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Ethical Portraits

Author : Hatty Nestor
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Prisons systematically dehumanise the imprisoned. Visualised through mugshots and surveillance recordings, the incarcerated lose control of their own image and identity. The criminal justice system in the United States does not only carry out so-called justice in ways that compound inequality, it also minimises the possibility for empathetic encounters with those who are most marginalised. It is therefore urgent to understand how prisoners are portrayed by the carceral state and how this might be countered or recuperated. How can understanding the visual representation of prisoners help us confront the invisible forms of power in the American prison system? Ethical Portraits investigates the representation of the incarcerated in the United States criminal justice system, and the state’s failure to represent those incarcerated humanely. Through wide-ranging interviews and creative nonfiction, Hatty Nestor deconstructs the different roles of prison portraiture, such as in courtroom sketches, DNA profiling, and the incarceration of Chelsea Manning.

Marking Time

Author : Nicole R. Fleetwood
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Nicole Fleetwood enters American prisons to explore the creativity flourishing there. Though isolated and degraded, incarcerated artists produce bold works that testify to the economic and racial injustice of American punishment. These pieces, many published here for the first time, offer a new vision of freedom for the twenty-first century.


Author : Krista A. Thompson
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In Jamaican dancehalls competition for the video camera's light is stiff, so much so that dancers sometimes bleach their skin to enhance their visibility. In the Bahamas, tuxedoed students roll into prom in tricked-out sedans, staging grand red-carpet entrances that are designed to ensure they are seen being photographed. Throughout the United States and Jamaica friends pose in front of hand-painted backgrounds of Tupac, flashy cars, or brand-name products popularized in hip-hop culture in countless makeshift roadside photography studios. And visual artists such as Kehinde Wiley remix the aesthetic of Western artists with hip-hop culture in their portraiture. In Shine, Krista Thompson examines these and other photographic practices in the Caribbean and United States, arguing that performing for the camera is more important than the final image itself. For the members of these African diasporic communities, seeking out the camera's light—whether from a cell phone, Polaroid, or video camera—provides a means with which to represent themselves in the public sphere. The resulting images, Thompson argues, become their own forms of memory, modernity, value, and social status that allow for cultural formation within and between African diasporic communities.

Albert Oehlen

Author : Roberto Ohrt
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Meet the full range of Albert Oehlen's artistic approaches from his early work to the present day. Whether paintings with mirrors, in primary colors or only in gray, heavily pixelated computer paintings or garish poster ads on canvases: more than 400 featured works attest to the audacious and innovative strategies that have secured Oehlen's...

Allan Sekula

Author : Allan Sekula
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Catalog of an exhibition held May 16 to August 17, 2003.

Das Gl ck ist ohne Pardon

Author : Anna Blume
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