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Practical Research and Evaluation

Author : Lena Dahlberg
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This book is a starter 'DIY' text for practitioners who are looking to conduct evaluation studies and research as part of their own professional practice. The growing emphasis on evidence-based practice means that there is an increasing need for practitioners to have at least a basic understanding of research, be aware of methodological pitfalls and to be updated on new methods. This book provides a practical, user-friendly guide to social science research methods for professionals who have benefited from little, if any, formal research methods training but find themselves in a role that requires them to read and understand complex research findings and carry out their own research as part of their professional practice. Practical Research and Evaluation is aimed at practitioners working in education, health, social care and community work. Many in this market are non-graduates or are those whose study did not contain a research element, but are required to know how research works. This book has three main aims which will benefit this audience - to enable readers to carry out small-scale research projects of their own, provide them with the basic understanding necessary to commission research, and enable them to better understand and evaluate critically research reports. This book is designed specifically for 'Do-it-Yourself' researchers working in the public or voluntary sectors. It is accessible and relevant to practitioners, uses non-technical language wherever possible and employs grounded examples, practical tips, checklists and readings lists throughout.

Qualitative Research Evaluation Methods

Author : Michael Quinn Patton
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Drawing on more than 40 years of experience conducting applied social science research and program evaluation, author Michael Quinn Patton has crafted the most comprehensive and systematic book on qualitative research and evaluation methods, inquiry frameworks, and analysis options available today. Now offering more balance between applied research and evaluation, this Fourth Edition of Qualitative Research & Evaluation Methods illuminates all aspects of qualitative inquiry through new examples, stories, and cartoons; more than a hundred new summarizing and synthesizing exhibits; and a wide range of new highlight sections/sidebars that elaborate on important and emergent issues. For the first time, full case studies are included to illustrate extended research and evaluation examples. In addition, each chapter features an extended "rumination," written in a voice and style more emphatic and engaging than traditional textbook style, about a core issue of persistent debate and controversy.

Practical Mapping for Applied Research and Program Evaluation

Author : Bernadette Wright
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Practical Mapping for Applied Research and Program Evaluation is the first book to bring the mapping methodology to social research and program evaluation. Bernadette Wright and Steven E. Wallis guide readers through all phases of the research process: learning from stakeholder experience; reviewing existing knowledge in the field; conducting new data collection such as interviews; collaborating with other researchers; and facilitating the use of knowledge for communication, collaboration, and action. With plenty of illustrations and navigational aids such as “travel tips,” the book is an accessible guide for busy students, researchers, and managers of all levels of experience.

Creative Evaluation

Author : Michael Quinn Patton
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Creative Evaluation is both entertaining and stimulating reading for the practising evaluator looking for fruitful new ways of approaching evaluation research, training and consultation. The author's basic themes include the necessity for evaluators to recognize the limitations of routine response patterns, the value of situational responsiveness and the need to test new approaches and perspectives. Patton lets readers discover their own creative potential by guiding them towards expanding their options through a new awareness of the standard operating procedures evaluators fall back on and their usual way of doing things. This revised second edition is geared more closely to the professional evaluator than the first edition.

Creative Research Methods 2e

Author : Kara, Helen
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Creative research methods can help to answer complex contemporary questions which are hard to answer using conventional methods alone. Creative methods can also be more ethical, helping researchers to address social injustice. This bestselling book, now in its second edition, is the first to identify and examine the five areas of creative research methods: • arts-based research • embodied research • research using technology • multi-modal research • transformative research frameworks. Written in an accessible, practical and jargon-free style, with reflective questions, boxed text and a companion website to guide student learning, it offers numerous examples of creative methods in practice from around the world. This new edition includes a wealth of new material, with five extra chapters and over 200 new references. Spanning the gulf between academia and practice, this useful book will inform and inspire researchers by showing readers why, when, and how to use creative methods in their research.

Demystifying Evaluation

Author : David Parsons
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Demystifying evaluation is an accessible introductory guide explaining the options open to evaluators and how to make appropriate choices of research methods and covering issues such as managing expectations of evaluation, quantitative and qualitative methods, engaging stakeholders and providing action-orientated approaches to help end-users.

Developing Cross Cultural Measurement in Social Work Research and Evaluation

Author : Thanh Tran
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Developing Cross-Cultural Measurement in Social Work Research and Evaluation, Second Edition is an applied practice-to-research text, with a focus on developing, assessing, and validating meaningful measurements across cultures and populations. This book deeply examines cultural differences that may present problems with measurements for target populations relevant to social work researchers, and features practical hands-on solutions to managing these problems using advanced quantitative methods. The authors present a step-by step approach, beginning with the conceptualization of measurements for different cultures, the processes involved in identifying item questions, and the quantitative techniques that can be used to validate new or pre-existing measures. This Second Edition also includes sample syntax from publicly available data for social work researchers to learn to conduct these types of analyses with their own research. New to the Second Edition: - Emphasis on Item Response Theory, and a new chapter devoted to the concept. - Increased focus on the process of instrument development, based on real-world examples - in particular, a detailed examination of the development of a new cross-cultural instrument, the Empathy Scale, created and validated by a group of multinational and culturally diverse students from the US, China, Mexico, and Turkey under the supervision of Dr. Tran. - Significant updates of all content to reflect new developments in cross-cultural research across social sciences and psychological disciplines.

