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Courageous Princess Volume 1

Author : Rod Espinosa
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Once upon a time, a greedy dragon kidnapped a beloved princess . . . But if you think she just waited around for some charming prince to rescue her, then you're in for a surprise! Princess Mabelrose may not be the fairest of the land, but she has enough brains and bravery to fend for herself in a fantasy world of danger and adventure! From a mighty dragon with an army of trolls to a tyrant tiger king, Mabelrose meets each challenge with pluck and intelligence, winning the help and friendship of the many kindred spirits she encounters in her quest to find her way home. Volume 1 of 3.

Xena Warrior Princess Vol 1 Contest of Pantheons

Author : John Layman
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The first four issues of DYNAMITE'S all new XENA comic book series - the Contest of Pantheons - are presented here in the very first DYNAMITE XENA TRADE PAPERBACK COLLECTION! Writer John Layman and artist Fabiano Neves have brought back the Warrior Princess to great acclaim and now you can see what everyone else it talking about! Xena and her well-loved cast of friends and villains get in between a feud that reaches all the way up to the heavens as they fight in the "Contest of Pantheons" featuring Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, Autolycus and the return of Callisto! This new TBP Collection features: * Reprints 1-4 of all-new Xena series * Includes complete cover gallery

Archibald Lox Volume 1 The Missing Princess

Author : Darren Shan
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When a young locksmith finds his way into the Merge, he discovers a parallel universe filled with an infinite number of bizarre, remarkable worlds. Setting off on the adventure of a lifetime, he soon makes allies and friends who help inform and direct him, but he must also overcome the threat of cold-blooded killers, ravenous hell jackals, evil Empresses and more. As his skills develop, he finds himself part of a perilous mission to save a realm from the forces of tyranny, but he holds the key to its success or failure, and he fears he might not be up to the task. The greatest challenge of his life awaits... A thrilling new fantasy series by Darren Shan, the New York Times bestselling YA author of Cirque Du Freak, The Demonata, and Zom-B. This is the Complete Volume One, bringing together the first three novels, Archibald Lox and the Bridge Between Worlds, Archibald Lox and the Empress of Suanpan, and Archibald Lox and the Vote of Alignment. "I read quite a lot during lockdown but nothing made me smile quite as much as these first three instalments in the Archibald Lox series." Jill Murphy, author of The Worst Witch. "A perfect middle grade book. I couldn't put it down and read it in almost one sitting. I give it a superb five out of five stars." Addicted to Media. "Filled with fantastic characters, true to form description, and Shan's distinct writing style, Archibald Lox is sure to enthrall readers of all ages." The Haunted Wordsmith. "High fantasy that allows you to step away from the real world and into a vivid space of wonder." The Reading Corner For All. "Perfect for fans of adventurous fantasy stories!" Mind of Luxe. "I loved everything about the story, and can't wait to see how it continues!" Rajiv's Reviews. "I believe that the Archibald Lox series has the potential to be the author's best work since The Saga of Darren Shan, it has the magical, dream-like overtones of Lewis Carroll's Alice books and the captivating, world-hopping drama of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials. I can't recommend it highly enough, perfect for fantasy fans of all ages." Books, Films & Random Lunacy.

Chaika The Coffin Princess

Author : Ichirou Sakaki
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Five years of inconceivable peace after two hundred years of war left erstwhile saboteur Toru Acura without a job or a meaning in life--until he saves a mysterious wizard with a coffin on her back. But when the coffin-wielding, silver-haired Chaika Trabant hires Toru and his sister, Akari, to accompany her on a death-defying journey, Toru's life of mind-numbing, meaningless peace is about to end!

Princess Coloring Book 1

Author : Nick Snels
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When you buy this book you get an electronic version (PDF file) of the interior of this book. Every little girl dreams of becoming a princess. Let their imagination run away with them with 40 gorgeous pages of pretty princesses, jewel covered crowns and enchanting castles! A magical gift for any princess! Art is like a rainbow, never-ending and brightly colored. Feed your creative mind and have fun! Each picture is printed on its own 8.5 x 11 inch page so no need to worry about smudging.

Wall of Doom The Princess Maura Tales Book 1 An Epic Fantasy Series

Author : Abigail Keam
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Wall of Doom (The Princess Maura Tales, Book One)

The Courageous Princess Volume 3 The Dragon Queen

Author : Rod Espinosa
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In this conclusion to the Courageous Princess trilogy, Princess Mabelrose must use her generous spirit, as well as her brains, to melt the heart of the Dragon Queen and gain her freedom. But she still has to bring her father and her friends back from the queen’s unreachable Unremembered Lands . . . *An adventure for all that explores a new meaning of courage. “Espinosa’s influences seem to be equal parts Grimm fairy tales, animated Disney films, the Wizard of Oz and Japanese manga, and the work is meticulously rendered in a seductive palette of brights and shadows.”—Publishers Weekly

Courageous Princess Vol 2

Author : Rod Espinosa
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Her spirit is mightier than any sword! The smart and plucky Princess Mabelrose has escaped a dragon and freed the people of Leptia from a tyrant. Journeying home, Mabelrose discovers that her father was coming to her rescue—but now, he and a posse of princes are the ones who need rescuing! So Mabelrose begins a new quest . . . * The continuation of Rod Espinosa’s charming tale!

KidSlumber Bedtime Stories Volume 1

Author : Pat Darcy
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Traditional fairy tales are often too long, too gruesome or otherwise unsuitable as a bedtime story. In KidSlumber stories no-one dies, no child is abandoned by its parents, nor are the stories saccharine sweet. The stories are intended to be enjoyable for both the child and the reader and certainly not a chore for the reader. Each story takes about 10-12 minutes to read and has humor, rhyme and usually a moral. The stories are written for the children of today, not past centuries. For children 5-10+ years. Approximately 30,000 words.

The Descendants The Complete Volume 1 Welcome to Freeland House

Author : Landon Porter
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The Descendants is styled after works from the Bronze Age of Comic Books, a time before superhero comics were dominated by grim and gritty deconstructions; when comic books were fun. It is presented in a unique manner: as an all-prose comic book complete with issues, specials and annuals. Each tells a complete story that ties into the overall tale of the titular superheroes. In the first exciting volume: Three friends discover the their old school, The Psionics Training and Application Academy is actually a front for a clandestine organization dedicated to exploiting young people with powers rather than helping them. They band together, managing to rescue a small group of such people, bringing them to Mayfield, VA for safekeeping. Unfortunately, fate puts them in harm's way from new and dangerous sources beyond what they were already facing; from a resurrected sorceress, to the local crime boss, and a mad-woman with powered armor and a robot army! If our heroes want to live, they'll have to learn to come together as a super-team and as a family. They are heroes. They are people. This is their story. Collects the entire first volume of the webserial, including The Descendants #0-12, Descendants Special #1, and Descendants Annual #1. Bonus content includes the short story Who is... The Whitecoat?, and the Rise of Morganna miniseries. Content in this collection was previously published in the ebooks We Could Be Heroes, Tome Attacks, and Rise of Morganna.