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Profound Healing

Author : Cheryl Canfield
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At the age of 41 Cheryl Canfield was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer. She rejected proposed surgeries that would involve removing her uterus, cervix, lymph nodes, and surrounding nerves. Instead, she decided to accept death and focused her energy on attempting to die well. In the process, she cured herself.

Healing as a Sacred Path

Author : L. Robert Keck
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L. Robert Keck, author of the highly acclaimed Sacred Quest tells his remarkable story of a life of pain and determination. A survivor of polio, of a broken back, and of chronic, crippling, and progressive pain from post-polio syndrome, Keck details his lifelong battle to be a whole human being: a man of mind, body, and spirit. At the heart of his story lies the recognition that spirituality---the discovery of our true "soul self"---is the most important ingredient in health promotion, disease prevention, and healing from physical and emotional trauma.

Healing Massage

Author : Daphne Roubini
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"Healing Massage" brings together the ancient healing practices of the East with Western massage techniques to heal both mind and body. Step by step, learn to unwind with a simple healing massage, at home or on the move; delve into aromatic sensuality with rose-scented body scrubs and hot-oil Ayurvedic massage; use acupressure for pain relief; energize with a reflex foot massage, and soothe your mind with Eastern visualization techniques that have for thousands of years empowered and healed the spirit. With your own hands and this inspired guide, you will learn how to give massages that touch both the heart and soul.*Practical massage with Eastern spirituality--Ayurvedic massage, pressure point massage,hands-on-healing, and visualization.*Contemporary style apealing to health-conscious young women.*The first book by a uniquely talented healer.

The Journey A Practical Guide to Healing Your life and Setting Yourself Free

Author : Brandon Bays
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The Journey is a simple, revolutionary set of techniques that has freed thousands from lifelong emotional and physical blocks – from addiction, depression and low self-esteem to chronic pain and illness.

15 Minute Reiki Health and Healing at your Fingertips

Author : Chris Parkes
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Bring the healing art of Reiki into your everyday life wherever you are and treat yourself and others in just a few minutes. Whether you are in a busy office, on a long-haul flight or simply trying to relax you can use your hands to restore energy, promote sleep and alleviate pain, stress and worry.

Our Infinite Power to Heal

Author : Emily Gowor
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Inspirational stories that show profound healing is possible.

Healing Quest

Author : Marie Herbert
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The extraordinary description of Marie Herberts inner and outer journey toward renewed wholeness after the sudden, tragic death of her youngest daughter. Herbert's quest was made possible with the guidance of Jamie Sams, creator of best-selling Sacred Path and Medicine Cards. Sams helps Herbert redirect her journey into a healing quest.

Healing Depression

Author : Catherine Carrigan
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Encourages people to take control of their lives. Explores the causes of depression. Offers a complete program of medical, nutritional, environmental, and behavioral treatments. Details 38 questions and proven answers - with space for writing personal thoughts. Provides user-friendly, indispensable information with home care providers, doctors' offices, libraries, and health food stores. Endorsed by doctors and health care providers.

Safe Passage to Healing

Author : Chrystine Oksana
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Based on extensive research, interviews, and her own personal experiences as a ritual abuse survivor, Oksana has written a compassionate and comprehensive healing guide that fully explains what ritual abuse is, confronts its long-term effects, and helps readers through the recovery process.

Miracles and the Healing Power

Author : Todd Dixon
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Healing and Suffering

Author : Paul A. Feider
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Writing and Healing

Author : Charles M. Anderson
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Provides a unique occasion for teachers, scholars, and other professional to begin an open, serious conversation about the healing power of writing.

The National Spiritualist Summit

Author :
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The Healing Power of Prayer

Author : Chester L. Tolson
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Shows how the stress-relieving effects of prayer can heal our bodies.

Spirit to Heal

Author : Michael Torosian
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Based on case histories and pioneering research, this book illuminates the pathway to personal growth and awareness, spiritual transforamtion, and the healing of your spirit.

Integrative Holistic Health Healing and Transformation

Author : Penny Lewis
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Explores how practitioners in a field of alternative medicine/holistic health have the knowledge in support of their work. These core ways of knowing gives them a foundation for evaluating their work, new advances in the field and affords them interrelated frames of knowledge for their continued research in the field.

Body and Soul

Author :
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Profound Healing for Indigo Children and Youth and Other Sensitive Souls

Author : Rémi Thivierge
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A Handful of Fire

Author : Carole Marie Kelly
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People on their spiritual journey, every-day readers, or anyone looking to get more deeply in touch with Scripture will find this book a real treasure.

Convegno internazionale sul tema La Persia e l Asia centrale da Alessandro al X secolo

Author : Istituto italiano per il Medio ed Estremo Oriente
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