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Progressive Reading Education in America

Author : Patrick Shannon
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Cover -- Half Title -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Table of Contents -- Preface: The Struggle -- 1. Introduction: Then and Now -- Traditional Reading Lessons -- The Struggle for the Reading Curriculum -- Humanists -- A Child-Centered Approach -- Scientific Management -- Social Reconstruction -- Power Within this Struggle -- History -- Progressive -- Justice -- Democracy -- 2. Intellectual Roots -- John Amos Comenius -- Jean Jacques Rousseau -- Mary Wollstonecraft -- Johan Pestalozzi -- Friedrich Froebel -- Frederick Douglass -- Well-established Principles of Teaching -- 3. The Quincy Method in Context -- Portraits of the Public School System -- 4. John Dewey and the Schools of Tomorrow -- Dewey's Vision for Education -- The Laboratory School -- Schools of Tomorrow -- 5. Self and Society -- Child-Centered Pedagogy -- Play -- Emotions -- Self-Direction -- Analyses of Child-Centered Schools -- Social Reconstructionist Pedagogy -- Curriculum -- Literacy -- Equality -- Collaboration -- Agency -- Progressive Reading Instruction -- 6. All In -- Renewed Critiques of Traditional Schooling -- Reading Instruction in Alternative Settings -- The Process of Reading/Learning to Read -- The Process of Writing and Learning to Write -- The Whole Language Umbrella -- Critical Literacy -- Rethinking Schools -- 7. Variations on a Theme -- Cannot Be Traditionally Taught -- Communities In Which They Live -- Accessible to More Children -- Needs to be Lived ... and Move To (Too!) -- Participate in the World with New Mindsets, Identities, and Practices -- Doing School Differently -- 8. Conclusion: To Continue -- What We're Up Against -- In Reading Education -- The Struggle to Continue -- References -- Index

Progressive Reading Education in America

Author : Patrick Shannon
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Through firsthand accounts of classroom practices, this new book ties 130 years of progressive education to social justice work. Based on their commitments to the principle of the equal moral worth of all people, progressive teachers have challenged the obstacles of schooling that prevent some people from participating as full partners in social life in and out of the classroom and have constructed classroom and social arrangements that enable all to participate as peers in the decisions that influence their lives. Progressive reading education has been and remains key to these ties, commitments, challenges, and constructions. The three goals in this book are to show that there are viable and worthy alternatives to the current version of "doing school"; to provide evidence of how progressive teachers have accommodated expanding notions of social justice across time, taking up issues of economic distribution of resources during the first half of the 20th century, adding the cultural recognition of the civil rights of more groups during the second half, and now, grappling with political representation of groups and individuals as national boundaries become porous; and to build coalitions around social justice work among advocates of differing, but complementary, theories and practices of literacy work. In progressive classrooms from Harlem to Los Angeles and Milwaukee to Fairhope, Alabama, students have used reading in order to make sense of and sense in changing times, working across economic, cultural, and political dimensions of social justice. Over 100 teacher stories invite readers to join the struggle to continue the pursuit of a just democracy in America.

Handbook of Reading Research Volume III

Author : Michael L. Kamil
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In Volume III, as in Volumes I and II, the classic topics of reading are included--from vocabulary and comprehension to reading instruction in the classroom--and, in addition, each contributor was asked to include a brief history that chronicles the legacies within each of the volume's many topics. However, on the whole, Volume III is not about tradition. Rather, it explores the verges of reading research between the time Volume II was published in 1991 and the research conducted after this date. The editors identified two broad themes as representing the myriad of verges that have emerged since Volumes I and II were published: (1) broadening the definition of reading, and (2) broadening the reading research program. The particulars of these new themes and topics are addressed.

America Annuals of Education V 1 4 Jan 18260 Dec 1829 New Ser V 1 No 1 5 Jan July 1830 3d Ser V 1 9 Aug 1830 Dec 1839

Author : William Russell
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American Education

Author :
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Reading Writing and Justice

Author : James W. Fraser
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This is a book for teachers, parents, and other concerned citizens who care about public education, who want schools to be democratic in the best sense, and who seek argumentative ammunition for defending schools and for placing school issues within the larger framework of the long struggle to keep and expand democracy in the United States.

