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Production Planning by Mixed Integer Programming

Author : Yves Pochet
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This textbook provides a comprehensive modeling, reformulation and optimization approach for solving production planning and supply chain planning problems, covering topics from a basic introduction to planning systems, mixed integer programming (MIP) models and algorithms through the advanced description of mathematical results in polyhedral combinatorics required to solve these problems. Based on twenty years worth of research in which the authors have played a significant role, the book addresses real life industrial production planning problems (involving complex production structures with multiple production stages) using MIP modeling and reformulation approach. The book provides an introduction to MIP modeling and to planning systems, a unique collection of reformulation results, and an easy to use problem-solving library. This approach is demonstrated through a series of real life case studies, exercises and detailed illustrations. Review by Jakub Marecek (Computer Journal) The emphasis put on mixed integer rounding and mixing sets, heuristics in-built in general purpose integer programming solvers, as well as on decompositions and heuristics using integer programming should be praised... There is no doubt that this volume offers the present best introduction to integer programming formulations of lotsizing problems, encountered in production planning. (2007)

Scheduling in Supply Chains Using Mixed Integer Programming

Author : Tadeusz Sawik
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A unified, systematic approach to applying mixed integer programming solutions to integrated scheduling in customer-driven supply chains Supply chain management is a rapidly developing field, and the recent improvements in modeling, preprocessing, solution algorithms, and mixed integer programming (MIP) software have made it possible to solve large-scale MIP models of scheduling problems, especially integrated scheduling in supply chains. Featuring a unified and systematic presentation, Scheduling in Supply Chains Using Mixed Integer Programming provides state-of-the-art MIP modeling and solutions approaches, equipping readers with the knowledge and tools to model and solve real-world supply chain scheduling problems in make-to-order manufacturing. Drawing upon the author's own research, the book explores MIP approaches and examples-which are modeled on actual supply chain scheduling problems in high-tech industries-in three comprehensive sections: Short-Term Scheduling in Supply Chains presents various MIP models and provides heuristic algorithms for scheduling flexible flow shops and surface mount technology lines, balancing and scheduling of Flexible Assembly Lines, and loading and scheduling of Flexible Assembly Systems Medium-Term Scheduling in Supply Chains outlines MIP models and MIP-based heuristic algorithms for supplier selection and order allocation, customer order acceptance and due date setting, material supply scheduling, and medium-term scheduling and rescheduling of customer orders in a make-to-order discrete manufacturing environment Coordinated Scheduling in Supply Chains explores coordinated scheduling of manufacturing and supply of parts as well as the assembly of products in supply chains with a single producer and single or multiple suppliers; MIP models for a single- or multiple-objective decision making are also provided Two main decision-making approaches are discussed and compared throughout. The integrated (simultaneous) approach, in which all required decisions are made simultaneously using complex, monolithic MIP models; and the hierarchical (sequential) approach, in which the required decisions are made successively using hierarchies of simpler and smaller-sized MIP models. Throughout the book, the author provides insight on the presented modeling tools using AMPL® modeling language and CPLEX solver. Scheduling in Supply Chains Using Mixed Integer Programming is a comprehensive resource for practitioners and researchers working in supply chain planning, scheduling, and management. The book is also appropriate for graduate- and PhD-level courses on supply chains for students majoring in management science, industrial engineering, operations research, applied mathematics, and computer science.

Modeling the Supply Chain

Author : Jeremy F. Shapiro
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With an emphasis on modeling techniques, Jeremy Shapiro's MODELING THE SUPPLY CHAIN is the perfect tool for courses in supply-chain management or for professional managers who seek better analytical tools for managing their supply chains, information technologists who are responsible for developing and/or maintaining such tools, and consultants who conduct supply-chain studies using models. Shapiro examines in detail the roles of data, models, and modeling systems in helping companies improve the management of their supply chains. The focus is on optimization models based on linear and mixed integer programming. Shapiro clearly illustrates that when properly applied, these methodologies can create accurate and comprehensive models of great practical value. The book also shows how competitive advantage in supply chain management can be most fully realized by implementing and applying optimization modeling systems.

