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Practical Basketry

Author : Anna A. Gill
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Practical Basketry Techniques

Author : Stella Harding
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Basketry is experiencing a resurgence of popularity, and enjoying an exciting comeback at the hands of a new and dynamic generation of makers who are not afraid to experiment with mixing materials and techniques. This book will give you all the information you need to learn the basic methods, and then the confidence and inspiration to expand your making as far as your imagination can take you.

Practical Basketry With a Chapter on Weaving Pine Baskets

Author : Anon.
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Practical Basket Making

Author : George Wharton James
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Wisconsin Library Bulletin

Author :
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Practical and Artistic Basketry

Author : Laura Rollins Tinsley
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Miscellaneous Extension Publication

Author : United States. Federal Extension Service
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Willow Basketry and Sculpture

Author : Jo Hammond
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Willow weaving is an exciting and rewarding craft for anyone who wants to reconnect with the natural world. This essential book gives all the information and tuition needed to get started and includes projects on sculpture, basketry and folk-art decorations. Thirteen projects are set out in clear and detailed stages, ranging from practical baskets to planters, lifelike scultpures and wreaths. Advice is given on adapting recipes and designing your own baskets.Topics covered: Basic techniques and basketry terms are explained and clearly illustrated, along with selection and preparation of materials; Chapters describe four different basketry forms, each with a different set of structures and skills to learn; Sound, practical tips throughout to smooth your progress and help overcome difficulties. Beautifully illustrated with 160 colour photographs and 17 drawings.

Contemporary California Indian Basketry

Author : Bev Ortiz
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Baskets have been woven for at least 10,000 years in the area now known as the western United States. Originally created by California Indians as utilitarian objects for everyday family use, by the late 1800s baskets had become a commodity that provided much-needed income. Collector interest in baskets resulted in an expanding literature that focused on their collectability, promoted their making with largely store-bought, imported materials, and compared their techniques of fabrication. While most basketry literature, whether scholarly or popular, has largely concerned itself with the object (form, design, materials, technique, and function), since 1970, the literature on basketry has begun to shift its focus to the process and the weavers themselves. The present study begins by surveying the worldwide literature about basketry, with an emphasis on California Indian basketry. It recounts the history of the practice of basketry in California, which began to decline in the 1930s because of lack of need and interest, the economics of the Depression, and a desire to not stand out as Indian. Attention then shifts to organizational efforts by California Indians since 1940 to reverse this trend. By establishing basketry organizations, California Indian women sought to gain respect for their cultures within the dominant society, while, at the same time, rebuilding pride among the young. Based on 30 years of field research with hundreds of California Indian basketmakers statewide, the present study examines the effectiveness of organizational efforts to renew basketry, as well as impediments to its continued practice, including (1) lack of time to learn and weave, and (2) lack of access to properly managed basketry materials growing in safe areas free from chemical contamination. After detailing these issues and the solutions that California Indians have devised to resolve them, the study illustrates the diverse reasons why California Indians continue to make baskets and the varied ways they learn, through the stories of individual weavers, including biographies of four elder basketmakers whose influence was widespread. The humanity, tenacity, and resourcefulness of the weavers are highlighted, as they continue to find new ways to bring an old practice into the future.

Monthly Bulletin

Author : St. Louis Public Library
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"Teachers' bulletin", vol. 4- issued as part of v. 23, no. 9-

Basketry of the Appalachian Mountains

Author : Sue H. Stephenson
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Los Angeles School Journal

Author :
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Crafts for Leisure

Author : Bristol (England). Public Libraries
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Author : Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Extension Service
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Handbook for Camp Counselors

Author : American Camping Association. Pacific Section
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Guide to Literature of Home and Family Life

Author : Annie Isabel Robertson
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A Practical Bibliography of Recreational Activities

Author : C. O. Jackson
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University of the State of New York Bulletin

Author :
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Indian Basketry

Author : George W. James
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Most complete survey of Indian basket-making describes uses of baskets, their role in ceremony, origins of designs, materials and colors, weaves and stitches, plus full how-to instructions. 355 illustrations.

The New Practical Reference Library

Author : Charles H. Sylvester
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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