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Posters for the People

Author : Ennis Carter
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This lavishly illustrated volume amasses nearly 500 of the best and most striking posters designed by artists working in the 1930s and early 1940s for the government-sponsored Works Progress Administration, or WPA. Posters for the People presents these works for what they truly are: highly accomplished and powerful examples of American art. All are iconic and eye-catching, some are humorous and educational, and many combine modern art trends with commercial techniques of advertising. More than 100 posters have never been published or catalogued in federal records; they are included here to ensure their place in the history of American art and graphic design. The story of these posters is a fascinating journey, capturing the complex objectives of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal reform program. Through their distinct imagery and clear and simple messages, the WPA posters provide a snapshot of an important era when the U.S. government employed hundreds of artists to create millions of posters promoting positive social ideals and programs and a uniquely American way of life. The resulting artworks now form a significant historical record. More than a mere conveyor of government information, they stand as timeless images of beauty and artistic accomplishment.

Picturing Power in the People s Republic of China

Author : Harriet Evans
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Provides an innovative reinterpretation of the cultural revolution through the medium of the poster -- a major component of popular print culture in China.

Posters for Change

Author : Princeton Architectural Press
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The US presidential election in 2016 brought to a head myriad political activism around the world, around the rights of minorities, women, the LGBTQ community, and the environment. In the midst of this turmoil, nearly 300 designers from around the world answered the call to create this collection of 50 tear-out posters for people who want to make their voices heard in a time of unprecedented uncertainty and apprehension. A foreword by Avram Finkelstein, a designer for the AIDS art activist collective Gran Fury, looks at the crucial role of graphic activism in the current political climate.

OMG Posters

Author : Mitch Putnam
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THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION OF GIG POSTERS FROM TODAY’S TOP ROCK AND INDIE BANDS Launched in 2007, has become one of the world’s favorite art blogs, showcasing thousands of handmade prints by independent artists and printmakers. OMG Posters: A Decade of Rock Art features works by forty different artists who have sparked the explosive growth of the gig poster scene—creating stunning works of art to commemorate local appearances by touring bands. As you look through these pages, you’ll get to know each artist, learn about their creative processes, and see some of their greatest masterpieces—along with other works from their celebrated portfolios. Mitch Putnam showcases more than three hundred examples of artwork from the most beautiful concert posters and limited edition prints of the last ten years in a meticulously curated collection that covers the entire scope of today’s gig poster scene. Most of these pieces have only ever been available in extremely limited editions, making OMG Posters an indispensable document of a remarkable period in art history.

Chinese Posters

Author : Lincoln Cushing
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Introduction -- People, poverty, politics, and posters -- Nature and transformation -- Production and mechanization -- Women hold up half the sky -- Serve the people -- Solidarity -- Politics in command -- After the cultural revolution.

The Poster

Author :
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The Chairs Are Where the People Go

Author : Misha Glouberman
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Should neighborhoods change? Is wearing a suit a good way to quit smoking? Why do people think that if you do one thing, you're against something else? Is monogamy a trick? Why isn't making the city more fun for you and your friends a super-noble political goal? Why does a computer last only three years? How often should you see your parents? How should we behave at parties? Is marriage getting easier? What can spam tell us about the world? Misha Glouberman's friend and collaborator, Sheila Heti, wanted her next book to be a compilation of everything Misha knew. Together, they made a list of subjects. As Misha talked, Sheila typed. He talked about games, relationships, cities, negotiation, improvisation, Casablanca, conferences, and making friends. His subjects ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous. But sometimes what had seemed trivial began to seem important—and what had seemed important began to seem less so. The Chairs Are Where the People Go is refreshing, appealing, and kind of profound. It's a self-help book for people who don't feel they need help, and a how-to book that urges you to do things you don't really need to do.

New Masters of Poster Design Volume 2

Author : John Foster
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This second edition of New Masters of Poster Design features the best poster designers currently working all over the world. This book brings back a handmade aesthetic that was really never lost, but is celebrating a resurgence among designers who are creating limited-edition prints and pieces for themselves and others that become keepsakes or pieces of art vs. the mass-generated designs we've all become accustomed to—and you won't see this collection of posters anywhere else. Strong visuals accompanied by captions and profiles capture the essence of these collectible prints.

Textbook of Preventive and Community Dentistry

Author : Hiremath
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Political Posters in Central and Eastern Europe 1945 95

Author : James Aulich
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The political poster was one of the most widely discredited and closely policed aspects of cultural life in the former Communist Bloc. As a weapon in an ideologically defined social struggle for human emancipation and as a medium of critical engagement, the poster had a decisive political and social status it could never aspire to in the West.

Celebrate People s History

Author : Josh MacPhee
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The best way to learn history is to visualize it! Since 1998, Josh MacPhee has commissioned and produced over one hundred posters by over eighty artists that pay tribute to revolution, racial justice, women's rights, queer liberation, labor struggles, and creative activism and organizing. Celebrate People's History! presents these essential moments—acts of resistance and great events in an often hidden history of human and civil rights struggles—as a visual tour through decades and across continents, from the perspective of some of the most interesting and socially engaged artists working today. Celebrate People's History includes artwork by Cristy Road, Swoon, Nicole Schulman, Christopher Cardinale, Sabrina Jones, Eric Drooker, Klutch, Carrie Moyer, Laura Whitehorn, Dan Berger, Ricardo Levins Morales, Chris Stain, and more.

