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Professionalism and Community

Author : Karen Seashore Louis
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School-based professional community is a concept that portrays teachers as working together towards a set of shared goals of improved professionalism for themselves and increased learning opportunities for students. Attempts to put this into practice in urban schools in the United States have met with varying degrees of success. Using case studies, the contributors to this book examine the reasons for this inconsistency, focusing on the structural, social and human relations conditions of schooling.

Understanding Professional Community in Schools

Author : Jimmy Sebastian
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Community Organization and Development

Author : Steve Clarke
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This book traces the development of community development/organization as it evolved separately in Britain and the United States, and how the social and political situations in each country determined the various shapes and directions it took. In presenting a comprehensive history of the subject, Community Organization and Development draws on local and international factors that have helped to shape its application and fortunes across varied settings. Recent economic and social pressures, the changing demographics of developed economies, and the rise of social and cultural diversity all contribute to the need for a comprehensive model that can be deployed to effect the necessary social changes required for sustained change with stability. The history of this intervention technique throws up many examples from which insight can be gained for the present time, and Wales is used as an example of how national policy and local development could be combined for maximum effect. Community development should become reliable and quantifiable, and the comprehensive model developed here demonstrates how and when it should be deployed.

Studies of Education Reform

Author : Judy Swanson
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Becoming a Mentor Leader in a Professional Community

Author : Karynne L. M. Kleine
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This professional development guide for Mentor Leaders draws on the work of Shoen (reflective practice), Noddings (philosophy and teaching), Vygotsky (social constructivism), Dewey (democratic education), and others. The many facets of becoming a Mentor Leader are explored, including the five key elements: professional community/agency/empowerment; strong affiliative relationships; integration of theory and practice; integration of learning through inquiry; and learning to foster and provoke uncertainty, ambiguity, and change.

An Examination of the Relationship Among Authentic Instruction Professional Community and Professional Development

Author : Patricia Ann Dieck
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Resources in Education

Author :
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Workshop for Professional Community Leaders

Author :
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Teachers Professional Community and the Teaching of Mathematics

Author : Lisa Byrd Adajain
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Differentiated Professional Development in a Professional Learning Community

Author : Linda Bowgen
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If differentiated instruction works for diverse student learning needs, why not apply it to teacher learning? The authors draw from real experience and PLC concepts to support the value of differentiated professional development. A practical guide for designing school or district professional development plans, this book explains a three-step model that is core to the differentiation process.

Perils of Professionalism

Author : Donald B. Kraybill
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Professionalism in the Early Years

Author : Linda Miller
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Professionalism in the Early Years reflects the new government agenda demanding higher levels of professionalism in the Early Years sector, as set out in the Children's Workforce Strategy. The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) and Children's Workforce Development Council(CWDC) aim to transform and professionalise the early years workforce through the creation of new roles, such as the Early Years Professional (EYP), for those leading and working in Children's Centres and in the private and voluntary sector.This text is written by national and international authorities in the field, all of whom are involved in teaching, training and research or at policy level. The editors have been closely involved with development of the government agenda on professionalising the Early Years workforce.Professionalism in the Early Years covers a wide range of issues including: DT routes to professionalism; DT policy developments; DT multi-professional collaboration and multi-agency working; DT international perspectives; DT rethinking professionalism; DT key themes and issues within the Early Yearsworkforce. A truly groundbreaking publication for a new generation of the Children's Workforce, Professionalism in the Early Years sets out the agenda to shape the future of this workforce. Student-friendly, accessible and authoritative, this is the ideal core reader for all those embarking on theirprofessional development within the Early Years sector.

Professionalism Boundaries and the Workplace

Author : Nigel Malin
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Professionalism, Boundaries and the Workplace is a practical text that examines a range of sensitive issues concerned with managing and maintaining professional boundaries between worker and client. It uses experiences from probation, social work, the NHS, small business and church settings. A number of issues are addressed including: *the relationship between personal and professional values *changing professional-client relationships *definitions of 'being professional' *conflicts arising from different understandings of professionalism.

Teachers Professional Lives

Author : Ivor F. Goodson
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First published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Professionalism in Internal Auditing

Author : Donna J. Wood
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Index to Theses with Abstracts Accepted for Higher Degrees by the Universities of Great Britain and Ireland and the Council for National Academic Awards

Author :
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Teaching and learning professionalism

Author : American Bar Association. Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar. Professionalism Committee
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Human Resource Professionalism A Panacea for Public Organizations

Author : Dr. Mostafa Ravand
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Discussing HR professionalism as a panacea, this book argues that an organizational excellence and prosperity has been achieved by focusing on HR professionalism. Nowadays, the necessity of this issue has been more increasingly revealed into public sector, especially in Third-World Countries Because pubic organizations and societies in these countries are continuously struggling with several challengeable issues and multi-dimensional corruptions such as fraud, bribery, unfairness, discrimination, over-consumerism, brain drain, degree mania, etc. The chapters are based upon research studies about public management, professionalism, human resource management, integrated approach to two last issues, and case studied in Iran as one of main Third-World Countries.

Community Practice

Author : David A. Hardcastle
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For almost two decades, Community Practice has been a definitive text for social workers, community practitioners, and students eager to help individuals contribute to and use community resources or work to change oppressive community structures. In this third edition, a wealth of new charts and cases spotlight the linkages between theoretical orientations and practical skills, with an enhanced emphasis on the inherently political nature of social work and community practice. Boxes, examples, and exercises illustrate the range of skills and strategies available to savvy community practitioners in the 21st century, including networking, marketing and staging, political advocacy, and leveraging information and communication technologies. Other features include: - New material on community practice ethics, critical practice skills, community assessment and assets inventory and mapping, social problem analysis, and applying community ractice skills to casework practice - Consideration of post-9/11 community challenges - Discussion on the changing ethnic composition of America and what this means for practitioners - An exploration of a vastly changed political landscape following the election of President Obama, the Great Recession, the rise of the Tea Party, and the increasing political and corporate use of pseudo-grassroots endeavors - A completely revamped instructor's manual available online at This fully revised classic text provides a comprehensive and integrated overview of the community theory and skills fundamental to all areas of social work practice. Broad in scope and intensive in analysis, it is suitable for undergraduate as well as graduate study. Community Practice offers students and practitioners the tools necessary to promote the welfare of individuals and communities by tapping into the ecological foundations of community and social work practice.

The Rise of Professionalism

Author : Larson, Magali Sarfatti
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