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Dissonant Pieties

Author : Paul A. Riemann
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Throughout his years as a leader of the Reformation, John Calvin had a special interest in the proprieties of prayer. This interest climaxed in his formulation of four basic rules for proper prayer, rules that he applied in his extensive commentary on the book of Psalms, which dominated his last several years. Calvin was especially interested in the psalms associated with David, particularly the complaint psalms. He sensed an unusual personal affinity with David, who as king faced many situations that seemed to parallel his own less authoritative but very powerful role in Geneva. He was, however, quite critical of the psalm prayers that he found to be in violation of his rules. Riemann analyzes Calvin's criticism and offers a reevaluation of the complaint psalms in themselves. Riemann finds the complaint psalms to have been misunderstood not only by Calvin but by many present-day commentators, who likewise find these psalms to only echo their own piety. Riemann demonstrates the risks of abstracting elements from someone else's piety and appropriating them for ourselves. He asserts that rather the complaint psalms can help us learn how to think about the humanity of God and become proper pray-ers ourselves.

Obedience from First to Last

Author : Edmund Fong
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Obedience from First to Last explores the theological significance of the obedience of Jesus Christ in Karl Barth's theology. It does this via a threefold consideration of, first, the nature of Jesus' incarnate obedience; second, the relation of that obedience to the obedience of the second triune person of the eternal Son; and third, the effects Jesus' obedience has on our own obedience. Barth not only affirms the pivotal role Jesus' obedience has within the economy of salvation, but by equating that obedience with that of the eternal Son's, Barth gives Jesus' obedience a pre-eminent place within the immanent being of Godself. The obedience of Jesus Christ is seen to have a co-participatory role in God's determination of his own divine being that arises from the primordial act of divine election. This notion bears on our understanding of freedom and obedience: as divine freedom is expressed in divine obedience, so it is with human freedom and human obedience.

The Church

Author : Donald K. McKim
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This book considers basics of Christian faith about the church, conveyed through the perspectives of the Reformed tradition, particularly in its Presbyterian expression from Donald McKim's own context in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). The six chapters deal with ecclesiology: understandings of the church. The book begins by considering the call to follow Jesus in the church, the beginning of the Christian journey. The Reformation slogan "the Church Reformed and Always Being Reformed according to the Word of God" orients us to the nature of the church and God's ongoing work of Word and Spirit within the community of faith. Three of the chapters discuss phrases from the Apostles' Creed. These are "I believe in the Holy Spirit," "the holy catholic church," and "the communion of saints." The final chapter, called "Imagine the Church!" provides theological resources for helping us recognize and experience the God of superabundance who is at work in the world, in the church, and in our own lives (Eph 3:20). Together these essays provide theological understandings of the church while also exploring the meanings and implications of the church for Christian life and experience today.


Author : Karl Barth
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Prayer is one of the central activities of Christian life. This anniversary edition of Karl Barth's lectures on the Lord's Prayer, along with supplementary essays by three Barth scholars, introduces us to what he had to say about this important Christian practice. For Barth, the ultimate aim of all theology is worship, and here he mines the theological and spiritual wisdom of Luther, Calvin, and the Heidelberg Catechism, urging us to participate in the work of God through prayer.

Karl Barth on Prayer

Author : Ashley Cocksworth
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Ashley Cocksworth presents Karl Barth as a theologian who not only produces a strong and vibrant theology of prayer, but also grounds theology itself in the practice of prayer. Prayer and theology are revealed to be integrally related in Barth's understanding of the dogmatic task. Cocksworth provides careful analysis of a range of key texts in Barth's thought in which the theme of prayer emerges with particular interest. He analyzes: Barth's writings on the Sabbath and uncovers an unexpected theology of contemplative prayer; the doctrine of creation of the Church Dogmatics and explores its prioritization of petitionary prayer; and the ethics of the doctrine of reconciliation in which a 'turn to invocation' is charted and the final 'resting place' of Barth's theology of prayer is found. Through the theme of prayer fundamental questions are asked about the relation of human agency to divine agency as conceived by Barth, and new insights are offered into his understandings of the nature and task of theology, pneumatology, sin, baptism, religion, and sanctification. The result is a rich engagement with Barth's theology of prayer, an advancements of scholarship on Karl Barth, and a constructive contribution to the theology of prayer.

The Power of Positive Praying

Author : John R. Bisagno
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Jesus was our model and teacher in prayer. By His life and His lips our Lord's constant fellowship with the Father pointed to the necessity of ours. But Jesus didn’t pray merely as an example to us. For thirty-three years, He lived as a man, tempted in all points like as are we. He prayed because He had to pray. He prayed because He must. In this 50th anniversary edition of The Power of Positive Praying, Dr. Bisagno expands this classic work with eight new chapters on prayer. If the Son of God prioritized prayer, how more must we? And His prayers were answered as will be ours, if like Him we pray in His Will, in His Word and in Faith. For that’s the power of positive praying.

Prayer and Praise Book for the Services of the Sunday school and Children s Church

Author : Wilbur Fisk Paddock
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Thomas Merton on Prayer

Author : John J. Higgins
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Pioneers Pedlars and Prayer Shawls

Author : Cyril Edel Leonoff
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Traces the beginnings, organization, growth and accomplishments of the Jewish communities in British Columbia and the Yukon.

The Utne Reader

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The Princeton Seminary Bulletin

Author : Princeton Theological Seminary
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Vols. for 1907/1908-1936/1937: no. 1, Commencement issue, no. 2, Necrology report, no. 3, News, no. 4, Catalogue; v. for 1937/1938-1938/1939: no. 1, 3, News, no. 2, Bulletin of courses, no. 4, Catalogue; v. for 1939/1940-1944/1945: no. 1, 4, News, no. 2, Bulletin of courses, no. 3, Catalogue; v. for 1945/1946: no. 1, Bulletin of courses, no. 2, 4, News, no. 3, Catalogue; v. for 1946/1947-1952/1953: no. 1, 3, 4, News, no. 2, Catalogue.

Fact Sheet

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The Year Book of the Congregational Christian Churches of the United States of America

Author : General Council of the Congregational and Christian Churches of the United States
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The Congregational Year book

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Journal of the Annual Convention Diocese of Western New York

Author : Episcopal Church. Diocese of Western New York. Convention
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A Ship and a Prayer

Author : Stephen Bourne
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Jewish Community of Cuba

Author : Jay Levinson
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JEWISH COMMUNITY OF CUBA tells the story of Ashkenazim and Sephardim fleeing from persecution abroad and finding refuge in Cuba, their trials and tribulations of adjusting to a new country, and the building of a vibrant Jewish Community. The Cuban Jewish Community grew from a parlor meeting of eleven Jews in 1906 to a network of schools and synagogues throughout the country. This is a story of peddlers going from rags to riches, Belgian refugees setting up a wartime diamond industry, and an American Mafioso in search of respectability. While reading this book, you will experience the Cuban Jewish Community in its Golden Age. This all came to an abrupt end in 1959, after the Revolution.

Congressional Record

Author : United States. Congress
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Latin America Evangelist

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Brown Gold

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