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Programme Procurement in Construction

Author : John Mead
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"This book ... adds to the impressive 'legacy' of learning which is still emerging from the successful delivery of the London 2012 construction programme. The authors combine the reforming zeal of a champion for change, who was there every step of the way, with academic rigour, and the result is delivered with impressive passion and commitment to the topic … All spenders and suppliers need to read this, to understand how conventional understandings of procurement fall so dramatically short when applied to high value-high risk acquisitions, which invariably is what large construction projects represent." —Don Ward, Chief Executive, Constructing Excellence, UK Successful construction is often attributed to one or more aspects of the delivery process from good planning, design and clever engineering to efficient project management and quality construction. Before any of these disciplines can begin, they all require some form of procurement to select the team or supply chain to meet a client’s or a project’s specific requirements. The concept of PSE - Purchase and Supplier Engineering - originated in the procurement of the construction and infrastructure required to stage the 30th Olympiad in London during 2012. At the time of writing PSE has successfully delivered almost £25bn of public procurement meeting client and project requirements and without legal challenge. The construction of the venues and infrastructure needed to stage London 2012 was such a resounding success that it boosted not only the reputation of the UK construction industry but also the confidence of the UK population in the country’s ability to organise, build and run a major international event. Its success has been lauded as something from which clients and industry could learn. The ODA has established a comprehensive and informative body of evidence as part of a Learning Legacy. While the ODA is well aware of the many elements of the procurement and supply chain management, the complete end to end concept of how the Olympic supply chain procurements were managed has until now not been captured. For example, how does one buy the stage for an Olympic Games? How does one manage the details of thousands of contracts and the many firms of contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers and ensure that no one organisation adversely affects any other to the detriment of the programme? How are a client’s requirements beyond those of the capital asset realised as part of the investment? How does one measure programme exposure, or manage performance? How does one measure capacity and the ability of firms to cope with the work and manage the risks involved? Programme Procurement in Construction: Learning from London 2012 covers the planning and preparation of a programme’s procurement processes from understanding and developing the client’s requirements, to monitoring performance based on the benchmarks contractors set out in their own tender submissions. The emphasis is on a close attention to detail to avoid surprises, while keeping a focus on the total programme. Purchase and Supplier Engineering provides an overview of managing the interest of firms in participating and the resulting capacity and workloads of all suppliers, including the main contractors and the critical subcontractors and material suppliers. Offering techniques, tips and lessons learnt from the implementation of PSE on London 2012 and Crossrail, this book is aimed at public and private sector clients, developers, senior management and those businesses and professionals involved in undertaking the procurement, supply chain management and delivery of multiple construction projects or complex major construction programmes.

Public Procurement and Construction towards an Integrated Market

Author : Commission of the European Communities
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Describes how the Community is going about opening up public-sector procurement and construction markets in the 12 Member States.

Construction Law and Procurement Contracts

Author : Law and Business Forum
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Building Collaborative Trust in Construction Procurement Strategies

Author : Jason Challender
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Provides a practical framework and toolkit for improved construction project outcomes based on trust and collaboration This book explores the concept of trust as a tool in improved construction procurement strategies, and provides important insight into the influence of trust on the success of construction projects and redevelopment programs. It is a practical guide that offers readers a solid outline and expert strategies for improving project outcomes through collaboration—ultimately proving that teamwork can really make the dream work. Building Collaborative Trust in Construction Procurement Strategies: A Practical Guide incorporates a toolkit, complete with flowcharts, to introduce certain trust building interventions within projects. It shows how initiatives and factors that influence collaborative trust can be easily implemented and embedded in construction management for improved practice. It also covers potential challenges, risks, problems, and barriers when it comes to trust. In addition, the book looks at the influences for collaborative trust in the construction industry as well as implications in practice for it in construction. It finishes by looking at the future of collaborative trust in construction procurement. Teaches the importance and influence of trust on collaborative working and partnerships principles Examines to what extent trust within collaborative working arrangements influences the success of collaborative working practices Covers the effect that certain factors and trust building mechanisms have on collaborative working and partnerships and how they can be embedded into procurement of projects Discusses what constitutes best practice and how trust in collaborative procurement practices influences the success of construction projects Building Collaborative Trust in Construction Procurement Strategies: A Practical Guide is an excellent book for construction management professionals, including clients, consultants, and contractors. It will also serve as a helpful text for undergraduate and postgraduate students and academics.

