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Apologetic Preaching

Author : Craig A. Loscalzo
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Craig Loscalzo gives down-to-earth advice on how to communicate clearly and compellingly to a world that does not want to hear about morality, sin, evil, judgment or commitment. He gives straightforward explanations of the changes taking place all around us, including brief sample sermons in each chapter.

Visually Speaking

Author : Jolyon P. Mitchell
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What can preachers learn from the art of radio broadcasting? Jolyon Mitchell considers radio broadcasting in Britain and America, including C. S. Lewis, The Radio Padre, Ed Murrow, Lionel Blue and Angela Tilby. He explores how the speaker can create pictures with words and engage listeners in multi-sensory ways. This book offers theological insights and practical guidelines to enable preachers to listen and to communicate more creatively in today's media-saturated world.

Preaching and the Thirty Second Commerical

Author : O. Wesley Allen, Jr.
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At first glance, preaching and advertising seem worlds apart from one another. One tries to proclaim love of God and neighbor; the other tries to sell you something that you may or may not need. Yet both must compete with other ways we receive and process information in an increasingly distracted world. While most of the time preaching simply tries to muddle through this situation, advertising knows that it must continually relearn how to reclaim its audience's attention–and keep it. Believing that preaching can benefit from advertising's laser focus on how to make its message stick, O. Wesley Allen, Jr. (a preaching professor) and Carrie La Ferle (a professor of advertising) have written this first-of-its-kind book on what preachers can learn from advertising. Examples of these lessons include: • Sharpening one's analysis to understand the congregation better • Encoding a message so that listeners can decode it for their individual lives • Understanding how the form of the sermon leads to greater or lesser effectiveness • Building the sermon around imagery and narrative

Scripture Truths demonstrated in Thirty two Sermons or Declarations of Stephen Crisp etc

Author : Stephen Crisp
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Preaching Effectively Revitalizing Your Church

Author : Guerric DeBona
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Preaching Effectively, Revitalizing Your Church offers a practical and theological guide to effective preaching. Guerric DeBona, an experienced and respected teacher of homiletics, uses the metaphor of a ladder to describe the ascent up seven rungs that constitute the strategies of preaching. Beginning with advice on discovering a personal theology of preaching, the author proceeds to unlock the power of the Bible and the liturgy. He then guides preachers in creating a unified homily and in discovering a homiletic method that best suits their own intellect and temperament. Chapters on communicating in contemporary culture and on globalizing the homily for the New Evangelization are vital for coming to grips with the technological age and the often bewildering diversity of today's world. Finally, DeBona challenges readers to recognize and confront their own obstacles to effective preaching. Each chapter ends with questions to assist preachers in appropriating the material. With bad homilies consistently cited as a factor in declining church attendance, Preaching Effectively, Revitalizing Your Church answers a very pressing need, especially in view of the papacy's urgent call to rescue traditionally Christian countries from the brink of total secularization. Book jacket.

Handbook of Contemporary Preaching

Author : Dr. Michael Duduit
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Perhaps the most encyclopedic text on preaching in any language--the finest counsel from many of the acknowledged grand masters of the contemporary pulpit, including Calvin Miller, Joel Gregory, Stuart Briscoe, James Cox, Elizabeth Achtemeier, Thomas Long, James Earl Massey and many more.

Life After the 30 Second Spot

Author : Joseph Jaffe
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The old media strategies advertisers used for decades no longerwork. Here's what does! Traditional advertising, in the form of print, radio, and mostnotably, television, is far less effective than it used to be.Advertising strategies using only these mediums no longer work.Life After the 30-Second Spot explains how savvy marketers andadvertisers are responding with new marketing techniques to gettheir message out, get noticed, engage their audiences-and increasesales! Covering topics such as viral marketing, gaming, on-demandviewing, long-form content, interactive, and more, the bookexplains the new avenues marketers and advertisers must use toreplace traditional print, TV, and radio advertising-and whichstrategies are most effective. This book is every marketer's roadmap to "new marketing."

