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Praise and Blame in Roman Republican Rhetoric

Author : Ralph Covino
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Cicero, and others in the Roman Republic, were masters of both invective and panegyric, two hugely important genres in ancient oratory, which influenced the later theory and practice of rhetoric. The papers in this volume address strategies of vituperation and eulogy within the Republic, and examine the mechanisms and effects of praise and blame.

Oratory and Political Career in the Late Roman Republic

Author : Henriette van der Blom
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Oratory and Political Career in the Late Roman Republic is a pioneering investigation into the role of oratory in Roman Republican politics.

Community and Communication Oratory and Politics in Republican Rome

Author : Catherine Steel
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Community and Communication: Oratory and Politics in Republican Rome brings together nineteen international contributions which rethink the role of public speech in the Roman Republic. Speech was an integral part of decision-making in Republican Rome, and oratory was part of the education of every member of the elite. Yet no complete speech from the period by anyone other than Cicero survives, and as a result the debate on oratory, and political practice more widely, is liable to be distorted by the distinctive features of Cicero's oratorical practice. With careful attention to a wide range of ancient evidence, this volume shines a light on orators other than Cicero, and considers the oratory of diplomatic exchanges and impromptu heckling and repartee alongside the more familiar genres of forensic and political speech. In doing so, it challenges the idea that Cicero was a normative figure, and highlights the variety of career choices and speech strategies open to Roman politicians. The essays in the volume also demonstrate how unpredictable the outcomes of oratory were: politicians could try to control events by cherry-picking their audience and using tried methods of persuasion, but incompetence, bad luck, or hostile listeners were constant threats.

Aspects of Performance in Greco Roman Oratory and Rhetoric

Author :
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The Theatre of Justice contains 17 chapters that offer a holistic view of performance in Greek and Roman oratorical and political contexts.

Triumphs in the Age of Civil War

Author : Carsten Hjort Lange
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Many of the wars of the Late Republic were largely civil conflicts. There was, therefore, a tension between the traditional expectation that triumphs should be celebrated for victories over foreign enemies and the need of the great commanders to give full expression to their prestige and charisma, and to legitimize their power. Triumphs in the Age of Civil War rethinks the nature and the character of the phenomenon of civil war during the Late Republic. At the same time it focuses on a key feature of the Roman socio-political order, the triumph, and argues that a commander could in practice expect to triumph after a civil war victory if it could also be represented as being over a foreign enemy, even if the principal opponent was clearly Roman. Significantly, the civil aspect of the war did not have to be denied. Carsten Hjort Lange provides the first study to consider the Roman triumph during the age of civil war, and argues that the idea of civil war as "normal" reflects the way civil war permeated the politics and society of the Late Roman Republic.

Rhetoric and Centers of Power in the Greco Roman World

Author : John E. Tapia
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Rhetoric and Centers of Power in the Greco-Roman World: From Homer to the Fall of Rome traces Greco-Roman rhetoric as it evolved into a system that dramatically influences the development of Western culture. Christian and later European educational and philosophical writers drew from principles which were largely Greek in origin, although the Church encompassed many rituals that originated from early Roman pagan religions. The Greeks fashioned a theory of public expression out of the oral recitations of Homer's Iliad and the Odyssey that Romans later refined into a technical process with managerial implications. The rhetorical and historical scope of this work is roughly defined by the transformation of western rhetoric from its Homeric Greek origins to that point where the Emperor Theodosius, in A.D. 395, divided the Roman Empire between his two sons, with the "official" fall of the Roman Empire occurring in A.D. 476.

Victim of the Muses

Author : Todd Compton
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This book probes the narratives of poets who are exiled, tried or executed for their satire. It views the scapegoat as a group's dominant warrior, sent out to confront predators or besieging forces. Both poets and warriors specialize in madness and aggression and are necessary, yet dangerous, to society.