A Practical Guide to Focus Groups

Author : Sarah Mcnicol
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Practical Research Methods in Education

Author : Mike Lambert
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Practical Research Methods in Education is a hands-on guide which critically explores and scrutinizes research methods used in educational enquiry. Drawing on the research, practical experience and reflections of active researchers, each chapter offers explanations, examples, tasks for students to undertake and suggestions for further reading, all of which are designed to strengthen understanding of practical methods of data collection in educational and social-science research. This insightful book offers: Detailed illustration of a range of data-collection methods and approaches used in educational research Chapters written by active researchers, experienced in addressing challenges of carrying out practical research in education Examples, study tasks and suggestions for further reading in each chapter An exploration of critical reflection and decision-making in relation to research methodology in education Close attention to research ethics Exploring practical methods of data-collection for educational and social-science research, Practical Research Methods in Education is a unique and valuable resource for any students interested and engaged in the planning and completion of their own investigations.

Research and Evaluation in Education and Psychology

Author : Donna M. Mertens
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Focused on increasing the credibility of research and evaluation, the Fourth Edition of Donna M. Mertens’s comprehensive Research and Evaluation in Education and Psychology: Integrating Diversity with Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods incorporates the viewpoints of various research paradigms into its descriptions of these methods. Providing specific advice on conducting research in culturally complex communities, the new edition has been updated to align with the American Psychological Association and the National Council of Accreditation of Teacher Education accreditation requirements. Approximately sixty percent of the content in the Fourth Edition is new, updated with numerous contemporary examples, making this book one of the most comprehensive, accessible, and practical methods books available. Praise for the previous edition: “The organization of the text reflects the author’s intent, philosophy, and objectives . . . [Mertens] clearly presents approaches, descriptions, and many examples useful in conducting studies; she is to be commended for the thoroughness of her work.” —Frank D. Adams, Wayne State College “Excellent descriptions, definitions, examples, and narrative about social science theory and the various paradigms. Mertens’ use [of] a wide variety of social identities to provide her examples makes the text inclusive of a variety of diverse identities. It is also useful to see the differences between [research and evaluation] and to select methods appropriate to the intention of the inquiry.” —Katrina L. Rodriguez, University of Northern Colorado

Practical Research Planning and Design

Author : Paul D. Leedy
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Written in uncommonly engaging, lucid, and elegant prose, this book is an "understand-it-yourself, do-it-yourself" manual designed to help readers understand the fundamental structure of quality research and the methodical process that leads to genuinely significant results. & It guides the reader, step-by-step, from the selection of a problem to study, through the process of conducting authentic research, to the preparation of a completed report, with practical suggestions based on a solid theoretical framework and sound pedagogy. This book will show readers two things: 1) that quality research demands planning and design; and, 2) how their own research projects can be executed effectively and professionally. For researchers and research analysts in any discipline.

Practical Research Methods for Nonprofit and Public Administrators Instructor s Manual Download only

Author : Elizabethann O'Sullivan
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Organized around the four types of studies typically conducted by effective managers and programs, Practical Research Methods for Nonprofit and Public Administrators integrates traditional research methods topics with specific management applications. This unique text includes extensive end-of-chapter exercises highlighting the importance of qualitative methods and emphasizing practical skills managers should be able to easily and correctly apply.

A Practical Guide to Evaluation Second Edition

Author : Carl Brun
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Evaluation of social and education services leads to better practice, however many practitioners find the language of evaluation difficult to conceptualize. A Practical Guide to Evaluation presents the mechanisms and processes of evaluation with a clear eye toward the impact evaluation has for the long-term productivity and success of practices and agencies. Emphasizing theory-driven evaluation, Brun uses his extensive experiences as a practitioner, administrator, educator, and evaluator to apply research skills to agency evaluations. The book utilizes a circular six-step Evaluation Decision-Making Model to discuss every stage of the evaluation process, highlighting the model's applicability to different types of evaluations in different professional settings. The new edition of the book has been reformatted as a workbook with tear-out checklists, exercises, and decision-making tasks for each chapter, so students and practitioners will have an opportunity to practice the skills taught. The new format also makes the book an invaluable guide that students will use in their work after graduation. Unlike many evaluation manuals, which focus purely on theory, A Practical Guide to Social Service Evaluation uses literature reviews and logic models, and real-world examples throughout the text to help social service practitioners connect theory to planning and evaluation.