Integer Programming

Author : Michele Conforti
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This book is an elegant and rigorous presentation of integer programming, exposing the subject’s mathematical depth and broad applicability. Special attention is given to the theory behind the algorithms used in state-of-the-art solvers. An abundance of concrete examples and exercises of both theoretical and real-world interest explore the wide range of applications and ramifications of the theory. Each chapter is accompanied by an expertly informed guide to the literature and special topics, rounding out the reader’s understanding and serving as a gateway to deeper study. Key topics include: formulations polyhedral theory cutting planes decomposition enumeration semidefinite relaxations Written by renowned experts in integer programming and combinatorial optimization, Integer Programming is destined to become an essential text in the field.

Introduction to Computational Optimization Models for Production Planning in a Supply Chain

Author : Stefan Voss
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The book begins with an easy-to-read introduction to the concepts associated with the creation of optimization models for production planning. These concepts are then applied to well-known planning models, namely mrp and MRP II. From this foundation, fairly sophisticated models for supply chain management are developed. Another unique feature is that models are developed with an eye toward implementation. In fact, there is a chapter that provides explicit examples of implementation of the basic models using a variety of popular, commercially available modeling languages.

Operations Research in Production Planning Scheduling and Inventory Control

Author : Lynwood A. Johnson
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Mixed Integer Programming Models for the Synchronization of a Project Building Planning with Its Supply Chain

Author : Diana Samaranch Mir
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A project consists of a set of activities coordinated by precedence relationships. When this activities have no needs of resources or the resources are unlimited, project management is easier and techniques like PERT(program evaluation and review technique)[1] or CPM (Critical Path Method)[1] can be used. The resource-constrained project scheduling problem (RCPSP) is one of the best known cumulative scheduling problems due to its combinatorial complexity, the interest of the operational research community, and to its numerous industrial applications. The basic RCPSP [2], [3] deals with scheduling activities subject to Finish-to- Start precedence constraints with zero time-lags and renewable resources under the minimum project completion time objective. The context of the present research is the industrialization of the process of thermal insulation of buildings by the outside. The idea is to manufacture in plants highly integrated big panels, that can be easily transported and then plugged on building faces. . The planning -issue we address here concerns- the possible synchronization of the project of a building renovation with the plant (or plants) that provide the panels. The novelty is to move from a "on the building site" make to order production, to a mass customization supply chain. Therefore, we are seeking for an homogenization of the renovation process to improve its efficiency in all technical senses but also organizational and economic. Objectives depend on the manager and his responsibilities in the supply chain. From a plant manager perspective, it can be the perfect synchronization of the plant production and the on-site assembly in order to avoid inventories. In the building project manager idea, it is usually to finalize the project by the minimal possible time allowed by the precedence relationships, and to minimize the cost of his on-site project. The differences with the classical RCPSP[4] is that, in this case, the resources to be considered are both renewable and non-renewable. Moreover the objective function is not only about to finish as early as possible, as issues such as the synchronization of the project become very important. Finally the issue is to provide a production planning that is compatible with the delivery of the project and the availability of resources both renewable and non-renewable. The former is the part of the problem on the supply chain perspective. The latter concerns the management of the load on nonrenewable resources, which is moved from the building site to the plants. Let consider the most general case we consider in this paper: one project of building with various suppliers with resource constraints. These external resources are independent. It means that every resource has one different supplier. But, it will be necessary to manage simultaneously the project on-site resources and partners-plant resources.

Models Algorithms and Technologies for Network Analysis

Author : Boris I. Goldengorin
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​​ ​Network Analysis has become a major research topic over the last several years. The broad range of applications that can be described and analyzed by means of a network is bringing together researchers, practitioners and other scientific communities from numerous fields such as Operations Research, Computer Science, Transportation, Energy, Social Sciences, and more. The remarkable diversity of fields that take advantage of Network Analysis makes the endeavor of gathering up-to-date material in a single compilation a useful, yet very difficult, task. The purpose of these proceedings is to overcome this difficulty by collecting the major results found by the participants of the “First International Conference in Network Analysis,” held at The University of Florida, Gainesville, USA, from the 14th to the 16th of December 2011. The contributions of this conference not only come from different fields, but also cover a broad range of topics relevant to the theory and practice of network analysis, including the reliability of complex networks, software, theory, methodology and applications.

