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Proactive Classroom Management K 8

Author : Louis G. Denti
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77 practical activities that reinforce positive behavior This gold mine of teacher-developed and -approved activities goes beyond classroom management theory and gives you ready-to-use tools that not only encourage positive behavior, but also empower students to take responsibility for their behavior. Excellent for all students, these activities will help you: Improve your teaching and classroom management skills Enhance your knowledge base Maintain a positive attitude so that you can be proactive rather than reactive Also included are a quick-glance chart that groups the activities by appropriate grade level and helpful checklists.

Behavior Management in K 6 Classrooms

Author : Karen Malm
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This publication presents a system of proactive classroom management for use in elementary school, grades K-6. Characteristics of the proactive concept are described as: (1) planning for prevention rather than reaction to behavior problems; (2) considering the classroom as a total process of facilitating achievement as well as appropriate behavior; (3) dealing with the entire class rather than with individual student behavior; and (4) defining behavior management as an entire system utilizing the principles of behavior theory rather than isolated techniques. An overview is provided of behavioral principles that will give teachers a broad-based understanding of why children behave and misbehave. A classroom management system is presented based on behavioral principles. The book is organized into eight chapters: (1) The Behavior Management Hierarchy; (2) Classroom Environment; (3) Scheduling; (4) Affecting Antecedents: Rules and Routines; (5) Reinforcement Strategies; (6) Parental Involvement; (7) Using Consequences To Affect Behaviors; and (8) Concluding Remarks, consisting of a checklist to help in assessing the classroom and for troubleshooting behavior problems. (LL)

Supervision Modules to Support Educators in Collaborative Teaching

Author : Kathryn L. Lubniewski
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The classroom teacher in the 21st century is no longer a solo practitioner. What can school leaders use to facilitate on-going, job-embedded, intentionally focused professional development that is unique to the collective needs of teacher pairs and teams as they work together? What can teacher preparation supervisors provide to support teacher candidates and cooperating teachers as they plan, teach, and assess student learning in a co-teaching context? Supervision Modules to Support Educators in Collaborative Teaching is a research-based supervisory handbook designed to promote on-going teacher reflection and development in collaborative teaching contexts. It is a tool for school leaders and teacher preparation supervisors to use for in-service and pre-service teacher development at all grade levels PK-12. The handbook’s many resources provide practical guidance for meaningful teacher development that is field-based, relevant to daily teacher work, and artfully presented to build collaboration among teachers as they reflect and learn together. Unique to this approach is that school leaders and supervisors learn alongside teachers and teacher candidates as relevant topics are explored. The handbook contains a collection of eighteen interactive, activity-based modules that focus on topical content knowledge and productive teaching practices. Embedded in the modules are pair and team activities that address problem-solving, dimensions of collaborative teaching, communication and collaboration skill development, understanding of diversity, cultural responsiveness, and shared understanding of evidence-based practices. This resource is easy to use. Once school leaders and supervisors select a module topic to address the needs of a particular pair or team, they are supported with foundational knowledge of the most current research on the topic, discussion questions about the topic, suggestions of productive practices, questions to deepen personal and group understanding, reflective professional growth activities, critical analysis of teaching scenarios, and monitoring, follow-up, and goal setting strategies. Modules can be used in any order and include reproducible materials for pairs and teams to use as they collaborate and grow professionally.

Breaking the Mold of Classroom Management

Author : Andrea Honigsfeld
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Classroom management is often perceived as the most overwhelming challenge faced by new teachers; it may also continue to confront more experienced educators as they encounter a new group of youngsters or face a new set of demands. Successful classroom management is invariably tied to student engagement and empowerment: teachers who are singled out for excellent classroom management practices are often praised for successfully maintaining a strong instructional focus in their classes coupled with high levels of student motivation. The contributors offer classroom-tested strategies and timely advice on how to create such an effective and supportive instructional environment for academic and social-emotional learning for all. Similar to the previous four volumes, Breaking the Mold of School Instruction and Organization: Innovative and Successful Practices for the 21st Century (2010), Breaking the Mold of Preservice and Inservice Teacher Education (2011), and,Breaking the Mold of Education for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students (2012), and, Breaking the Mold of Education: Innovative and Successful Practices for Student Engagement, Empowerment, and Motivation (2013), the purpose of this book is to offer a carefully selected collection of documented best practices and practical, classroom-tested strategies for immediate implementation