Controlling Laughter

Author : Anthony Corbeill
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Although numerous scholars have studied Late Republican humor, this is the first book to examine its social and political context. Anthony Corbeill maintains that political abuse exercised real powers of persuasion over Roman audiences and he demonstrates how public humor both creates and enforces a society's norms. Previous scholarship has offered two explanations for why abusive language proliferated in Roman oratory. The first asserts that public rhetoric, filled with extravagant lies, was unconstrained by strictures of propriety. The second contends that invective represents an artifice borrowed from the Greeks. After a fresh reading of all extant literary works from the period, Corbeill concludes that the topics exploited in political invective arise from biases already present in Roman society. The author assesses evidence outside political discourse—from prayer ritual to philosophical speculation to physiognomic texts—in order to locate independently the biases in Roman society that enabled an orator's jokes to persuade. Within each instance of abusive humor—a name pun, for example, or the mockery of a physical deformity—resided values and preconceptions that were essential to the way a Roman citizen of the Late Republic defined himself in relation to his community. Originally published in 1996. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

Dignity and Civic Persuasion in Cicero s Republic

Author : Jean Goodwin
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Praise and Blame in Renaissance Rome

Author : John W. O'Malley
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The Art of Forgetting

Author : Harriet I. Flower
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Elite Romans periodically chose to limit or destroy the memory of a leading citizen who was deemed an unworthy member of the community. Sanctions against memory could lead to the removal or mutilation of portraits and public inscriptions. Harriet Flower p

A Guide to Classical Rhetoric

Author : Philip B. Rollinson
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Handbook of Classical Rhetoric in the Hellenistic Period 330 B C A D 400

Author : Stanley E. Porter
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Also available in paperback This detailed reference work provides a comprehensive and wide-ranging introduction to classical rhetoric as it was practised in the hellenistic period (330 B.C.-A.D.400).In three sections, it provides a thorough description and analysis of the standard categories of thought, terminology, and theoretical and historical developments of classical rhetoric, as well as providing useful bibliographies. The three sections of essays define the major categories of rhetoric, analyze rhetorical practice according to genre of writing, and treat individual writers in the rhetorical tradition. 27 international scholars from a wide range of backgrounds have contributed to this high-quality publication, which provides an state-of-teh-art overview of the current research and will from the basis of future explorations.Students of the rhetoric of the New Testament, the hellenistic period, the classical period and the patristic era will all find this volume useful and insightful, as will those with general interests in these subjects.

Sizing Up Rhetoric

Author : Rhetoric Society of America. Conference
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Republicanism Rhetoric and Roman Political Thought

Author : Daniel J. Kapust
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Republicanism, Rhetoric, and Roman Political Thought develops readings of Rome's three most important Latin historians - Sallust, Livy and Tacitus - in light of contemporary discussions of republicanism and rhetoric. Drawing on recent scholarship as well as other classical writers and later political thinkers, this book develops interpretations of the three historians' writings centering on their treatments of liberty, rhetoric, and social and political conflict. Sallust is interpreted as an antagonistic republican, for whom elite conflict serves as an outlet and channel for the antagonisms of political life. Livy is interpreted as a consensualist republican, for whom character and its observation helps to maintain the body politic. Tacitus is interpreted as being centrally concerned with the development of prudence and as a subtle critic of imperial rule.

The Biographical Works of Gregory of Nyssa

Author : Andreas Spira
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Republic of Korea President Kim Young Sam s Rhetoric in the 1992 Campaign and the First Year in Office

Author : Sang-chul Lee
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Communication as Action

Author : Phillip K. Tompkins
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Public Speaking

Author : Simon & Schuster
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Ciceronian Rhetoric in Treatise Scholion and Commentary

Author : John O. Ward
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Les volumes n 58: Ciceronian Rhetoric in Treatise, Scholion and Commentary de John O. Ward, n 59: The arts of Poetry and Prose de Douglas Kelly, n 60: Ars dictaminis, Ars dictandi de M. Camarago, n 61: The Artes praedicandi and the Artes orandi de Marianne Briscoe et Barbara H. Jaye, constituent un ensemble qui couvre en prinicipe tout le champ de sources relevant de la rhetorique dans les litteratures latine et vernaculaires du Moyen Age.