Integer Programming and Related Areas

Author : Rabe v. Randow
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The fields of integer programming and combinatorial optimization continue to be areas of great vitality, with an ever increasing number of publications and journals appearing. A classified bibliography thus continues to be necessary and useful today, even more so than it did when the project, of which this is the fifth volume, was started in 1970 in the Institut fur Okonometrie und Operations Research of the University of Bonn. The pioneering first volume was compiled by Claus Kastning during the years 1970 - 1975 and appeared in 1976 as Volume 128 of the series Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems published by the Springer Verlag. Work on the project was continued by Dirk Hausmann, Reinhardt Euler, and Rabe von Randow, and resulted in the publication of the second, third, and fourth volumes in 1978, 1982, and 1985 (Volumes 160, 197, and 243 of the above series). The present book constitutes the fifth volume of the bibliography and covers the period from autumn 1984 to the end of 1987. It contains 5864 new publications by 4480 authors and was compiled by Rabe von Randow. Its form is practically identical to that of the first four volumes, some additions having been made to the subject list.

Operations Research Management Science at Work

Author : Erhan Kozan
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There is synergy between the diverse methodologies ofOperations Research and Management Science, and the many problems itseeks to solve. "Operation Research/Management Science at Work" isan example of that synergy. The principal aim of this book is toexamine selected recent research in and applications of OperationalResearch/Management Science. The focus is on research that is ofindustry interest and covers a wide range of topics from major fieldsof OR/MS in a systematic and coherent fashion. Each application ischosen to demonstrate the elegance of their implementations. The bookmeets the needs of applied researchers who are interested inapplications of OR/MS algorithms. Moreover, real world problemstogether with their solutions and implementations are the applicationsthat have been selected for the volume.The Asia Pacific region has embraced business applications of decisionsupport systems in recent years. Many of these applications have thestate of the art OR/MS techniques in this region embedded in them.Hence, the increased use of OR/MS techniques in this region providesopportunities for identifying methodological advances that are takingplace as a result of the unique nature of the applications. These alsoprovide opportunities for exploring synergies and interfaces thatexist between OR/MS, both in terms of applications and theoreticaladvances.


Author : J Lopez
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Optimization Toolbox provides functions for finding parameters that minimize or maximize objectives while satisfying constraints. The toolbox includes solvers for linear programming (LP), mixed-integer linear programming (MILP), quadratic programming (QP), nonlinear programming (NLP), constrained linear least squares, nonlinear least squares, and nonlinear equations. You can define your optimization problem with functions and matrices or by specifying variable expressions that reflect the underlying mathematics. You can use the toolbox solvers to fin optimal solutions to continuous and discrete problems, perform trade of analyses, and incorporate optimization methods into algorithms and applications. The toolbox lets you perform design optimization tasks, including parameter estimation, component selection, and parameter tuning. It can be used to fin optimal solutions in applications such as portfolio optimization, resource allocation, and production planning and scheduling.You can use the toolbox solvers to find optimal solutions to continuous and discrete problems, perform tradeoff analyses, and incorporate optimization methods into algorithms and applications. The toolbox lets you perform design optimization tasks, including parameter estimation, component selection, and parameter tuning. It can be used to find optimal solutions in applications such as portfolio optimization, resource allocation, and production planning and scheduling.

Computational Science And Its Applications Iccsa 2005

Author : Osvaldo Gervasi
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The four-volume set LNCS 3480-3483 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications, ICCSA 2005, held in Singapore in May 2005. The four volumes present a total of 540 papers selected from around 2700 submissions. The papers span the whole range of computational science, comprising advanced applications in virtually all sciences making use of computational techniques as well as foundations, techniques, and methodologies from computer science and mathematics, such as high performance computing and communication, networking, optimization, information systems and technologies, scientific visualization, graphics, image processing, data analysis, simulation and modelling, software systems, algorithms, security, multimedia etc.