Teaching Leading and Learning in Pre K 8 Settings

Author : Rita A. Jensen
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Teaching, Leading, and Learning encourages pre-service and in-service teachers to question the "why, what, when, and how" of instructional strategies. The text combines theory and current research with practice in order to help teachers understand the performances, dispositions, and knowledge base required for success. Teachers are encouraged to consider the "big-picture variables": professional development, teachers as leaders, the intangibles of teaching, parents and families, and working creatively within the system. With an emphasis on meeting current standards, each chapter includes marginal icons that reference INTASC (Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium) standards, as well as recent developments related to the No Child Left Behind Act. Coverage of hot topics in the field includes how teachers should respond to terrorism and bullying, the use of portfolios to meet requirements for beginning teachers, and assessment and accountability. Unique coverage of strategies for teachers who work with young children underscores the significance of neuroscience and brain-based learning for children from birth to age eight.

School and Community

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Teaching Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities

Author : Lee B. Hamill
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This book educates teachers on how to incorporate applied curriculum strategies into their classrooms so ALL students can participate. A unique aspect is its ability to balance inclusive practice with practical, functional instruction and materials. It provides many actual examples of teaching skills in an applied setting. These scenarios, combined with mini case studies, games, and learning activities offer a keen understanding of how to work with those who have moderate to severe disabilities. A three-part organization covers foundations of curriculum, implementation of the curriculum, and instructional environments. For future preschool, elementary, and secondary level teachers of students with moderate to severe disabilities.

Classroom Management

Author : Martin Henley
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"Classroom Management: A Proactive Approach is based on three basic principles - classrooms should be learning communities; many behaviors can be prevented; and teacher interventions should promote positive change in classroom behavior." "This comprehensive text: provides teachers with practical strategies in managing classroom behavior based on theories of human behavior; discusses contemporary topics on diversity, social skill instruction, and positive behavior support; and encourages teachers to reflect on their assumptions and look for causes and solutions when students misbehave."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Schoolwide and Classroom Management

Author : Len A. Froyen
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This book emphasizes the development of management skills across three major areas of teaching: content (instruction), covenant (relationships), and conduct (student behavior).It takes an ecological/systems-level approach to classroom management, especially in presenting schoolwide discipline policy and procedures. It also features a comprehensive chapter on communication skills which forms the foundation to effective management. It integrates theory and practice through in-depth examples in each chapter by presenting procedures first, then providing examples of theories. It also describes and provides examples of three problem-solving models to promote positive problem-solving.For professionals who want to learn classroom management from a systems level perspective.

Comprehensive Classroom Management

Author : Vernon F. Jones
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" This is an outstanding book. I love how the authors have spelled out practical ways to bridge research and practice." Kathy Piechura-Couture Stetson University "Comprehensive Classroom Management" presents practical methods for creating a positive learning environment, working with behavioral problems, and dealing with a range of challenges in the K-12 classroom. This text uses real-life examples to help both pre- and in-service teachers understand and apply the principles of classroom management in their own classroom situations. Through numerous case studies, examples, and descriptions of specific strategies based on solid research and classroom experience, "Comprehensive Classroom Management" features classrooms ranging from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The book focuses on creating positive learning environments for students, and provides extensive, practical materials on both problem solving and building individual behavior change plans for students with behavioral problems. New to this Edition: Rewritten thoroughly to edit excess quotes, references, and theory, while still offering clarity in background and research, the book is more concise and reads more smoothly. " Pause and Consider" sections located throughout each chapter assist the student in applying the book's content to real-life situations and discussing the material with classmates. Additional illustrations, added throughout the book, enhance student interest and lighten the mood of the text. Graphic organizers, placed throughout the text, give students and instructors cognitive organizers to augment theirexperience. Internet references throughout the book provide students and instructors with material to supplement the text's content. New! Complete Instructor's Manual and CD with sample test items, activities, reproducible forms and links to useful sites will make course preparation far easier. New! Classroom vignettes video free to adopters will illustrate management issues in short clips.

The Organized Teacher s Guide to Classroom Management Grades K 8 Second Edition

Author : Steve Springer
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Discover strategies and tools to make your classroom run more smoothly Classroom management can be challenging even for experienced teachers. Written by two award-winning educators, this practical guide is filled with tips and proticols to help you manage your classroom more efficiently. There’s advice on setting up your classroom, establishing rules, dealing with difficult students, meeting with parents, and much more. The authors also examine teaching theories from leading educators and offer guidance to help you determine the best teaching style for every situation. The book includes dozens of useful documents such as charts, rewards certificates, child-teacher or parent-teacher contracts for homework, attendance or discipline, and more. The documents can also be accessed online and sent directly to a printer, saving you valuable time. The Organized Teacher’s Guide to Classroom Management, Second Edition will help you: •Find strategies to keep your classroom running smoothly•Determine which teaching style is most appropriate for you•Establish rules, consequences, and procedures•Manage student behavior in the classroom•Create more inspired lesson plans and curricula•Get organized with reproducible charts, checklists, and more

School Social Work

Author : Lynn Bye
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Featuring contributions from leaders in the field of social work, co-editors Bye and Alvarez developed this text to present a balance of theory and practice. Best practices, ecological and strengths perspectives, and cultural competence are key themes throughout the book. Together with examples, case studies and a book companion website, the text offers students practical tools and skills to help them translate current research and theory into practice.

