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Vapor Rain and Snow

Author : Paul Fleisher
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How does a cloud form? When is the best time to see a rainbow in the sky? Why do ice cubes shrink in the freezer? The answers to these questions all involve water. So do the reasons why we have rain and snow. To understand weather, we have to know what happens to water at different temperatures, on the ground and in the air. In this fact-packed book, discover what happens when water changes from a liquid into a gas or a solid, and much more.

Precipitation Science

Author : Silas Michaelides
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Precipitation Science: Measurement, Remote Sensing, Microphysics and Modeling addresses the latest key concerns for researchers in precipitation science, mainly observing, measuring, modeling and forecasting. Using case studies and global examples, the book demonstrates how researchers are addressing these issues using state-of-the-art methods and models to improve accuracy and output across the field. In the process, it covers such topics as discrepancies between models and observations, precipitation estimations, error assessment, droplet size distributions, and using data in forecasting and simulations. Other sections cover improved standard approaches, novel approaches, and coverage of a variety of topics such as climatology, data records, and more. By providing comprehensive coverage of the most up-to-date approaches to understanding, modeling, and predicting precipitation, this book offers researchers in atmospheric science, hydrology and meteorology with a comprehensive resource for improving outcomes and advancing knowledge. Provides updated and novel approaches to key issues in precipitation research Offers practical knowledge through global examples and case studies Includes full-color visuals to enhance comprehension of key concepts


Author : Firat Y. Testik
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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 191. Rainfall: State of the Science offers the most up-to-date knowledge on the fundamental and practical aspects of rainfall. Each chapter, self-contained and written by prominent scientists in their respective fields, provides three forms of information: fundamental principles, detailed overview of current knowledge and description of existing methods, and emerging techniques and future research directions. The book discusses Rainfall microphysics: raindrop morphodynamics, interactions, size distribution, and evolution Rainfall measurement and estimation: ground-based direct measurement (disdrometer and rain gauge), weather radar rainfall estimation, polarimetric radar rainfall estimation, and satellite rainfall estimation Statistical analyses: intensity-duration-frequency curves, frequency analysis of extreme events, spatial analyses, simulation and disaggregation, ensemble approach for radar rainfall uncertainty, and uncertainty analysis of satellite rainfall products The book is tailored to be an indispensable reference for researchers, practitioners, and graduate students who study any aspect of rainfall or utilize rainfall information in various science and engineering disciplines.

Weather Elements Clouds Precipitation Temperature and More 2nd Grade Science Workbook Children s Earth Sciences Books Edition

Author : Baby Professor
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While it’s fun to say that it’s a rainy day, or a sunny day, and so on; it’s better to understand how those happen. There’s no need to get too technical and scientific about it. This educational book weeds out the big words and replaces them with a vocabulary that’s appropriate for 2nd graders. Your child needs to know how the world moves so grab a copy now!

Report of the National Science Board

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Precipitation Advances in Measurement Estimation and Prediction

Author : Silas C. Michaelides
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This volume is the outcome of contributions from 51 scientists who were invited to expose their latest findings on precipitation research and in particular, on the measurement, estimation and prediction of precipitation. The reader is presented with a blend of theoretical, mathematical and technical treatise of precipitation science but also with authentic applications, ranging from local field experiments and country-scale campaigns to multinational space endeavors.

Report of the Science Steering Group for a Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission TRMM

Author : Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission. Science Steering Group
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"The Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM), a satellite program now being studied jointly by the United States and Japan, would carry out the systematic study of tropical rainfall required for major strides in weather and climate research ... This report presents the scientific justification for TRMM and outlines the implementation process for the scientific community."--Pref.

Proceedings of the North Dakota Academy of Science

Author : North Dakota Academy of Science
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Annual meeting for held jointly with the Minnesota Academy of Science.

Aerosol Pollution Impact on Precipitation

Author : Zev Levin
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Life on Earth is critically dependent upon the continuous cycling of water between oceans, continents and the atmosphere. Precipitation (including rain, snow, and hail) is the primary mechanism for transporting water from the atmosphere back to the Earth’s surface. It is also the key physical process that links aspects of climate, weather, and the global hydrological cycle. Changes in precipitation regimes and the frequency of extreme weather events, such as floods, droughts, severe ice/snow storms, monsoon fluctuations and hurricanes are of great potential importance to life on the planet. One of the factors that could contribute to precipitation modification is aerosol pollution from various sources such as urban air pollution and biomass burning. Natural and anthropogenic changes in atmospheric aerosols might have important implications for precipitation by influencing the hydrological cycle, which in turn could feed back to climate changes. From an Earth Science perspective, a key question is how changes expected in climate will translate into changes in the hydrological cycle, and what trends may be expected in the future. We require a much better understanding and hence predictive capability of the moisture and energy storages and exchanges among the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, continents and biological systems. This book is a review of our knowledge of the relationship between aerosols and precipitation reaching the Earth's surface and it includes a list of recommendations that could help to advance our knowledge in this area.

Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science

Author : Illinois State Academy of Science
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Flavour Science

Author : Carlos Ibàñez
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Sucralose is a chlorinated high intensity sweetener, around 600 times sweeter than sucrose, common now in many applications in the food industry: milk, beverages, dairy products, ice creams, chewing gums, etc. To simplify and accelerate the analysis of sucralose in milk samples, a new extraction protocol was proposed, avoiding protein precipitation and using a combination of a special filter and two solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges. This protocol is able to clean the sample well enough to realize the posterior analysis by HPLC without special coelution problems and at the same time speeds up the previous cleaning steps.

Advances in Precipitation Science

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Journal of Science

Author : Hiroshima Daigaku
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Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Science

Author : Oklahoma Academy of Science
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Vols. 1-49 are Proceedings of the 1st-57th annual meetings.

Radio Science

Author :
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The Science Reports of the T hoku University

Author : Tōhoku Daigaku
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Canadian Journal of Agricultural Science

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Photographic Science and Engineering

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Fundamentals of Earth Science

Author : Henry Dewey Thompson
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Minnesota Farm and Home Science

Author :
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