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Practical Wine Talk

Author : Charles R. Thomas, M.D.
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The author approaches the subject of wine from the standpoint of its Medical, Scientific, Historical, Sensory, Cultural, and Health viewpoints. He tells you the “Why,” as well as the “What.” The book is a well-organized collage of essays written on the numerous subjects in the world of wine, food, and health. The book starts from the basics, through the components and what influences them, Wine defects, how and why you taste and why you like what you like, the various wines, various wine tools, and then moves to pairing with food, wine service, and finally the health benefits and risks of wine consumption. One chapter is guest-written by Tim Hanni, MW, a Master of Wine from California.

Wine Talk Volume I

Author : Robert Whitley
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Robert Whitley is a nationally syndicated wine columnist for Creators Syndicate. This is a collection of the very best of Wine Talk from 2014.

Wine Talk

Author : Raymond Blake
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In Wine Talk, seasoned wine professional Raymond Blake, who has been writing about wine for twenty-five years, caters to those who want to drink their wine without ceremony but with some engagement. For those who have been put off by highfalutin terminology and forbidding ritual. For those who want the message simplified but not dumbed down and for those who love a glass of wine but for whom technical details are a turn off. Through Blake's well-told vinous tales and anecdotes, readers will learn effortlessly about a topic that often appears a mystery to so many. Sections include: * The fascinating process of vineyard work * All about bubbly wines (champagne and other) * Legacy wines, i.e. Sherry, Port, and Madeira * Wines from Down Under * The business of food and wine matching * Wine gadgets and accessories * And more! This book makes the perfect gift for those looking to wet their palate on various wine topics.

Practical Winery vineyard

Author :
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Wine Talk Chronicles

Author : Bob Bryden
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The author, a Certified Sommelier by the Court of Master Sommeliers has assembled a collection of 106 of his weekly newspaper columns written between May 2015 and August 2017, that concisely cover the major wine regions in the most important fourteen wine producing countries of the world. Because newspaper columns must be concise while still offering a full explanation of the subject, each column provides a good overview of the topic in around 1,000 words. The important country of France for instance, is covered in fifteen articles that individually cover the regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Northern Rh�ne Valley, southern Rh�ne Valley, the Loire Valley, Alsace, Beaujolais, Provence, Languedoc-Roussillon, C�te Chalonnaise, Cognac, and M�connais. Three additional articles cover French wine laws, the 1855 Classification of Bordeaux wines, and the 1976 Paris tasting between French and California wines that rocked the wine world when two California wines took first place in both the red and white wine categories. In addition to the fourteen most important wine countries, there are columns on various topics such as blind tasting, wine pairing, Eau-de-Vie, Fortified wines, rating wine, dessert wines, and stocking your wine cellar, as well as articles describing 22 of the most common grape varieties.Part of the beauty of reading about something in 1,000 word blocks is that you can complete that topic before you put the book down. You can set your own pace and read about one region, one grape, or one philosophical discussion about a wine topic of your choice. You don't have to remember where you left off when you pick up the book the next time because you finished that topic. If you want to learn about wine but don't want to spend a lot of money buy books, and a lot of your time reading them, this book is your shortcut to a better understanding of wine. Obviously, everything about a big wine region can't be included in 1,000 words----but depending on your goal, it might be just enough.

Practical Winery

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Wine the Vine and the Cellar

Author : Thomas George Shaw
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The Practical Hotel Steward

Author : John Tellman
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Wine and Conversation

Author : Adrienne Lehrer
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The vocabulary of wine is large and exceptionally vibrant -- from straight-forward descriptive words like "sweet" and "fragrant", colorful metaphors like "ostentatious" and "brash", to the more technical lexicon of biochemistry. The world of wine vocabulary is growing alongside the current popularity of wine itself, particularly as new words are employed by professional wine writers, who not only want to write interesting prose, but avoid repetition and cliché. The question is, what do these words mean? Can they actually reflect the objective characteristics of wine, and can two drinkers really use and understand these words in the same way? In this second edition of Wine and Conversation, linguist Adrienne Lehrer explores whether or not wine drinkers (both novices and experts) can in fact understand wine words in the same way. Her conclusion, based on experimental results, is no. Even though experts do somewhat better than novices in some experiments, they tend to do well only on wines on which they are carefully trained and/or with which they are very familiar. Does this mean that the elaborate language we use to describe wine is essentially a charade? Lehrer shows that although scientific wine writing requires a precise and shared use of language, drinking wine and talking about it in casual, informal setting with friends is different, and the conversational goals include social bonding as well as communicating information about the wine. Lehrer also shows how language innovation and language play, clearly seen in the names of new wines and wineries, as well as wine descriptors, is yet another influence on the burgeoning and sometimes whimsical world of wine vocabulary.

Wine Talk

Author : Frank J. Prial
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