MATLAB and Design Recipes for Earth Sciences

Author : Martin H. Trauth
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The overall aim of the book is to introduce students to the typical course followed by a data analysis project in earth sciences. A project usually involves searching relevant literature, reviewing and ranking published books and journal articles, extracting relevant information from the literature in the form of text, data, or graphs, searching and processing the relevant original data using MATLAB, and compiling and presenting the results as posters, abstracts, and oral presentations using graphics design software. The text of this book includes numerous examples on the use of internet resources, on the visualization of data with MATLAB, and on preparing scientific presentations. As with its sister book MATLAB Recipes for Earth Sciences–3rd Edition (2010), which demonstrates the use of statistical and numerical methods on earth science data, this book uses state-of-the art software packages, including MATLAB and the Adobe Creative Suite, to process and present geoscientific information collected during the course of an earth science project. The book's supplementary electronic material (available online through the publisher's website) includes color versions of all figures, recipes with all the MATLAB commands featured in the book, the example data, exported MATLAB graphics, and screenshots of the most important steps involved in processing the graphics.

India A Million Mutinies Now

Author : V. S. Naipaul
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The third book in V.S. Naipaul's acclaimed Indian trilogy, with a preface by the author. India: A Million Mutinies Now is a truly perceptive work whose insights continue to inform travellers of all generations to India. Much has changed since V. S. Naipaul’s first trip to India and this fascinating account of his return journey focuses on India’s development since independence. Taking an anti-clockwise journey around the metropolises of India – including Bombay, Madras, Calcutta, and Delhi – Naipaul offers a kaleidoscopic, layered travelogue, encompassing a wide collage of religions, castes, and classes at a time when the percolating ideas of freedom threatened to shake loose the old ways. The brilliance of the book lies in Naipaul’s decision to approach this shifting, changing land from a variety of perspectives: the author humbly recedes, allowing the Indians to tell the stories of their own lives, and a dynamic oral history of India emerges before our eyes. ‘With this book he may well have written his own enduring monument, in prose at once stirring and intensely personal, distinguished both by style and critical acumen’ Financial Times

A Glossary of Political Terms of the People s Republic of China

Author : Gucheng Li
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"A glossary of political terms of the People's Republic of China is a collection of 560 important and frequently-used Chinese political terms and phrases that appeared between 1949 and 1990. Each entry begins with an explanation of the term and its origin, a description of how and under what circumstances the term was used, and a discussion of the changes of meaning over the years, as well as the political and social significance of the words."--Jacket.

Getting Gigs

Author : Mark W. Curran
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A comprehensive guide to finding the best paying gigs for musicians and singers, from their local area to the international stage. A music business veteran gives the inside track to creating a profitable career in the performing arts, from local bars to cruise ships. Includes interviews with successful musicians and enter-tainment directors who share their secrets in landing the best paying gigs. Also includes directories of resources for further research.

E P for the people

Author :
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Living on Cybermind

Author : Jonathan Paul Marshall
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Cybermind is an Internet mailing list, originally founded in 1994 to discuss the issues and problems of living online. It proved exceptionally fertile and is still going strong thirteen years later. This book is an ethnographic investigation which follows Cybermind members in their daily lives on the List, and explores the ways they look at the world, argue, relate online life to offline life, use gender, and build community. Perhaps the most comprehensive history of an Internet group ever published, it includes detailed analyses using List members' own words and commentary, and develops a unique theory of the relationship between culture, the problems of communication, and the ongoing processes of categorisation. Living on Cybermind illustrates how behaviour is affected by the organisation of communication, and how people deal with the paradoxes involved in resolving ambiguity and truth in a situation in which presence is always on the verge of slipping away.

HCI International 2013 Posters Extended Abstracts

Author : Constantine Stephanidis
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This is the first of a two-volume set (CCIS 373 and CCIS 374) that constitutes the extended abstracts of the posters presented during the 15th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCII 2013, held in Las Vegas, USA, in July 2013, jointly with 12 other thematically similar conferences. The total of 1666 papers and 303 posters presented at the HCII 2013 conferences was carefully reviewed and selected from 5210 submissions. These papers address the latest research and development efforts and highlight the human aspects of design and use of computing systems. The papers accepted for presentation thoroughly cover the entire field of human-computer interaction, addressing major advances in knowledge and effective use of computers in a variety of application areas. The extended abstracts were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in this two-volume set. The papers included in this volume are organized in the following topical sections: HCI design approaches, methods and techniques; usability methods, techniques and studies; universal access and eInclusion; multimodal and ambient interaction; cognitive and psychological aspects of interaction; perception and interaction; ergonomic and human modelling issues; capturing gaze, biosignals and brainwaves; development environments; product design, marketing and advertisement.

Fish for the People

Author :
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Posters Propaganda and Persuasion in Election Campaigns Around the World and Through History

Author : Steven A. Seidman
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How effective are election campaign posters? Providing a unique political history, this book traces the impact that these posters - as well as broadsides, banners, and billboards - have had around the world over the last two centuries. It focuses on the use of this campaign material in the United States, as well as in France, Great Britain, Germany, South Africa, Japan, Mexico, and many other countries. The book examines how posters evolved and discusses their changing role in the twentieth century and thereafter; how technology, education, legislation, artistic movements, advertising, and political systems effected changes in election posters and other campaign media, and how they were employed around the world. This comprehensive and original overview of this campaign material includes the first extensive review of the research literature on the topic. Posters, Propaganda, and Persuasion will be useful to scholars and students interested in communications, politics, history, advertising and marketing, art history, and graphic design.