Construction Planning Programming and Control

Author : Brian Cooke
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This book offers a clear explanation of the principles and practiceof construction planning, programming and control during thepreparation and construction stages of a project. The book iswritten in the context of current procurement and contractualarrangements and JCT2005, NEC3 and ICE7 contracts are covered. Thestatutory framework within which construction projects must bemanaged is explained and the topic of construction hazard and riskis covered in detail. A variety of programming techniques areexplained and the development of safe construction sequences andmethods is particularly emphasised. The control of time, money andresources are considered in a risk management context and acomplete chapter is devoted to cash flow. The third edition has been extensively updated and extended toinclude new materials on: * Hazard identification * Risk assessment * Health and safety management * CDM 2007 * Construction sequences and method statements * Delay analysis * Waste management and Site Waste Management Plans The final three chapters are devoted to individual case studieswhich have been selected to illustrate the practical application ofthe principles explained in the book and to provide examples ofcurrent procedures adopted by major contractors. The content isdesigned to provide a clear and comprehensive text forundergraduates on construction management, surveying and civilengineering degree courses.

Collaborative Construction Procurement and Improved Value

Author : David Mosey
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The guide that explores how procurement and contracts can create an integrated team while improving value, economy, quality and client satisfaction Collaborative Construction Procurement and Improved Value provides an important guide for project managers, lawyers, designers, constructors and operators, showing step by step how proven collaborative models and processes can move from the margins to the mainstream. It covers all stages of the project lifecycle and offers new ways to embed learning from one project to the next. Collaborative Construction Procurement and Improved Value explores how strategic thinking, intelligent team selection, contract integration and the use of digital technology can enhance the value of construction projects and programmes of work. With 50 UK case studies, plus chapters from specialists in 6 other jurisdictions, it describes in detail the legal and procedural route maps for successful collaborative teams. Collaborative Construction Procurement and Improved Value: Examines the ways to create an effective contract that will spell success throughout the procurement process Contains helpful case studies from real-world projects and programmes Explores the benefits of the collaborative construction process and how to overcome common obstacles Bridges the gaps between contract law, collaborative working and project management Includes the first analysis of the NEC4 Alliance Contract, the FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract and the TAC-1 Term Alliance Contract

Introduction to Building Procurement

Author : Brian Greenhalgh
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The procurement stage of the building process is critical to the success of any building project, and as such must be understood by everybody entering the industry. Introduction to Building Procurement is designed to familiarize the novice with the principles and methods of building procurement, starting at the most basic level. With chapter summaries and tutorial questions provided throughout the book, the reader will get to grips with the following topics: the structure of the construction industry the nature of clients the historical development of building procurement methods the roles and responsibilities carried out in any project. Having developed the necessary background knowledge, the reader is then introduced to the more complex aspects of procurement in detail, such as: methods of paying contractors the main procurement routes in use standard forms of contract. The concluding chapter discusses emerging procurement trends, and speculates on future developments to bring the reader right up to speed with the modern industry. With its clear layout and highly accessible approach, Introduction to Building Procuremen is the perfect introductory text for undergraduate students and professionals starting out on a career in quantity surveying, construction project management or construction commercial management.

