto De Marco
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This book describes concepts, methods and practical techniques for managing projects to develop constructed facilities in the fields of oil & gas, power, infrastructure, architecture and the commercial building industries. It is addressed to a broad range of professionals willing to improve their management skills and designed to help newcomers to the engineering and construction industry understand how to apply project management to field practice. Also, it makes project management disciplines accessible to experts in technical areas of engineering and construction. In education, this text is suitable for undergraduate and graduate classes in architecture, engineering and construction management, as well as for specialist and professional courses in project management.

Code of Practice for Project Management for Construction and Development

Author : CIOB (The Chartered Institute of Building)
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In 1991 the Chartered Institute of Building initiated amulti-institute task force and a Code of Practice for ProjectManagement was published in 1992, with a second edition in 1996.Like previous editions, this third edition has been substantiallyrevised to embody the results of intensive consultation between theCIOB and representatives of the professional bodies concerned withconstruction and development. The Code is divided into two sections: the first covers eight stages associated with projects frominception to completion, each one well supported with diagrams,flowcharts and checklists the second section contains a project handbook, complete withguidance documentation and checklists. The third edition features new guidance on: project planning EU procurement procedures performance management plan partnering project risk assessment environmental impact assessment procurement options and value for money framework. Effective project management involves the assessment andmanagement of risk, and this is a strong theme throughout theCode. The Code of Practice provides an authoritative guide to theprinciples and practice of construction project management. It willbe a key reference source for clients, contractors andprofessionals, irrespective of the size and nature of the project.Much of the information is also relevant to project managers inother commercial spheres. On the last edition The code is an outstanding example of collaboration betweenkey professional industry bodies working in a team … itrepresents a significant step forward … to help achievesuccessful outcomes for both clients and the constructionindustry. Sir Michael Latham I strongly recommend this valuable multi-institutional codeof practice to all who are involved in construction projectmanagement and development Sir Stuart Lipton

Project Management for Construction

Author : Chris Hendrickson
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Veterans Administration Medical Facility Construction Program

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Veterans' Affairs
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Construction Project Management

Author : K K Chitkara
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?Construction Project Management provides a thorough understanding of construction project management techniques with the help of various concepts, practical insight, real-life examples and skills to execute large and small projects. Broadly, this comprehensive book is organized in 5 parts: ? Introducing Construction Project Management ? Developing Project Construction Time Schedule ? Developing Project Resources Plans ? Planning and Budgeting Construction Costs ? Controlling Project Construction Plan Focusing on project planning, scheduling and controlling techniques, the 3rd Edition covers the practical application of the knowledge and skills required to plan and control construction project scope, time, resources, cost, risk and integration using project management technique.

Project Management for Building Construction

Author : Hans Sommer
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Preface Construction has turned into an ever more complex At major structural engineering projects, project mesh of relationships between increasingly accelerating participants from the most different areas of interests processes, decisions and actions. At the same time, and knowledge gather in one place: Architects, project however, there is a development toward sustainable managers and specialized planners, representatives design that leads to buildings providing the best possible of the client, of the relevant authorities and also from connection of functionality and architecture, energy the building and construction industry. Communication ef? ciency and healthy construction materials that can dif? culties cannot be ruled out in such a heteroge- be recycled while at the same time also achieving the ous circle. It is, hence, one of ? rst aims of this book, best possible economical bene? ts. to outline both the participants and the process of structural engineering projects – for planning and con- Following its modest beginnings, the Drees & Sommer struction – by using striking examples to describe them corporation has grown in this area and for over 35 years clearly. Furthermore, the essential management tasks now has been signi? cantly contributing to the develop- and possible management variants are explained. ment of modern project management while always putting an emphasis on innovation when it came to With this book, I would like to thank all employees management method.

Construction Project Management

Author : Peter Fewings
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The role of the project manager continues to evolve, presenting new challenges to established practitioners and those entering the field for the first time. This second edition of Peter Fewings' groundbreaking textbook has been thoroughly revised to recognise the increasing importance of sustainability and lean construction in the construction industry. It also tackles the significance of design management, changing health and safety regulation, leadership and quality for continuous improvement of the service and the product. Using an integrated project management approach, emphasis is placed on the importance of effectively handling external factors in order to best achieve an on-schedule, on-budget result, as well as good negotiation with clients and skilled team leadership. Its holistic approach provides readers with a thorough guide in how to increase efficiency and communication at all stages while reducing costs, time and risk. Short case studies are used throughout the book to illustrate different tools and techniques. Combining the theories underpinning best practice in construction project management, with a wealth of practical examples, this book is uniquely valuable for practitioners and clients as well as undergraduate and graduate students for construction project management.

