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Progress in Catalyst Deactivation

Author : J. L. Figueiredo
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Progress in Catalyst Deactivation

Author : J.L. Figueiredo
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Most catalysts used in the chemical and petrochemical indus tries are strongly affected by one or another form of deactivation, leading to poor performances and reduced life. The increasing num ber of scientific communications devoted to the subject in recent years, and culminating with an International Symposium held in Antwerp in October 1980, is a measure of the interest it arouses in both the industrial and academic communities. A stage has been reached whereby it was thought that a NATO Advanced Study Institute on "Catalyst Deactivation" might be fruit ful in establishing the state of the art and in stimulating a more systematic research on the phenomenon. Such a meeting was held ~n Lagos, Portugal, from 18 to 29 May 1981. The purpose of the Institute was to present and discuss in a didatic and systematic way the various processes that lead to cata lyst deactivation, namely coking, poisoning and solid state trans formations, and at the same time to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences among the participants, drawn from industry and uni versity. The lectures presented at the Institute are collected in this volume with the exception of Dr. L.L.Hegedus "Catalyst Poisoning", which has been previously published (Catalysis Reviews, Science md Engineering, 23, 377-476, 1981).

Advances in Catalyst Deactivation

Author : Calvin H. Bartholomew
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This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue "Advances in Catalyst Deactivation" that was published in Catalysts

New Directions in Guided Wave and Coherent Optics

Author : D.B. Ostrowsky
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As optical fiber communication systems have moved out of the laboratory and into commercial use over the past several years, the general field of guided wave and coherent optics has undergone a radical transformation. Research in optical communication has turned heavily towards single-mode technology and, totally new phenomena and applications of the existing technology, outside the communication field, have begun to proliferate. It was for this reason that we decided to organize a NATO Advanced Study Institute assembling the leading workers in this new domain, in order to define the state of the art, and, develop an idea of the new directions the field might take. The lectures and seminars presented at this Advanced Study Institute form the basis for this book. The subjects treated can be roughly grouped as : - New phenomena in optical fibers such as non-linear effects, soliton propagation and polarization conservation. - New applications of fibers, to measurements of rotation pressure, temperature etc ... and medical uses. - Advanced and exploratory work on single-mode fiber communica tion systems including the use of coherent transmission schemes and optical amplification. - Recent developments of optical information treatment based on four-wave mixing. - Integrated optical devices and technologies including bistable devices, parametric oscillators, and optical logic. In addition to these major topics, a number of national reviews and specialized seminars treating new guided wave structures and materials are included. The co-editors admit being rather pleased with the result.

Combinatorial Catalysis and High Throughput Catalyst Design and Testing

Author : E.G. Derouane
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Catalysts are central in modern industrial chemistry and there is an urgent need to develop new catalysts. Such a rapid pace of development brings with it a new set of challenges at all levels of research, from synthesis and characterization to testing and modelling. This book reviews the current status of combinatorial catalysis, scientific catalyst design techniques, methods for preparing inorganic combinatorial libraries, experimental design methods, data processing, system modelling an simulation, and catalyst testing. The individual contributions reveal the development of high throughput catalyst design and test methods and identify the main challenges in the field, including new catalyst preparation techniques, rapid performance evaluation, and new microreactor configurations. Readership: All those working in catalytic process analysis and development. The extensive review of catalysis principles is especially relevant for postgraduate students seeking to pursue studies in catalysis.

Fundamentals of Industrial Catalytic Processes

Author : C. H. Bartholomew
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Catalysis is central to the chemical industry, as it is directly or involved in the production of almost all useful chemical products. In this book the authors, present the definitive account of industrial catalytic processes. Throughout Fundamentals of Industrial Catalytic Processes the information is illustrated with many case studies and problems. This book is valuable to anyone wanting a clear account of industrial catalytic processes, but is particularly useful to industrial and academic chemists and engineers and graduate working on catalysis. This book also: Covers fundamentals of catalytic processes, including chemistry, catalyst preparation, properties and reaction engineering. Addresses heterogeneous catalytic processes employed by industry. Provides detailed data on existing catalysts and catalytic reactions, process design and chemical engineering. Covers catalysts used in fuel cells.


Author : Royal Society of Chemistry
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Catalysis will be of interest to anyone working in academia and industry that needs an up-to-date critical analysis and summary of catalysis research and applications.

Industrial Catalytic Processes for Fine and Specialty Chemicals

Author : Sunil S Joshi
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Industrial Catalytic Processes for Fine and Specialty Chemicals provides a comprehensive methodology and state-of-the art toolbox for industrial catalysis. The book begins by introducing the reader to the interesting, challenging, and important field of catalysis and catalytic processes. The fundamentals of catalysis and catalytic processes are fully covered before delving into the important industrial applications of catalysis and catalytic processes, with an emphasis on green and sustainable technologies. Several case studies illustrate new and sustainable ways of designing catalysts and catalytic processes. The intended audience of the book includes researchers in academia and industry, as well as chemical engineers, process development chemists, and technologists working in chemical industries and industrial research laboratories. Discusses the fundamentals of catalytic processes, catalyst preparation and characterization, and reaction engineering Outlines the homogeneous catalytic processes as they apply to specialty chemicals Introduces industrial catalysis and catalytic processes for fine chemicals Includes a number of case studies to demonstrate the various processes and methods for designing green catalysts

ERDA Energy Research Abstracts

Author : United States. Energy Research and Development Administration
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Energy Research Abstracts

Author :
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