Illiteracy in America

Author : National Advisory Council on Adult Education (U.S.). Literacy Committee
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Resources in Education

Author :
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A History of the Book in America

Author : Carl F. Kaestle
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In a period characterized by expanding markets, national consolidation, and social upheaval, print culture picked up momentum as the nineteenth century turned into the twentieth. Books, magazines, and newspapers were produced more quickly and more cheaply, reaching ever-increasing numbers of readers. Volume 4 of A History of the Book in America traces the complex, even contradictory consequences of these changes in the production, circulation, and use of print. Contributors to this volume explain that although mass production encouraged consolidation and standardization, readers increasingly adapted print to serve their own purposes, allowing for increased diversity in the midst of concentration and integration. Considering the book in larger social and cultural networks, essays address the rise of consumer culture, the extension of literacy and reading through schooling, the expansion of secondary and postsecondary education and the growth of the textbook industry, the growing influence of the professions and their dependence on print culture, and the history of relevant technology. As the essays here attest, the expansion of print culture between 1880 and 1940 enabled it to become part of Americans' everyday business, social, political, and religious lives. Contributors: Megan Benton, Pacific Lutheran University Paul S. Boyer, University of Wisconsin-Madison Una M. Cadegan, University of Dayton Phyllis Dain, Columbia University James P. Danky, University of Wisconsin-Madison Ellen Gruber Garvey, New Jersey City University Peter Jaszi, American University Carl F. Kaestle, Brown University Nicolas Kanellos, University of Houston Richard L. Kaplan, ABC-Clio Publishing Marcel Chotkowski LaFollette, Washington, D.C. Elizabeth Long, Rice University Elizabeth McHenry, New York University Sally M. Miller, University of the Pacific Richard Ohmann, Wesleyan University Janice A. Radway, Duke University Joan Shelley Rubin, University of Rochester Jonathan D. Sarna, Brandeis University Charles A. Seavey, University of Missouri, Columbia Michael Schudson, University of California, San Diego William Vance Trollinger Jr., University of Dayton Richard L. Venezky (1938-2004) James L. W. West III, Pennsylvania State University Wayne A. Wiegand, Florida State University Michael Winship, University of Texas at Austin Martha Woodmansee, Case Western Reserve University

Historical Dictionary of American Education

Author : Richard J. Altenbaugh
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Contains more than 350 alphabetically arranged entries on the development of American elementary and secondary education.

Loving Learning How Progressive Education Can Save America s Schools

Author : Tom Little
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Noted educator Tom Little and Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Katherine Ellison reveal the home-grown solution to turning American students into life-long learners. The longtime head of Park Day School, Tom Little embarked on a tour of 43 progressive schools across the country. In this book, his life’s work, he interweaves his teaching experience, the knowledge he gleaned from his trip, and the history of Progressive Education. As Little and Katherine Ellison reveal, these educators and schools invigorate learning and promote inquisitiveness by allowing the curriculum to grow organically out of children's questions—whether they lead to studying the senses, working on a farm, or re-creating a desert ecosystem in the classroom. We see curious students draw on information across disciplines to think in imaginative yet practical ways, like in a "Mini-Maker Faire" or designing and building a chair from scratch. Becoming good citizens was another of Little's goals. He believed in the need for students to learn how to become advocates for themselves, from setting rules on the playground to engaging in issues of social justice in the wider community. Using the philosophy of Progressive Education, schools can prepare students to shape a vibrant future in the arts and sciences for themselves and the nation.

The Promise and Failure of Progressive Education

Author : Norman Dale Norris
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The progressive ideology and methods are clearly the prominent choice in our schools today. In generic, layman's terms, Norman Dale Norris discusses how the progressive movement came about and how the ideas are practiced today, some of which are less than desirable. Norris is sympathetic and supportive of the progressive ideology and offers suggestions for success.

Handbook of Research on Teaching the English Language Arts

Author : Diane Lapp
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Now in its third edition, the Handbook of Research on Teaching the English Language Arts—sponsored by the International Reading Association and the National Council of Teachers of English—offers an integrated perspective on the teaching of the English language arts and a comprehensive overview of research in the field. Prominent scholars, researchers, and professional leaders provide historical and theoretical perspectives about teaching the language arts focus on bodies of research that influence decision making within the teaching of the language arts explore the environments for language arts teaching reflect on methods and materials for instruction Reflecting important recent developments in the field, the Third Edition is restructured, updated, and includes many new contributors. More emphasis is given in this edition to the learner, multiple texts, learning, and sharing one’s knowledge. A Companion Website, new for this edition, provides PowerPoint® slides highlighting the main points of each chapter.

American Education

Author : Wayne J. Urban
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American Education: A History, 6th edition is a comprehensive, highly-regarded history of American education from pre-colonial times to the present. Chronologically organized, it provides an objective overview of each major period in the development of American education, setting the discussion against the broader backdrop of national and world events. In addition to its in-depth exploration of Native American traditions (including education) prior to colonization, it also offers strong, ongoing coverage of minorities and women. This much-anticipated sixth edition brings heightened attention to the history of education of individuals with disabilities, of classroom pedagogy and technology, of teachers and teacher leaders, and of educational developments and controversies of the 21st century.