Communicating Project Management

Author : Hal Mooz
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This integrated dictionary includes almost 2,000 terms in both project management and system engineering and software engineering by extension defined in a way that seamlessly integrates these overlapping and intertwined fields. Supported by illustrations and explanations that offer a practical context for the terminology, this one-of-a-kind resource bridges the gap between the separate vocabularies of these intersecting disciplines. Far more than a dictionary, this book includes reference sections that address the special problems of and techniques for communicating in the project environment.

An Information System Model for Construction Project Management in University Facility Departments

Author : William J. Whitbeck
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Construction Project Management

Author : Kumar Neeraj Jha
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Construction Project Management deals with different facets of construction management emphasizing the basic concepts that any engineering student is supposed to know. The major principles of project management have been derived through real life case studies from the field. Simplified examples have been used to facilitate better understanding of the concepts before going into the large and complex problems. The book features computer applications (Primavera and MS Project) used to explain planning, scheduling, resource leveling, monitoring and reporting; it is highly illustrated with line dia.

Safety in the Underground Construction and Operation of the Exploratory Studies Facility at Yucca Mountain

Author : National Research Council
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Yucca Mountain, located on the Nevada Test Site, is being considered as a potential repository site for spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste. To determine the suitability of Yucca Mountain as a repository, the Department of Energy constructed an underground Exploratory Studies Facility (ESF) where tests and experiments will be performed. This book addresses safety issues which will impact the construction and operation of the ESF and other similar underground facilities. The authors discuss proactive strategies for underground safety management with an emphasis on planning for safety, safety regulations, and the enforcement of such regulations. Also included are illustrations of successful approaches in creating a safe environment for those who work underground.

Project Management

Author : Kimmons
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"Highlighting the practical side of real-life project execution, this massive reference stresses project management as an independent profession--detailing the varied applications where project management is used and examining the numerous and diverse project management responsibilities and tools. "

Total Project Management of Construction Safety Health and Environment

Author : European Construction Institute
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This book provides an extensive list of factors that should be considered on all construction related projects, whilst highlighting, with the aid of worked examples, the key areas that will make the most significant contribution to success. It also provides details on the very latest UK legislation. Including the recent CDM Regulations and European Directives, it: provides a framework for the development of pro-active management of Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) in the construction industry; describes a systematic approach to construction SHE management which promotes continuing improvement in SHE performance in all construction activities; and defines the minimum She objectives to be considered during each construction activity.

Project Management for the Process Industries

Author : Gillian Lawson
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Industry is dependent on projects to develop new and improved products and processes for producing them, necessitating the need for them to be completed right first time and on time. Objectives, safety, environmental awareness, quality, cost and speed are all things which need to be considered when implementing a project, which is why process plants have project managers/engineers. This book is aimed at everyone who has responsibilities for some or all of a project, giving a better understanding of the subject. It describes best practice and offers guidance on how principles and techniques can be applied to all aspects of a projects. This information is presented in chapters arranged in three sections: phases of a project; tools and techniques relevant at every stage; and skills and knowledge required by the project manager.

Construction Project Management

Author : Joe F. McCarthy
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".. integrates business knowledge, principles and practices of project managment and construction management... will help you achieve a strategic vision, continuously improve construction operations and manage industrial, commercial and institutional projects from conception to occupancy." -- Publisher's description.

Project Management The Secrets of Success

Author : Philip R. Moncrief
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Project Management is a broad subject and there have been many excellent books written on the subject. Some are encyclopedic in content. This book is not. Project Managers have little free time and they don’t generally spend it reading books on Project Management. Project Management – The Secrets of Success is a book of important topics and guidelines for the Project Manager - a book that can be read while traveling or referred to as an issue arises. Project Management is THE critical skill in the engineering and construction world. Most Presidents and senior managers of engineering and construction companies are former project managers. Even in the Owner organizations, excellent project managers position themselves for senior management roles. Why? Because managing a project is fundamentally business management – starting, staffing, running and shutting down a business - excellent preparation for company management. Project Management can be boiled down to 10 Project Management Commandments. Following these ten commandments alone will not make a Project Manager successful; but, poor performance in any of these areas usually results in failure. 1. Safety – first, last and always 2. Contract – know it – follow it 3. Quality – good jobs have high quality 4. Schedule – no excuses 5. Basic Project Data – verify, then use 6. Be Completion Driven 7. Quantities – manage them 8. Money – guard it – ours or the Client’s 9. Lead – clearly show the way 10. Client Relationship – you have the responsibility Project Management – The Secrets of Success expands each of these topics in detail. The book is not a primer on Project Management; it builds on the knowledge of experienced Project Managers and provides them guidelines and coaching to improve project performance. Project Management – The Secrets of Success also discusses the skills necessary to become an excellent Project manager. They include: · Leadership - giving proper direction and following progress on a detailed level. · Insight – being able to understand the status and direction of a project from limited data – relying on experience and intuition to root out problems. · Consensus building - seeking alignment from your team and with your Client. Getting all needed input before making decisions. · Communication skills including oral reporting, written communications and presentation skills. · Building excellent Client relationships. · Project risk - how to recognize it and how to mitigate it. · How to keep a project on schedule. · Project costs - understanding them in detail and monitoring and correcting poor cost performance. · Knowledge of contracts - what the key issues are and how to roll down the prime contract terms to subcontractors and vendors. · Understanding construction and being able to drive engineering, design and procurement to support the field. · Knowing and championing Safety - in design and in execution. · Being an outspoken advocate for Quality. Every experienced Project Manager will benefit from the lessons of Project Management - The Secrets of Success.