Thirty two Sermons on Plain and Practical Subjects

Author : Thomas Pyle
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The Renewal of Preaching in the Twenty first Century Second Edition

Author : David J. Randolph
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Deep Faith Meets High Tech here in The Renewal of Preaching in the Twenty-first Century. A communications revolution is sweeping through the churches leaving some on fire and others burned out. This work shows what makes the difference for church leaders and communities who are using new media to advance Christian preaching. Join them by recovering the great tradition and expanding it through creative use encouraged by artists and filmmakers as well as preachers and professors. This work explores ways to maximize the promise of preaching and confront the perils leading to the renewal of church and society. Beginning with review of the situation today, we proceed step by step through the preparation and presentation of the sermon leading to transformation. The sermon in the local parish is seen as the microcosm of the macrocosm that is the communication of God's good news. "Rooted in a knowledge of and respect for traditional worship, David Randolph accurately assesses the difficulty facing mainline traditions in speaking to today's visual culture. But he doesn't stop there. He eloquently outlines a course of action that gives emphasis to the visual and, in particular, to the use of what he terms `new media.' Renewal of Preaching is a must read, not only as a text for those preparing for ministry, but also for long-time pastors seeking new ways of speaking to today's generation."---Joan Brix Carter Dean of College of Art and Design, Olivet University

Bible Stories for Strong Stomachs

Author : Barry Lee Callen
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Intriguing and eye-opening interpretations of the most scandalous Bible stories that are puzzling and even shocking, maybe not even worthy of being in the Bible. A serious and sometimes whimsical taking of readers into the most awkward and even repulsive biblical narratives to find answers to the difficult questions facing believers today. Here is an outstanding resource for young adults, Sunday school classes, and quest groups that will provoke real conversations about the Bible and how the faithful should be living their lives. These twenty-eight Bible stories, strictly for adults, would make great sermon material for the pastor who has the courage and wisdom to try. They surely are in the Bible for some important reason. You are warned to approach with caution.

In Jars of Clay

Author : Roger Kruger
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In Jars of Clay is an edifying, elegantly literate piece, offering a sensitive look into the heart of a pastor's calling. In In Jars of Clay, Kruger writes, "These reflections touch on a variety of subjects relating to the personal, pastoral, and spiritual needs of ministry. They provide no easy answers, for if there is one thing I have learned, it is difficult enough just to learn the questions." With warmth and wisdom, Kruger's reflections resonate with the profound simplicity of this realization. His meditations on the roundness of life and one's experience with God employ parables and imagery of Kruger's own that gracefully explore the considerations of the clergy, from personal exhortation to the care of the parish. In Jars of Clay is at once lighthearted and earnest, contemporary as well as rooted in rich tradition.

Medieval Monastic Preaching

Author : Carolyn Muessig
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This book demonstrates that monastic preaching was a diverse activity which included preaching by monks, nuns and heretics. The study offers a preliminary step in understanding how preaching shaped monastic identity in the Middle Ages.

A festival year with great preachers or Twenty eight sermons upon the festivals of the Church ed from the Lat by J M Ashley

Author : John Marks Ashley
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Thirty four Sermons

Author : Robert Sanderson
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Shaping the Christian Life

Author : Kendra G. Hotz
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This insightful book explores how worship practices can transform and renew the lives of those who worship. Emphasizing how religious affections provide us with orientation in the world, Kendra Hotz and Matthew Mathews show how worship can shape our religious affections so that we can live to the glory of God and in a harmonious relationship with God's creation.

Fifteen Sermons Preached Before the University of Oxford Between A D 1826 and 1843

Author : John Henry Newman
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Two sermons on the internal and external evidences of the Christian Religion

Author : John MACNAUGHT
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Advent to Ascension Day

Author : John Marks Ashley
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Merchants Magazine and Commercial Review

Author :
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Hunt s Merchants Magazine and Commercial Review

Author : Freeman Hunt
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