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Post traumatic Stress

Author : Stephen Regel
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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to one or more traumatic events. It is a severe and ongoing emotional reaction to extreme psychological trauma, such as threat to life, being a victim of crime or sexual assault, witnessing someone's death, or a threat to one's physical and/or psychological integrity. The new edition updated throughout, presents information in a helpful, practical, and accessible way that will be helpful to survivors, and their family and friends. The book begins with a description of PTSD and other related problems, often experienced by survivors, a short history of the developments in the field, information on common responses to trauma, theory, assessment, treatment and research findings. Further chapters reflect new theoretical thinking and directions in the field of trauma including post-traumatic growth following adversity. New chapters to this edition address the impact of traumatic bereavement, the needs of ex-hostages and their families, and suggestions for self-help after trauma. Post-traumatic stress: The Facts is essential reading for sufferers of post-traumatic stress, their families and friends, and will also be of interest to the general reader and a valuable resource for helping professionals, such as general practitioners, psychologists, social workers, mental health nurses, counsellors and those supporting victims of trauma in the voluntary sector. The book will also be helpful for those in the voluntary and statutory sector responsible for providing crisis support to those affected by major traumatic events in the community.

Post traumatic Stress Disorder

Author : Dan J. Stein
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Despite the growing interest in the role of psychological trauma in the genesis of psychiatric disorders, few volumes have addressed these issues from a multidisciplinary and international perspective. Given the complexity of reslience and posttraumatic disorder, and given ongoing trauma and violence in many parts of the world, it is crucial to apply such perspectives to review existing knowledge in the field and provide directions for future research. This book has a broad scope. A key focus is PTSD, because of its clinical and health importance, its obvious link with trauma, and its interest for many clinicians and researchers. However, the book also examines resilience and a range of mental health consequences of trauma, because it has become increasingly clear that not all individuals react to trauma in the same way. It is important for mental health professionals to be aware of the broad range of potential responses to trauma, as well as of relevant evidence-based treatments. The book includes chapters that address a wide range of topics on trauma-related disorders, including nosology and classification, epidemiology, neurobiology, pharmacotherapy, and psychotherapy. Each chapter comprises a critical review of the existing literature, aimed at being useful for the practitioner. This is followed by selected commentaries from other authorities on the topic, representing diverse geographical locations and points of view, who refine some of the perspectives offered in the review, provide alternative views, or suggest important areas of future work.

Post traumatic Stress Disorder

Author : Stanley Krippner
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Three distinguished experts share cutting-edge insights on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), showing why it occurs, how it affects the development and existence of those it impacts, and how it can be treated. * A chronology of the history and origination of PTSD related to war and combat exposure * Case studies and examples that provide a view of PTSD from the inside out, rather than the outside in

Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Author : Stephen Palmer, Michael J. Scott
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This is the first comprehensive reader in a new area of counselling. It brings together well-known authors on traumatic stress responses and good counselling practice, as well as new material specifically written in order to fill gaps in current published sources. The authors cover an extensive range of methods for helping people, including videotaping, brief group counselling, expressive art, and information on helping the helpers.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Author : JF Pagel
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PTSD is in no way an easy diagnosis for the patient, the provider, or the therapist. It is a diagnosis developed at the border of our capacity to handle extreme stress, a marker diagnosis denoting the limits of our capacity for functioning in the stress of this modern world. For both individuals and society, PTSD marks the limits of our available compassion and our capacity to protect ourselves from the dangers of the environment and other humans. PTSD is often a chronic disease, forming at a place where mind sometimes no longer equals the brain, a point at which individual patient requirements often trump theory and belief. There are treatments for PTSD that work, and many that do not. This book presents evidence, rather than theory, anecdote, or case report. Psychological approaches including prolonged exposure, imagery rehearsal therapy and EMDR have a greater than 75% positive short-term response when used to treat PTSD. Yet these treatments vary markedly and have different, even contradictory underlying theory and objectives for treatment. Medications, rarely indicated as primary therapy, can be used to treat symptoms and address comorbid PTSD diagnoses. Treatment of sleep apnea in the PTSD population produces a positive effect on symptoms and a reduction in morbidity and mortality across the span of life. Complementary treatments offer the many individuals chronically affected by PTSD assistance in coping with symptoms and opportunities to attempt to functionally integrate their experience of trauma.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Author : Peter Shiromani
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Post-traumatic stress disorder is a psychiatric illness that can occur in anyone who has experienced a life-threatening or violent event. The trauma can be due to war, terrorism, torture, natural disasters, violence, or rape. In PTSD the brain areas that are likely to be affected are the hippocampus (memory), amygdala (fear association), the prefrontal cortex (cognitive processing), and the ascending reticular activating system (arousal). The chemical of interest is norepinephrine, which is released during a stressful event and is part of the fight-or-flight response meant to mobilize the body to action.The objective of this title is to outline the neurobiology of post-traumatic stress disorder and provide treatment strategies for clinicians. The chapter material from this book has evolved from a seminar on PTSD held recently under the auspices of the VA Boston Healthcare System, Boston University Medical Center and Harvard Medical School. We propose a book that will focus on the epidemiology, neurobiology, MRI studies, animal models, arousal and sleep issues, clinical trials, and treatment strategies for clinicians. Treatment will cover such topics as guidelines for treating posttraumatic stress disorder, PTSD and the use of mental health services, cognitive intervention therapy, and large scale clinical trials in PTSD. This collection will be a vital source of information to clinicians and neuroscientists.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD Awareness

Author : Ann Brown
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How often have you heard the term 'PTSD' or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? We know that it exists but do you really know what it means? Many of us suffer from PTSD and yet, have no idea what it is, how to recognize it or it's triggers and what's worse, we have no idea what to do about it. Many of us suffer from it and don't realize it until we are embroiled into fits of unexpected anger, depression and even worse, suicide or suicidal tenancies. Not to mention, domes

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Author : Patrick Smith
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Post traumatic stress disorder develops after exposure to one or more terrifying events that have caused, or threatened to cause the sufferer grave physical harm. This book discusses how trauma-focused cognitive therapy can be used to help children and adolescents who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Cognitive therapy is frequently used to treat adults who suffer from PTSD with proven results. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder provides the therapist with instructions on how CT models can be used with children and young people to combat the disorder. Based on research carried out by the authors, this book covers: assessment procedures and measures formulation and treatment planning trauma focused cognitive therapy methods common hurdles. The authors provide case studies and practical tips, as well as examples of self-report measures and handouts for young people and their parents which will help the practitioner to prepare for working with this difficult client group. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is an accessible, practical, clinically relevant guide for professionals and trainees in child and adolescent mental health service teams who work with traumatized children and young people.

Counselling for Post traumatic Stress Disorder

Author : Michael J Scott
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Counselling for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Third Edition addresses the specifics of counselling clients who have suffered major trauma, whether recently or in the past, and includes 18 detailed case examples together with transcripts of sessions. The authors' cognitive contextual approach translates the psychobiology of trauma responses into clinically useful analogies and simple drawings that guide the therapist and client. The book is unique in covering the diagnosis and treatment of the full spectrum of post-traumatic states. In this fully updated Third Edition the needs of special populations - children/adolescents, refugees and those in pain - are also addressed. Additional material includes a new PTSD screening inventory and a counselling competence scale. Counselling for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Third Edition is an invaluable, comprehensive aid for both the experienced and novice therapist working with trauma victims. Michael J. Scott is a Consultant Psychologist and External Examiner for the MSc Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapies Programme at the University of Chester. Stephen G. Stradling is Professor of Transport Psychology at Napier University.

Acceptance Commitment Therapy for the Treatment of Post traumatic Stress Disorder Trauma related Problems

Author : Robyn D. Walser
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From two well-known psychologists, this indispensable resource for mental health professionals offers a practical, accessible and theoretically complete approach to using ACT to treat PTSD and acute trauma-related symptoms.