Practical Project Management for Building and Construction

Author : Hans Ottosson
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Practical Project Management for Building and Construction covers the 14 knowledge areas of project management that are essential for successful projects in the construction industry. For each knowledge area, it explains the processes for scope, time, risk, cost, and resource management. Filled with work and process flow diagrams, it demonstrates h

Sterile Product Facility Design and Project Management Second Edition

Author : Jeffrey N. Odum
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Knowing how to deal with the regulatory issues, understanding the impacts of cleanliness, and recognizing the affect that poor facility layout will have on GMP spaces are only some of the issues an experienced Project Manager must focus on. Completely revised and updated, Sterile Product Facility Design and Project Management, Second Edition provides comprehensive guidance on how to develop and execute biotech and other sterile drug facilities based on current industry best practices. Each chapter highlights a specific issue centered on managing biotech facilities projects in a GMP environment. The author uses real-world examples of common industry practice to lead you through the idiosyncrasies of a biotech project in an effort to answer some of the more common, and often perplexing, questions that can stand in the way of success. You get a mini seminar on each topic covered. Breaking the project life-cycle into four phases, the text takes you through each phase from the Project Manager's viewpoint. Unlike other books that cover design, technology, and validation in general terms, this book addresses the industry specific issues that make biotech facilities so costly and difficult to deliver. It puts the pieces of the puzzle together in a manner that increases your opportunity for success.

Facilities Change Management

Author : Edward Finch
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Modern organisations are subject to continual change - technologies evolve, organisational structures are modified, people and underlying cultures are transformed. Yet the facilities that organisations occupy are static and can impede the changes that are essential to organisational survival. The response to change in terms of property and support services is often too little too late - leading to facilities that do not support organisational reality. The facilities management team is thus constantly challenged to bridge the gap between what an organisation has and what it needs. Facilities Change Management is a practical evaluation of the management of change for facilities managers and related professions. It considers: the forces of change affecting facilities decisions the obstacles to change at a resource level and human level the effective implementation of change the human aspect of change Each of these is considered in relation to modern facilities management issues. The discussion will enable practising facilities managers, project managers, surveyors, service providers and architects to understand, engage with and manage facilities change effectively at a strategic level. Through real-life case studies it demonstrates the complexities of change and hidden elements of change that may undermine carefully planned projects.

Handbook of Liquefied Natural Gas

Author : Saeid Mokhatab
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Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a commercially attractive phase of the commodity that facilitates the efficient handling and transportation of natural gas around the world. The LNG industry, using technologies proven over decades of development, continues to expand its markets, diversify its supply chains and increase its share of the global natural gas trade. The Handbook of Liquefied Natural Gas is a timely book as the industry is currently developing new large sources of supply and the technologies have evolved in recent years to enable offshore infrastructure to develop and handle resources in more remote and harsher environments. It is the only book of its kind, covering the many aspects of the LNG supply chain from liquefaction to regasification by addressing the LNG industries’ fundamentals and markets, as well as detailed engineering and design principles. A unique, well-documented, and forward-thinking work, this reference book provides an ideal platform for scientists, engineers, and other professionals involved in the LNG industry to gain a better understanding of the key basic and advanced topics relevant to LNG projects in operation and/or in planning and development. Highlights the developments in the natural gas liquefaction industries and the challenges in meeting environmental regulations Provides guidelines in utilizing the full potential of LNG assets Offers advices on LNG plant design and operation based on proven practices and design experience Emphasizes technology selection and innovation with focus on a “fit-for-purpose design Updates code and regulation, safety, and security requirements for LNG applications