Production Economics

Author : Svend Rasmussen
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This book covers the basic theory of how, what and when firms should produce to maximise profits. Based on the neoclassical theory of the firm presented in most general microeconomic textbooks, it extends the general treatment and focuses on the application of the theory to specific problems that the firm faces when making production decisions to maximise profits. Increasing level of government regulation and the use of specialised and often very expensive equipment in modern production motivates the following focus areas: 1) How to optimise production under restrictions., 2) Treatment of fixed inputs and the process of input fixation, 3) Optimisation of production over time, 4) Linear and Mixed Integer Programming as tools for optimisation in practice. This updated second edition includes a more comprehensive introduction to the theory of decision making under risk and uncertainty as well as a new chapter on how to use linear programming to generate the supply function of the firm.

Supply Chain Management and Advanced Planning

Author : Hartmut Stadtler
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With a wealth of updated material, rewritten chapters and additional case studies, this fourth edition of a hugely important work gives a broad and up-to-date overview of the concepts underlying APS. Special emphasis is given to modeling supply chains and implementing APS successfully in industrial contexts. What’s more, readers’ understanding is enhanced by several case studies covering a wide range of industrial sectors. What makes this book so crucial is that Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), and Advanced Planning Systems (APS) are concepts that must be mastered in order to organize and optimize the flow of goods, materials, information and funds. Here, leading experts provide insights into the concepts underlying APS.

Analysis and Design of Intelligent Systems Using Soft Computing Techniques

Author : Patricia Melin
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This book comprises a selection of papers on new methods for analysis and design of hybrid intelligent systems using soft computing techniques from the IFSA 2007 World Congress, held in Cancun, Mexico, June 2007.

Real Optimization with SAP APO

Author : Josef Kallrath
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Optimization is a serious issue, touching many aspects of our life and activity. But it has not yet been completely absorbed in our culture. In this book the authors point out how relatively young even the word “model” is. On top of that, the concept is rather elusive. How to deal with a technology that ?nds applicationsinthingsasdi?erentaslogistics,robotics,circuitlayout,?nancial deals and tra?c control? Although, during the last decades, we made signi?cant progress, the broad public remained largely unaware of that. The days of John von Neumann, with his vast halls full of people frantically working mechanical calculators are long gone. Things that looked completely impossible in my youth, like solving mixed integer problems are routine by now. All that was not just achieved by ever faster and cheaper computers, but also by serious progress in mathematics. But even in a world that more and more understands that it cannot a?ord to waste resources, optimization remains to a large extent unknown. R It is quite logical and also fortunate that SAP , the leading supplier of enterprise management systems has embedded an optimizer in his software. The authors have very carefully investigated the capabilities and the limits of APO. Remember that optimization is still a work in progress. We do not have the tool that does everything for everybody.

Tools and Tactics for Operations Managers Collection

Author : Randal Wilson
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A brand new collection of state-of-the-art operations management tools and tactics… 3 authoritative books, now in a convenient e-format, at a great price! 3 authoritative eBooks bring together today’s most valuable new operations management techniques and solutions! Apply today’s most innovative operations management techniques to improve performance and value in any organization -- even the most complex or constrained! In High Performance Operations, Hillel Glazer shows how to optimize business performance and profitability while maintaining strong governance and compliance. Glazer demonstrates how to integrate lean and systems thinking, and systematically incorporating compliance into planning for overall performance, value, and profitability, rather than viewing it as an end in itself. Learn how to clarify competing interests and implement pre-conditions for success; use systems thinking to promote operational excellence; eliminate single points of failure; establish proof-of-performance; scale your successes, and get more of "what went right"! The Encyclopedia of Operations Management is the perfect single-volume "field manual" for every OM or supply chain professional. Nearly 1,500 well-organized, up-to-date definitions cover every facet of supply chain design, planning, management, and optimization. For the first time, this remarkable reference brings together up-to-the-minute information about topics ranging from accounting and customer service to transportation and warehousing. Next, in The Operations Manager's Toolbox , Randal Wilson helps you use proven project management (PM) tools and techniques to supercharge efficiency, free up resources, eliminate unnecessary meetings, and get more done faster. Wilson shows how to apply PM to complete crucial "smaller" tasks that can deliver rapid and sizable improvements. You’ll learn how to plan, implement, and measure the success of high-impact changes, and organize key tasks so they actually get done. Discover specific techniques for eliminating waste in engineering, manufacturing, distribution, and inventory. Next, learn how to use PM to manage teams, schedules, budgets, and resources more effectively, and systematically predict and mitigate operational risks. Whatever your role in operations management, this unique eBook collection will help you perform far more effectively – in your organization, and in your career! From world-renowned operations management experts Hillel Glazer, Arthur V. Hill, and Randal Wilson