Behavior and Classroom Management in the Multicultural Classroom

Author : Terry L. Shepherd
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Addressing the increasing number of culturally and linguistically diverse students in today’s schools, Behavior and Classroom Management in the Multicultural Classroom, by Terry L. Shepherd and Diana Linn, provides general and special education teachers with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to make the proactive, active, and reactive interventions necessary to create a positive classroom environment in which all students can learn. Going beyond the traditional rules and hierarchy of consequences and reinforcements, the book demonstrates how to incorporate basic classroom management plans, functional behavioral analysis, functional behavioral assessments, and behavioral intervention plans into the development and implementation of response-to-intervention and school-wide positive behavior support programs. In every chapter, the authors use real world examples and case studies to explore how language and culture affect students’ responses to behavior and classroom management. Unique chapters cover social skills training and collaborating with families of diverse students.

Teacher Education Practice

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Comprehensive Handbook of Multicultural School Psychology

Author : Craig Frisby
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A comprehensive guide to current information about multicultural issues, science, and practice in school psychology Today's schools are characterized by wide variations in students' ethnic, racial, language, religious, socioeconomic, and geographical characteristics. Cultural issues pervade all aspects of psychological practice as applied to school effectiveness, classroom learning and instruction, academic achievement, student behavior, and mental health. School psychologists and related personnel must apply critical thinking skills in successfully meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse student population, while working effectively with school personnel to maximize learning for all students. The Comprehensive Handbook of Multicultural School Psychology highlights the latest research in this area and offers practical information on integrating issues of cultural diversity into research and practice. This new resource is the first text of its kind to examine the pervasive influence of culture on all aspects of school psychology, including child development, psychometrics, and interventions. Thought-provoking and practical, yet grounded in empirical research, this text covers: Conceptual, philosophical, and sociopolitical foundations of multicultural school psychology Cultural variation within American subgroups Educational and psychological foundations of culture, individual differences, and schooling Testing, assessment, and intervention issues Training and legal issues International school psychology Featuring contributions from the world's leading scholars in this area, this definitive resource is required reading for all current and future school psychologists, as well as counselors, teachers, and administrators working in school settings.

Resources in Education

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Thinking Inside the Block Schedule

Author : Pam Robbins
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Provides instructional strategies to use in helping students achieve success in the block schedule, including discussion on the various types of block scheduling and the appropriate curriculum design for each.

Teacher Training in Measurement and Assessment Skills

Author : Steven L. Wise
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Format : PDF, ePub
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How to Reach and Teach Children with Challenging Behavior K 8

Author : Kaye Otten
File Size : 64.47 MB
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Interventions for students who exhibit challenging behavior Written by behavior specialists Kaye Otten and Jodie Tuttle--who together have 40 years of experience working with students with challenging behavior in classroom settings--this book offers educators a practical approach to managing problem behavior in schools. It is filled with down-to-earth advice, ready-to-use forms, troubleshooting tips, recommended resources, and teacher-tested strategies. Using this book, teachers are better able to intervene proactively, efficiently, and effectively with students exhibiting behavior problems. The book includes research-backed support for educators and offers: Instructions for creating and implementing an effective class-wide behavior management program Guidelines for developing engaging lessons and activities that teach and support positive behavior Advice for assisting students with the self-regulation and management their behavior and emotions

Handbook of Child Psychology Child Psychology in Practice

Author : William Damon
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Part of the authoritative four-volume reference that spans the entire field of child development and has set the standard against which all other scholarly references are compared. Updated and revised to reflect the new developments in the field, the Handbook of Child Psychology, Sixth Edition contains new chapters on such topics as spirituality, social understanding, and non-verbal communication. Volume 4: Child Psychology in Practice, edited by K. Ann Renninger, Swarthmore College, and Irving E. Sigel, Educational Testing Service, covers child psychology in clinical and educational practice. New topics addressed include educational assessment and evaluation, character education, learning disabilities, mental retardation, media and popular culture, children's health and parenting.