Research for Development

Author : Sophie Laws
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Research for Development offers a comprehensive guide to commissioning, managing and undertaking research in development work. It serves both as a practical reference manual and an indispensable learning tool. Divided into three parts, the book provides a complete overview of the research process spanning: - the uses, planning and management of research - reviewing existing evidence - learning development research skills - choosing research methods - undertaking ethical research - writing an effective research report - promoting research uptake and assessing research - monitoring and evaluation This fully revised second edition also includes a new section on how to use the internet for research. Its 16 chapters are enriched by a variety of international case studies, checklists of key points, learning exercises, helpful references to further reading and engaging illustrations. The book also includes a detailed glossary of terms. Drawing on considerable hands-on experience, Research for Development is an ideal practical companion for students of development studies and public policy, as well as practitioners in the field. Cover image © Jenny Matthews / World Vision/ PhotoVoice From PhotoVoice's See it Our Way project, Pakistan For more information visit

Mixed Methods for Policy Research and Program Evaluation

Author : Patricia Burch
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Mixed Methods for Policy Research and Program Evaluation by Patricia Burch and Carolyn J. Heinrich equips students, researchers, and policymakers in the social sciences with the tools they need for applying mixed methods in policy research and program evaluation, from design, through data collection, and dissemination. Emphasizing the “how-to”—the set of conceptual and active tasks carried out by mixed methods researchers—the book is illustrated with rich case studies from the authors’ own research projects in education and public policy. These examples help readers identify and explain policy and program impacts and better understand the “why” and “how” of observed effects. Throughout the book, the authors describe challenges that both beginners and advanced scholars are likely to encounter when doing mixed methods research and recommend practical tools available to address them.

Participatory Evaluation Up Close

Author : J. Bradley Cousins
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Empiricism provides the backbone of knowledge creation within social science disciplines (e.g., psychology, sociology) and applied domains of study (e.g., education, administration) alike. Yet, relative to such domains of inquiry, comparatively little empirical research on evaluation has occurred, and the research knowledge base been infrequently synthesized and integrated to influence theory and practice. The proposed book aims to fill this void with regard to participatory evaluation, a set of collaborative approaches to evaluation that is receiving considerable attention of late, including a growing body of empirical studies. The authors begin in Part 1 with the delineation of a widely known and familiar conceptual framework for participatory evaluation. They then use the framework in Part 2 as a guide to conducting an extensive review of the extant empirical knowledge base in participatory evaluation, culminating in a thematic analysis of what we know about the approach. In Part 3 the authors focus on methodological considerations of doing research on participatory evaluation through a critique of existing studies and an explication of design choices drawn from their own research program. The book concludes in Part 4 with implications for moving the field forward in terms of important research questions, methodological direction and evaluation practice. This book will be of central interest to evaluation theorists and to those who choose to conduct research on evaluation; appeal will be conceptual and methodological. It will provide excellent supplementary reading for graduate students, many of whom seek to develop empirical studies on evaluation as part of their graduate programs. Rife with examples of participatory evaluation in practice, and practical implications, the book will also benefit evaluation practitioners with an interest in evaluation capacity building and participatory and collaborative approaches to practice.

Departments of Labor Health and Human Services Education and Related Agencies Appropriations for 1987

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies
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Practical Research

Author : Jennifer Ann Johnson
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Service Learning

Author : Andrew Furco
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The Advances in Service-Learning Research book series was established to initiate the publication of a set of comprehensive research volumes that would present and discuss a wide range of issues in this broad field called service-learning. Service-learning is a multifaceted pedagogy that crosses all levels of schooling, has potential relevance to all academic and professional disciplines, is connected to a range of dynamic social issues, and operates within a broad range of community contexts. In terms of research, there is much terrain to cover before a full understanding of service-learning can be achieved. This volume, the first in the annual book series, explores various themes, issues, and answers that bring us one step closer to understanding the essence of service-learning. The chapters of this volume focus on a broad range of topics that address a variety of research issues on service-learning in K-12 education, teacher education, and higher education. Through a wide-scoped research lens, the volume explores definitional foundations of service-learning, theoretical issues regarding service-learning, the impacts of service-learning, and methodological approaches to studying service-learning. Collectively, the chapters of the book provide varying and, at times, opposing perspectives on some of the critical issues regarding service-learning research and practice.

Applied Research Design

Author : Terry Elizabeth Hedrick
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To help researchers and students make the transition from the classroom and laboratory to research in the `real world,' the authors reveal the pitfalls and suggest strategies to overcome problems in the design and planning of applied research. With a focus on how to refine research questions as real world events force deviations from the original research plan, they discuss how to study and monitor program implementation and statistical power analysis. They also explore how to assess the human and material resources that will be needed at different times while conducting an applied research design to facilitate the management of data collection, analysis, and interpretation.