Managing the Global Supply Chain Collection

Author : Chad W. Autry
File Size : 23.40 MB
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A brand new collection of insights and actionable techniques for world-class supply chain management… 2 authoritative books, now in a convenient e-format, at a great price! 2 authoritative eBooks deliver comprehensive resources for managing state-of-the-art supply chains in challenging global environments Master the latest techniques for overcoming your most difficult operations and supply chain management challenges! This unique 2 eBook package will help you address issues ranging from Lean/Six Sigma to transportation and warehousing, and anticipate emerging global issues – so you can transform them from risks into competitive advantages. The Encyclopedia of Operations Management is the perfect single-volume "field manual" for every supply chain or operations management practitioner and student. Nearly 1,500 well-organized, up-to-date definitions cover: accounting, customer service, distribution, e-business, economics, finance, forecasting, HR, industrial engineering, industrial relations, inventory management, healthcare management, Lean, logistics, maintenance engineering, management IS, marketing/sales, product development, operations research, organizational behavior/management, time management, production planning/control, purchasing, reliability, quality, service management, simulation, statistics, strategic management, systems engineering, supply chain management, theory of constraints, transportation, warehousing, and more. Next, in Global Macrotrends and Their Impact on Supply Chain Management, Chad W. Autry, Thomas J. Goldsby, John E. Bell prepare you to manage supply and demand in a world marked by demographic and economic shifts that will turn markets upside down. They offer a complete decision framework and practical tools, insights, and guidance for systematically mitigating new risks and building long-term competitive advantage. This book focuses squarely on emerging societal, technological, geopolitical, and environmental macro trends, helping you assess the impacts of population growth, migration, urbanization; socioeconomic change, global connectivity, environmental issues, geopolitics, growing scarcity, transportation congestion, aging infrastructure, and emerging supply-demand imbalances. It also provides comprehensive mitigation strategies based on logistics, resource recovery, resource protection, and demand/supply shaping. This collection will be an indispensable resource for all supply chain, logistics, sourcing, and operations management executives, managers, and professionals; and for all operations/supply chain research professionals, instructors, and graduate students. From world-renowned supply chain management experts Arthur V. Hill, Chad W. Autry, Thomas J. Goldsby, and John E. Bell

Research Trends in Combinatorial Optimization

Author : William J. Cook
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The editors and authors dedicate this book to Bernhard Korte on the occasion of his seventieth birthday. We, the editors, are happy about the overwhelming feedback to our initiative to honor him with this book and with a workshop in Bonn on November 3–7,2008.Althoughthiswouldbeareasontolookback,wewouldratherliketolook forward and see what are the interesting research directions today. This book is written by leading experts in combinatorial optimization. All - pers were carefully reviewed, and eventually twenty-three of the invited papers were accepted for this book. The breadth of topics is typical for the eld: combinatorial optimization builds bridges between areas like combinatorics and graph theory, submodular functions and matroids, network ows and connectivity, approximation algorithms and mat- matical programming, computational geometry and polyhedral combinatorics. All these topics are related, and they are all addressed in this book. Combi- torial optimization is also known for its numerous applications. To limit the scope, however, this book is not primarily about applications, although some are mentioned at various places. Most papers in this volume are surveys that provide an excellent overview of an activeresearcharea,butthisbookalsocontainsmanynewresults.Highlightingmany of the currently most interesting research directions in combinatorial optimization, we hope that this book constitutes a good basis for future research in these areas.

Produktion und Umwelt

Author : Hans-Dietrich Haasis
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Dieses Buch enthält eine Auswahl wesentlicher Publikationen von Otto Rentz. Die Themenschwerpunkte seiner Arbeit und damit der Publikationen liegen in den Gebieten Produktion, Operations Research, Umweltschutz, nachhaltiges Wirtschaften und Energiewirtschaft. Das Buch gibt damit einen Überblick über das vielfältige Werk des Autors, die von ihm untersuchten Probleme, der angewandten Methoden und der erzielten Ergebnisse.