CAE s Best Practice in Construction Procurement and Delivery Programme

Author : Clement Toh
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Management of Procurement

Author : Denise Bower
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- Foreword - Preface - Acknowledgements - List of Contributors - The role of procurement in the construction industry - Contractor selection, contract award and contract law in the UK - Drafting and using construction contracts - a legal perspective - Procuring the service of a project manager - Contract strategy - Incentivisation in construction contracts - Effective partnering - An alliance/partnering contract strategy - Joint Ventures - Procurement strategies for privately financed projects - Framework agreements - Innovative procurement methods - Procurement through programme management - Future trends in construction procurement: procuring and managing demand and supply chains in construction - Index

The 2008 09 Indicative Programme based Budget

Author :
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Innovative Green Public Procurement of Construction IT and Transport Services in Nordic countries

Author :
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Early Contractor Involvement in Building Procurement

Author : David Mosey
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Can contractors and specialists add value to a project by theirearly involvement in design, pricing, risk management andprogramming? How can this be structured and what role docontracts have to play? What is the impact on procurement andproject management? Commentators from Banwell to Egan have recommended earliercontractor appointments, and this has also been linked tosuccessful project partnering. How are the two related? Early Contractor Involvement in Building Procurementconsiders the case for a two stage procurement approach based on asystem of agreed project processes during the preconstructionphase. It examines the ways in which a contract can describeand support this model throughout its procurement, partnering andproject management, and is illustrated with case studies taken fromprojects and programmes across the construction and engineeringindustry. The roles of the various parties involved, the obstacles theyencounter and the benefits they can achieve are examined indetail. There is practical guidance on how to improve speed,economy, sustainability, change control, dispute avoidance, andclient satisfaction. This book bridges the gap betweencontract law, partnering and project management and will beessential reading for middle and senior management at constructioncontractors, consultants and clients in both the public and privatesectors.

Introduction to Building Procurement Systems

Author : J.W.E. Masterman
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First published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Building Schools for the Future Programme

Author : Great Britain. National Audit Office
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(BSF) programme believe that it is leading to more strategic procurement of school infrastructure than previous school building programmes. Local Authorities are using BSF to rearrange the location, type and number of schools in their area and create facilities and school environments which support their educational objectives. BSF schools are built to higher specifications and space standards than previous schools. The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) and Partnerships for Schools (the body established by DCSF to manage the BSF programme centrally) were too optimistic in their assumptions of how quickly the first schools could be delivered. By December 2008, only 42 of the planned 200 schools had been built, with 54 due to open next year and 121 the year after. To include all schools in the programme, 250 schools will need to be built a year and the number of schools in procurement and construction at any one time will need to double from 2011 onwards. The extent to which problems in the finance markets will affect BSF is still unclear. DCSF and Partnerships for Schools estimate that the total cost of renewing the school estate will be between £52 billion to £55 billion which is £7 billion to £10 billion more than was estimated at the outset of the programme.

Jane s World Railways 2008 2009

Author : Ken Harris
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This directory gives the reader data on railway systems and railway equipment manufacturers across the globe. The text is split into two sections: a country-by-country listing of the railway systems of the world, and the railway manufacturing and services industries.

Premature Procurement of Equipment and Delay in Construction

Author :
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Nyandarua North

Author : Kenya. Ministry of State for Planning, National Development, and Vision 2030
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Public Procurement and Aid Effectiveness

Author : Annamaria La Chimia
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This edited collection fills a significant gap in the literature by gathering contributions from the most prominent academics and practitioners of aid and procurement. It explores the economic, political and legal relationship between procurement and aid effectiveness in developing countries, and takes stock of current debates in the field. More specifically, the contributions analyse the failures and successes of current initiatives to foster effectiveness and streamline the aid procurement process, and address current themes emerging in the literature related to development, procurement and aid success. A pivotal and timely publication, Public Procurement and Aid Effectiveness will be of interest to a varied and multicultural international audience and a wide range of actors working on aid effectiveness, development, procurement and good governance initiatives in both donor and beneficiary countries.

Code of Practice for Programme Management

Author : Chartered Institute of Building
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The CIOB Code of Practice Programme Management for Construction & Development is intended to complement the popular CIOB Code of Practice for Project Management for Construction and Development, providing practical coverage of general processes and procedures to be followed when managing a construction programme or portfolio of projects. It sets out the necessary requirements for effective and efficient programme management, but is not intended to be a manual of operating procedures for the manager of such programmes.

Annual Plan

Author : India. Planning Commission
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