Revolutionizing Education in America

Author : Doris Leclerc Ball, PhD
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The TOTIL method of education will help your child learn twice as much from kindergarten through high school. It’s easy to understand and even easier to implement. TOT stands for “time on task,” and IL stands for “independent learning.” By focusing on these two key areas, your child can be home-schooled to become better at math, English, and advanced subjects. He or she will be able to write, research, and think better when it’s time to enter college. Dr. Doris Leclerc Ball, a retired teacher and psychologist, spent more than forty years perfecting the TOTIL method. In this guidebook, you’ll discover • the critical importance of learner-centered education; • the obsolete nature of most teachers and how to replace them; • the simple curriculum and materials your child needs to succeed; • many other insights on how to help your child learn. Your child can master the knowledge and skills necessary to compete at the highest levels for grades, jobs, and more. It begins with a roadmap for Revolutionizing Education in America.

Change Is Gonna Come

Author : Patricia A. Edwards
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While many books decry the crisis in the schooling of African American children, they are often disconnected from the lived experiences and work of classroom teachers and principals. In this book, the authors look back to move forward, providing specific practices that K–12 literacy educators can use to transform their schools. The text addresses four major debates: the fight for access to literacy; supports and roadblocks to success; best practices, theories, and perspectives on teaching African American students; and the role of African American families in the literacy lives of their children. Throughout, the authors highlight the valuable lessons learned from the past and include real stories from their own diverse family histories and experiences as teachers, parents, and community members.

The Oxford Handbook of the History of Education

Author : John L. Rury
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This handbook offers a global view of the historical development of educational institutions, systems of schooling, ideas about education, and educational experiences. Its 36 chapters consider changing scholarship in the field, examine nationally-oriented works by comparing themes andapproaches, lend international perspective on a range of issues in education, and provide suggestions for further research and analysis.Like many other subfields of historical analysis, the history of education has been deeply affected by global processes of social and political change, especially since the 1960s. The handbook weighs the influence of various interpretive perspectives, including revisionist viewpoints, takingparticular note of changes in the past half century. Contributors consider how schooling and other educational experiences have been shaped by the larger social and political context, and how these influences have affected the experiences of students, their families and the educators who have workedwith them.The Handbook provides insight and perspective on a wide range of topics, including pre-modern education, colonialism and anti-colonial struggles, indigenous education, minority issues in education, comparative, international, and transnational education, childhood education, non-formal and informaleducation, and a range of other issues. Each contribution includes endnotes and a bibliography for readers interested in further study.

Improving Literacy in America

Author : Frederick J. Morrison
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divAn alarmingly high number of American students continue to lack proficiency in reading, math, and science. The various attempts to address this problem have all too often resulted in “silver bullet” solutions such as reducing class size or implementing voucher programs. But as the authors of this critically important book show, improving literacy also requires an understanding of complex and interrelated social issues that shape a child’s learning. More than twenty years of research demonstrate that literacy success is determined by a combination of sociocultural forces including parenting, preschool, classroom instruction, and other factors that have a direct impact on a child’s development. Here, Frederick J. Morrison, Heather J. Bachman, and Carol McDonald Connor present the most up-to-date research on the diverse factors that relate to a child’s literacy development from preschool through early elementary school. Urging greater emphasis on the immediate sources of influence on children, the authors warn against simple, single solutions that ignore other pivotal aspects of the problem. In a concluding chapter, the authors propose seven specific recommendations for improving literacy—recommendations that can make a real difference in American education./DIV

Historical Sources in U S Reading Education 1900 1970

Author : Richard David Robinson
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The bibliography is divided into 15 sections and covers more than 70 years of reading research and includes works selected as the most useful and relevant to those interested in the history of reading.

Paul Diederich and the Progressive American High School

Author : Robert L. Hampel
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Paul Diederich worked in five new organizations dedicated to transforming American schools: the Ohio State University lab school, the Eight Year Study, a Harvard institute to revamp English language instruction, the University of Chicago's Board of Examiners, and the Educational Testing Service. Throughout his career he wrote critiques of American high schools and set forth many proposals to make them more flexible without sacrificing academic excellence. This anthology resurrects 14 Diederich essays, eight of them never before published. The scope ranges from visions of social justice to the details of the daily schedule. Like his heroes Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, he combined a passion for utopian speculation with a fascination for practical problems, a combination that is rare in the world of school reform today.